It's Official - Apple Is Now Bigger Than The Entire US Retail Sector

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A company whose value is dependent on the continued success of two key products, now has a larger market capitalization (at $542 billion), than the entire US retail sector (as defined by the S&P 500). Little to add here.

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iCalifornia iTax iRevenues plunge i22% but the iPonzi is UP UP UP!!!

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But iNnovation, bitches! Apple are iNnovating all the way to a new normal! This time is different! Apple are going to 36,000!

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Recovery is good.

Do they let you keep your iPhone and iPad in Recovery?

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Snarc: Does the tax code let you insider trade? Thanks for being the best politician since Al Haig, Ms. Pelosi.

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iAlternative to macbook and ipad... Hackintosh!

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iMackintosh is a jacket that iIrish people wear when they go to iMass

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Understanding of German NOT required...very funny.

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Gotta try that app out.


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"Anyone with a pension, family, or hope for the future, leave now."



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What could go wrong, iBitchez?

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yes maybe this time Craaple will surpass US national debt in market value <sarc>

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Retail is so last century.

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iMade that joke yesterday.

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"It's Official - Apple Is Now Bigger Than The Entire US Retail Sector"

What a landmark.. and couldn't happen to a nicer company, well done Apple :)

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Hey Nasdaq, take it out of the index.  It no longer belongs in any index.  It no longer belongs on any exchange.  It needs its own exchange.

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...or country.

Long bond it and buy out troubled countries.  Put the population to work on a living wage of say $1 usd/day.

iWork or iDie.

/sarc or /unsarc - iForget which.

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iBlackrock High Yeild Bond fund holds shares. 

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Let's see if it can beat both semi and retail combined!!! iSynergy baby!!!

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Confirmation of a "market" that now exceeds the definition of "full retard"

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you can see Americas socio-economic problems defined nicely in the anti-Apple whingers

Apple is one of the greatest Companies ...Ever

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Go Apple! Let's see a trillion.


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if Apple and Caterpillar took over the running of America and BMW and JCB the running of Europe the West would be a much, much, much nicer place

enough dreaming, back to the stinking crumbling Monopolists Matrix ..ho hum

firstdivision's picture the AUD$ is falling.  China sure must be too busy manufacturing to import base materials.

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Watching the EURUSD fall also makes me believe a major investment fund blew up somewhere. The insiders know and are keeping it secret (while selling) until the sheeple find out they are hosed.

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I think you´re being unfair. I´d say the success of Apple depends on four key products...Imac, MacBook, IPad and IPhone. 


But where are the people crying "bubble" on this one? When it comes to gold everybody is so eager to call the top.

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iMac and MacBook are barely a drop in the bucket of revenue.  Apple's current price depends on iPad and iPhone alone. 

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don't forget the iCrap of the iCompetition

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iJunked by the iCompetition

just slightly bitter and twisted over there in the opposition trenches


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people managing other people's money are buying....

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It's about freaking time Apple took over the world.