Japan's Kokusai Liquidates Remainder Of Euro Sovereign Exposure, Just As European Primary Issuance Supply Surges

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Looks like all the chickens are starting to come home to roost

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WTF did the PIIGS expect when the cheating cashflow swaps they executed during EU accession came due?

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Trust me.

Europe will still get Asian money.

This is mutually assured economic destruction.

In order to keep the Ponzi going, ALL must participate.


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When is the last time Japan did something right ? macro economically ?

If Japan is selling Euro's, the bottom is in.

Im going long...

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Q: What did the hand say to the face?

A: Slap!!!!

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Why do Western folks assume Eastern folks are stupid?

Have you ever tried to part a Chinese dude with his dollar? Odds are he'll hold it tighter than you can pull it..

In other words, you have a better chance of finding gold in your backyard than China/Japan bailing out Europe.

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I wanna know who bought that shit.  =o

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Why do Western folks assume Eastern folks are stupid?

Mmm might be the FACT that Japan and China hold more then 2 trillion of crappy US debt? That Japan's economy has been going bad for the last 20 years? That China's economy is as big a ponzi scheme as the US economy? (maybe even bigger)

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Well at least for China it was likely an accepted trade-off for getting production capacity built up and running in their country by western companies...

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drop it like its hot!!!!!!!!!~~~

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"I guess she don't like the cornbread neither!"

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pm, Did you hear the Chinese housing bubble bust is accelerating. 17 of 70 major cities prices down in September and 34 of 70 major cities prices down in October or something close to that. Once a mega housing bubble starts to burst, there's no stopping it. Trust me.

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the sugar coating was sweet, all that AAA rated gloss, just took a while to realise they'd bought a turd dumped by politicians who are by far the least trustworthy people in world history

How's Americas Super Committee getting on making cuts to repay all their debtors as they promised? ...Oh they've renaged... shock-horror surprise we're all simply fuking stunned

...and Nancy Peloski-Trotski had donned her cape and spandex tights too promising $4 Trillion of cuts and didn't manage $4 Dollars! She's so disapointed she had to take her taxpayer funded Gulfstream back to SanFran (the publicly subsidised buses and trains not for her then ...some pigs on Animal Farm are more equal than others obviously)

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I'm tired of the foreplay. I want to see some "fuck the creditors in the ass" defaults.

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Let me guess. You're long the recovery and short the hyperinflationary holocaust that is 100% sure to come.

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I can help him...or her...whatever

Now I lay you down so deep

Fuck you and ben you banker creep

Let bond and blunder plague your day

Until someone comes with a gun your way.


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+++Thanks for the late night laugh!!!

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It doesn't accept negative numbers.

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It will if you are in the 1%.

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I like that they take a credit card. How apropos.

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Don't sugar coat it, tell us how you really feel  :)

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Hear, hear!!! And yes, I need all the help I can get when I can git it.

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The only question left is: how do I make money off of this?

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Starts with g and ends with d.

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Very close. Solution is praying to GOD for guidance.

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The one that doesn't appear when you smoke something.

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The God who raised Jesus from the dead.

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Kali!  What is thy bidding, my Mistress?

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Lol!  PREPARE!  The Kali Yuga is upon us!

And smyte these damn jesus freaks with no sense of humor.  Please.

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FAZ does the job well, too, if you can take the beating from time to time.

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My favorite Japanese business expression: It is very difficult.

Just say musokashi na ten times and you get the idea.

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Taihen da ne!

By the way, Kokusai is a survivor, so canary---or bellwether---is an apt term.

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RUN, do not walk , to the exits

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No worries!!!! The messiah has been elected in spain!!!! Euro rally will be strong!!!!

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Obama got elected in Spain now too??

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I fail to understand how Spanish voters came to the conclusion that electing conservatives to Govt can fix Socialist-caused problems AND maintain Socialist programs for pensions and guaranteed Govt jobs -- WTF??

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$741 Billion needs to find a willing Buyer. Now let me think, who will be the Patsy that ends up owning that pigs shite.

There is not enough existing Fiat attached to brain dead Sovereigns to cover that amount. ECB can't do it and the locals are tapped out. Where do you find a lazy three quarters of a $Trillion. Even the US Feds would find it hard to stump up this amount

I have a feeling its ECB printing time or else its Tits up for the European Union.

Even a circle jerk comes to an exhausted end

Don't you Love Bond vigilantes


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I would like to give props to Knukles while I am popping more popcorn.  You are right, this is it, we are in the meltdown now.  It will only increase in speed and intensity from here on out.  If you haven't already, better finish making your last minute preps, time is out.

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i've a terrible feeling the delusional retards will drag it out longer than we can imagine (or stand!)

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me too - my expectation is around two years

and then it will come like a thief in the night

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Anybody giving odds on unplanned issuances?

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When this train stops and all get off. Look out. How can you just own dollars. Makes 0 sense to me.

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And when this unwinds, what happens to the yen?