Italy Sparks Market Bloodbath: Financial Stocks Collapse

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Time for the deer, bitchez!

Dr. Engali's picture

I shot one with a bow last week. It gave me the same look.

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Getting junked by a bunch of people who have no problem eating burgers from McSlaughterhouse.

john39's picture

no animals were harmed at mcslaughterhouse...   soy doesn't scream.

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"You can ignore reality, but you cant ignore the consequences of ignoring reality"

- I think this quote is either Ayn Rand or Snooki discussing her herpes.

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O shit, the deer is out. What happend?

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A gaggle of 401(k) sheeple on the loose (already chipped & ear tagged), that need rounding up before the next culling/sheering:

Cdad's picture

Lol...the fucking deer.  I cannot help laughing like an idiot every time I see that pic.

What a great fucking day today, no?  Drinks are on me.

A grateful Cdad

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Do it roaring 20s style, try a Sazerac!

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The USD is in much worse shape than the Euro. The only solution in the US and Europe is the printing press. A silver breakout is in the works. If countries leave the Euro, it will surely be a test for fiat currencies.

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it's all true except for the part about the printing press.  and that part would be fine if there were quote marks around solution.  won't stop a relatively hairy bear market but it doesn't mean they won't try.

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Cramer just said American banks will thrive. LOL!

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Cramer just said American banks will thrive. LOL!

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Probably just a technical glitch with the markets, it can't really be a sell-off.  Every day on Power Lunch they say things are getting better.  So they are, right?

TruthInSunshine's picture

The Bernank is already tackling the vexing problem of E = mc2 (and the downside of contagian, velocity and leverage) in a bold attempt to disprove it or jerryrig a workaround.

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if it was not for the berskanke, our, not mine, banks would be penny stocks like the ones overthere......

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Damn Bernanke for keeping the squid alive.

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Wait a second, is that Corzine on his knees underneath Blankfeins desk? What's he doing there?

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The Bernanke is trying desperately to find a way to move faster than the speed of light, so that he can travel to a planet that won't be filled with angry mobs trying to guillotine him.

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or, rather, to time travel so as to kill alan greenspan's father.  and, perhaps, to pursue an honest profession himself.

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Was this a fear based sell off or an excuse to take profits from this cray run up? I would think the former. And if markets are forward looking, wouldnt tomorrows bond flop be built in already? Full disclosure-i hold DOG amd have been getting bitch slapped

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it was a bear fased sell-off.

it was a YU 55 based sell-off.

it was a prepping the market for a major dive sell-off.

it was a sell-off.


Paying Attention

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a 3% move in the equities yielded me +20% on the long VXX (VIX) today. With regression to strip out relative move, and a couple of other variables which inhibit capturing the pure residue/essence of short-term fear.....

That gave me my highest Shitting-of-Pants Multiplier since Japan fucked-with and failed on their JPY, and sent the first tidal wave to the Western asset markets on Aug 4. In fact, it's higher.

The Hedgies want their Dip n Rips to add a point or 2 before the end of the year?

Well, they may not get a tapering sell-volume signal, to buy this bitch back, even though they may think they have one when the time comes..

The primordial inertia of today, was not nearly spent in the selling. This is stronger than anything I've seen in 3 years.

Let's watch.

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I'm looking at the yahoo finance graph of the DOW today, and it shows a 400 pt jump for a split second at 3:00 Eastern - anyone else see that? what is the opposite of a flash crash?

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Turn off the HFTs tomorrow and let's watch this sucker drill down to the earth's core.

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Where's Robo and Harry when we need them???

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Gov has to put up a new firewall, looks like team PPT was too busy surfing for porn today and forgot to push the buy button.

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shit.  no wonder all the porn sites were slow today.  i was wondering why...

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I never eat at those places but I broke down last week and used a free coupon at Burger King.  I shared a few tiny pieces of "meat" with my cat, and he threw it up.  That shows you how poor the quality is.

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So your feline friend is apparently not cannibalistic.

Coronal Mass Ejaculation's picture

You don't have to be soy dramatic

achmachat's picture

Believe it or not, over here:
1) hunting with wide dispersion shotgun = perfectly legal
2) hunting with bow and arrow = illegal

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That's just nuts. I prefer to hunt with a bow. I don't care to hunt with a gun,although I will if need be.

Quantum Nucleonics's picture

how 'bout a 50 cal mounted on a pickup?

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Or a helicopter.


disabledvet's picture

That's what I hunt people with! Just renewed my license too! Looks I'm only allowed ten this season.

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Can we start calling "bulls", "deers"?  It would seem more fitting.

disabledvet's picture

Yes you can...cuz as anyone whose ever hunted for them will tell you "I shot him five times and he got away."

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Yes - pre-ground, hemetically sealed meat packets are morally superior to animals you have to kill and prepare yourself. America: if I don't want to know about it, it ain't real.

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last sentence sums up much of the last half century.  maybe a whole lot more.  it may be the human condition.

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Curious, did you eat the deer?  I didn't junk you btw.

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Yes I do. I would never kill for killings sake. Hunting is my prefered method for putting meat on the table.  If I figure all my costs in it comes to 40 cents per pound and it's all natural.

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I respect that. If I could hunt for my meat where I live I would do that. People eating meat from McDonalds or supermarkets are eating meat that most likely came from a suffering and boxed in animal. Hunting deer usually saves them the pain of dying of old age, as long as the properly aged deers are killed, and as long as the hunter is a good shot. 

I don't get hunters who just hunt for sport w/o eating their kill. Sickening.

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One thing that peolpe don't know is that the meat that they are buying in super markets is injected to enhance both color and flavor. Actual meat looks nothing like that.

Another thing that people don't understand is that if the deer are not harvested they overpopulate and do a lot of civilian damage as well as crop damage.

catacl1sm's picture

and cause human deaths from car crashes.