Japan Readies PAC-3 And AEGIS SAM Countermeasures As North Korea Missile Launch Prep Enters Final Stage

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Moments ago Japan's Kyodo reported that the upcoming North Korean missile launch has entered a "full-fledged state of action." While not immediately clear what this means, it is not all that surprising: after all this is precisely what Un has said he would do, and so he will. What is more important is that according to VOA Japan is now actively preparing for "countermeasures" and is "preparing for contingencies" should the missile veer off course. Because if Fukushima taught us something is that gusts of wind around Japan always somehow point toward Tokyo. To wit: "The Japanese parliament has approved a resolution condemning North Korea's planned missile launch, and the country is also preparing contingencies should the missile veer off course and pose a threat to Japan. Speaking in Tokyo Friday, Defense Minister Naoki Tanaka said the Japanese military will be prepared for any eventuality. Tanaka says he is ordering officials to prepare deployment of PAC-3 surface-to-air missiles and Aegis destroyers carrying a state-of-the-art anti-missile system that could attempt to shoot down the rocket." Of course, by the time the shooting is over, ES will be at least limit up: consider the upside GDP potential resulting from rebuilding the world in the aftermath of armageddon.

More from VOA:

Pyongyang says it will place an earth observation satellite into a polar orbit in mid-April to honor the 100th birth anniversary of its late founder and perennial president, Kim Il Sung.


Members of the international community say the launch is a pretext for a long-range missile test, which North Korea is forbidden from conducting under U.N. sanctions.


South Korean and Japanese diplomats met in Seoul to share their responses to the upcoming launch.  Japan's nuclear envoy, Shinsuke Sugiyama, says Tokyo and Seoul are also in contact with other capitals.


"We agreed we should keep coordinating our positions and comparing notes between ROK [South Korea] and Japan, and also including those in Washington, and of course we should be ready to talk to the Chinese, which I will do, and Russians too as a member of the six-party talks," said Sugiyama.


The six-party talks were intended to negotiate an end to North Korea's nuclear programs.  But in 2009 Pyongyang announced it would “never again” participate after the U.N. Security Council moved to condemn North Korea for a failed launch that year.


North Korea also claimed that was a satellite launch, but observers reported the missile ended up falling into the Pacific Ocean.


Aerospace industry sources say Japan's response to next month's North Korea launch is a political gesture.  But it would provide a rare opportunity for the Japanese to train its personnel to track a missile from a potentially hostile source.


Japan is the only country, except for the United States, with the ship-based SM-3 Block 1-a missiles, part of the sophisticated Aegis weapons system.  Those missiles have a range of 500 kilometers and can fly above the atmosphere to destroy ballistic missiles.

Assuming the above is even one step above the traditional rhetorical jawboning, cue Jeff Saut to tell us how the resulting 100% correction will be healthy for risk appetites.

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Dr. Engali's picture

The world is run by lunatics.

battle axe's picture

It seems that  everyone wants to test their toys with out any thought to the consequences..Crazy idiots.

Harlequin001's picture

What happened to the money the US gave back to these fuckers for supposedly decommissioning their nuclear plant?

Does the word suckers spring to mind?

idea_hamster's picture

Maybe, once this satelite is in orbit <snort -- OK, keep it together> and starts to send back data, Kim will see just how stupid dark his country is from space at night:


Dr. Engali's picture

Looks like a greenies paradise. There is no oil being used there. All resources are funneled to a corrupt government, that will be us someday. The only place with lights left on will be Washington.

TruthInSunshine's picture

+1 to both of you.



North Korea; our incredibly low carbon footprint & centrally planned energy use 'smart-mapping' set us apart as the conservationism & environmentalism utopia of today. We've proven how it's possible to go a very dark shade of green without the need for economically & commercially viable sources of alternate energy.


*p.s. - This will be a non-event. Sure, North Korea may throw a tantrum (and a missile or two). But they will be bought off in the form of money, energy and food welfare by the U.S., Europe, South Korea and Japan, in order to get them to pipe down for a while after said missile(s) is/are launched. Does anyone see the disparity between Iranian & North Korean policy?  One has nukes, while the other doesn't. One has oil, while the other doesn't.

i-dog's picture


"We've proven how it's possible to go a very dark shade of green without the need for economically & commercially viable sources of alternate energy."

Correction: "without the need for an economy or commerce".

TruthInSunshine's picture

Let's not get all technical.

Totentänzerlied's picture

No economic activity? You just gave the greens a boner woody

jus_lite_reading's picture

Nuclear war is bullisht for the stock markets... didn't you watch CNBS this morning? They are talking about how many buildings will need to be rebuilt... all smiles

Money 4 Nothing's picture

Green shoots.. well, in about 100 years.

jus_lite_reading's picture

236,000 years of healthy radiation for the whole planet!!

Money 4 Nothing's picture

According to Ann Coulter. She said it actually has health benifits.

MrBinkeyWhat's picture

Cool mutations. I guess this is why "zombie" is now a "real word".

vegas's picture

A nice fuck job to crude traders as well - $2.40 in 2 minutes. How many N. Koreans were long just in time before the press release? I'm thinking maybe just one.



LongSoupLine's picture

North Korea - The sushi doesn't fall far from the tree.

azzhatter's picture

Krugman is smiling

t_kAyk's picture

Fo shizzle.  bullish. 

ZippyBananaPants's picture

"When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids".

Did he really just say that?  

And this is our president doing anything he can for a vote.  Jeeezzzzzzeeee o' pete! 

navy62802's picture

Aegis destroyers can handle a single missile pretty easily, as has been demonstrated many times before. Non-event.

a growing concern's picture

You mean in incredibly controlled test events that in no way duplicate a real-life war scenario?  Aegis is just like the Patriot missile system - makes you feel secure but doesn't actually perform in the real world.

Saro's picture

So . . . you're saying it's like the bond market?

BigInJapan's picture

Yeah, with the guidane system tuned into a beacon carried on the missile.

Read much?

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Listening to Faber on Bloom radio this morning, he was in Shanghai, did not sound like those coup rumors are completely unfounded. He seemed 'spooked' and said as much.


lolmao500's picture

Please. There was no coup. Bo Xilai was kicked out, which is the biggest political scandal in the last decade in China... but apart then that... no coup.

But there is a fight right now... between the maoists and the reformists.

Quantum Nucleonics's picture

This is the first transfer of power in China where the new leadership wasn't picked by the old guard.  China's leadership structure is a lot less stable than it appears, Xilai was just one element of a much larger power struggle going on.  The coup rumor was likely created by one of the factions to enhance its postion.  Buckle up, were' in for 6 months of this stuff, till the new Chinese government is set in the Fall.

HD's picture

North Korea is a joke. People are literally starving to death there - they just rattle their chains for more handouts.

sabra1's picture

Japan was nuked last march! don't think getting nuked again would make much of a difference!

Global Hunter's picture

they should worry about all the Plutonium floating around NE Japan and the greater Tokyo area from Fukushima that is ALREADY there.  The mainstream media may be covering up the nuclear disaster but its still going on, enenews.com is a good blog to stay informed about the tragedy.

i-dog's picture

With all the action around Syria and Iran, poor North Korea was feeling left out in the cold (global warming notwithstanding).

lolmao500's picture

U.S. warns of 'strong response' if N. Korea launches rocket


Japan Provides Patrol Ships to the Philippines against China


Seoul to Urge Extension of Ballistic Missile Range


N.Korea Threatens Seoul Nuclear Summit


China Developing 2nd Stealth Fighter Jet


US Marines set to arrive in Australia next month


Philippines’ Aquino Says More U.S. Troops Welcome


PM orders solid response readiness for N. Korea's rocket launch


S.Korea, Vietnam to Strengthen Defense Cooperation


South Korea Ready to React to North Korea’s Military Provocations at sea


China Boosts Naval Presence Near Korean Peninsula


India hikes defence spending by 17 percent


If the North Korean rocket is blown up, either the North will say nothing about it at home and crank up the rhetoric... or they will say it to their population and then you'll know that they'll start a war, they won't care if they lose... the satellite is launched in honor of Kim Jong Il... if it's blown up, it'll be an attack on their pride... and no country ever backs down when their pride is attacked that much.

Global Hunter's picture

shows how completely out of control the United States government is, for the last few weeks they've been trying to start a war in Syria and Iran so they will crank up the rhetoric on Korea now too.  They can't even focus on the wars they were planning up until yesterday for crying out loud.  Wankers all of them.

lolmao500's picture


War with N.Korea poses nightmare scenarios

A full-blown war on the Korean peninsula offers up a nightmare scenario that would cause appalling casualties and potentially trigger a nuclear exchange, experts and former officials say.

With an array of artillery trained on Seoul, North Korea could easily blast the glass towers of the South's booming capital for days and kill huge numbers of civilians before US and South Korean forces prevailed, experts said.

"Official Pentagon models assume it would take months to win the war at a cost approaching one million casualties or more, all told, including dead and wounded," Michael O'Hanlon, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, told AFP.

"And that's without nuclear weapons being used," said O'Hanlon, who wrote a book looking at the effects of a potential war.

1 million casualties... without nukes, chemical or biological weapons or China's involvement... the US elite is truly nuts if they really start a war against NKorea. 1 million casualties and months of war... how much do you think that would COST?? Hundreds of billions, minimum.

Matt's picture

I wonder about the condition of the ~40 year old artillery and shells. I mean, they don't have ammo for training. Could be those guns haven't been fired or maintained for decades. Not really something you want to bet your capital city and all its population on, tho.

a growing concern's picture

We should have a new law that says there will be no talking/strategizing/planning for a new war until the next one on the docket has actually commenced.  I can't even keep all this shit straight in my head.

mc_LDN's picture

Totally. The cabal in charge has run amok like headless chooks. No one knows whos giving orders anymore. Everyones climbing over each other to start a war first.

AchtungAffen's picture

Jinrui ha jinrui no te de horoboseba ee...

AchtungAffen's picture

Sou da! Jinrui zetsumei banzai!!!1www Zettai unmei, mokushiroku...

suteibu's picture

But, the US is supposed to protect Japan, isn't it?

This is just fear mongering by the Japanese government to keep the J-people, who have developed a major distrust of the government since the Fukushima meltdowns, in line.  Rally around the foreign threat. 

It also has benefit for the US which is facing a lot of opposition to the troop deployment situation in Okinawa. 

Political theater.  The gov't cancelled the annual cherry blossom party that weekend in order to be on alert.  Silly stuff.

Money 4 Nothing's picture

The country is also preparing contingencies should the missile veer off course and pose a threat to Japan.

Wrooops. Uh, Fukishima no mo probrem. I tink we shunk Obamars erection year. Nobrody shaw that! wright!?!

Ron Real's picture

This is a blatant PR exercise; ii,e, baloney. to satisfy media lead hype over the launch. This, in itself, is not dangerous. Japan's Defence Minister Naoki
Tanaka told reporters "I have ordered officials to prepare to
deploy the PAC-3 and Aegis warships," reportedly to be deployed on
the southern island chain of Okinawa. Baring serious technical
failure of the North Korean launch, in which case the upper stage
would be already in free fall, the Patriot 3, a terminal stage
interceptor, would not have the range to reach the Korean shot in
the Okinawa region. In fact, The Japanese NHK TV news service
states "Japanese air defenses will only target debris if it is
deemed a danger to Japanese territory," being all the PAC-3 could
possibly hit. The announced trajectory of the launch does not pass
over any national territory until Indonesia, by which time it
would be in international airspace. In 2009 Japan made a similar
show about a North Korean launch that, departing from a different
launch location with a different path, did pass over Japanese
territory. At that time, the Japanese did not embarrass themselves
(and the United States) by attempting, a sure to fail, shoot-down.

Peter K's picture

Oh my. I guess that means we need to buy some Yen:)

kralizec's picture

Blow that Nork shit outta the sky!

Bicycle Repairman's picture

LOL.  Japan has NUKED themselves.  North Korea is probably laughing their asses off about it.  Pointing to North Korean missles is a better distraction than pointing out the North Korean laughter.