Israel Accuses Russia Of Supporting Iran Terror Organizations, Says Iran Has Enough Material For 4 Nuclear Bombs

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Just because 3 US aircraft carriers in the Arabian Gulf are not enough, Israel's Lt General Benny Gantz hit the airwaves earlier today, with some additional pot stirring, and some fresh allegations which will hardly appeal to Russia, who is already using Syria as a military ship docking station (and allegedly supplying arms to the local regime). And while his statement that Iran has "enough material to create 4 nuclear bombs" may be debated, what is more concerning is his allegation that "[Iran terror organizations are] supported by Syria, Iran and even Russia." What next: the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier floating gingerly between the various US CVNs in the region just keeping everyone on their toes in international waters?

From the Israel Defense Forces blog:

Yesterday, the IDF chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz spoke at the annual Herzliya Conference and addressed Israel’s security situation. The following are the main excerpts from his speech:

“Iran is working towards military nuclear capabilities and can be fully armed within a year… Iran is a global, regional and Israeli threat and problem.”


“[Terror organizations are] supported by Syria, Iran and even Russia who continues sending ammunition to Syria. The Middle East is currently arming more than any other region in the world, and we are the target of all this ammunition.”


“Every region in Israel is currently under threat… our enemies are trying to create a military system that skips Israel’s defense capabilities and directly targets the strategic depth of the State of Israel.”


“The world must continue isolating Iran… the pressure and financial sanctions should be continued as they are beginning to sprout results, even within Iran… We continue building powerful, impressive, trustworthy, prepared, and well-trained military capabilities, and we must be ready to employ them, if the need arises.”


“The IDF greatly strengthened during the last few years and previous gaps have been matched. It is crucial that we maintain this trend for future obstacles aren’t any less challenging. We need as much accurate, continuous power as possible that will bring us to an undisputed, fast victory over our enemies.”

Today, following the chief of staff’s speech, IDF Head of Military Intelligence, Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi spoke at the conference as well:

“Iran has enough material to create four nuclear bombs. It continues developing such material and claims that it is doing so for peaceful and civilian purposes.”


“Iran is nearly capable of acquiring nuclear weapons. It is not dependent on additional development but rather a matter of decision.”


“The enemy is disappearing from the battle field, and if in the past a company commander would look through binoculars at the battle field and see the enemy, today against Lebanon or Gaza we will not see anything. Every tenth house in Lebanon serves as a missile storage facility or a rocket launching site.”

Full Clip:


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akuacumen's picture

Somebody needs to put down the pipe. Whatever they are smoking.

VanillAnalyst's picture

Bwahahah, the Russians put a friggin ski jump on the end of their aircraft carrier, brilliant!

NASA spends millions developing the space pen, the Russians use pencils, beware these people.

MaggieL's picture

The space pen story is an urban legend. 


NASA never approached Paul Fisher to develop a pen, nor did Fisher receive any government funding for the pen's development. Fisher invented it independently, and then asked NASA to try it. After the introduction of the AG7 Space Pen, both the American and Soviet (later Russian) space agencies adopted it.


And the Royal Navy invented the ski-jump ramp. 

Badabing's picture

Don’t know what the problem is with Israel. Can’t they just march in circles around Iran while blowing on trumpets?  

Comay Mierda's picture

cant wait for the false flag attack. it will prob look like this

June should be an interesting month

Spirit Of Truth's picture

So the Israelis are crazy for pointing a finger at the sweet, innocent, innocuous Russians and the world must be on guard for a "Zionist" false flag attack? (Let me 9/11?)

Truly this world is totally and hopelessly deceived at this point.

Israel is a tiny island of democracy and human rights surrounded by rabidly antisemitic, tyrannical foes that have amassed the means for the "final solution" and some folk here are rooting for the Nazis.

As for the Russians, while Hitler's forces were "brown shirts", Putin's forces are "black shirts".  They know what they're planning and their fingers are deeply embedded in the forces gathering around Armageddon (Mount Megiddo which is in northern Israel).  The stage for the final battle between Good and Evil is almost completely set.

Choose sides carefully.

MobBarley's picture

When you say 'Spirit of Truth', you're talking about

something like Jack Daniels, right? Because only

those drunk off their asses could refrain from busting

out laughing at such obvious Luciferian drivel coming

from the rabinous gaping maw of effeminate bullshit

cantered in the middle of your bottomless pit of a face.

Can't wait to see you go into that there LAKE OF FIRE, buddy.

Gonna be one hell of ahow.



Spirit Of Truth's picture

Your logic and attention to argumentative detail is, well, something to behold.  Many a Party official would be proud.

GMadScientist's picture

Spoken like someone who doesn't understand the hazards presented by the accumulation of graphite shavings in an enclosed space.

LowProfile's picture

Ever hear of the mechanical pencil?  Now you have.

ElvisDog's picture

NASA spends millions developing the space pen, the Russians use pencils, beware these people.

You don't know what you're talking about. Russia space technology is essentially unchanged from the 1960's. They basically had a design for a rocket that they knew worked and just kept on making it. Not unlike the ancient Romans who when they built a building or dam or whatever and it didn't fall down they would just copy it.

In a way, your pencil analogy is accurate in that the Russian space program has never evolved much from pencil-era technology.'s picture

And yet Russia can send men into space today and the US can not. Oh, to have a moon base...

trav7777's picture

these guys really are desert nomad war tribe...jfc, all they can conceive is this old testament either part of the Nation or else ENEMY to be utterly annihilated.

lincolnsteffens's picture

I object to your description of the USA in that manner! Whoops, you weren't referring to some other nation, were you? I guess you could be referring to Russia in stead, right? No, no, I mean uh,Turkey, no that's wrong, that was before. Oh, I know you mean the British Empire. That's it, you mean that other war like Empire.

knukles's picture

Gotta be true.
Dude's speaking at the Godzilla Conference chairing the Gog and Megog panel.

Just click your heels and disappear in a flash!


Keynes wae right....ain't gonna have to worry about the deficits...

DogSlime's picture

They have Muslamic Ray Gams too!

Sorry - childish post, but probably no more stupid than the bullshit being put out by TPTB regarding Iran.

knukles's picture

I look at it this way...
If I harangued about TPTB crap at work, there'd be no credibility, for the normal every day ordinary bond geek (And a hearty welcome Billy Gross.. you missed 3 great years of long bond performance dipshit.  And coulda by now had a pile of gold indexed bonds in your position, but oh, no...  Jesus.) doesn't believe a fucking bit of the pabulum.  Our equity brethren however, are sill caught up in the shite, as that's all they know and are worth anymore, anyhow.  (Keep on regurgitating that CFA horseshit.  Your client's gonna be firing your ass real soon, anyway.  In fact, just might be your last year to say if it ain't a great fucking bonus, you'll leave 'cause soon there'll be nowhere left hiring.)
Either be fired or put on long term mental disability.

No.  It's not childish.  Cynical dark humor seems to be the most effective medium these days to communicate with non-believers.  It places the seed otherwise rejected out of hand.  You know, that contempt prior to investigation syndrome.

RiverRoad's picture

Calm down Israel.  Nobody's nuking you.  Look where the fallout would blow.  Ain't gonna happen.  Precisely why Japan made such a nice target.

mvsjcl's picture

Japan also made a case study on what can happen if one simply ignores the data.'s picture

Japan is also a case study of what can happen when sanctions are imposed.

Max UK's picture

In fact, why would the Russians worry about Israeli concerns anyway....


Who was it who was arming and traing Georgian forces leading up to Georgia's attack on its breakaway regions in 2008?

Who was arming and training Georgians to attack & kill Russian peacekeepers?


And who is probably still there helping the Georgians prepare for round two?


You betcha!

earleflorida's picture

and why was america arming and training al Qaeda in afghanistan under osama bin laden's leadership --- working hand-n-hand with the Taliban? This USSR war with Afghanistan in the 80's/ early 90's was a covert operation implicitly concocted by CIA Chief Casey, ordered-up by the U.S.& MIC's ,... no? 

Russia people will never forget --- Putin won't let them forget. Beware of the grizzly!


Zymurguy's picture

Ever heard the story of the scorpion and the frog?

If Iran operated on logical principles I don't think we'd be talking so much about them.

Element's picture

Low-yield plumes don't go high enough to travel very far, especially when delivered in lay-down mode or shallow burial.

When this was actually tested in Nevada's desert the vast majority of the fallout from low-yield and low-altitude, or else ground-bursts, travelled less than 10 to 12 miles.

Only the high-yield plumes go high enough and spread out widely enough to travel across whole countries and regions with significant radiation fallout within neighbouring states.

That would not be the case here.

Israel would get almost all of it, and most of the West bank some orders of magnitude less.  South Lebanon, western Jordan, and southern Syria might cop some of it, but at much lower intensity than in Israel itself within visual range of the explosion site.

A low-yeild A-bomb attack on Israel would be highly effective and highly radioactive, for a couple of months (and the IDF know this).

lincolnsteffens's picture

Gosh, if you were Iran and someone was squeezing your balls and you couldn't defeat them wouldn't you try some sneaky shit to retaliate. I'd pretend to give way early in the attack phase and wait for my opportunity to kill the fuckers when they weren't looking.

Asymmetrical warfare dudes. Iran has had plenty of time to position their agents to strike the interests of the "Western Alliance"  and their proxies where ever it hurts the most. Motives on all sides are top secret. Maybe the world oligarchy wants the mess to intensify globally. In the words of Bob Dylan "He's only a pawn in their game."

DCFusor's picture

Yup, no way this could be the usual fear-mongering governments and other powerful entities engage in constantly to keep themselves in power and "needed".  Couldn't happen.  I'm sure it's just as legit as taking away our civil rights using a few guys flying airplanes into buildings as an excuse to create a police state.

matrix2012's picture

yeap, staging the in-house collateral damages then pointing the fingers to some external forces like the phantom aikido, iirg, red agents etc fit well the cartel agendas.

flying high and great the fake flags constitute the excellent expertises of those giant xxx-agencies!  In propping up the wrongs they need to take away the rights at first. 

all those poor souls who are falling down along the ways are inevitable collateral damages, the expendables... sacrificial lambs are called in to bestow the sanctification glory!

just allow some time to see it works... again

StreetMoney21's picture

How long are we going to listen to the gas can drag coming out of Israel? I still remember the BS story from Colin Powell about chemical weapons trucks driving through the neighborhoods of Iraq making nerve gas. I'm still waiting for one to be found. Playing the victim is getting a little old as we know it is Israel that uses assassins to kill people in other counties.

This conflict is al about the petro-dollar as Iran is now trading oil for something other than the US dollar. Time is running out as other countrys will so do the same thing.

HungrySeagull's picture

I remember that day.

I also recall we aint found shit. (Spaceballs)'s picture

I watched Powell's speech as well. The news anchor who began speaking immediately after said in a resigned tone, "Now anyone who can be convinced of Iraq's intentions has been." In other words, only crazy people disbelieved Powell even though it was later shown that all 29 points in his presentation were false.


When I, the People, learn to remember, when I, the People, use the lessons of yesterday and no longer forget who robbed me last year, who played me for a fool—then there will be no speaker in all the world say the name: "The People," with any fleck of a sneer in his voice or any far-off smile of derision. The mob—the crowd—the mass—will arrive then.

--Carl Sandburg
smb12321's picture

I love the posts that bring out the crazies who back-slap the likes of Iran, Syria & Russia while bashing the US & Israel. And don't forget all those nefarious global conspiracies by Zionists (PC for dirty Jew). Iran is much more likely to use their "peaceful" products (does anyone except ZH posters believe this?) as a threat along with their  terrorism.  Although the maniacs in Tehran know an Israeli strike is suicide, religious fantaticism can yield strange results.

alien-IQ's picture

You are obviously suffering from the delusional and misguided belief that the interests of Israel and America are one and the same.

You may have been able to float that bullshit and have it go unquestioned a few years ago...but those days are gone gone gone. That much should be painfully obvious to you by now.

Israel has been exposed. It's true colors put on full display for the world to see...and the world sees one unmistakable truth: Israel is the global enemy of any and all people who want peace and coexistence.

Your days are numbered. Get used to it.

pods's picture

I think that Israel's jump the shark moment can be traced to a picture.  Remember the one where all the cute little kids were signing bombs to deliver to the poor little children of Lebanon?

That was the moment where it turned.


alien-IQ's picture

For me, the murder of Rachel Corrie was the last straw. That's when I crossed the Rubicon.'s picture

If the Liberty doesn't do it for folks then Jonathan Pollard should have. With friends like Israel who needs enemies?

smb12321's picture

Get serious.  The only reason posters froth at the mention of Israel is Judaism.  It's inexplicable in any other rationale.  I don't have to carry water for Israel. I opposed Gulf War I & II because they were not in the interests of America.   Heres the score:  On one side is a state that routinely changes governments via elections, where hundreds of thousands demonstrate peacefully and is Western-oriented.  On the other you have semi-feudal states without property right who excel is religious  BS, authoritarianism, ruling for life and about as much liberty as the USSR in Putin's (another ZH poster boy apparently) hey days.

I mean, if you don't like Israel and you do like Iran and company, fine.  Just don't hide behind all the twaddle.


earleflorida's picture

ref: "Iran's 'Tudeh', Communist Part" & "Operation TPBEDAMN"

Ps. i use wikipedia for quick reference and simplification of its pragmatic format for further research

Iran is not a, "enemy of our enemies - is a friend of ours" --- simply said,... not in the Iranian cultural/ philosophical language, period! 

Ps2. Putin hates all that Joseph [The STEEL Man]
Stalin stood for - what stalin had done to the russian empire state, and its people - stalin was a mass murderer of his own unique kind, and his only love was his Georgia 

Ps3. Putin is a fair, intellectual and pragmatic leader with only his mother country's well-being held firmly in his heart. He is not from the old Russian mindset, but a moderate progressive.


Robot Traders Mom's picture

Only if the Amerikan people weren't so stupid and oblivious to this bullshit...

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Israel STFU or do your own dirty work!

The Limerick King's picture



If only we all knew the score

That the best market pump is from war

Then we might see

That The Powers That Be

Have some chaos and mayhem in store

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Very nice Limerick King.

When all else fails, go to war. Works everytime, if only to distract the hamsters from their chores.

Scalaris's picture

You Sir are the next Edward Lear; a luminary of your domain.

Mad props.

The Limerick King's picture

Thanks Scalaris!


I'm a mere shadow of Lear

My inspiration is fear

Allow me to say

I long for the day

When all that inspires me is beer!

Scalaris's picture



I myself am partial to whiskey

Although it can be a bit risky

But reading your prose

My fantasy grows

And dare I say makes me a bit frisky


I had to do it.

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Don't trust Israel.

cossack55's picture

One also cannot trust the damn Russkies now that the Soviets are history.  Nothing better than a good enemy.