Japanese PM Naoto Kan Is Out August 30

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The latest update in this news-heavy night is that Japan's unpopular Prime Minister is out, after tellng his cabinet ministers that they have about one more week before packing up and looking  for new jobs. As Reuters reports "The ruling Democratic Party of Japan is planning to pick a new leader on Aug. 29, setting the stage for parliamentary confirmation of a new premier and the selection of a new cabinet." We hope for the sake of the G7 that there is no massive crisis in the next 10 days, as a leaderless Japan will hardly provide confidence that any crisis can be circumvented. As for the Yen, it is hardly troubled and at last check was trading at 76.75 to the dollar. Not an all time record... but pretty close.

From Reuters:

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan told his cabinet ministers on Tuesday that they are likely to resign on Aug. 30, Japanese Economics Minister Kaoru Yosano said on Tuesday.


The unpopular prime minister's comments effectively confirmed his intention to resign in coming days, clearing the way for Japan to select its sixth prime minister since Junichiro Koizumi ended a rare five-year term in 2006.


The ruling Democratic Party of Japan is planning to pick a new leader on Aug. 29, setting the stage for parliamentary confirmation of a new premier and the selection of a new cabinet.


Yosano also told a news conference that the government needs to devise steps to cope with the negative effects of the yen rise in the coming third supplementary budget for this fiscal year.

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Isn't this a monthly occurrence for them?

I think I need to buy a gun's picture

new monetary system coming this labor day weekend

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How soon after stepping down will he get the hell out of Japan?!?

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As soon as he can.  He is tired of breathing in hot particles so close to Fukushima.  It is better to be unemployed and to live in a cave, ... than to glow in the dark.

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He was interviewed about the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and has said that at one point Japan faced a situation where there was a chance that people might not be able to live in the capital zone including Tokyo and would have to evacuate. He says he is haunted by the specter of an even bigger nuclear crisis forcing tens of millions of people to flee Tokyo and threatening the nation's existence. Thanks.
house painters

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That SOB needs to be brought on charges for the lying he's done about Fukushima.

HANG HIM. Or better yet, send him work at Fukushima till he has enough of his precious ``harmless radiation`` ... scum of the earth.

disabledvet's picture

"No government in japan...and yen soars." Hmmm. Let me say that again. "No government in Japan and yen soars." Hmmmmm. WAIT A MINUTE! I HAVE AN IDEA!

Ahmeexnal's picture

Yes, let's have a government in CH.

max2205's picture

Rinse repeat....

treemagnet's picture

Well as it turns out, S&P just released a fine truth teller.....No?  What'ya mean he's not right for the job?  I don't understand....

erg's picture

Global hot potato.

You like tomato, and I like tomahto.

Let's call the whole thing off!

centerline's picture

Sounds like they have a plan already and are setting the stage.  The currency circle jerk starting to get sort of ugly now.

Bring the Gold's picture

Wait it's starting to get ugly? I guess Joan Rivers is also starting to get ugly, bless her botoxed heart!


(P.S. that was a follow on joke, not a rip on you.)

adr's picture

The world has completely come unhinged. It is amazing that we don't have riots in the streets yet in the USA. Last november I couldn't sleep for almost a week because I just felt something was really wrong. I felt that 2011 would just g wrong at every turn. 

The Arab Spring, Europe, the US banks, Japan. BofA looks like it is going down, S&P replacing its CEO with the COO of CitiTheft. Blankfiend knowing the crap id going to hit the fan and lawyering up. Gold almost $2000 an ounce and oil still above $80.

It will be a miracle i we make it to 2012. QE2 kicked the can about a year. QE3 might kick it enough to get to May next year to the point where everyone will be fixed on the 2012 election. The plan has to be to get Obama re-elected so the final nail in the coffin of the USA can be driven in. Then the real crisis will drop and all the secret crap that was stuffed in the bills passed during Obama's fist term will go into effect. Congress will be liquidated and Obama's black Army that has been training with all the flash mobs will be armed. Obama will call for emergency powers and become America's first true dictator. The great confiscation will be com0pleted and every McMansion wl be given to a member of the Obama Americorps Army. Unless you want to disappear you better give up your house and all your posessions. It will be so or every city will be burned to the ground. The underclass will not be silenced and will not give up thier welfare ticket. Obama promised them a house, a car, and everything they would ever want. To get them to vote for him again the promise will be made.

Confused's picture

Oh. So ALL this is about the lower class?! Silly me. I thought we were all outraged over the wealthy stealing from EVERYONE. 

And all this time the plan was for the tiger woods guy to siphon all the money DOWN to those at the bottom. Boy do I feel silly. 



I am Jobe's picture

Holy shitz. Americans are pussies and it shows. As long as they have their Football and crap , they are happy.

gwar5's picture

But the Tea Party is a bunch of "terrorists...."


Bring the Gold's picture

Wait you didn't realize Obama is a front man shill for rich guys, many of them white? Honestly this is one of the most amazing comments I've ever seen on the ZH. Obama may well call for emergency powers, but there won't be any "black army" it will be regular racial composition military and mercs who will be in the streets. The whole race thing just boggles my mind. You really think that's what this is all about? Race is used to divide people so powerful people can rule.That would, by the way, NOT be the systematically disenfranchised black people in the country (with a handful of exceptions on various corporate boards and in congress all of them no more or less corrupt than any other race in those positions).

I'm not saying white people are evil nor am I saying they are good. I don't buy that essentialist clap trap about race. Obama is proof that a black president can be just as corrupt and evil as a white one (you know like the parade of white jack asses who have ruined this country for the past several decades.

Obama doesn't give a crap about race other than playing that card to get his agenda pushed. The people who care about race are easily frightened people whether they be black, white, asian or latino.

I don't think race is big on the powers that be agenda other than perhaps things like the fact that Bilderberg only allows members (not participants) to come from European descent. If you're worried about race you're paying attention to the wrong hand on the magician. Look for who is in your wallet.

P.S. they've been there for quite some time.

P.P.S. they aren't black.

Kiwi Pete's picture

Well reasoned reply. Couldn't agree more!

gwar5's picture

Obama is over, not even TPTB can save him. All they can do is get an opposition puppet to run against him. Even so, TPTB fiat currency regime and facade is crumbling.

It's going to come down to the pitchforks vs the money printer. But, even the police state personnel won't work for worthless paper. They'll have to be paid in gold like Moammar did, at which point they already lost. 


Fate's picture

I think I really like vanilla.

HUGE_Gamma's picture

6J futures will make me rich when this shit turns

Long-John-Silver's picture

Will the new government require all sushi to be cooked?

zhandax's picture

No need; the new radiation will insure it is.

goldfish1's picture

Tar and feather this traitorous bastard and drop him into fukushima province.

suteibu's picture


And I hope that this statement was sarcasm....

We hope for the sake of the G7 that there is no massive crisis in the next 10 days, as a leaderless Japan will hardly provide confidence that any crisis can be circumvented.

It's not like Kan has provided any leadership economically, diplomatically, or in disaster response.  Sadly, Japan will wind up with either Noda who is always "watching" or the US puppet Maehara for their next "leader".

sunnydays's picture

He is the one that promised to kick the U.S. bases out to get to where he is and then he reneged on that.  Oh... that sounds like someone in office in the U.S..  Made lots of promises and then said screw you to the people once he was in office. 


I am sure the Japanese people will be happy to see him go, but he will be replaced with another puppet that does the bidding of those who control him.

suteibu's picture

Actually, it was Hatoyama, Kan's predecessor, who promised to remove the troops while secretly telling the US that their demands would be met.  The first thing Kan did when he took office was to kiss Obama and Gates' ass and publically agree to the base relocation.  However, he caught up on the PM lying quota when Fukushima melted down.

chump666's picture

China's PMI jerkoff goldilocks crapola goes on.

Hard-landing imminent.

fuu's picture

Finding someone for kaishaku shouldn't be too hard.

sixdollarsix's picture

bukaki theater... NWO bitchez

steveo's picture

Talk about a way to degrade social mood (the waves say that is ready happen all on it's lonesome).   Don't take this as negative, take it as reality.  

I put a video of 60 minutes on the "Japan Nuclear Information" Page

Bottom line....we all get dosed, doesn't matter what hemisphere you are in, or what country, or what you eat, or how you filter your water.   We all get dosed, to some degree.  


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Nikkei news reporting that Japanese are selling gold....It seems like most Japanese people are not thinking too much about this as to why this yellow metal is going up. What Japanese people should do now is to BUY more GOLD when USD/JPY is artificially strong* (so when Japan collapse along with US and Europe, they have gold at least...)


*I am not saying USD should be stronger, but currenty people are only looking at bad side of USD and not looking at bad / terrible fundamentals of JPY and future of Japan.

StychoKiller's picture

So, allowing the populace to continue to get irradiated is not a good political move?  Whocouldaknowed??

FlatEric's picture

He'd better leave as I would consider him one of the top 10 criminals of all times. He and his cronies from TEPCO would be hanging from the highest tree over where I live. Even the Russians evacuated the Tshernobyl area within 48 hours.

And the japanese sit there and watch him go while their kids slowly die before their eyes! Literally, I mean this is no joke....watch this video from 12:30 on


After this sit down with your kids on the table for lunch take a second and imagine it would happen to them.


Savvy's picture

I thought the world was supposed to end when the yen hit 115 to the dollar. My hair is beginning to frizz.