Italian Cash 5s10s Curve Inverts For First Time Since 1995

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What was that Hugh Hendry quote that everyone loves?

And longer-term:

Charts: BBG, h/t PP

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acquistare il dip maledetto!

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What was the Hugh Hendry quote?


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"I would recommend you panic"


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Wave your hands in the air, 'cause you really care!

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The quote is: "I recommend you panic"

Or was it, "I suggest you panic"

...same thing anyway... basically: ... it's time to run for the hills.

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LOL.  Now I see the humor.

Actually, he's got a good sense of humor, cuz that's pretty funny.


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I like the Jeff Goldblum line: "That's how all this starts..."

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The bankers are re-possessing the hills.  Try again.

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I thought it was "I'm from Glasgow and I'll beat your fookin head in."

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I suggest you panic.



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Is Rome burning? 


Nero is watching.

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i suggest we PICNIC..

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Come sit next to me while the horizon burns with the bodies of a a hundred thousand PhD economists on the pyre.


More wine sir?

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Champale, we're on a budget now.

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If you've been stacking, your Champale days are over, Mike. Time for the Dom and caviar.

If you haven't been stacking, well, enjoy the hot dogs and Near-beer.

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Luckily, I brown-bagged my lunch today, so I'm prepared.

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I'll bring the Gray Groupon.

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Is that shit underwater yet???

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Colui che primo panic panic migliori,

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Gonna get messy.

China rescue rumor in 3...2...

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Non-denial, denial in 5...4...

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Cue flying bailout unicorn eating e-trade baby's leveraged lunch in 3, 2, 1....

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Check Silvio's facebook quick! Are we cool?

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China will come in, but only when there is blood in the streets.  They they will buy EVERYTHING using the worthless paper from the US.

qussl3's picture


Sorry but something doesnt add up.

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China will give everyone the worthless paper they desire while continuing to hoard gold. Why do we want all that worthless fiat? You can thank all that new math they've been teaching in public schools.

2+2=500 trillion.

Zero Debt's picture

Because it's the other way around. You SELL worthless paper to BUY something of physical value with currency as the intermediate medium.

Workflow: 1. Find someone creating a surplus ("saver") and sell promises to pay - but never pay ("bonds"), 2. Receive currency, 3. Barter it ASAP for physical goods with intrinsic value, 4. Enjoy, 5. Repeat until counterparty demands physical settlement. 

Sophisticated leaders may then 6. Accuse trading partners of manipulation. 7. Announce the "solution". 8. Issue more currency outright. 9. Accuse opposition of being "fearmongers" and "stifling growth". 10. Reshuffle leadership. 11. Promise referendum. 12. Take it back. 13. Promise to resign. 14. Take it back. 15. Blame the blogosphere. ....etc.... etc...

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China is already IN.

They are buying all the GOLD and SILVER they can get their hands on............with those worthless fiat dollars.(why wait till it's devalued by 50%?).

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Who's been flipping italys bitch?

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doesn't it kind of seem like it's starting? you know. the end?


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Like the calm before a storm?

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It's all been scraping it's teeth on the doom button for three years.  Only thing to do is prepare for the worst is all.  Unfortunately that was three years ago.


Now if you aren't prepared, all you can do is hope you don't get trampled when the herd gets spooked.

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We got roughly a month till the over-hyped Christmas shopping news comes in. A lot can happen in a month.

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Slow motion crash.  In hindsight it will have been "obvious" to all the happy pants nimrods ignoring this today.

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The problem is real soon it will suddenly go from slow motion to terrifying out of control 6th gear in a Ferrari fast motion.

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Exactly  SDO.  Once they realize they're gonna crash, the spinning and smashing will be scary, dangerous, and harmful.  But it is going to happen.  Seatbelts and air bags people.

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Until now I've seen mostly docile people in Western Europe.


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Let's go for a ride in my Ferrari before they repossess it.

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It took the US from its Founding all the way to 2008 to accumulate 10 trillion in debt. Thereafter, it only took three more years to present to accumulate 15 trillion dollars in debt. I am afraid exponents are going to win this one.

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Sounds like it's time to start using logarithmic charting on the X axis as well. Kurzweil's Singularity mixed with Keynes' monetary multiplier sure is gonna make for an interesting outcome.

To infinity, and beyond!

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Amazing thing about compound interest.  It doesn't stop.


However, wait a year and you'll see that Kenysian edict change on who pays interest and who doesn't.  It really is that ridiculious now.  Just a matter of time to watch every rule of capitalism and commerce get bent, ignored and broken slowly.

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Compound interest will stop when they convert your debt by taking your equity.  Then there will be no more need of usury.  Welcome back to the middle ages and serfdom.