Italy Expected To Cut Growth Forecasts Further

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Black Swan event!

Seriously, do European financials expect to survive into October?

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It's only a black swan if you're an ostrich.

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New item in your series of interest:

Working Paper No. 11/218: Growth Spillover Dynamics from Crisis to Recovery Author/Editor: Poirson, Hélène ; Weber, Sebastian Summary: Can positive growth shocks from the faster-growing countries in Europe spill over to the slower growing countries, providing useful tailwinds to their recovery process? This study investigates the potential relevance of growth spillovers in the context of the crisis and the recovery process. Based on a VAR framework, our analysis suggests that the U.S. and Japan remain the key source of growth spillovers in this recovery, with France also playing an important role for the European crisis countries. Notwithstanding the current export-led cyclical upswing, Germany generates relatively small outward spillovers compared to other systemic countries, but likely plays a key role in transmitting and amplifying external growth shocks to the rest of Europe given its more direct exposure to foreign shocks compared to other European countries. Positive spillovers from Spain were important prior to the 2008 - 09 crisis, however Spain is generating negative spillovers in this recovery due to a depressed domestic demand. Negative spillovers from the European crisis countries appear limited, consistent with their modest size.

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That's a damn shame.

And about time.

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E-Trade baby also has a Zerohedge account under the name 'RoboTrader'.

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Well theyve got about 1 more day to do their ES melt-up routine, enjoy.

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EURUSD continues its bearish trend It has a long way to go still


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but all is good....

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why is everyopne picking on little italy, we are poor defensless sheep hoerders that drive a ferrari...

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but...but...they are raising taxes!!!!!! more money for berlusconi orgies!!!!!!!!!!

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Italy says VAT increased. Is their a VAT for Gold and Silver purchases? Just saying... The Romans used Gold and Silver successfully as money for thousands of years.

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I mean really, how many freaking burritos can a person eat? Chipotle about to burst to new record highs amidst a total meltdown in Europe.

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Chipolte sells natural food at a reasonable price. Everyone of the Chipolte's I've visted over the last couple of years has been doing really brisk business. The middle class Sheeple are starting to believe their food might be poisoned. At least I do, if I can't make it myself with organic foods, then Chipolte is one of the places I would consider eating as a healthy fast food option. I don't know what their stock price justifies but I can certainly understand why their business does well.

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I hope for your sake you are kidding to give Robo a nice boner.

Chipotle says they purchase some items from organic producers and some pork comes from free range sources. That doesn't mean it all comes from there. Nearly all Chipotles are about as organic as your local Burger King. Check out the calorie count as well. Not nearly as healthy as you think. Chipotle is a fraud. The green veggie crowd is the easiest bunch of nutjobs to con in the world.

I love watching veggies order the refried beans. Sometimes I nod and say, you know those aren't vegan you know. They're cooked with pork fat just like all Mexican cooking. Sometimes they snear at me and sometimes they are horrified and actually ask.

As Chipotle continues to hire ignorant minimum wage mexicans who think handwashing is for holidays, they are one Chi Chi's moment from a multi million dollar lawsuit. I stopped eating there after I saw a pan full of undercooked chicken and bugs in the obviously unwashed lettuce. You eat at Chipotle you are gambling with your life. Unless you like samonella.

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All that while Berlusconi is banging whores all day.
"In one conversation taped by investigators in early 2009, Mr Berlusconi told him: "Last night I had a queue outside my door, there were 11 of them. I only managed to do eight of them, I couldn't manage any more. You just can't get round to all of them"

Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi boasted in newly leaked taped phone conversations that he is "only prime minister in his spare time," and complained that meetings with the pope and world leaders are interfering with his sex life.

Women 'flown from London for Silvio Berlusconi's sex parties'

The businessman accused of being Mr Berlusconi's pimp spent £70,000 on recruiting escorts, bringing them in from all over Italy as well as the UK, a dossier of evidence drawn up by investigators claims.

Gianpaolo Tarantini, 36, allegedly paid for the women to travel to Mr Berlusconi's homes in Rome, Milan and Sardinia, putting them up in luxury hotels and paying them 1,000 euros a time to have sex with the 74-year-old premier.


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Things can't get much worse, so this is "bullish" right, cramer?

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Spain will see it's ratings cut soon. Bad loans are climbing in the bank balance sheets, just hit 16 year high in July according to Bank of Spain.