Italian Exposure By Bank

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Previously we showed what the sovereign gross level exposure to Italy is. Now, it is time to get granular and show the data at a discrete level. Below are the banks most exposed to Italy. Don't forget that courtesy of our wonderful fractional reserve financial system, with everyone's asset being someone else's liability, the question then becomes who has most exposure to these banks, and then most exposure to banks that have exposure to these banks, and so forth.

  • Intesa €60.2 BN
  • UniCredit €49.1 BN,
  • Banca Monte €32.5 BN
  • BNP Paribas €28.0 BN
  • Dexia €15.8 BN
  • Banco Popolare €11.8 BN
  • Commerzbank €11.7 BN
  • Credit Agricole €10.8 BN
  • UBI €10.5 BN
  • HSBC €9.9 BN
  • Barclays €9.4 BN
  • SocGen €8.8 BN
  • Deutsche Bank €7.7 BN

Remember though: THEY ARE ALL PERFECTLY HEDGED!!! </sarc>

Judging by the stock performance of the Big 3, the market knows this all too well.

Data and chart source: Bloomberg

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bania's picture

I get the feeling there is a "palpable hue of anticipation" for days like today in the ZH office

SheepDog-One's picture

I think its hillarious. At close yesterday all I heard from da bulls and media was how DOW 15,000 by Xmas is now definitely confirmed.

Stop-loss flushing market, all it is.

jdelano's picture

surprised it's not bigger news that papademos is getting cockblocked by G-Pap....

FEDbuster's picture

This is just a giant Pap smear.

TruthInSunshine's picture



"Don't forget that courtesy of our wonderful fractional reserve financial system, with everyone's asset being someone else's liability, the question then becomes who has most exposure to these banks, and then most exposure to banks that have exposure to these banks, and so forth."


Zero Hedge, because nobody does (or says) it better.

No one is half as good as you.

+1 Federal Reserve Note (conjured from thin air, then loaned 9 times over, with each of the 9 leveraged by ratios as far as the eye can see).

Big Slick's picture

Dow futures down 243 at 8:53AM ET

Hansel's picture

This is just a correction.  All aboard, full steam ahead.  15,000 by Xmas, 17,000 by new year, 23,000,000 by Juneteenth.  Don't be a hater, BTFD.

Andrew G's picture

ECB = Eventually Capitulate to Bondholders

Print, baby, print!

Note to self's picture

I don't think a statement regarding printing is going to turn off the margin calls now set to lock in after today's close.

disabledvet's picture

that's "the question." will the ECB start monetizing? Super Mario has given every indication of "NO WAY." There is a restructuring option when you have an Argentina or an Iceland. But those were basically blips on the economic radar screen. No one will argue that about the entirety of European Union. It may not be the largest economy in the world but it certainly is the largest TRADING BLOC. My concern is that Super Mario is missing this distinction and will mistake the simple "hugeness" of the liquidity that the American economy has (which is not a trading bloc at all) for something identical in "Europe." The type of "our Banks" is completely different than the European ones "over there." Indeed...there's that name "Dexia" again! And what about the insurers? They have to have MASSIVE exposure to the European CDS do they not?

Jayda1850's picture

They have to have MASSIVE exposure to the European CDS do they not?

What does it matter? The bondholder's haircut will always be "voluntary" and no matter how large the haircut the TPTB will never allow it to be acknowledged as a credit event. After the greek fiasco, those CDS contracts are worthless. Thats the main reason for the sell off in BTP's. Why would an investor buy them if he can't get any protection on them?

Miss Expectations's picture

I've often wondered what the ZH office looks like.  Perhaps William could offer his own visual take?

Note to self's picture

I trhink its hip like the pad where the Monkees used to live.

Zero Govt's picture

used to look like the Monkeys pad ...before the ZH office became rammed with flatscreen monitors and now looks like a TV showroom obligatory (for Yanks) mini basketball hoop, desks covered in coffee cups and the centrepiece of the office, a dartboard with a photo of Tiny Tim shredded with a thousand darts (i've got one of those too)

qussl3's picture

Cant Italy just nationalize them?


JJSF's picture

I wonder what Morgan Stanley's holdings are in comparison.

jekyll island's picture

Good point.  Tyler, how about an article for French and Spanish bank exposure to sovereign debt, they are next on the list?  Might be good candidates to buy some puts if they are overvalued.  


NetDamage's picture

French banks are well covered by Reggie.

Zero Govt's picture

hasn't Debtya already been bailed?

..and now they're up again on the 'Winners' podium.

No rest for the wicked! ...some bankrupt banks just can't get a break around here!

Tom Green Swedish's picture

How do I rained chocolate?

Zero Govt's picture

I'd ask the Belgiums about chocolate but what with losing their Govt (fuking awesome), losing their banks and soon to lose the EC HQ let's just say they're rather bizzy at the moment ! 

GMadScientist's picture

Can I see those totals in Lire, please? ;)

youngman's picture

There is some red on those balance sheets today...but they will just change their capital numbers or something to cover it...all is good in la la accounting land..

SheepDog-One's picture

Aw whats a few hundred billion between scumbag bankers?

boweatherly's picture


Cassa di Compensazione e Garanzia (CC&G) the clearence system that contains most of the active Italian repo counterparts have just matched LCH Clearnet S.A.'s increase in margin.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

When it rains it pours. Now get down on all fours!

sabra1's picture

this won't affect canadian real estate which only goes up, right?


Big Slick's picture

Couple of big names there - primary dealers of US Treasuries

Primary Dealer list;


youngman's picture

It looks like the ECB is buying right now...if I was one of these banks....I would be unloading as much as I could.....its going to 60% soon....and I thought this would happen to Bernanke first...the dumping of treasuries....probably because I thought the ECB would follow their rules and regulations, treaties and just when you think you have the game figured out...they change the game on you....

pasttense's picture

You should have separated the list into Italian and non-Italian banks.

semperfi's picture

ECB Bailout "Easy" Button about to be pushed. 

trampstamp's picture

Look at those assholes trying to goose the market. US futures traders on the floor want some of the action, when it opens in the US,  so they will goose it up for a better price. Well I hope that's what it is and not beeno and the boys.

Peter K's picture

... and being held to term. :)


firstdivision's picture

I shorted a boat load of MS yesterday right before close.  That was one hell of a lucky bet.

Smiddywesson's picture

Lucky bet, no, lucky timing, yes.  Green for you.

Ragnar24's picture

Exactly! My timing on MS was shit (bought puts 3 weeks ago). "Luck" is just the convergence of preparation and timing -- so nice work on the trade!

pantheo's picture

A downgrade now should be the cherry on the cake for the permabulls...

iinthesky's picture

Money changers never change

s2man's picture

Gordon Long says only two countries have had lower growth than Italy since 200: Haiti and Zimbabwe.  LOL  Based on that contrarian info, I am going long It bonds.

Rogier's picture

Deutsche Bank exposure to Italy stems from the takeover of Postbank, but if I'm not mistaken DB recently sold over 6 BN of its BTP portfolio...

devo's picture

Here comes hyperinflation.

midgetrannyporn's picture

They are mostly just EU TBTF imo.

Schmuck Raker's picture

I've been meaning to ask:

Italy finally passed their 2010 budget last week.

Today, I hear they could pass the 2012 budget in the next week(, or two.)

Ssoooooo...what about the 2011 budget. Do they plan to just skip it? Is this some new type of "Budget Cutting" device I'm not familiar with?

lizzy36's picture

US has only passed ONE budget since obama has been in Office.

Could be part of the problem, but what do i know.