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Israel Army Cancels Passover Vacation While Korea Begins Fuelling Missile Test Rocket

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In a double-whammy of mounting geopolitical tension, Channel News Asia reports that North Korea has started fueling a rocket in preparation for a launch date set for April 12 or 13. The supposed 'satellite launch' is being considered a missile test by the West and in the meantime snubbing Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama for his 'confrontational mindset'. In retaliation Pyonyang will not be receiving food aid (according to a Pentagon official). Meanwhile, Israel National News highlights that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have taken the unprecedented step of canceling the long-customary leave for Passover and will instead remain on full alert. Careful to point out that this action did not stem from any planned military action (though soldiers dismissed that as obfuscation), IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz said Wednesday he gave the order saying he "does not accept" the notion of an army-wide vacation during Passover. A growing cadre of senior security officials and former IDF chiefs have called for a major Gaza incursion to uproot the terror infrastructure there. Gantz himself has described such an operation as "increasingly inevitable."


N. Korea begins fuelling rocket

TOKYO: North Korea has begun fuelling a rocket for a launch that the West considers a missile test, a Japanese newspaper reported Thursday, citing a source "close to the government" in Pyongyang.


"The launch is coming closer. The possibility is high that the launch date will be set for April 12 or 13," the source said according to the Tokyo Shimbun in a report from Seoul.




The report came after North Korea insisted Tuesday it would go ahead with what it says is a satellite launch, snubbing a call from US President Barack Obama to drop the plan and accusing him of a "confrontational mindset".


The United States has suspended plans to send food aid to North Korea, saying it has broken a promise to halt missile launches and cannot be trusted to give the help to those who need it, a Pentagon official said Wednesday.


The West and North Korea's Asian neighbours have urged Pyongyang to give up on the rocket launch, which is seen as the pretext for testing ballistic missile technology.

IDF to Remain on Full Alert Over Passover

The IDF on Tuesday broke with Israeli tradition and ordered all units to cancel the long-customary Passover leaves and remain on full alert over the holiday.




Senior military officials insisted the decision did not stem from any planned military operations set to occur on - or immediately after - the holiday.


IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz said Wednesday he gave the order saying he "does not accept" the notion of an army-wide vacation during Passover.


Soldiers... did not believe the timing of the decision was arbitrary and dismissed Gantz's explanation as obfuscation.


... a spike in hostilities with Gaza's terror gangs, who fired at least 200 rockets into Israel over a period of four days.


Israeli airstrikes on rocket launching cells firing from densely populated civilian killed 26 Gazans, of whom at least 21 were terrorists.


Critics say that Israel's airstrikes-for-rockets strategic posture vis-a-vis Gaza has only served to perpetuate the now simmering security situation in Israel's south.


A growing cadre of senior security officials and former IDF chiefs have called for a major Gaza incursion to uproot the terror infrastructure there.


Gantz himself has described such an operation as "increasingly inevitable."


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Wed, 03/28/2012 - 23:39 | 2299561 chump666
chump666's picture

April for Iran attack.


Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:52 | 2299665 iDealMeat
iDealMeat's picture

OT:  Notes to self,

Fuck you Ron Paul..

Here's  my math..

FED  = 22  Primary Dealers - 1

  P.D -1 = MF Global

MF Global CEO =  Jon Corzine

Where the fuck are you Ron Paul ???

You're fucking running for  POTUS?? 

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 02:01 | 2299718 Michael
Michael's picture

The only fucking thing that's going to be done from here on out is the Ron Paul crew fucking Romney/Rubio and the GOP right up the ass in November by voting for someone else.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 02:23 | 2299745 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture



Here's the headline....

Former President George H.W. Bush endorses Mitt Romney

If you think Romney looks surprised in the photo...think about how surprised he's going to be in the first few months of a potentially successful Presidency where he is blessed with JEB Bush as his VP....(yeah, dial back everyone to those halcyon Jodie Foster days....)

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 04:26 | 2299868 AldousHuxley
AldousHuxley's picture

Bush Sr. looks like he is about to hit the zero hedge point of no return.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 04:46 | 2299880 fredquimby
fredquimby's picture

I just can't get past Max Headroom when I see this Romney character...



Thu, 03/29/2012 - 06:48 | 2299977 economics9698
economics9698's picture

Romney 53 Billary 47.

Obama will be lucky to get re-nominated.


Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:55 | 2299667 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Don't know Chump. It's all getting very very con-fusing now. 

CLearly Obama thiks there is going to be another election, given what he told Medvedev on the open mic session. Even worse, he spoke like he knew he was going to win it. Worse, much worse.

The ides of March are behind us. Purim was satisfied by the whole French "Firefighting", child shooting madness.  Pass over the passover. When? 

No one ever launched a war in the middle east in the summer, madness. Yet, all this middle-east drum beating cannot be for nothing. All this tells me that we have a left-field-shocker coming sometime soonish.

Something that changes the playing field itself as it were. New energy tech? 





Thu, 03/29/2012 - 01:14 | 2299681 mophead
mophead's picture

The headline should have read:

"NWO Instructs N. Korea To Begin Fueling Rockets In Prep For WWIII"

Then the next headline should read:

"NWO Instructs US To Stand Up to N. Korean Threat"


Thu, 03/29/2012 - 01:27 | 2299696 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Clearly you are a future MinTru star employee Mophead!


Thu, 03/29/2012 - 04:35 | 2299871 AldousHuxley
AldousHuxley's picture

China tells North Korea to fire some blank rockets while yelling "we got nukes" to distract US away from Iran.

US tells Israel to cancel vacation.

Russia helping Iran to finish building nukes


Permanent members of the UN Security Council consisted of France, the Republic of China, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the USSR, at the UN's founding in 1946. The Security Council's five permanent members have the power to veto any substantive resolutions.



Thu, 03/29/2012 - 08:14 | 2300087 cossack55
cossack55's picture

Being stuck in Israel during Purim is no vacation.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 04:50 | 2299882 fredquimby
fredquimby's picture

E-Cat by Rossi still not been debunked yet....

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 05:41 | 2299910 Jadr
Jadr's picture

You must not have been following it....It's 100% fraud, I've been following it for months giving him the benefit of the doubt but it looks like the end of the line was reached.... is a link I found last time I was checking up on the status.

Wed, 03/28/2012 - 23:40 | 2299565 Xibalba
Xibalba's picture

"But I have an election coming up"

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 09:24 | 2300263 lolmao500
lolmao500's picture

But no president has ever lost an election during a war! Not to mention : ELECTIONS DON'T MATTER.

Wed, 03/28/2012 - 23:43 | 2299569 xtop23
xtop23's picture

Matzel Toff Bitchez !

Wed, 03/28/2012 - 23:46 | 2299573 yogibear
yogibear's picture

Something is up. Their on alert. We know an attack on Iran will occur. It's not if, but when.

Wed, 03/28/2012 - 23:45 | 2299574 jonjon831983
jonjon831983's picture

How much is the cost of Israeli airstrike/artillery retaliation compared to shooting off a gazan rocket.



Thu, 03/29/2012 - 03:07 | 2299820 UP Forester
UP Forester's picture

Depends on how quick Mossad gets away after launching the bottle-rockets....

Wed, 03/28/2012 - 23:47 | 2299577 Tsar Pointless
Tsar Pointless's picture I to be bullish?

Yeah - I'm bullish.

Wed, 03/28/2012 - 23:49 | 2299580 jonjon831983
jonjon831983's picture

Speculate IF they do an incursion and there is an attack on Iran, this is to keep militants on their toes in their homefront and keep the fight away from Israeli land.

Wed, 03/28/2012 - 23:50 | 2299585 Boop
Boop's picture

Gantz himself has described such an operation as "increasingly inevitable."


Inevitable..  I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Wed, 03/28/2012 - 23:56 | 2299596 xtop23
xtop23's picture

Reminds me of when I hear a radio call in from one of our paramedic units at the base hospital.

"Kaiser base this is medic 21 with code 3 traffic and an ETA of 5-7 minutes."

Hello, if it's estimated doesn't that already imply a ballpark figure?

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:46 | 2300039 mvsjcl
mvsjcl's picture

Is "is" is?

Wed, 03/28/2012 - 23:55 | 2299594 knukles
knukles's picture

Missiles, missiles everywhere...
Iran's already achieved "peaceful" missile capability launching satellites.
North Korea's aiming to do the same.
(And let me be the first to call bullshit on anybody who's not got the smarts to figure launching a sat is the same shit as throwing a warhead...) 
And why is it  that I clearly recollect the US had it's SF on call and gave Golda the necessary missile and bomb technology right abouts the Yom Kippur war some what, almost 40 years ago?
Ah, that magical, mystical, biblical 40... as in years, days and night....
Just warms the cockles of the emissions.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:00 | 2299597 ekm
ekm's picture

I had a bet for no later than March 20th attack, greek default day.

I will find out who was the person that made me lose $100 (canadian petro-dollars).

Obama? Netanyahu?

I may have lost the bet by only few weeks though.

It hurt me more than the $100 canadian petrodollars I lost when Man U pathetically lost to Barcelona in Champions League Final.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:02 | 2299601 robertocarlos
robertocarlos's picture

Where is this rocket really headed and will it carry a nuke? I thin it's a nothing burger nd there will be no attacks until after November.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 12:02 | 2300862 flapdoodle
flapdoodle's picture

I hope its not Fukushima!

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 13:28 | 2301136 12ToothAssassin
12ToothAssassin's picture

If Obama has handy lead over Romney in polling numbers then Iran attack will be after November. If polls are close then Iran attack will be before September.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:02 | 2299602 Jim in MN
Jim in MN's picture


Where are the aircraft carriers this evening, General Tyler sir?  All ready set....???

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:29 | 2299638 jonjon831983
jonjon831983's picture

If you trust RT.

More amphibs moving into the gulf.  INTERESTING....

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 01:40 | 2299706 a growing concern
a growing concern's picture

Here's the map of the carriers from Stratfor.  Looks like Enterprise is in theater now as well.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:03 | 2299603 Lady Heather...UNCLE
Lady Heather...UNCLE's picture

very bullish, very VERY bullish

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:04 | 2299605 gwar5
gwar5's picture

They're faking it. Israel would likely not telegraph an Iranian strike like that. It may be defensive since Hamas is being incited to ramp up now.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:31 | 2299639 jonjon831983
jonjon831983's picture

One could speculate militant ramp up could be Iranian response?  Just a little signal of more to come.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 04:49 | 2299881 BorisTheBlade
BorisTheBlade's picture

1. Build up fear and tension in the region

2. Act surprised and shocked when 'attacked'

3. ????

4. PROFIT!!!!

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:38 | 2300029 johnQpublic
johnQpublic's picture

3. steal underwear

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:55 | 2300051 mvsjcl
mvsjcl's picture

Bullish steel underwear.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 13:30 | 2301141 12ToothAssassin
12ToothAssassin's picture

But they dont breath or move well. Must be stainless so they dont rust.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:16 | 2299621 q99x2
q99x2's picture

Roasting Arabs on Passover. Time to announce the next globalist to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Since corporations have the same rights as individuals maybe they should award it to Blackwater this time.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:17 | 2299622 bankruptcylawyer
bankruptcylawyer's picture

ill say this as i usually do.


the real big deal with israel is gaza.


why you ask? why is it not iranian backed hizbollah and iran with nukes?

lebnon can and will be air bombed when the time comes again like in 2006. it is not a big deal. it is a done deal . the lebanese will pay the price for allowing hizbollah to take their country. the price is being bombed to the stoneage. power plants, refineries, highways and major water and electricity infrastrucutre and exposed pipelines will all be destroyed for a cheap price and QUICKLY. it can be done in less than a week. a nation without infrastructure cannot fight a prolonged REAL war.


but gaza----is a different story . they cannot fight a REAL war. they will keep using their rocket attacks and eventually worse if they can, but that is not their 'threat' . their threat is mass suicide charges. they will eventually force themselves and the gazans at large to play the role of human shield by instigating a position where they are begging for suicidal destruction and israel cannot do this. they are trying to put up 'walls' and surveillance drones and other things to make sure they are not going to be put into this posisiton by hamas. israel is forced into running an open air jail cell to make sure that the inmates cannot force the superior forces of israel into a position where they have no choice but use all out force because that is going to be political suicide for the nation of israel . if israel winds up killing tens of thousands of gazans from a population of 1.5 million with an average age of 18.5 years of age ( the lowest outside of africa) -----it will be a shit storm. so israel only real option besides running the jail cell and controlling the see-saw of violence in their favor will be to pray for other ways out of this. ways that control population dynamics over the long run without using outright violence.

 i will not speak of these methods. use your imagination.

BUT----the shit will indeed hit the fan when and if egypt stops getting free american money. and that is not going to happen anytime soon. egypt is going to be on the dole for at least another decade or two. it's tooo cheap for statecraft purposes to buy their cooperation. far cheaper than dealing with the alternative. but then the real black swan is whether or not the ruling military clique of egypt will hold together, and if it does, whether they can in fact control the situation on the ground by the sinai border. so far, they have ALOT  of troops there. but it is a huge open desert and hard to control . rest assured they are getting top quality sattelite photo intelligence from the americans and the israelis.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 02:12 | 2299752 JOYFUL
JOYFUL's picture

A remarkable analysis. One can only hope that you are given operational command of the sionist military...which would bring about a speedy cessation of hostilities in the middle east.

The israeli bombing of civilian targets in 2006 was effective only in creating a widespread unity of public opinion where none had existed previously. Revulsion for this act of state terrorism gave Hezbollah an unexpected boost in support from all sectors of Lebanese society, and completely removed any moral pretext for complaint against subsequent rocket attacks on israeli cities.

Though guilty of many tactical errors and failures of execution, the Hezbollah forces fought a credible campaign in 2006, inflicting more casualities per fighter on the enemy than in any of the previous wars of 1956, 67, 73 or 82...but more importantly, delivered a staggering blow to the confidence and sense of superiority of the israeli soldier, trained to believe in the myth of their invincibility, the effects of which have not gone away in the intervening time. 

Meanwhiles, the many lessons available to the chief actors and observing allies have not gone wasted. By combining  guerrilla and conventional army  techniques that will keep their tactically traditional enemies off balance, the latest generation of Hezbollah (and Iranian) fighters have garnered the strategic advantage on any future battlefield, and their finely honed training is constantly being augmented.  Combine all of this with superiority of morale and willingess to suffer losses to achieve goals and you have an opponent which even the sionist military command recognizes as a huge deterrent to aggressive action. For the sionist soldier in the field, the prospect of encountering this enemy is hugely threatening.

That is the sole reason that you are correct about the decision to direct their forces against is the only front on which the sionist command dares to offer engagement - against an unarmed civilian population. And even that is likely to blow up in their faces, this time round. There is no 'black swan' circling round the Egyptian frontier....only carrion birds, those harbingers of death and decay, who can now smell the fear and terror in the once formidable forces of the pariah terror state israel.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 09:13 | 2300230 Overflow-admin
Overflow-admin's picture

method: Genophage release ala Mass Effect.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:23 | 2299628 freeasabee1
freeasabee1's picture

Doom On: Double the fun....

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 01:52 | 2299726 CompassionateFascist
CompassionateFascist's picture

Zion will use the IranWar to bring down Obama - and substitute the more obedient Romney - destroy Iran, and once-and-for-all solve their Palestinian Problem. The fact that it will also spike oil, crashing the dollar and the US Ponziconomy as well, is of no concern to the Chosen: for they've hijacked U.S. gold, and probably Germany's gold as well.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 06:10 | 2299936 Hot Shakedown
Hot Shakedown's picture

Ascension - as humanity moves to a more 'aware' state of mind, it will realize that the cost/benefit of supporting a manipulative society known as Israel is no longer in the best interests of global prosperity. The country is finished in my view. It is half a generation from no longer being seen as a priority.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 12:58 | 2301028 johny2
johny2's picture

the "chosen" few who have hijacked the USA on the Jekyl Island some 100 years ago, have no religion or nation. 

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:23 | 2299629 Ocean22
Ocean22's picture

What' a mess. Holy mackerel. Could the world be any more fucked up. What a joke. If I were a space alien, I would blow the whole mess to bits ...

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:26 | 2299635 xtop23
xtop23's picture

According to Krugman that would be bullish, as well as make Newt a fucking genius for wanting to return to the Moon.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 08:19 | 2300102 cossack55
cossack55's picture

They did. Its called Fukashima

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:25 | 2299631 Beam Me Up Scotty
Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

It takes over two weeks to fuel the NK rocket?? Ya they are really on the verge of nuking us now!!

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 01:43 | 2299713 a growing concern
a growing concern's picture

I know, right? We fuel the damn space shuttle, which is a hell of a lot bigger than their rocket, in a day or less.  Get with the times, impotent NK ruler douchebag.  Or, you know, maybe you could allow your people to have civilization instead of all your tiny dick swinging.  Just a thought.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 03:08 | 2299822 RmcAZ
RmcAZ's picture

What space shuttle?

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:34 | 2299646 Id fight Gandhi
Id fight Gandhi's picture

Anyone else sick of israel and they're shit, I honestly don't care what the fuck they do. Just don't take our money and boys for your paranoid land grab.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 01:27 | 2299695 James T. Kirk
James T. Kirk's picture

Paranoid land grab? Israel is literally a dot in the Middle East, and the stated goal of ALL their neighbors is to obliterate the Jews as if they never existed. Where do you get "paranoid" out of this scenario?

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 01:46 | 2299715 a growing concern
a growing concern's picture

"A people who have been persecuted for 2000 years must be doing something wrong." - Kissinger


By the way, isn't usury forbidden in the Torah?  Ironic, because that seems to be the only thing the chosen people are good at.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 02:02 | 2299735 James T. Kirk
James T. Kirk's picture

I'd like to reframe that. Never in recorded history has a dead nation (Israel) complete with its dead language (Hebrew) been ressurected after spending 2000 years in the grave. Until now, that is.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 08:39 | 2300140 john39
john39's picture

Its a fake, use your common sense.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 05:46 | 2299912 Disenchanted
Disenchanted's picture



a growing concern asked:



"By the way, isn't usury forbidden in the Torah?"


It's ok when used against Gentiles...Deuteronomy 23:19-20


23:19 Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother; usury of money, usury of victuals, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury: 23:20 Unto a stranger thou mayest lend upon usury; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon usury: that the LORD thy God may bless thee in all that thou settest thine hand to in the land whither thou goest to possess it
Thu, 03/29/2012 - 08:41 | 2300146 john39
john39's picture

Situational ethics. Read Micheal Hoffman on how Judaic culture is a curse even to itself.

Fri, 03/30/2012 - 06:06 | 2302900 Tompooz
Tompooz's picture

Rape is also forbidden.

But an army rabbi advises that it's allright during war.

Read this and be disgusted:


Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:29 | 2300020 my puppy for prez
my puppy for prez's picture

I don't even know where to start in correcting your erroneous take on history.  I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning.  Have you not heard of the Zionist goal called "Greater Israel"?  This is their plan.  It's not going to turn out well.  Besides, many anti-Zionist Jews DO NOT support what is the creation of modern day Israel....they believe it is a corrupted POLITICAL (Zionist) agenda which is in diametric opposition to  Torah Judaism.  They also realize and state that before the Balfour Declaration and the creation of the State, they lived largely in peace with their non-Jewish neighbors.  Anti-Zionist Jews do not recognize the State of Israel, and for this, the Zionist State persecutes and oppresses them, right along with Muslims and Christians.  Don't believe me?  Take a look at their site: 

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 10:55 | 2300565 Randall Cabot
Randall Cabot's picture

They may be against the Zionist state of israel on religious grounds but the Orthodox jews like the Lubavitchers are still fanatical jew supremacists.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:37 | 2299651 Ocean22
Ocean22's picture

Fuck Isreal. They should have never been given the land in the first place. That was the first mistake. There is a reason they were demolished in 70 AD by the romans ... Their sIns had filled the cup, they rejected the messiah, they were finished. God crushed them in 70 AD. No wonder they have never found peace since. They never will. They are a cursed people and all who support them will be cursed. It's a pitty more people don't understand the real status of the " Jews". The " Jews" of today are not the Jews of the old'n days, they are white men with Jewish clothes and evil hearrtsc. It's a joke. They no more " deserve" the " holy land" than I do. Wake up people!! You have been had.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 02:12 | 2299750 James T. Kirk
James T. Kirk's picture

Summary: They are not racially pure so they deserve nothing, and let's annihilate them for something that was done 2000 years ago by their great great great great great grandaddys. Yeah. Where do I join the Nazi youth party? Heil Hitler, O22 .

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 02:36 | 2299789 pvzh
pvzh's picture

"let's annihilate them for something that was done 2000 years ago"

That is not what he said... at all...

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 03:45 | 2299811 James T. Kirk
James T. Kirk's picture

In the Middle East, when you are irredeemably cursed, you no longer have a right to life. That is EXACTLY what he said.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 13:34 | 2301156 Randall Cabot
Randall Cabot's picture

This dude was actually honored at the White House by W Bush:

The Lubovitcher Rebbe continued:

{quote} The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the common expression: "Let us differentiate." Thus, we do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather, we have a case of "let us differentiate" between totally different species. This is what needs to be said about the body: the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the world …

{p. 60}…However, is so great that the bodies should be considered as completely different species. This is the reason why the Talmud states that there is an halachic difference in attitude about the bodies of non-Jews [as opposed to the bodies of Jews] " "their bodies are in vain." . . . An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.

We therefore ask: Why should a non-Jew be punished if he kills even a non-Jewish embryo while a Jew should not be punished even if he kills a Jewish embryo? The answer can be understood by [considering] the general difference between Jews and non-Jews: A Jew was not created as a means for some [other] purpose; he himself is the purpose, since the substance of all [divine] emanations was created only to serve the Jews." In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" [Genesis 1:1] means that [the heavens and the earth] were created for the sake of the Jews, who are called the "beginning." This means everything, all developments, all discoveries, the creation, including the "heavens and the earth – are vanity compared to the Jews. The important things are the Jews, because they do not exist for any [other] aim; they themselves are [the divine] aim."

A non-Jew’s entire reality is only vanity. It is written, "And the strangers shall stand and feed your flocks" [Isaiah 61: 5]. The entire creation [of a non-Jew] exists only for the sake of the Jews …


Thu, 03/29/2012 - 04:36 | 2299873 JOYFUL
JOYFUL's picture

So you're ready to join the neo-nazis are you James? That's a big step, but you're a big boy, and luckily, there's plenty of folks willing to guide you.

It would be a big help if you tell us where you live though....if you live in Canada, for example, you would want to apply to the Canadian Jewish Congress - they are well known for their support of indigenous nazi groups[see -]- but if for any reason they are not able to help you on your quest, the Canadian government itself offers support to seekers such as yourself - through their CSIS organization, which has gone so far as to actually provide groups like Heritage Front with their very leader...Grant Bristow!

Of course, if you live somewhere else in the western world the same kind of warm support of your path will be found in similar elements of their governments and religious fraternities...

All of which is kind of mind-bending, cept for an experienced space traveller like yourself! Should anyone require further explanation of how this wacky situation comes to be, I recommend consulting the works of now deceased Rabbi Gunther Plaut, a distinguished former head of the CJC, whose book, The Man Who Would be Messiah gives a great deal of insight into how the mind of the sabbatean\frankist mind works, and how world jewry has been fooled into supporting the insane hegemonist vision of this genocidal death cult.

Hope that helps Jimmy.  And hope to see you at a false flag synagogue bombing soon!

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 05:38 | 2299909 johngerard
johngerard's picture

"hope to see you at a false flag synagogue bombing soon"

Ha Ha! That's good. I keep reading posts on zerohedge saying "false flag this", "false flag that". Who the fuck are these idiots?

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:19 | 2300009 my puppy for prez
my puppy for prez's picture

"how the mind of the sabbatean\frankist mind works, and how world jewry has been fooled into supporting the insane hegemonist vision of this genocidal death cult."

I am well aware of this can find it in lots of books.  Yet, is it not our individual responsibility to learn the truth and not be fooled, as you say, into support of evil agendas?

And what is with modern Jewry NOT getting rid of their hideous Talmud and denouncing it?  Instead, rabbinical talmudic schools are increasingly popping up.  This violent world has NO place in it for such a hateful book as the Talmud.  If you haven't read some of its contents, then you really should.  It is pure filth.

There are a handful of intelligent Christians who speak out against Zionism, and try to educate other Christians.  Unfortunately, Christians are brain-dead sheeple, too, of the worst order.

The aggressive posture of Zionism isn't going to turn out well for ANYONE.  It's time for them to be held accountable.  It's time that they not be allowed to call everyone else terrorists, when they themselves are guilty of the same thing.   

Sat, 03/31/2012 - 08:06 | 2306043 James T. Kirk
James T. Kirk's picture

Utterly amazing. If I understand you correctly Joyful, you are accusing me of of being a Zionist, and implying that Nazi hate groups are engineered by the Jews themselves in order to gain sympathy and traction on the path to world Zionist domination. Wow. I guess this makes Hitler just another stooge of the Jews.

It seems that my bitter sarcasm regarding the virulent racism and hatred against Israel was totally lost in the ocean of paranoia regarding all things Jewish on ZH.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 03:22 | 2299830 Colonial Intent
Colonial Intent's picture

Now, now calm down, if those jewish nationalists needed liebensraum after WW2 we should of gave it them, no questions asked.

Oh yeah we did.................oopsy

Plus, "he's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy"

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 10:32 | 2299971 i-dog
i-dog's picture

I'm not sure that they're seeking loving room ("liebensraum" [sic]) ... not according to their neighbours, anyway!

If you're going to branch into other languages, be careful of faux pas. ;-)

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 12:51 | 2301006 Colonial Intent
Colonial Intent's picture

Sorry, freudian slip.....

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 03:37 | 2299839 Colonial Intent
Colonial Intent's picture

"Gandalf crushed them in 70 AD"

I think you'll find it was Vespasian's three legions that "crushed them" not Gandalf.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:39 | 2300031 BigJim
BigJim's picture

+1 for conflating 'Gandolf' with God.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 05:34 | 2299908 johngerard
johngerard's picture

Yeah, fuck those jews and their totally disproportionate 165 Nobel prizes for science and medicine. Fuckin' morons. What the fuck do they know? What have jews ever done for the world?

"God crushed them in 70AD". What the fuck is this, zerohedge, or some religious site? Make your mind up conspiracy theorists living in mom's basement...go outside and talk to a girl - for the first time ever. You may even get to have sex one day.

You'll be telling me next that jews run the world - publishing, movies, and even banking - why not post a link to 'the protocols of the elders of zion'? you may as well.

Oooh, those Evil Jooz!! I'm TERRIFIED!

Grow up.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 05:52 | 2299919 Disenchanted
Disenchanted's picture

"why not post a link to 'the protocols of the elders of zion'?"

have you ever actually personally read them all the way through?


Oooh, those Evil Muslims!! I'm TERRIFIED!

Grow up.


same same...

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:49 | 2300045 johnQpublic
johnQpublic's picture

first the jews want their homeland back, then next it will be the australian aborigines and then the american indians


everyone or no one

might as well pay reparations for slavery while we are at it

and my great great grandfather had his land taken to build an airport in minnesota and we'll be having that back too


**if you cant recognize the sarc, go get one of your guns from the stash, and put it in your mouth til i come back

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:50 | 2299663 squexx
squexx's picture

Isn't it amazing what a world problem this shitty little tribe in their miserable strip of land are?!? The sooner Israel is destroyed, the better! And that tribe as well!

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 01:34 | 2299701 James T. Kirk
James T. Kirk's picture

Yeah. Right on, dude. I really hate my constitutional rights and the rule of law, which are basically derived from the 10 commandments. And I REALLY hate all those archaic customs we inherited from that Jesus Joooo, such as compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness. Fuck all that shit. Who are those fuckin moron Jews, anyway?

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:05 | 2299993 my puppy for prez
my puppy for prez's picture

Jesus was not from the bloodline of what comprises most of the Jews on the planet today, who happen to be Khazars (Zionists).  Jesus was not a Zionist!  In fact, he condemned them (the Pharisees)

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:10 | 2299998 Ghordius
Ghordius's picture

though he talked (and argued) with them, with an eye on compromise and peace...

we could learn something out of that

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 03:13 | 2299826 Colonial Intent
Colonial Intent's picture

I think somebody tried something similar back in the thirties, how'd that work out?

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 01:19 | 2299686 ElvisDog
ElvisDog's picture

Yawn. I'm sorry. I think I slipped into my hot tub time machine and was transported back to 2010, 2008, 2007, 2006, or whenever another imminent Israel-Iran-Syria-whoever war was just about to happen. Wake me when it does happen. I'm filtering out all the blah-blah-blah pre-war crap these days.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 01:49 | 2299720 a growing concern
a growing concern's picture

Hey, if you can make it back to the early 2000s, buy AAPL!!!! And gold.  And then when you get back to present day, give me some of that for hooking you up with that stock tip.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 01:25 | 2299691 Haddock
Haddock's picture

"So long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people - greedy, barbarous, and cruel, as you are."

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 01:41 | 2299709 DutchR
DutchR's picture

Moving pawns,


"Enterprise Carrier Strike Group (CSG) completed a series of training evolutions with Standing NATO Maritime Group (SNMG) 1 during a passing exercise (PASSEX) in the Mediterranean Sea March 24-25.??"


“This will help us as we begin our deployment and enter the 5th Fleet area of responsibility.”



Thu, 03/29/2012 - 02:00 | 2299733 Atomizer
Atomizer's picture

Chronology of North Korea's missile program


Dude, we just need more Obama Unicorn Bucks to help out our country. We promise to stop setting off our bottle rockets once the money is SWIFTED into our account.



Thu, 03/29/2012 - 02:15 | 2299754 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

This thread NEEDS! a soundtrack

    When I party, I party hearty
          Fun is on my mind

     Put a smile on your face
      Leave that bummer behind

    There's a sister and there's a brother
        Havin' fun with each other

       Daddy always hangs up the boys
      He just wants to party with mother

       A private thought cannot be bought
       But you know what you have to do
       Socketh unto others
       As you would have them socketh to you

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 06:58 | 2299985 i-dog
i-dog's picture

Here's the anthem of the basement generals here:

Another day, another trail of bodies. Uncle Sam democratizing the world ... one graveyard after another.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 02:28 | 2299773 Azwethinkweiz
Azwethinkweiz's picture

Israel's plan to attack Iran put on hold until next year at the earliest  - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 02:45 | 2299800 itsallajoke
itsallajoke's picture

Nothing like a little bit of propaganda to set your enemy at ease. 

Israel: "Oh no, we won't bomb you back to the stone age until NEXT YEAR"

Iran: "Ahh, ok, we have time to prepare, thanks for letting us know".

<Next day, BOOM>

Iran: "Wait!, I thought you said NEXT YEAR!"

Israel: "Silly Iranians actually BELIEVED us....?" /Israel LMAOs hard


Point being, never, never trust your enemy, and never ever rely on what THEY TELL YOU as far as their plans.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 02:41 | 2299794 itsallajoke
itsallajoke's picture

Hmm, well, can we get the women out of Israel first..  A good majority of them are rather hot. 

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 04:01 | 2299851 Vlad Tepid
Vlad Tepid's picture

Sorry.  My yacht is full rescuing women from Japan...

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 06:30 | 2299955 ltsgt1
ltsgt1's picture

I prefer the Israeli hotties who don't glow at night.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 03:16 | 2299827 Out9922
Out9922's picture

I guess its time to top my tank and fill my jugs

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 03:28 | 2299834 Bansters-in-my-...
Bansters-in-my- feces's picture


Fuck Israhole.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 04:09 | 2299856 Seorse Gorog fr...
Seorse Gorog from that Quantum Entanglement Fund. alright_.-'s picture

'...suspended plans to send food aid to North Korea'.


Give me a fucking break. I'm sure KJU's got plenty of food and can live with his people going hungry.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 04:16 | 2299862 bad craziness
bad craziness's picture

International observers and press have been invited to the Korean launch which is aprt of the anniversay celebrations.  It simply suits Obama and the US to have a pariah state in Asia to beat up on.  Not defending DPRK but we only get mainstream media bullshit on this country that we just might find is now a whole lot more interested in emerging to the world.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:33 | 2300026 Colonial Intent
Colonial Intent's picture

he'll do the same as bush did and fail in the end game, china is the only power able to force change in NK (short of a shooting war).

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 05:18 | 2299899 johngerard
johngerard's picture

I don't know why everyone's speculating so much about the election. Obama will win it, no problem. It's a cinch. He'll walk it. There is nothing he nor his campaign managers need to worry about, and the Republicans will see to that themselves. Just keep doing what they're doing, and it's won.

He doesn't even need to bother getting out of bed that day.

So get ready for the worst presidential term in history, bar none.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 05:48 | 2299916 writingsonthewall
writingsonthewall's picture

So get ready for the worst presidential term in history, bar none.


Isn't that because your expectations are ridiculously high considering we're in the worst economic crisis in your lifetime?


Obama has done tremendously with the hand he was dealt - he's not like Bush who presided over the longest growth period in US history and rewarded America by helping corporations outsource all the jobs.


I hope the Republicans WOULD win - then we shall see the real hypocrisy of the right as they jump to bullishness over the current politically led bearishness.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:31 | 2300023 Colonial Intent
Colonial Intent's picture

What i want to know is what is the "event" that will happen around election time to give the repubs the whitehouse (gawd knows they need one).

Any ideas?

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:44 | 2300036 BigJim
BigJim's picture

Debt ceiling being hit again... and Israel biting off more than it can chew and Obama not giving them all the aid they desire.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:51 | 2300048 hardcleareye
hardcleareye's picture

"I think people are dazzled by Obama's rhetoric, and that people ought to begin to understand that Obama is going to be a mediocre president--which means, in our time, a dangerous president--"

Howard Zinn

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:43 | 2300035 Colonial Intent
Colonial Intent's picture

Agree with everything except perhaps the last comment.

Obama will get re-elected, and then he will put thru stuff that the repubs will have to reverse and lose voters for doing so, demographics and ageing voters are the repubs worst enemy, ignoring ron paul and losing his youth vote will bite em in the ass.


Thu, 03/29/2012 - 06:18 | 2299943 Hot Shakedown
Hot Shakedown's picture

Ascension - as humanity moves to a more 'aware' state of mind, it will realize that the cost/benefit of supporting a manipulative society known as Israel is no longer in the best interests of global prosperity. The country is finished in my view. It is half a generation from no longer being seen as a priority.


Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:12 | 2299999 i-dog
i-dog's picture


"as humanity moves to a more 'aware' state of mind"

Hahaha ... LOL ... ROFLMAO !!!! ... I can't think of anything LESS aware than current western humanity! My kennel has more awareness than the drug-fucked and media-mesmerised sheep of the USA and Europe!

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:34 | 2300027 Hot Shakedown
Hot Shakedown's picture

Read what I douche bag- we are not there yet "half a generation" ie. 10 years. When gen y comes to power, Isreal will be seen for what it truly is- an apartheid state , a parasite, a source of profound evil, and a very expensive experiment gone awry.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 08:07 | 2300058 i-dog
i-dog's picture

Dude, Gen Y is at least 30 years away from "coming to power". For example, the average age of Bilderberg attendees is 62 ... meaning that even the Baby Boomers haven't yet truly come to power -- they're still largely controlled by the old men of the Silent Generation who still hold the purse strings and drive the Luciferian ideology.

Extend your timeline, if that's where you're expecting salvation to come from.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 08:10 | 2300079 Colonial Intent
Colonial Intent's picture

Guys, 10,000 years ago there was a couple of guys sitting in a cave talkin about what they gonnna do when they are in charge, funnily enough they never got their turn because they spent all their time sitting in a cave.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 08:18 | 2300097 Hot Shakedown
Hot Shakedown's picture

I was referring to gen X - not Y - my error. I think in 10 years the illusion wears off - on a lot of the bullshit : the fed, the rebublicrat system, Israel, etc. I am optimistic, but it will take time. There will be a time in which zionist Israel is sacrificed for the greater good . Aside, from natural resources in the dead sea, what's the point?

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 06:51 | 2299979 uno
uno's picture

Terror, Terrorist must be in every other sentence before attacking civilians.

Now how about a State Department daily press release lecturing the world on Human Rights and free markets.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:25 | 2300001 Element
Element's picture

The United Socialist Statists of America should under no circumstances be taken seriously with regard to its profoundly self-serving, immoral, corrupt, comprehensively hypocritical and propagandising plus false-accusatory stance regarding weapons and missile testing, by non-US aligned countries.


A mere handfull of examples:


The USSA has by far the worst record and is easily the worst offender, in the past, and currently, and by a HUGE margin.

USSA has ZERO intention of EVER stopping its own mega-scale long-range strike missile development and testing programs and launches.

So why should anyone give a damn what this scum in Washington (or Europe) say? 

And why should anyone be required to stop ... by the USSA ... or any one else  ... and why would anyone even consider paying any serious attention to Washington's daily insane ranting from the likes of warmongering terrorist toe-rags like Hillary Clinton and Barry Obama? 

All they are ever doing is creating propaganda.

And let's be perfectly clear about this shit they are up to every day now; the ONLY purpose for their now daily ramping of the war propaganda, is to develop a pretext to drop several million tonnes of bombs, rockets, missiles and artillery on Iran and its people.

And some people in Iran may indeed deserve that sort of treatment--I doubt it, but it's possible.

However, there are far more bloodthirsty and completely insane arseholes in Washington, who deserve to be bombed into non-existence, a whole lot more-so than anyone elsewhere on earth.

How about a UN SC Resolution on that?  ... or even just on the USSA's relentless missile testing?

How's about some sanctions on the USSA and its co-conspiritors?

And the very sad truth is; I'm personally far more concerned and about the shitheads in Washington, with their mass destruction weapons and their relentlessly itchy-trigger-fingers and nefarious 'war'-planning (i.e. slaughter organising), with their insanely large military non-budgets, than I am worried about the shitheads in Iran or DPRK who have comparatively fuck all in the way of strategic-attack weaponry.

I'm far more concerned about the threat to the world and my own country, posed by the USSA, then I am by any other country on earth, or even all of the others combined.

Israel comes in a close second.

And frankly these little states need to get on the front-foot, and really serve the USSA's record of extreme hypocrisy back at the USSA, at every opportunity in international forums, and be quite relentless about it, so there's no doubt and no question as to who the real warmongers are, and who the real threat to world peace ALWAYS seems to turn out to be.


A missile test that is especially relevant to zh:


Snark in a missile bitchez!

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:26 | 2300017 Colonial Intent
Colonial Intent's picture

It's not a snark!, its a Booju......

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:40 | 2300032 kralizec
kralizec's picture

I am guessing Element lives outside the USSA and must reside in one of those non-US aligned countries, but I saw no disclaimer.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:46 | 2300038 Colonial Intent
Colonial Intent's picture

He might well live in the US, it is still possible to condemn the errors of your own government and still be a patriot.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:52 | 2300050 Element
Element's picture

Not in the you'rewithusoragainstus USSA.

Does it really matter though? 

It's still essentially true.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 08:06 | 2300065 Colonial Intent
Colonial Intent's picture


There's 7 billion of us on the planet and only 300 million americans leaving 6.7 billion of us............

I reckon we can take em:-)

And we wont even need the french!

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 07:31 | 2300022 Ellesmere
Ellesmere's picture

Fuck Israel - those who live by the sword.....

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 08:10 | 2300078 Monedas
Monedas's picture

If Israel ceased to exist.....all would be peace and harmony in the Muslim world ?  That's rich !  Monedas  2012  Comedy Jihad World Tour

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 08:16 | 2300091 Colonial Intent
Colonial Intent's picture

Israel is the just the joker in the pack for our little game of divide and conquer that we play over there.

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 08:29 | 2300116 Monedas
Monedas's picture

We are Machiavelian geniuses moving our chess pieces around the globe.....domestically we have created a bottomless welfare quagmire ?  Brilliant abroad and inept at home ?  The US get's too much credit and too much blame !    USSA  ?  At least spell our name right !   Monedas  2012   Hillary and Barack are not me !

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 08:53 | 2300166 Monedas
Monedas's picture

Muslim terrorists like to attack on Holidays....just like Pearl Harbor was on a Sunday....that's all !  Monedas  2011  North Korea announces satellite launch....because they still want the food !

Thu, 03/29/2012 - 13:24 | 2301120 johnjb32
johnjb32's picture

-- War clouds gather and darken all over the globe. Israeli acquisition of an airbase in Azerbaijan now makes it possible for Israeli aircraft to participate in the once unthinkable attack on Iran. -- Michael C. Ruppert

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