It May Be 2008 All Over Again, But There Is One Key Difference

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The financial press has been inundated with articles comparing what is happening in global markets now to events in the latter part of 2008. Sure enough, the surge in Treasurys from 100 to 143 in the last two months of 2008 following the Lehman bankruptcy is most comparable to the move in the same security from 122 to 140 in the two months since the beginning of July 2011. What is disturbing is that the bulk of this move has happened after the August 2 debt deal, and after the announcement of QE2.5 or "ZIRP through mid-2013" by the Fed on August 9. Additionally, stocks have also traded in a pattern very reminiscent to what happened during the first round of the Great Financial Crisis, but the lock up in capital market liquidity, especially in Europe, may be the most obvious parallel between the two time periods. That said, there is one key difference between 2008 and 2011. Bill Buckler, in the latest edition of his Privateer, demonstrates what it is...

A Race In Opposite Directions:


How scary is it? The best illustration comes from the $US Gold price. The “price” of longer-term US Treasury debt has risen by 14.75 percent since the beginning of July. Over the same period, the $US price of Gold has risen from $US 1482 to its August 19 spot future close of $US 1852. That’s a rise of $US 370 or 25 percent. Yet US Treasury debt and Gold are polar opposites in any sane evaluation of the financial system. Treasury debt is the foundation of the global monetary system. Gold is the pariah of the global monetary system and has been locked out of it in any official form for four decades.


With all the comparisons to the events of 2008 which have been appearing in the mainstream financial media, this comparison has been all but totally overlooked. Cast your mind back to the carnage of late 2008. During that period, almost everything was sold off. While it is true that Gold did not fall nearly as far as did most of its fellow “commodities”, it is nonetheless a fact that in the two months between mid September and mid November 2008, Gold fell from about $US 920 to $US 700. That’s about 24 percent.


There were two financial assets which boomed in late 2008. One was Treasury debt, the other was the US Dollar. While Gold and everything else was falling out of bed, the trade-weighted US Dollar index - the USDX - soared 21 percent from 73 to 88.2 between early August and late November 2008.


Compare that to what is happening now. Treasuries are soaring but the US Dollar is, at best, flat. And Gold in terms of EVERY major paper currency has gone ballistic. This time, things do look different.

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Hugh G Rection's picture

They blew their wad in 08, no appetite for more bailouts.  I get the feeling the EE will engineer another false flag to try and rally the serfs against another boogeyman.


Didn't Larry Silverstein take over the lease for the old Sears Tower?

cossack55's picture

But you would have to hire union demolition-types in Chicago. 

Hugh G Rection's picture

Nah, they'd probably outsource it for cheap, and pay em with cyanide laced plastic rice.

Spastica Rex's picture

That was actually quite funny to me. +1

Flakmeister's picture

Maybe we get groupon to push precious metal discounts....

Hey, nothing wrong with a little hope...

spiral_eyes's picture

Hahahahaha groupon pushing PMs with the margins they get?

That's about as likely as Bernanke NOT printing.  

espirit's picture

Fed may not be inept as most may believe. Their playbook dates well before 2008, even before Bubble 2000.

Serf wages are the real target, in an effort to increase export. 

BTW- Long my precious physical PM's.

Flakmeister's picture

I wouldn't fuck groupon with William the Bastard's cock...

Call me old fashioned but I prefer the yellow stuff....

JW n FL's picture

Dear Flakmeister ,


It is not cheating if Gold never finds out.. dont limit yourself.. live a little.. taste the fruit, participate in the dance.


My Very Best to You and Yours as Always, JW


P.S. Monster Boxes are Great! becuase they come in a Box! the reason I say that is becuase my first 500 did not come in a box and I bought 100 oz at a time.. when I was I love with the idea but not in love with the physical yet.. Trust me.. Monster Boxes.. will make you so very happy.. and for the little things in life.. oz.'s of Gold are just to, too much of a tip.. and I am not walking around with a cut in half gold eagle?? that for some reason irks me.


Flakmeister's picture

Yeah.... I think I got one hanging around here somewhere.... :)


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Technically this is not a reply.This is my first post on ZH.

When Roosevelt said that he was a zionist and asked whether Stalin also was one,the communist leader responded that he"was one in principle,but he recognized the difficulty".(Yalta-the price of peace-S.M Plokhy--page 315-Viking(penguin group-2010.

Michael's picture

Welcome to ZH and thanks for your contribution.

Facts can sometimes be unpalatable.

SMG's picture

When you guys use the word "zionist" to refer to the Oligarchy, people tend to confuse that with jewish people, which is incorrect.    They Oligarchy is more correctly refered to as Lucifarian or Illuminati.   If you really care about helping, it would be great if you used clearer terminolgy.   Thanks.

Michael's picture

All Oligarchy are Zionist, doesn't matter what ethnicity they are. The color of money is the only thing that matters to them.

SMG's picture

All I'm saying is the Zionist term is often confused with jewish people, and when the people with torches and pitchforks are looking for someone to blame, the term Lucifarian or Illuminati avoids any confusion with jewish people.

tamboo's picture

mmm yeah nothing satanic about the talmud.

JW n FL's picture

what we have learned from this little back and forth exchange is!

and I can vouch for this as well.

You can bash anyone you want.. as long as no one thinks you are reffering to a Jew..

here is what the Jews think about Zionists! I guess these Jews are Secret Nazi's like me.. shhhhhhhhhhhh dont tell anyone..

looks like 300,000 - 400,000 self hating Jews who LOVE Hitler along with me.. secretly of course!

JW n FL's picture

for my more hardcore brothers.. watch this and then grasp the idea that I am communicating to you..

the more people you can reach and change the mind of.. the more good you are doing.. other than that you are just working on your own ego.. we care more about progress than our egos.. or we should..

"a spoonful of suger helps the medicine go down, in a most delightful way."

Changing Hearts and Minds, that is the Job!

Max Hunter's picture

Actually, all you are doing is trying to confuse further by assigning the crimes to a name or group that could NEVER be identified and diverting attention from Zionist Crimes against the world.

That will work much better on the Yahoo and MSM boards.  It will be promptly rejected here, as it should be..

augie's picture

I'm glad there is a discussion regarding this terminology. Until i watched "the ring of power" I too was fooled into thinking zionist equated with the jewish people. It's amazing the more you learn the easier it is to see how the zionists have kept us divided for so long. 


Ring of power doc:


Cliff Claven Cheers's picture

Don't waste your time.

Lots of claims, but no evidence.  Pure BS.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

What's important to remember here is that there are those out there that wish to destroy the common man's freedom.

Get a grip, buy silver.

Libertarians for Prosperity's picture



The overused "buy silver" mantra or any rhetoric about stacking physical metal (exempli gratia: keep stackin'!) comes in handy when you don't have anything intelligent to say, but you still want to feel some acceptance from other, like-minded doomer goons.  

Within the internet "doomer" community, any rhetoric about "beans, bullets and bullion" is basically the online version of a secret handshake.  It immediately lets other doomer goons know that you're a whacked-out weirdo like them.  It's a bit like going to a Tea Party rally, and holding a sign that says "I want my country Back!" It's no different than holding a sign that says, "I WANT TO FIT IN, HERE!"     



Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

I am no doomer.  Life will be better without the corporations.  And why do you stereotype me so?  I am no libertarian.  I do not support any party. 

And who are you, so high in your tower to tell anyone else what is happening?  Do you like having the government run your monie?  You do understand that the income tax is illigal?  You do understand that America has a higher per capita prison rate than any other country?  You do know that 45 million people are on food stamps?  One out of every four children?  You do understand that corporations use slave labor?  You do know these things, right?

There are big problems out there, and we, your dommers, are trying to discuss them, so to solve them.  You want to stereotype us.  Why?

The oilgarchs have stolen your soul, you smiley face hitler wuss.  Get a life, stop harassing people, and grow up.

Besides, silver is monie, and when you start something, why stop?

Buy silver.

eisley79's picture

The first rule of TROLL CLUB, is dont feed the trolls.

1.) He is mad (and jelly)

2.) He wants attention, which is actually like holding up a sign saying "LOVE ME, EVEN IT HURTS, JUST LOVE ME"

3.) All his posts proves he doesnt have a clue about anything

4.) Best thing to do is ignore them, eventually they get bored and move on to somewhere else, for their attention seeking.

Gavrikon's picture

I prefer Guns, Gold, and Groceries.

Thank you,

Tinfoil Hat Wearer

theMAXILOPEZpsycho's picture

Piss off, you've been torn apart on so many threads now you want to appear supirior to someone

Keep stakin'

css1971's picture

Have you noticed how all of your posts are about making you feel good about yourself by pidgeonholing individuals and then denigrating them through the groups you claim they represent?

Clearly you just want to be a part of those groups, as you said, to fit in. Clearly, this is all about you. You are projecting your feelings and desires.

Don't worry. We understand.

indygo55's picture

Some of the confusion may come from the Iranians who always refer to Israel as the Zionist state.

Cathartes Aura's picture

Some of the "confused" attended the Glenn Beck rally in Israel:

Beck will be supported on stage by the actor Jon Voight and mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat. The audience will be overwhelmingly comprised of American Christians who have bought package deals covering flights, accommodation and access to three Beck events in Israel this week. Many are Christian Zionists, whose ardent support of the Israeli state stems from the belief that the "ingathering" of Jews to the Holy Land is a prerequisite for the second coming of the messiah. However, their insistence that Jews must then convert to Christianity has alienated many Israelis.

Among the audience will be some of the 81 US Congress members who are visiting Israel this summer as guests of the American Israel Education Foundation, which is an affiliate of the pro-Israel US lobby group Aipac.

The purpose of the delegations – which comprise one-fifth of Congress members – is to "learn first hand about the evolving security situation in the Middle East, the deep challenges facing Israel, and the role the US can play in the region during this time of uncertainty," according to Democrat Steny Hoyer.

of course, there will be some confusion from the followers, as Beck's Mormon religion also includes a Zion, a "new Jerusalem" to be established in Jackson County, Missouri.

so many Zions, so little time. . .

Gavrikon's picture

"However, their insistence that Jews must then convert to Christianity has alienated many Israelis."

If the Israelis don't believe it is going to happen, then why would they give a rat's?  No, the alienation has another source, which I am wont to understand.  Non-zionist, conservative Jews (as hard as they are to find) are some of my favorite people.

Cathartes Aura's picture

perhaps an answer lies in the two factions of Zionism, the Christian sort, the Jewish sort - both have a narrative that needs to use the other for their own "end game" - Christians need the story of Zion for the Jews so that Christ can come back & smite the Jewish folk for happily ever after, and Jewish Zionists need the monetary support of the nationstate Christians vote in - a symbiotic parasitical relationship that ultimately is killing the host(s), and taking us all down with it. . .

just to note, I have good friends who identify as Jews, though not religiously - I've zero problems with folks taking up identities offered but have resistance to those who seek to control and abuse the many to feed the few.

FeralSerf's picture

Jews are G_d's Chosen People, not Christians! Why would the master want to convert to a slave?

jonjon831983's picture

Funny, I read a book about America and the Middle East since Independence and there was a mention of Zionists who were mostly Christians who wanted to create some homeland for the Jews in Palestine and fulfil some notion of prophecy, but most Jews seemed to not even care for this land.

macholatte's picture

All Oligarchy are Zionist

Are all Zionists oligarchs?

Flakmeister's picture


you'll wake up the zionist anarchists....

moregoldplease's picture

From other threads I thought all the problems were caused by the Boomers

Iwanttoknow's picture

I do not imply that Zionists are jewish people.Zionist are Khazars who converted to judaism in 7th centutry,as an opportunistic move.You are right.Zionist form  only a part of the Oligarchy.

SMG's picture

You and I may know what Zionist means (establishment of a world Illuminati capital in Palestine/Israel), but most people don't.  Even in your statement you see how the Zionist term causes confusion.   First you say they aren't Jewish, then you mention the conversion to Judiasm.  See that's confusing.   If I were you and and really cared about stopping the Oligarchy and bringing them to justice, I would stop using the term Zionist and start using the terms Lucifarian and Illuminati.  It is much clearer and doesn't bring jewish people into it.  Thanks for listening.

Iwanttoknow's picture

I did mention that was an opportunistic conversion.I do agree that the real goal is to bring the oligarchy down.Zionist pretend to be jews but are very likely luciferiean.However,jews have an obligation and a self interest in exposing them.Zionist have caused untold suffering to jewish people and will continue to inflict suffering on jewish people,by hiding behing them.Zionist are not jewish but a very important part of the illuminati.

Cathartes Aura's picture

How do Christian Zionists fit into your story?

Joe Biden says he's one.