Italian Students Storm Milan Goldman Sachs Office

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While hardly the explanation for why the EURUSD has surged nearly 100 pips in the past 45 minutes on absolutely no news (or, in this bizarro market, explaining it perfectly), and as the market focuses its attention on where the line of angry young protesters is longer: by the New York Stock Exchange or in front of the Apple store, Italians, once again betrayed by their politicians who were bribed by Berlusconi to vote for him in the latest vote of "confidence" (at a price of €250k per vote), have decided to make their feelings for financial innovation, and its patron saint, known, by storming the Goldman office in Milan. From Corriere: "on Friday students took to the streets to demonstrate for and against the public school funds the crisis and the government. The procession was attended by about ten thousand young people (two thousand according to initial estimates of the Police Station). The raid at the headquarters of U.S. bank Goldman Sachs was the first action of the student demonstration. A group of twenty boys tried to get a surprise in the Milanese headquarters of the U.S. bank, Bossi in the square, near Piazza Cordusio. Rejected by some employees of the home, the young people then smeared with spray paint the hallway and throwing bags full of garbage to the cry of "Goldman Sachs has the courage to face the future without young people." We doubt this is the last expression of love for those who do God's work in Europe, primarily with austerity-delaying FX swaps... Now that the delay can no longer be delayed.

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Annnnnnd boom goes the dynamite....hopefully the first of many

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If there is a portend for what is to come next week, this might be it.

The children of a lost god throwing garbage on people doing the very same god's work.

Deeply ironic. But it's the pasta riots that will set Italy off. This is just a preview. That and the coming rains in the Kingdom of Espania!


The Perversion of Language

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ORI, you have had a few interesting / accurate observations in the past.

would you please expalin your oct 15 expectations from your previous post? keen to hear. IB

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IB, three things. One is that Elenin's closest approach to earth is October 16th. Too many co-incidences with Elenin alignments and major earth events to ignore. Second, i have followed Clif High at half past human for some time now and his worl calls for a major "release" period on/from the 15th. you can see his thoughts about it here:

Another stunning dot connecter is Goro Adachi. Read his fascinating thesis here:

I feel these guys are weaviing a context from an important and little understood mine of information.

And third is my own instinct, which I have taken a lot of time to hone. I read the signs if you will. I can still say with confidence that August 15th 2011 will be seen as the day somethign changed. We just haven't heard what went down that day yet.

So, perhaps we are due for the release of some bloat from this tremendously over-fed and corrupted monetary system. Not a free fall yet, but definitely a big bump on the road. 

My own planning move is to move some assets, basically from PM to cash. i have a low purchase basis so am well in the money, for now.

Interesting times ahead though, no doubt.

Thanks for asking.


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Elenin didn't break apart? Have seen some amazing YouTube videos these last couple weeks. Almost appeared to explode in one.

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That wasn't Elenin, it was something else. If you go to the original animated gif images (which are probably no longer available this long after the fact) you can see that Elenin was in the same frames afterwards and was visible for a few days passing around the sun after this other much faster object did fly into the sun. Whatever hit the sun was moving far too fast to be Elenin, otherwise it would be here already. My best guess is that it was some sort of method to impact Elenin's trajectory, by whom is anybody's guess.

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I do agree that the planetary/Elenin alignments coincide with quakes, but Cliff High doesn't get everything right. Nobody can predict the future with certainty. Cash might be a good short term play, but as soon as things get really unstable, and it will only take one spark, nobody will want your worthless paper. Tread carefully.

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All true jn. So, only a part.


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ORI, I have read a couple of their reports and the problem I have with the Half Past Human oracle boys is that, while their program appears to possibly have some predictive capability beyond the realm of mere chance(pictures of airplanes floating in a flood and the photograph of the Chinese brides caught in their wedding finery at the moment of the big quake, for instance), the warnings are so vague and there is so much ridiculous dreck to sift through that the warnings are vitually worthless. In other words, how do you sift the wheat from the chaff?  

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Like all professional predictors, it is essential that the prediction is as vague as possible so that when some event occurs, they can claim success.

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TTGB, I agree. However, check out their new lands appearing from the ocean and the recent activity in El Herrio:

Some of their work has been eerily accurate.

What do you think?


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I don't dismiss their work entirely out of hand.  I have seen studies that seem to point to the ability of people to anticipate certain events, such as whether a picture about to be flashed onto a computer screen will be pleasant or unpleasant, as measured by bodily response, but what might be eerily accurate in their reports is buried in a mountain of absurdity.   

Innocent Bystander's picture

Thank you for info and links will check them out. 

Very interesting and compliments some of my observations in general.

I have my own views as to why we are at, or very close to a tipping point. 

Although I think, the tipping point would lead to short term pain in exchange for long term gain to humanity. Tipping point to spring board for our next leap forward as a species

Thanks again. Looking forward to interesting times. IB


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Fora Italia!  Finally someone had the courage to storm the devil's lair.  I would have shat all over their trading desk.  Grazie Italia! Grazie! 

Meanwhile the American kids in NYC aka O-bots are tweaking their Facebook page using their wireless iGadget,

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Too bad there isn't a Twitter link on each ZH comment made.  I would retweet this.

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torches and pitchforks....

can you bbq a squid?

TuesdayBen's picture

I tried BBQing squid for the first time a month ago, and it turned out dry and tasted bad...left it out for the neighborhood red fox, and even he wouldn't touch it...

Cui Bono's picture

Thee Goldman Thee?? WTF
Now your just cribbin' from Sideshow Bob.....
sorry, couldn't resist.... CB

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Hope Blankfiend was there

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 Goldman Sachs Ruler of the World.  Says Lloyd Blankfein.

 When the UK told Goldman they were going to tax them.

Blankfein said we will crush you and hurt you. Now they get favorable tax credits.

Goldman Dictates to the World. We are God and will Dam you if you get in our way.

Goldman Controls the Federal Reserve. They controlled Bush and now Bambi.

It is so Sad that they have that much power to control all nations and the world.

They are truly the Squid Sucking the life out of all they control.

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The most astonishing fact about the Squid is that they really believe they are doing what has to be done, including "advising" Greece.

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It's all about the Bunga Bunga

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Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!

I love the Italians:-)

mfoste1's picture in US news: "US students storm GS"


edit: actually they probably wont because unis give them te false impression that college is a solution to a better life.

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NYC Goldmanite partners are packing heat... They have concealed weapons permits from the always corrupt NYPD...

I would be careful about storming 200 West Street...

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I would be surprised if any of the Goldman bankers can shoot straight. They would more than likely piss their pants, shoot themselves in the foot or easily be disarmed in a real confrontation. Now their army of armed security guards is another matter entirely! Tall, physically imposing Blackwater types - easy to spot, and definitely a breed apart from the typical Goldmanite!!

Things that go bump's picture

I believe that at some point during the Indian Mutany, a group of Brittish military men, along with some men who belonged to the British precursor of MI5, were barracaded in an embassy, maybe it was in Calcutta, I don't recall.  These were extremely competent men, but they were badly outnumbered.  I don't remember the details, but I believe they died to a man. Same thing happened during the Zulu war in 1879, where an entire well-armed British force of 1,200 men was wiped out by 12,000 spear-toting Zulus at Islandlwana. Eventually, the amunition ran out.

"Rise like lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number.

Shake your chains from you like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you.

Ye are many, they are few."  Percy Bysshe Shelly 


Unfortunately, both examples won the battle, but lost the war.

Freddie's picture

Sadly they died for the Bank of England aka House of Rothschild.

Things that go bump's picture

I thought the guys in the mutany died for John Company (The East India Company).

Stuart's picture

good.  NYC take note.

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Also take garbage(to throw)

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and we all know that there is no shortage of readily available garbage in NYC.

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Pick it up off the curb.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

and throw it where it belongs.

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I wonder how long ignoring the population is going to be considered a successful strategy by the bankers and politicians.  Probably until the bitter end.

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Given that Goldman Sacks has a business plan of getting their alumni into govenment positions, I am amazed there is no global petition to get these charlatans banned from being employed in governments GLOBALLY.

It would bring Goldman down quicker than Max Keisers Silver campaign against JP Morgan. Could start with looking at how Goldman benefits from the AIG bailout.

To make it FAIR, you know, repect human rights and all that shit etc. Just make the test - "No former employee of any institution who has received a bailout, gaurantee or favourable contract terms  from Government shall NOT BE EMPLOYED by govenement" - there, did not mention Goldman Sachs once.

alien-IQ's picture

that has been a subject in Italy for a few years now.

here's an article from May 2007 in the Telegraph:

Italians claim country run by Goldman Sachs

Italians grumble that Goldman Sachs runs their country, much as the Jesuits ran countries during the Counter-Reformation.

Premier Romano Prodi is an ex-Goldman Sachs man, as is central bank president Mario Draghi and the deputy treasury chief Massimo Tononi.

The price paid for having so many friends at court is that the elite bank inevitably becomes entangled in the financial scandals that so often swirl around the Italian political class.


zippy_uk's picture

and you can add various EU goons in there as well.

So where is the facebook campaign ?

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Occupy the Squid - That will be far more effective


zippy_uk's picture

No so sure. Occupy the squid, you might find yourself on the end of a GS security transaction so you end up occupying a cell.

Better to:

1. Global petition to stop these gimps getting into the government machine

2. Write to MP/political representative - confirm you support this ban, or x million voters won't vote for you.

3. Make sure petition is on facebook, and goes viral.


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I thought they were just making a strong recommendation to go long Waste Management (WM - nyse)

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They should have changed their clothes. Otherwise they remind me of the blackshirts.

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Calamari. Mmmmmmm. Yummy.

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Italians do it better

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Give me pasta or give me death!

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Now at least sheeple seem to start to get a grasp about where the blows are coming from.

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the euro riot police have arrived in greece, this should be fun


count down to anarchy 5,4,3,2