Israel Puts Global Facilities On High Alert Following Warning Of Rising Iran Strike Threat

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While the world rejoices in the aftermath of the enjoyable diversion in which a fake market surges on fake, politically-motivated data, which incidentally refutes the warning voiced last week by the Fed Chairman who has a far better grasp of the economy than the BLS, warned last week, the confluence of real events continues to indicate that something is brewing in the middle east. Only this time it is not the US adding another aircraft carrier to the three already situated by the Straits of Hormuz. This time the smoke and fire come from Israel. ABC reports that "Israeli facilities in North America -- and around the world -- are on high alert, according to an internal security document obtained by ABC News that predicted the threat from Iran against Jewish targets will increase. "We predict that the threat on our sites around the world will increase … on both our guarded sites and 'soft' sites," stated a letter circulated by the head of security for the Consul General for the Mid-Atlantic States. Guarded sites refers to government facilities like embassies and consulates, while 'soft sites' means Jewish synagogues, and schools, as well as community centers like the one hit by a terrorist bombing in Buenos Aires in 1994 that killed 85 people." Hopefully the head of security's prediction track record is better than that of the CBO, and that the very act of prediction does not in effect "make it so." At least courtesy of this latest escalation by Israel we get a clue of what to focus on, if not so much who the actual aggressors will be. In the meantime, Iran, which has been dealing with hyperinflation for weeks now, and likely has bigger problems to worry about than focusing on "soft sites" will naturally sense this escalation as the provocation it may well be meant to be, respond in kind, which will lead to further responses of definite attacks imminent by Iran's adversaries, and so on, and so forth, until finally the dam wall finally cracks.

Regarding who may be attacked, ABC had this to say:

The head of Shin Bet, Israel's internal security service, told an audience at a closed forum in Tel Aviv recently that Iran is trying to hit Israeli targets because of what it believes are Israeli attacks on it nuclear scientists. Yoram Cohen said that Iran's Revolutionary Guard, the same militant wing of the government linked to the recent alleged plot against the Saudi ambassador to the U.S., is working tirelessly to attack Israeli and Jewish targets abroad in order to deter Israel.

And just how is attacking Jewish targets abroad detering Israel? Oh wait, the assumption is that Iran is completely irrational and willing to provoke anyone for the sake of converting itself into one big lake of glass. Or so the public should believe. Got it.

Naturally, the 'response' is already in play.

Local and regional law enforcement and intelligence officials in U.S. and Canadian cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Toronto have been monitoring the situation closely for several weeks, and have stepped up patrols at Israeli government locations and Jewish cultural and religious institutions. They have issued awareness bulletins reminding officers to stay vigilant.


Federal officials in those cities told ABC News that they have also increased their efforts to watch for any threat stream pointing to an imminent attack on either Israeli facilities, Jewish cultural or religious institutions or other "soft targets."


"When there is posturing like this, we always pay extra attention to any threat streams," one federal official said.


"The thwarted assassination plot of a Saudi official in Washington, D.C., a couple of months ago was an important data point," added the official, "in that it showed at least parts of the Iranian establishment were aware of the intended event and were not concerned about inevitable collateral damage to U.S. citizens had they carried out an assassination plot on American soil."


"That was an eye opener, showing that they did not care about any collateral damage," the federal official said.


After the disruption of the alleged plot, regional intelligence centers issued bulletins similar to the recent Israeli warning.

Here is what has to be accepted as fact for the narrative to work:

"In the past few weeks, there has been an escalation in threats against Israeli and Jewish targets around the world," one regional document noted. "Open source has reported many demonstrations against Israel are expected to be concentrated on Israeli embassies and consulates. Such demonstrations have occurred internationally as well as domestically. These demonstrations could potentially turn violent at local synagogues, restaurants, the Israeli Embassy and other Israeli sites. … Law enforcement should be vigilant when making periodic checks at all Jewish facilities.

Once that is engrained in the public conscience, the letter's climax become a foregone conclusion:

"In conclusion, we operate according to the information that Iran and Hezbollah are working hard and with great intensity to release a 'quality' attack against Israeli/Jewish sites around the world."

We've seen this play by play many times before and frankly at this point the posturing is getting just silly. What we do want to find out, however, is how will Russia get involved in all of this. Because if recent actions are any precedent, we fully expect Putin to send an aircraft carrier, purely symbolically, in the Arabian Sea himself, just to indicate that any invasion, pardon, liberation, of Iran crude, will first have to go through him. And not to mention China... or India.

Finally, because some have expressed curiosity why the USS Enterprise, the oldest aircraft carrier in the US Navy, will be the 3rd "supporting" carrier in the Straits area, when it is due for decommissioning next year, here is one video with a theory, whether correct or incorrect, on why events may be transpiring the way they are.

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'Spirit Of Truth Ministry'

Now you message works fine.

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Really? Am I forcing my opinions on this world?  To the contrary.  Tis the 'Evil One' forcing his opinions upon this world:

Unfortunately, I'm surrounded by a wholly delusional, utterly cowardly populace apparently intent on self-destruction.

Hence, our world is toast, and everyone ultimately has no one to blame but themselves.

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"Hence, our world is toast, and everyone ultimately has no one to blame but themselves."

Yep, I read that around here somewhere, let's see, yep: "On a long-enough timeline..."

- Ned

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Allow me to impart as to what spirit of which truth thou art:

For thou sayeth thou art of the Lord of Hosts, when Lucifer thou doth serveth.

The world was toast upon the revelation of John the Divine.

Blame lieth only with you, whom choose to be the devil incarnate.

A lake of fire we have reserved for you, of which you know well and doth tremble.

The whore which rideth upon the beast, drunk on fornication and the blood

of the innocent, her name is Israel, and the beast which thou hast seen

with seven heads and ten horns, this is the European union, and NATO.


Element's picture

Dat's it, I'm's a gonna church in da mournin!  They make so much sense when they reads that bookster stuff ... 10% tithe! ... phft! ... da evil ones on wall street charge maw!

I wannabe holia than thou bro!

Matt's picture

Were the Russian excercises public knowledge, and if so, how far in advance?

Someone using real-life excercises as cover when launching an attack does not mean those carrying out the excercises knew about or supported the attack.

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Yep, that's why it is a chunk of steaming Bravo-Sierra. - Ned

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So let me get this straight...

It's actually the Russians who are using some kind of mind telepathy to force the Jews into acting like a bunch of whiny a55holes... About IRAN (nonetheless)... Then have them (the Jews) create false flag events which are subsequently 'called out' by bloggers & thus mobilizes a confusing class divide whereby the Russians (in the middle of all this turmoil) use the moment of chaos to opportunistically nuke the entire planet back into the dark ages & set up shop as the 3rd Roman Empire...

Makes sense to me!

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This diversionary event also drew U.S. air defense warplanes into Alaska and Canada such that they were unavailable when needed on 9/11 to intercept hijacked jetliners striking U.S. targets:

No moron, they were ordered to stand down.

Spirit of Bullshit is what your miserable blog should be called.

It will be called that around here least by me :)

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And Mineta witnessed Cheney hissing at an aid that "the orders still stand....did I say otherwise?" in reference to the Pentagon.


Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez's picture

Now I'm convinced!  Osama pulled off 9/11 from his high tech cave in Western Pakistan while hooked up to his kidney dialisis machine while suffering from MARFAN syndrome!  Mossad tried to stop 9/11 but were blocked by Iranian extremists.

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50% of the US, if the Heritage Foundation is to be believed.


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watch it before it disappears...posted to youtube Feb. 1, 2012


final word on 9/11.wmv

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You Saw Something. Say Something



and keep saying it till IT is ffinally investigated

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4000 Israelis did not go there?

Breakdown of names and companies they worked for please.

I wonder how long I'll have to wait for that............

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Long time subscriber...Dude has some really good stuff.

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i grant you the title of biggest fool or decide because it doesn't matter to me.  You're a joke!

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I agree Mr. Hendrix,

The "Only" reason for this war mongering is to save the dollar by increasing demand for the petrodollar through higher oil prices.

It's so obvious that an Israeli can do it !


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Do the calcs on how much extra we're paying for oil because of these theatrics. Notice how they become more extreme when WTI drops below $100. Depending on where you put fair value in this oil glutted market ($80 maybe?) we are paying a least a billion a day extra on top of what the aircraft carriers are costing. Then there's the economic drag from high oil. I may be wrong (hope not) but I think this is all kabuki for elections, bankers profits and magaician's slight of hand so we don't keep track of real events. No attack. When WTI hits $105 short it hard. You know Goldman will.

francis_sawyer's picture

When WTI hits $105 short it hard

Howz about I just buy myself 3 ounces of silver and a couple of beers with the change & call it a day?

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False false false flag?


I attack myself but make it look like you were attacking me and trying to make it look like I was attacking myself to make it look like you were attacking me.  Is that right?

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No no no. It's when you pretend to attack yourself so you "accidentally" attack your enemy, but instead inflict damage on yourself by friendly fire.


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The BLS (Bureau of Laughable Bullshit) just came out and amended its prior U3 report, and has stated that they see an accretive 227,000 jobs gained for the month of January in the U.S. as a result of the just now high alert military status Israel has issued in response to what they have said are Iranian provocations/threats.

Today's earlier reported +244,000 new jobs in the U.S. is hereby amended to reflect an actual net job gain for the month of January, 2012 as +471,000.

That it all.

resurger's picture

Ernest Hemingway captures what is happening to the American Empire in one brief quote from his novel The Sun Also Rises:

"How did you go bankrupt?"

"Two ways, gradually and then suddenly"

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Sum of All Fears - Where's Jack Ryan when you need him?

midtowng's picture

Iran is never, ever going to attack Israel unless it is attacked first.

No one believes this bs except for the warhawks.

akak's picture

No one believes this bs except for the warhawks.

Warvangelism, like its fundamentalist Christian antecedents, is nothing if not a faith-based religion.

Matt's picture

Supposedly, their scientists are being assassinated and their facilities are being bombed, at what point do they consider themselves to be under attack?

cossack55's picture

All of their television receptors are being blocked from SuperBowl reception.  That would be an Operation Barbarossa sized event.

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don't forget that we have also just collapsed their currency.  This hyperinflation isn't coming from nowhere.  The "world" has conspired, ok actually it is a lot of banks, suspiciously run by the same ethnic group bitching about how gd'd evil and dangerous and threatening they are, to no longer accept iranian currency for anything.

This is why nations need nuclear weapons so they don't have to put up with this shit.

karzai_luver's picture

Whtt would one call citizens being blown to bits in the street if not an attack?


I think Iran has every right to attack.


As for Bbernake, he and his cohorts have missed every call for decades, so his downbeat on the "ECONomy" may well be the best bottom call of the decade.

At least until the election.


GMadScientist's picture

Sure...and let's pretend that has nothing to do with the MIRV-wielding $800B gorilla in Israel's corner.

ChrisFromMorningside's picture

>>False flag event in 3....2.....1....

They already tried one:

No one bought it. I don't think the majority of America even remembers it at this point. I think TBTP just said "who cares ..." and aren't even going to try and justify their attack in a diplomatic or legal sense this time around.

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Zionists to massacre Jews so they can claim victimhood that will allow them to keep ripping the world off. To think, they have been pulling this off for the whole XX century.

Rudolf Havenstein's picture

It's ironic isn't it? All the Jews want is peace, and what do they get?

Anti semitism is everywhere! 


GOSPLAN HERO's picture

How does one join the Hebrew navy?

RafterManFMJ's picture

How does one join the Hebrew navy?


Well for starters, instead of "Ahoy!" you shout "Oy!".  And you must always get seasick, and complain loudly about it.

Colombian Gringo's picture

Actually what a good zionist Israeli would do is provoke a war and them con the stupid goy to fight it on their behalf. 

Beard of Zeus's picture

Unfortunately, they already do that.


Lots of dumb (or drugged) goyim out there.

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I know this one...Practice practice practice

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"All the Jews want is peace"


..a piece of Syria, a piece of Lebanon, a piece of Palestine (ah no, all of Palestine) 

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Hmmm, Jewish financials on full alert?  Well, that explains the extra pad lock on Goldman's doors.

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If you haven't seen the video yet which the Israelis are expressing why they are freaking out, this 5 minute docudrama will make you understand the propaganda perspective of that tiny nation:


The Absolute Must See Video which will send a Chill Down your Spine


It is a final warning from the Israeli military, IMHO.

Ima anal sphincter's picture

Chilling, but the country and language are wrong. Innocents will be dieing in Iran, not Israel.

Can Iran launch a unfinished nuke power station?

johngaltfla's picture

Odds are they have at least two functioning warheads already. Do you honestly think Abudl Khan delivered their program without some "samples" for them to have as insurance? The Pakistani government has never confirmed their inventory to the West to a point where it could be considered 100% secure.

blu's picture

Wow. Good point. Maybe I am a little worried now.

karzai_luver's picture

Yes, he honestly did. No warheads were sent.

ChrisFromMorningside's picture

That's the best argument you have? That's pure supposition. You want the U.S. to expend considerable resources to launch a war that will almost surely kill innocent people, based solely on supposition?

Even if the scenario you lay out were true, I see no direct threat to the U.S. Iran doesn't have the technology. As for a threat to Israel, I highly doubt Iran would ever pre-emptively nuke Israel. Iran knows that if it did so, the U.S. and Europe would wipe Tehran off the map with full backing from the U.N.

This is all about regional hegemony. Iran has proxy forces in Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Palestine (Hamas). Over the past three decades, Israel has recklessly invaded both Lebanon and Palestine on a semi-regular basis with impunity. That will be a much riskier venture if these countries now have a nuclear-backed regional power backing them. It's also about appeasing the Arab petro-kingdoms. They've been really hurt by the West's ongoing financial debacle. $300-a-barrel oil and control over the Straits of Hormuz is a way for the West to pay them back.