Israel Puts Global Facilities On High Alert Following Warning Of Rising Iran Strike Threat

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While the world rejoices in the aftermath of the enjoyable diversion in which a fake market surges on fake, politically-motivated data, which incidentally refutes the warning voiced last week by the Fed Chairman who has a far better grasp of the economy than the BLS, warned last week, the confluence of real events continues to indicate that something is brewing in the middle east. Only this time it is not the US adding another aircraft carrier to the three already situated by the Straits of Hormuz. This time the smoke and fire come from Israel. ABC reports that "Israeli facilities in North America -- and around the world -- are on high alert, according to an internal security document obtained by ABC News that predicted the threat from Iran against Jewish targets will increase. "We predict that the threat on our sites around the world will increase … on both our guarded sites and 'soft' sites," stated a letter circulated by the head of security for the Consul General for the Mid-Atlantic States. Guarded sites refers to government facilities like embassies and consulates, while 'soft sites' means Jewish synagogues, and schools, as well as community centers like the one hit by a terrorist bombing in Buenos Aires in 1994 that killed 85 people." Hopefully the head of security's prediction track record is better than that of the CBO, and that the very act of prediction does not in effect "make it so." At least courtesy of this latest escalation by Israel we get a clue of what to focus on, if not so much who the actual aggressors will be. In the meantime, Iran, which has been dealing with hyperinflation for weeks now, and likely has bigger problems to worry about than focusing on "soft sites" will naturally sense this escalation as the provocation it may well be meant to be, respond in kind, which will lead to further responses of definite attacks imminent by Iran's adversaries, and so on, and so forth, until finally the dam wall finally cracks.

Regarding who may be attacked, ABC had this to say:

The head of Shin Bet, Israel's internal security service, told an audience at a closed forum in Tel Aviv recently that Iran is trying to hit Israeli targets because of what it believes are Israeli attacks on it nuclear scientists. Yoram Cohen said that Iran's Revolutionary Guard, the same militant wing of the government linked to the recent alleged plot against the Saudi ambassador to the U.S., is working tirelessly to attack Israeli and Jewish targets abroad in order to deter Israel.

And just how is attacking Jewish targets abroad detering Israel? Oh wait, the assumption is that Iran is completely irrational and willing to provoke anyone for the sake of converting itself into one big lake of glass. Or so the public should believe. Got it.

Naturally, the 'response' is already in play.

Local and regional law enforcement and intelligence officials in U.S. and Canadian cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Toronto have been monitoring the situation closely for several weeks, and have stepped up patrols at Israeli government locations and Jewish cultural and religious institutions. They have issued awareness bulletins reminding officers to stay vigilant.


Federal officials in those cities told ABC News that they have also increased their efforts to watch for any threat stream pointing to an imminent attack on either Israeli facilities, Jewish cultural or religious institutions or other "soft targets."


"When there is posturing like this, we always pay extra attention to any threat streams," one federal official said.


"The thwarted assassination plot of a Saudi official in Washington, D.C., a couple of months ago was an important data point," added the official, "in that it showed at least parts of the Iranian establishment were aware of the intended event and were not concerned about inevitable collateral damage to U.S. citizens had they carried out an assassination plot on American soil."


"That was an eye opener, showing that they did not care about any collateral damage," the federal official said.


After the disruption of the alleged plot, regional intelligence centers issued bulletins similar to the recent Israeli warning.

Here is what has to be accepted as fact for the narrative to work:

"In the past few weeks, there has been an escalation in threats against Israeli and Jewish targets around the world," one regional document noted. "Open source has reported many demonstrations against Israel are expected to be concentrated on Israeli embassies and consulates. Such demonstrations have occurred internationally as well as domestically. These demonstrations could potentially turn violent at local synagogues, restaurants, the Israeli Embassy and other Israeli sites. … Law enforcement should be vigilant when making periodic checks at all Jewish facilities.

Once that is engrained in the public conscience, the letter's climax become a foregone conclusion:

"In conclusion, we operate according to the information that Iran and Hezbollah are working hard and with great intensity to release a 'quality' attack against Israeli/Jewish sites around the world."

We've seen this play by play many times before and frankly at this point the posturing is getting just silly. What we do want to find out, however, is how will Russia get involved in all of this. Because if recent actions are any precedent, we fully expect Putin to send an aircraft carrier, purely symbolically, in the Arabian Sea himself, just to indicate that any invasion, pardon, liberation, of Iran crude, will first have to go through him. And not to mention China... or India.

Finally, because some have expressed curiosity why the USS Enterprise, the oldest aircraft carrier in the US Navy, will be the 3rd "supporting" carrier in the Straits area, when it is due for decommissioning next year, here is one video with a theory, whether correct or incorrect, on why events may be transpiring the way they are.

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Warship party in the Gulf.

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 Long  Artificial Reefs !

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Quirky Fad toy idea:

Shakem up globes with the Fifth Fleet at the bottom of the Gulf.

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Why can't the American people see through this bullshit?

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Because the magic box on the wall doesn't tell them to.


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They (the rest of the world) don't call Americans Dumb Yanks for nothing ;)

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Take a trip down south, stand on a street corner, randomly strike up a conversation with the first person you see, and you will have your answer...

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Reminds me of a stop in Arkansas. Our waitress in the diner tried to pronounce Massachusetts but was not able to.  Massa Massa - oh thats too hard!  

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The current occupier of the Oval Office, who was the editor of the sainted and so-called "Harvard Law Review" pronounces the Commonwealth's name as "massa-toosits".  Go figure, but to your point.

Also, go find one of those red-blue county maps and figure out what the parenteses thingie is all about.  Excepting for the (currently) blue outbreaks in BK Detroit, BK Chicago, etc.


- Ned

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Its a good thing that the Mississippi River doesn't run through Massachusetts...

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Puh-lease! No more Yankee libs. We got enough. Stay up north where you belong with your fellow socialist creeps.

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South of Canada you say?

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Because we've been conquered years ago...

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Because we are not the "chosen one".

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Even the Iranians know that the solution to hyper-inflation is hostility leading directly to war.

So they get to go first. Yay for them. But the entire planet is poised to follow.

It's gonna hurt. Hurt lots. I don't care who you are it's gonna hurt.

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Re: "In conclusion, we operate according to the information that Iran and Hezbollah are working hard and with great intensity to release a 'quality' attack against Israeli/Jewish sites around the world."

Yikes! Hope that doesn't include Moe's Kosher Deli on W 38th St - picking radioactive shrapnel outta a reuben-on-rye (hold the pickle there. Moses) during lunch-hour ain't exactly my idea of fun :(

blu's picture

Dumb ass -- didn't you know they skim ZH comments looking for targets?!

You even gave the street address. Crap they'll google the place and have a martyr on the cross town bus before you can say good yom tov.

So is the food any good? Maybe you can move them into a bunker.

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"Crap they'll google the place and..."

GOOG was already on the case.

- Ned

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Oy, Frankie, whaddaya talkin?!?  A Reuben?  That's not kosha!

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Hey, I dont give a flyin gefilte-fish if its kosha or not  - go complain to fat Moe!

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I thought it was  OK as long as you're not tied to a chair with a silk stocking and whipped by a beautiful blonde.

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I thought anything can become kosher, it just needs to be blessed by a Rabbi?

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Naw, man, there was book awhile back with some stuff in it about this sorta thing.  It doesn't matter what some rabbi says, a Reuben ain't kosher.  Neither's a lobster.

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Are you crazy? Hold the pickle?

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Some potential sites are, inexplicably, already ‘glowing’ examples


WASHINGTON -- Anti-terrorism officials conducted a helicopter survey of New York City's radiation sources in preparation for a so-called "dirty bomb" attack - and discovered a Staten Island park with dangerously high levels of radium, a new report found. Federal authorities found 80 unexpected "hot spots" around New York City, according to the Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress. By creating a map of the city's radiation sources, city officials hope to be able to respond more quickly in the event of a dirty bomb attack, know exactly which streets are contaminated and get civilians away.

New York is the first and only U.S. city to conduct a complete aerial radiological survey, having paid the U.S. Department of Energy $800,000 for the 2005 study. The helicopters picked up sources of low-level radiation from expected places, like granite statues and medical isotopes at hospitals, but it also found dozens of other sources of unexpected radioactivity, the GAO report found.

One alleged radiation hot spot on Manhattan's east side has the potential for becoming a political hot spot: A strong radiation spike from the area of the Israeli Embassy. Officials would not comment on why they thought that particular area allegedly showed such a stunning peak in radiation.

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Well if they do something, I hope it's after the Super Bowl. I can't wait to see all those clever new commercials!

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I'd gladly forego the 2nd half of the Superbowl, if they could somehow vaporise Maddonna during her halftime embarrassment.

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I have splinter in my finger and Iran is to blame, I swear to God.

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Yeah... my gefilte fish & salmon shabbos appetizer isn't plated properly...

It's the Iranians fault!

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Unfortunately for the Western Powers a lot more sheep are now awake, and aware of their use of false flags...You could see it in how many mainstream media shills actually criticized the “Hollywood-like” circumstances surrounding the fake assassination attempt story….. My only worry is that this does not change the fact that they are sheep, and are somehow ok with constantly bending over and taking it...



WWIII bitchez...


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Sure Israel,  riiiigggghhht.  You have great weapons and a competent military force.  Defend yourself, and good luck.

Money 4 Nothing's picture

Don't sell them short or underestimate their resources or power. They are armed to the teeth with the best of the best of what's available anywhere in the world.

Just a damn shame it has to come to this, you know what "they" do when they are out of answers.

A few scenarios.

1. false flag. Gulf of Tonkin style, or an underwater mine struck.

2. more sanctions and or an embargo. which can hurt their interest rates.

3. blocking the strait = red line.

4. Israel premptive strike. Full weight and resources of US behind them (unlikely)

5. Iran concedes, and decides to accept the petro dollar. 

There are a few more, but if we do decide to war, it will be mutual mass destruction on a scale never seen.

God Help US.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Read the post.  I don't sell them short and have served with some of these folks in the past.  The point is, Is that Israel is quite capable to make their own bed and lie in it.  Sorry, but Ron paul is dead right on this Issue.

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I'm going to get a bumpersticker that says:  "Someday, when it's too late, you will realize RON PAUL WAS RIGHT!"

francis_sawyer's picture

Better make it a T-shirt...

By the time IT'S TOO LATE... Cars won't really be that useful...

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Remember sanctions ARE an act of war. Many of the past wars USA was in with started from sanctions.

Its a way the stronger militarily armed country picks a fight.

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...hmmm, Israel and Iran, sounds ...uh ...prophetic. Lol. Next thing you know there will be a U.N. Peace Agreement among all nations and Israel, and Rosemary's Baby will broker it from Fire Station 5 in Arlington, after some kind of Joe Biden generated ''event'' rises in the East and puts fear in the heart of all nations. 


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jesus fucking christ could somebody PLEASE just get ISRAEL to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!

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Please leave Jesus out of this....they already killed him.

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Yes, but like Osama he arose from the dead!

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Ever notice the only time Jesus lost his temper was with the money changers?

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aIQ: Hezb'Allah b tryin.  Syria distracted, but Assad would if he could.  MBz workin' up spit in Egypt (even though GW told us that they were all non-combattants, go figure).

Answer to your question/command?  There are lotsa' organizations working toward your objective.

So: a REDDIE on ya, because you really wish to unleash the dogs of war, and you have no fucking clue as to the end-state of your stated desire.

but of course, you have an alien IQ (whatever that is).

- Ned

{Lewis Carroll is in the house}

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Iran has got itself:

- flanked on both sides by foreign invasions

- flanked above by spy drones and satellites

- warships parked off its coast

- economic sanctions

- cyber espionage and sabotage on its own soil by foreign powers

- assassinations on its own soil by foreign powers


It's incredible how provocative one nation can be. They're really asking for it.

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Just like ol' MG or MQ or whatever his initials were..

They get theirs for acting up.

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nyet, Tovarisch.  More people, more oil, more defense/offense capability, more projection capability, umbrella over SoH, v. Ol' Mommar q (rest in hell).

They got theirs b/c of oil with a short path to the soft underbelly.

- Ned