Irene Is Now Expected To Pass Right Over Wall Street With 74-95 mph Winds

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There is a silver lining though: just as it has over the past 3 years, the world's Bernanke Put "Heads I win, Tails the world blows up" hub may survive simply courtesy of being in the eye of the Hurricane. Alas, this time around, the other side will arrive much faster: after all the Fed can not print windbreaks.

Wind speed map:

and probability map:

And some more from CNN:

Three governors declared states of emergency Thursday as Hurricane Irene threatened to wreak havoc along the United States' Eastern Seaboard.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie declared emergencies for their states, while North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue declared a state of emergency in counties east of Interstate 95. The emergency declarations allow states to free funds and prepare resources that may be needed.

If Irene continues along its current track, "from a flooding perspective, this could be a hundred-year event," Christie said. He encouraged voluntary evacuations to begin immediately. "Anybody who is on a barrier island should go," he said, adding that on Friday people along the beaches should start thinking about moving to higher ground.

Christie said it was too soon to know whether there will be mandatory evacuations.

In parts of North Carolina, mandatory evacuations were under way Thursday.

The military moved more than two dozen ships out to sea ahead of the storm.

As of 11 a.m. ET, the Category 3 storm was pounding the northwestern Bahamas, with its core approaching Abaco Island, the National Hurricane Center said.

"The core of the hurricane will continue to move over the northwestern Bahamas today, and pass well offshore of the east coast of central and north Florida tonight and early Friday. The hurricane is forecast to approach the coast of North Carolina on Saturday," the center's advisory said.

Maximum sustained winds were at 115 mph as the storm worked its way northwest.


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Perfect, hope it destroys the sewer.

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Please stop spamming nearly EVERY post with that website. Thx.

redcorona's picture

This will disperse the fiat much more effectively than from a helicopter.

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Irene Is Now Expected To Pass Right Over Wall Street With 74-95 mph Winds

From the South, with love ;-)

nmewn's picture

Delivered here in the hold of a monarchs slave ship no doubt.

DormRoom's picture

be careful what you wish for.


What if Indian Point Nuclear facility floods?  Radioactive water in NYC?


Cash_is_Trash's picture

It's gonna blow the mountains of cocaine away...

cynicalskeptic's picture

Hmm.... The NY Fed Gold Vault is the lowest level  'E' as I recall - you could feel the subwy lines go by.  And they're expecting major flooding of subway lines.....

A number of the COMEX bullion vaults are also downtown  - in basement level facilities.  


Could we have a massive - if supposedly 'temporary' - loss of access to gold in storage?  Or - horrors - could some be swept out to sea or lost while being evacuated by boat?


snark - yeah... just like Chavez is actually going to get his gold back from London....those tungsten bricks are going to end up on the ocean bottom.....  with a payoff in paper insurance money.

malikai's picture

Awesome. I've just booked my ticket for tomorrow to NYC to help "audit the fed" during the storm.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Panning for gold on Liberty.

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

Not to worry, gold doesn't rust.....Does tungsten?  Inquiring minds want to know

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Something's wrong with the Lake Anna plant in VA:

At the end of the clip, some locals talk about the lower lake level, down by 22".

Per the plant owners:

"Dominion says each of the plant’s two nuclear reactors pumps one million gallons of water a minute into the North Anna Lake.  Dominion says that flow was disrupted during the power outage, but posed no risk to the public."

Excuse me. If the lake is not getting the "million gallons of water a minute", the reactor is not being cooled. Which may be a risk to the public.

AlaricBalth's picture

Here is a map of the evacuation zones of the aforementioned "sewer".

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

New instructions from Bloomberg.

Rats are hereby ordered to shelter in place. No holding your breath either.

Bananamerican's picture

Go long "Wrath of God"'s Payback for all that "666" business....

Henry Chinaski's picture

Today is a day to sell equities, buy gold and bug out of the city for the weekend upstate.   It will be a good practice run.

Young Buckethead's picture

You may be right, sir.

The hurricane is going to hit shore right about where the Lake Anna nuclear power station sits, and slowly work its way north, slamming into every nuclear plant on the Eastern Seaboard.

Every one of which was just struck by a large earthquake measured right at the max of what these plants were designed to withstand.

I don't see any problem at all. Oh, no, nothing to see here . . . Yes, I'd say G-d is pissed.

Stoploss's picture

Might want to take a last picture of the washington monument, it will be gone come monday morning.

NotApplicable's picture

Belmont Racetrack is an evacuation center, LOL.

GetZeeGold's picture


Awesome.....drink a few beers. Bet on the races.


Bob's picture

My hopes and prayers are with each New Yorker through this emergency . . .


I feel so guilty--I know it's wrong--but I can't help it! 


God, it could wipe out Wall Street!  Unfortunately, the Masters of Our Universe are sure to be out of town. 

cynicalskeptic's picture

Yeah, but those same 'Masters of the Universe' all own real big expensive homes in the Hamptons.....

poetic justice, karma, call it what you will but I suspect some people are going to own nothing more than seawater on Monday.

Irish66's picture

If you live in the city, I suggest you put the weather channel on.
Biggest storm of 100 years.

Mae Kadoodie's picture

And keep your Chinese delivery menus handy you Upper East & West Siders.

NotApplicable's picture

Aren't they all the same? If not, just pick a random number.

malikai's picture

I never pray, but now I am. Direct hit baby!

Dr. Richard Head's picture

tidal surge to flood out NYSE HFT servers.......Hope I can believe in.

Miss anthrope's picture

I only regret that I can vote up once here!!!  I hope for NYC stock exchange to be closed permanently


SWRichmond's picture

I almost hate to say it but ...

Manthong's picture

There's plenty of paper and ink for FEMA.

bigdumbnugly's picture

different kind of windfall

Oh regional Indian's picture

Different kind of waterfall too.


Transitory Disinflation's picture

The Fed cannot print windbreaks but if you glued all the printed currency into a Berlin wall type thing it would help

"gods work" says Ben


(keep safe folks)

andybev01's picture

They can use all of that paper to soak up the rain runoff.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

With a little flooding I presume? Time to drown those rats.

I can't wait until Monday market open. Who's going into the weekend long?

bigdumbnugly's picture

yeah, the four footed rodent ones too

Cdad's picture

First, the bullseye earthquake on DC.  Now the bullseye hurricane on NY, NY.  I wonder if the criminal syndicate known as Wall Street and their lackies in congress are getting the message?

Bob's picture

The Force may be nothing more or less than the collective consciousness.  Better yet, the collective super-ego, bitchez!

This could be a very bad storm. 

MsCreant's picture

Are we getting Jungian here? Freud ain't geared for this one, unless I missed something in my theory courses.

Bob's picture

Hybrid vigor, MsCreant!

InconvenientCounterParty's picture

people be safe.

Banksters are cleared to play in traffic and man the prop desks in the hurricane.

MsCreant's picture

I like it, banksters ain't people. He he he he he he! Snort!

I was talking to my banker today, I accidentally said, "Well I understand your position on this, given everyone thinks ya'll are criminals and all, you need to be conservative (they gave me a lowball appraisal on something which may screw me)." He said, "Gosh, now why would I be offended by that?" We both laughed, we both know what is what.

mfoste1's picture

uhhhhh 75-95mph are a cause for evac? im no hurricane expert but that seems a little excessive.........

PrintingPress's picture

I think the issue is more related to the higher water levels. 


The wind from katrina didn't do much to N.O. but the water level increasing did. 

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Yes sir. And here are the tides for the Brooklyn Bridge area for Sunday. When is this hitting NYC? Because leading up to 8:40 PM, this might be a problem.

Su  28      Low   2:10 AM    -0.2   

     28     High   8:31 AM     5.2    

     28      Low   2:20 PM    -0.1
     28     High   8:40 PM     5.7

Dapper Dan's picture

Saturday should be fun for the last minute shoppers on the lower east side, no?

Green Grass and High Tides my friend.