Japan's Ambassador To China Dies As Chinese Police Use Tear Gas, Water Cannon On Anti-Japan Protesters

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Yesterday we described that anti-Japan sentiment across China was spreading like wildfire with some even suggesting it is time to declare war on Japan (see picture) in retaliation for the unprecedented shift in Japan's status quo vis-a-vis the Senkaku Islands. Today it has gotten even worse. From Reuters: "Chinese police used pepper spray, tear gas and water cannon to break up an anti-Japan protest in southern China on Sunday as demonstrators took to the streets in scores of cities across the country in a long-running row over a group of disputed islands. The protests erupted in Beijing and many other cities on Saturday, when demonstrators besieged the Japanese embassy, hurling rocks, eggs and bottles and testing police cordons, prompting the Japanese prime minister to call on Beijing to ensure protection of his country's people and property. In the biggest flare-up on Sunday, police fired about 20 rounds of tear gas and used water cannon and pepper spray to repel thousands occupying a street in the southern city of Shenzhen, near Hong Kong. Protesters attacked a Japanese department store, grabbed police shields and knocked off their helmets. One protester was seen with blood on his face. At least one policeman was hit with a flowerpot." And while the populist reaction was widely expected, the most surprising development came from Japan, where the designated ambassador to Beijing mysteriously died several hours ago after collapsing in the street without any obvious cause.

From Reuters:

Japan's ambassador-designate to China, Shinichi Nishimiya, died on Sunday in a Tokyo hospital, the Foreign Ministry said, three days after he was found unconscious on a Tokyo street.


Doctors were looking into the cause of death, ministry official Takashi Ariyoshi said in a statement, but no other details were available. Nishimiya, 60, was found unconscious on a street near his home on his way to work.


Nishimiya was to have left in mid-October to take over from Uichiro Niwa as Japan's top envoy in Beijing.


While coincidental, Nishimiya's death came as tensions flared up between Japan and China over a disputed group of islands in the East China Sea claimed by both countries.

It remains to be seen how coincidental his death is: perhaps no less coincidental than the suicide of the Japan's Finance Minister who hung himself last week for "reasons unknown" and who happened to be deputy minister for disaster reconstruction when the Fukushima disaster struck. The same Japan which for over a year has been calming the world that all is well regarding the deadliest nuclear disater since Chernobyl. The media will have you know none of these events are in any way tied to each other.

Finally, as all this is happening, China has started a navy drill in the East China Sea, also not known as the West Japan Sea.

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WTF was he doing  on the street?

Gully Foyle's picture

"where the designated ambassador to Beijing mysteriously died several hours ago after collapsing in the street without any obvious cause"

Poison hand Dim Mak, last seen in the death of Bruce Lee.

Stackers's picture

Chinese make really nice protest signs. Westerners just carry around card board with hand painted misspelled words. These guys look like they went down to Kinko's

goldfish1's picture


The Matsushita vowed to deepen the Financial Services Agency’s probe into the insider-trading scandal and restore confidence in the world’s second-largest stock market.

Them's fighting words. Cause of death: suicide

Oh regional Indian's picture

oh boy... flash points are being flashed. Hot spots galore.

China/Japan, China/Hong Kong, China/Taiwan, China/Vietnam...

Looks like someone wants to awaken the dragon.

The next leap for the great theory (mine) of the 33rd Parallel mystery....



Oh regional Indian's picture

Yeah. Funny, the madness factor in the world, going by general newsfeed (freaky shit is happening or definitely beiing reported more OR fabricated), the zombie acapolypso threatens, war drums everywhere, sectarian tensions being fanned, religious fanaticism being fanned, mindless slaughter of civilian populations of Islamic states, propaganda war in the US clearly in overdrive, food more and more poisoned every day, crazy weather, volcanic activity ont he rise, seismic activity on the rise, UFO sightings on the rise...

Forgot to mention in the list above China+Russia/The entire ME fiasco ongoing, China/AFRICOM.... on and on.

Such a set-up, is it being pusnhed or pulled?


Gully Foyle's picture

Oh regional Indian

Dude, small niggling fears easily escalate to very large fears whioch can be channeled.

I keep pointing out that for modern young americans the only thing safe to hate is fat walmart women. All that hatred and fear becomes suppressed and will ignot at a moments notice.

It's all the monsters are due on maple street.

There was a recent story about how someone tested typefaces as ways to manipulate people, Ian McDonald wrote a novella on the subject.

Just another addition to the subliminal arsenal.

In the end, those who can actually be here now will be the most feared. They will not succumb to vague terrors suggested daily. They will deal and live in the present.

Could that be why the Thalamic pause Korzybski discovered be ignored for these many decades?


The objective is to take decisions and actions that are coherent, congruent and sane at all levels. The cortico-thalamic pause is a system check and a consistency check at and between multiple levels.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Cortico-thlamic pause.... hah... trying to complicate "Look before you Leap, Think Before you Speak".

Ageless wisdom works....

The system does not allow a pause. But yes, All this sexual aggression, confusion, rainbow madness...it's all towards a larger Social Engineering Goal Gully, no doubt what the goal of that goal is. 


Michael's picture

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

It's nice to see the shoe's on the other foot these days.

I'd like to think all the chaos is being orchestrated by me.

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Good time for Russia to step up and take back its islands:



Japan infuriated by Russia's claim on island chain


A row between Russia and Japan over a disputed island chain has escalated, with Japan criticising a visit to the islands by Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president.



Optimusprime's picture

Russia "took back" the islands already--in 1945.  Get your facts straight.

LULZBank's picture

Yeah... that news story is over 70 years old.

formadesika3's picture

All your islands are belong to us.

akak's picture

Blobbers-up of the world, unite!


You have nothing to lose but your island chains.

CompassionateFascist's picture

Still, you have to feel for the Chicom police. First the Chink gov't cooks up the demonstrations. Then the gov't cops have to go out and tangle with the (fake) demonstrators. One even got "hit with a flowerpot". Mean streets in the "Peoples' Republic". And where is our anonymouse in all this? Prolly out "demonstrating"...or chasing down a puppydog dinner.

lincolnsteffens's picture

Don't worry,

This is just Mother Nature beginning  her cycle, her munstrual cycle. First she starts to swell up in preparation to cleanse. Then the walls of her uterus begin to swell and leak. Then she has the all out purge. Right now she is bloated and very uncomfortable.The purge is comming and if you are rotten or useless tissue you don't have a chance.


formadesika3's picture


I was with you right up thru 'crazy weather...'

LULZBank's picture

You have left him stranded in a storm?

UGrev's picture

I thought that was remarkably similar as well. 

CheapBastard's picture

Someone threw a flower pot?

Very dangerous crowd. They better keep Grandma locked up.

Zadok's picture

Just in time to distract from the hard landing...war, it's what's for dinner!

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

ori said:

oh boy... flash points are being flashed.

Indeed they are: the past tense of hang, as in death by hanging, is hanged.

EvlTheCat's picture

Yes to bad they don't put that kind of workmanship into making airplanes, boats, and bullet trains.  But at least the government provided them with nice signs.

JamesBond's picture

governmentally organized protests

governmentally printed signs

governmentally sponsored saber rattling

governmentally published propaganda 


ps  you can buy the same printers at walmart.  they are all made in china.

meatbag's picture

I agree that the government was fanning the flames with propaganda, but I promise you the government did not need to organize any protests or print any signs.  The people jumped at the bait and now the government is holding on like Captain Ahab while Moby Dick pulls the boat under.

Jack Burton's picture

Great comment Stackers! LMFAO!

China is beating us at everything, including protest signs! They look better fed, healthier, cleaner, happier, better educated and more motivated than those OWS protests in the USA last year.

cynicalskeptic's picture

OF COURSE.... these Chinese protestors  were protesting in support of government - they are on the government payroll.  The Chinese government WANTED these protests to show popular support for its position - China makes good use of 'popular outrage' and choreographs it.

OWS was an expressoin of REAL popular outrage - protesting AGAINST what the banks and Wall Street had done and the lack of government action holding anyone responsible.

If the US government really represented the people - the majority f the people and not athe very few wealthiest ones - they'd encourage these protests and use them as justification for taking action against the banks and Wall Street.... they DID break the law and the people were calling out - rightfully - for justice.  FDR didn't realy move until demopnstrations in the streets gave him the pish that was needed.  Even OPbama said 'make me' do what is needed - but when the peopel finally DID try and make him..... Homeland Security  coordinated the crackdown.   Democrat, Republican - you don't really think it matters, do you?   Both parties serve eh wealthy.

Jonas Parker's picture

The Chinese get a better quality education than the OWS-crowd does...

FoeHammer's picture

What do you mean when you write education? I think you meant to write indoctrination.

FoeHammer's picture

What do you mean when you write education? I think you meant to write indoctrination.

Stuck on Zero's picture

I suspect that those "signs" were printed on government printing presses and the protestors were working for the Chinese government.


MillionDollarBoner_'s picture

Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique?

max2205's picture

"US EmabASSES": Over 1 Billion 'served" severed and droned.

Michael's picture

I liked the dollar sign symbol($) on the conference table in that scene.

GOSPLAN HERO's picture

China sends the following message to Washington...

Interfere with our plans for annexation and conquest in Asia: we'll dump your bonds!



A Lunatic's picture

Washington replies: Okay, well....Uhhhhh......Ummm.......Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr.............

Peachfuzz's picture

No worries, bernanke has been prepping for years for that. Can't dump all our bonds if the fed owns them all, can they ;-)

icanhasbailout's picture

and the threat doesn't carry much weight if we beat them to the punch in making the bonds worthless

Renewable Life's picture

Hello, it's about inflation stupid!!!!! Food and oil are skyrocketing around the planet and Countries that "rule over their people" with an iron fist, are the first ones to feel the pain and pass it on to their populations!!! (They havent been smart enough to develop the NFL and American Idol)

The fastest way to a man fist is also his stomach, and these communist and Arab dictators know it is very dangerous for them, if they don't channel that anger toward something else and very quickly!! Fucking islands and YouTube movies, are you serious!!!!! Next they will be rioting because the world cup isn't being broadcast in 3D!!! The islands BS is about oil and gas rights and distracting people from their hunger, and so is this shit going down in the ME, Africa will be coming next, stay tuned, then the Caribbean and Latin America! I just can't wait to hear what the BS reason will be in the Caribbean, someone will have probably pissed on Bob Marley's grave and posted it to YouTube!!

Just Ice's picture



And while they are trying to channel that anger against something else, namely western countries, it is in fact their very own countries, streets, buildings and neighborhoods getting torched and made to look like war zones...their own people's property that is looted, vandalised and destroyed.  Rioter intelligence on display. 

post turtle saver's picture

The largest holder of US debt is the US Social Security trust fund. China only owns 25% of all foreign holdings, which in turn are less than a third of all US debt outstanding.

Point of order... China's holdings of US debt are now less than that held by the Fed. Ponder on that for a moment. Also note that despite the sabre rattling China has no incentive to dump US debt. They want the US dollar high and the yuan low to keep their export engine running. The same goes for Japan who is a very close second behind China in US debt holdings.

Every time China threatens to dump US debt dollar demand drops, China's export prices increase, and US & world consumers revert back to buying US made products (and yes, sorry doomsayers, the US is still the top manufacturing country in the world - too bad that doesn't fit with your TEOTWAWKI views). The US debt engine is basically life support for China's economic and political stability. If they dropped a debt bomb they'd be slicing their own throats.

You guys all forget the first rule of Judo... "If you've got a hold on me, I've got a hold on you". China is an opium junkie for US debt and always will be, that's why we control them and not the other way around. Sure, they can try the 'Asian Tiger' approach like Japan did to uncouple from the US. Ask the Japanese how that turned out. The plain fact is the US and Eurozone produce 40% of the world's GDP. China has to participate in that at all costs in order to grow and survive. Any attempt to decouple on their part would seal their fate as another wanna-be contender that fell short.

johny2's picture

USA the be top manufacturing country in the world, and everywhere you go, everything bears " made in China " label. Except for the dollar thing, which is found almost everywhere.

One question for you: Why does a top manufacturing country in the world have a large debt and a large deficit?

Spitzer's picture

Its not 1955