Is It Virtually Impossible To Land A Job As "Jobs Hard To Get" Responses Hit 28 Year High

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Obamanomics. Gotta love it:)

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This is completely unnecessary when the government could be employing every American in a useful occupation. This country has a serious lack of good infrastructure, and a simple fiscal stimulus program could employ millions of Americans to build new roads and bridges.

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I'm only suggesting what has been deemed the logical solution by the world's most savvy economists. Dr Paul Krugman predicted this crisis WELL in advance ( and has sadly been ignored because people simply cannot take the truth.

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So, let me get this straight, the 50 year-old woman who lost her job as an office manager is supposed to get out on a road crew laying asphalt? What percentage of the unemployed are even physically capable of fixing our "roads and bridges and airports"?

Another problem with your "solution" to our unemployment problem is that all of those stimulus jobs are temporary. As soon as the stimulus money runs out, those jobs disappear and all those road-crew people are back unemployed. The only way to make those jobs permanent is to spend $450 billion in infrastructure stimulus on an annual basis. $2T deficits anyone?

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close, you need to give the owebama bucks to the road crew and then they will "trickle down" a bit of it to the 50yo office worker.


Where the rubber meets the road so to speak.



do ya see the light now......



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"What percentage of the unemployed are even physically capable"

OK then, how about a DHS super-snooper internet corps?  Pay laid off cubicle farm workers to trawl the internets posting and reporting on discussion groups?


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That doesn't already happen?

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Come on, get real everyone knows the 50 year old woman is the lady that holds the stop sign.

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She could probably qualify to be one of the eight people standing around getting paid while watching the two guys actually laying the asphalt, that would be OK wouldn't it?

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"So, let me get this straight, the 50 year-old woman who lost her job as an office manager is supposed to get out on a road crew laying asphalt? What percentage of the unemployed are even physically capable of fixing our "roads and bridges and airports"?"

Yes.  Get out there, girl!

100%.  Unemployed people make great pothole filler.

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"I'm only suggesting what has been deemed the logical solution by the world's most savvy economists" ..And so the counter propaganda proposed by the FED begins. I expect many new monikers to surface on ZH in the coming months

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You're the shittiest troll I've seen on here yet.  Not even funny on occasion.

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Calling "Dr Paul Krugman" a savvy, "logical" economist is like calling Hugh Hefner a world renowned women's sociologist.

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Give the guy a break;  It's easy to think that way when you honestly believe that the federal government simply pumps paychecks straight out of it's asshole every month.

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He gets no breaks.   The fella is an obvious rabble rouser -- commonly known by the web denizens as a TROLL!  Nobody is that naive, nobody.   He posts that crap and then laughs about the sincere and focused rebuttals.   There is no subtlety nor nuance about the posts.  Don't fall for it.

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I know, Roc, I know...  I wuz jus' havin' fun.

Have a great day.

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Did you know that 1 in every # children is tragically under-housed every day according to the #%& association?  Let's build some housing.  For the sake of the children!

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yeah, man, there is good trolling, and...this is simply not your best effort

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does that sound like a problem solver to you, what does the worker do when the road is rebuilt? Build another one?

Oh, sorry I just realized you were joking...silly me

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Oh man, what the fuck am I reading?

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Supposedly it is satire.

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This country has a serious lack of good infrastructure, and a simple fiscal stimulus program could employ millions of Americans to build new roads and bridges.__millions of Y chromo's  (ie your downsyndome is infinite)


Hey assmonkey have you ever seen a bridge crew, all guys under 30 except for foreman, one concrete crew 12 guys max, one rebar crew 8 guys max, one crane operator, skid steer operator, road crew = less than 40 guys to build a four lane bridge.  

You on a bridge crew = road pylon

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gasoline consumption at 1997 levels = we don't need more roads and bridges.  We need less

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LOL - God I love this place.



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And this even with GM offering subprime loans to deadbeats left and right.

Yea...Gubmnt Mtrs....putting tax payers on the hook for more..........

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i know you were prolly saving that witty catch phrase for a special moment, but i assure you... the situation were in has way more abortion than to just give one president full credit for... you can start with reagan and continue on down if you want, which would be a lil more correct...

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I am having thoughts that 2 trilions of moneys to be paying for shock and awe is mostly causing the hurting we are having now.

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it will get worse until Liberty gets popular again, miss reagannomics.


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McDonalds is  good job. Hourly pay plus free food you can scarf on bathroom breaks.  Shame they're about to replace their cashiers with robots.

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Hah, that is funny given your handle is Broiler. And good job? You call what they serve food? 

And scarfed?

Such a testement to how far we've fallen, really and this is no condescention to the poor, just, overall.


Weird World

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I've actually always liked a Big Mac now and then... and still maintain this slim boyish figure.  McDonald-land fries are a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

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At seven bucks a pop the MacMeal better be good because it costs more than a steak dinner did at Sizzler 5 years ago.  As to BK, last time I went there (02/2002) I got a whopper fries and coke and was half way through the burger when I discovered a huge bite had been taken out of the sandwich on the part that was still in the paper wrapper.  When I took it to the counter in utter disgust the fat little "manager" cunt accused me of being a lying sack of shit out to sue Burger King, which was not a thought until she said it.  I did not sue but rather have never set foot inside a BK in the last 9+ years, and never will again.

As to jobs; when you're done collecting your 99 weeks of unemployment and already lost the house and car, and your kids need school clothes because you know the propensity of those little fuckers to grow even on what passes for food with WIC, you will take any job anywhere for any pay, but minimum wages keep you so deep in poverty that you will to survive accept entitlements, HUD vouchers for rent, SNAP/WIC for groceries, Medicaid for healthcare, HEAP for energy help, if a female alone with kids cash assistance as well, and by comparison your wages are little more than pocket change to cover miscellaneous, your real income is the government programs that keep your family together, so in effect you now work for the government. 

But, unlike former middle class jobs in government you are a wage/entitlement slave to the government, HUD vouchers come with strings and rules of behavior, break them and you are out on the street, so do all the programs, you now have a new parent called Uncle Sam.  The government bleats to the MSM about how we MUST slash entitlements, but in reality they like controlling a large share of the population.  They like it so much that they are inflating us out of pay being worth anything so we will soon all have to be on these rationing programs.  Pretty soon only that much discussed 1% of the households in income will still control their own lives. 

Three years without a COLA adjustment?  Because there is zero inflation and in fact the BLS says the CPI is lower now than it was in 2008?  The goal is obvious, reduce everyone to poverty and make them dependent upon TPTB for major necessities of life, housing, food, medical, people get real docile when they are threatened with starving in the cold, especially when they are sick and have no private for obscene profit healthcare insurance. 

Oh, and to add insult to injury let us have everyone not still on food stamps or HUD call you a lazy fucking leech, that makes it so much easier.  Well, whatever, as long as the ones casting those stones feel better that is all that counts.  Because soon enough they will know what it is like to have to jump through those government hoops in order to eat, and the ones that will be the most pissed are the ones hoarding PM's, because when government buys your metal for pennies on the dollar you too will eat government cheese. 

I know your anger will make you hit the red arrow, but I am just the messenger reporting fact, the situation is one I have warned against for many years, I do not like it any more than you do, and there is only one solution to it, it involves a huge black cauldron, some firewood, and many quarts of water. 

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Need... moaaar... hopiuuum..

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coming in at 45.4, below expectations of 45???

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Tylers... What's up with that?

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There are probably alot of jobs to be had in Trashington DC, if you have experience in money laundering.

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It may be that jobs are harder to get but saving banksters is as easy as ever

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what would you tell a guy with an MBA, working in a financial institution, with good pay and awesome benefits in Italy, that wants to move to the east coast of USA without a job or connections???

a. don't quit your day job

b. you're an idiot

c. take a gun with you

d. all of the above

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that wasn't the purpose of this case study.


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I hear Camden, New Jersey is lovely in the fall.


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I hear Camden, New Jersey is lovely in the fall collapse.

There, I fixed it.

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I hear Camden, New Jersey is lovely in the fall provided you look like an armored Battle Bot.

Camden = the next evolutionary stage for Detroit.

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Definitely A, with a major emphasis on B. And I would not recommend C, unless said "guy" actually attempted the move....then I'd recommend C but with a bottle of scotch, a pen and paper, and darkened room......if you know what I mean.

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A.   Unless you have experience working with distressed assets and actually find that type of work interesting (I rather watch paint dry)    There are a few PEs expanding in this area