St. Louis Fed's "Not In Labor Force" Data Is Now Officially Off The Chart

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The comedy continues: the April "Not in labor force" seasonally adjusted print: 88,419,000. And yet, the maximum reading permitted by St Louis Fed Not in Labor Force (LNS15000000) graph: 88,000,000. The data has now officially dropped off the chart. No further commentary necessary.

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I predict markets will melt up today.

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Relax. There is nothing to "melt up". No "markets" left in the US, just casinos run by squids.

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Anyone who does not believe in the "Deep Manipulation of Everything" theories just needs to see stuff like this and figure...

Things have become so bad and still only squeaks of revolt. re-volt...hmmmmmm...english the mind-duck. Re-volt is to re-charge?

Anyways, somewhere is a model of almost Asimovian, Foundational, pre-historical complexity, mapping all these vectors to know exactly how much pain a dumbed down population will take.

Lithium in the water supply folks. Coming soon to a municipality near you.


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This is weak. A chart representing 'percent of population' not in work force is more accurate. This chart says nothing.

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Well V, it does say something. In fact it screams "OFF THE CHARTS"

to me anyways.



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Pretty soon the only people left in the Labor Force will be women ready to deliver.

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I know, how stupid is that?

Whoever put that chart out needs to be fired! Whoever approved the distribution of that chart needs to be fired! Whoever manages that group needs to be fired! I mean, how difficult is it to take a couple of rows of the bottom and add them to the top? Those @##$%% @%&&*+ @$+-*%%!

That's what the Bernank must be saying as he paces back and forth in his office...

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The more meaningful commentary on the chart, using your observation, is to ask, "What does this say about the quality of person employed at the FED?"


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Spit it out..

When you get that figured out, be sure to post it.

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Labor Force Participation Rate:


Adjust for year at the top of the page.

Edit: Original link was bad

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A little good news.....we have one job opening for a new chart maker.


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I'm predicting a negative unemployment rate in the future.

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Semi-log paper isn't even necessary yet, total FAIL!

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This chart furtherlegitimizes Ron Paul's argument in the FT yesterday about central bankers!

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Lol, that job has now been eliminated and replaced by a 99 weeker.

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jeez how hard is it to change the left side writing to "Hundreds of Thousands" 

And while their at it send silver bearded Chairman a cup cake sprinkiled with them.

Hope they choke him

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What happens when the total # of people not in the labor force EXCEEDS the total US population?

Perhaps that's what caused the big bang?

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That can't happen, but what can happen is the "unemployment rate" can drop to zero with virtually everyone out of work. 

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You underestimate the sheer retardedness of the US government.

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just getting laughable at this point.  where's MDB...

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MDB will show. Where the hell is ROboT tRaDEr?

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Both dropped out of the labor force to study exponential functions.

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Robo got ejected,along with a few other trolls.

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Wha???  Hopefully Robo wasn't booted... I never really considered him a troll.  I think maybe a little misguided but I don't think he was purposely posting here to be an asshole... unlike MDB.  Although MDB, in certain quantities was good for some comic relief.

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Humorous, but tragically so.

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I'm leaving this labor force before it's too late and everybody's leaving. 

I'll bring the beer. 


Charts, much like the money supply are easily expandable.

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Until it runs out of people... or will they apply the keynesian multiplier here too?

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I'm thinking that Joe Brusca is re-thinking his assualt on Charles Biderman.

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Bruschetta - re-what? People with a mission/agenda are caged in belief systems that are resistant to facts.

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Re-thinking? That statement contains implications that are simply not true.

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We need a bigger chart

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With a big enough chart, there will be no change.

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Eh, Chiefy?

This Chart, swallow ya whole...little shakin, little tenderizing, and down ya go... For ten thousand bucks, I'll bring ya the head, the tail, the whole damn chart.  (Quint, Jaws)

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Love Jaws....


"You'll ignore this problem until it swims up and bites you in the ass!" ....Hooper to Mayor.

The line I reference when trying to wake up friends and family.......:)

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Green shoots. We are buyers of equities here.

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I theenk we need a beeger chart

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@Cavier Emptor

I'm looking at it again and thinking "Thelma and Louise"....

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Just like the credit ceiling... heck, just pop the top off that bitch and eliminate the ceiling, roof and the whole goddamn stops altogether.  Turn the machines back on!!!  Print baby print and blow this bitch up so we can get on to fixing the system by starting over and making fiat, fractional reserve, etc. illegal.

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I like how it's climbing even faster during the "recovery" than it was during the "recession".  It's almost as if there was no recovery at all and it's really just a prolonged depression with no real end in sight.



Remember kiddies, once they get that number low enough, they can go all austerity again with unemployment benefits.  Once it falls under a certain threshhold, the emergency funding goes away. and back to 26 weeks you all go.

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26 is all there should have been to start with. We made a whole group of people lazy and unemployable

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How about 0 weeks instead?

Eliminate the criminal IRS, unconstitutional income and property taxes, and return to this country back to its founding principals.  Charity isn't charity when it's forced with a gun.

And to any idiot that says that us freedom loving Patriots are "heartless" for not wanting to have our private property stolen via taxation, I pose this question:  How much more likely would be to donate money to a worthy charity or give a loan to a friend or family member in need if you paid zero income or property taxes? 

Also, charity should never be given to receive a reward (i.e. a tax break). 

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Agreed, but those sucking on our tits outnumber us and we can't outvote them.


Everyone is waiting for those on the public teet to revolt first, but I firmly suggest that it is those whose teet is being sucked dry will have to be the ones to revolt first, otherwise the tits will dry up sooner rather than later.

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Are you saying Tit for Tat?

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With guns

And future unemployment extensions on the way. Unemployment under 8%...Mission Accomplished!......strike that......"Hope and Change in your pocket"!

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Oh boy, just imagine how this country will be if the maximum UI benefits returns to 26 weeks...How will anyone be able to afford all of the iGarbage?

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nice catch


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will last one please switch the lights off?