Is Jawboning All The Fed Has Left? Goldman's Take On The FOMC Minutes

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Enact this law here...and half of the investment "gurus", market insiders, fund managers, and bankers would be eliminated immediately....

Seriously...they should maybe consider passing a law....they could give it some nationalistic the "Reign in the fiscal weapons of mass destruction and financial terrorists Act"....

Could you imagine the blood in the streets if they enacted something like this here? 

Not just bankers and fund mangers either....there are so many goddamn crooked ass people in this country....stealing from others to get ahead is considered being a "go-getter" anymore....(as long as you steal with a pen and not a gun....then you are a fucking menace to society and need to be locked up with all those no-good drug dealers and addicts. (In our for-profit prison system)

However, consideriing that I only seem to see the police carrying water for the criminal's these days...I doubt a law like this would be enforced....unless it is carried out via vigilante justice?  

I am sure we could make up a few million police badges and start handing them out....

LETS ROUND EM UP!!!   hahaha


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When I see the word "Jawbone" it makes me think of the clip in that movie "Rollover" when Hume Cronyn gives his little speech and then the whole U.S. economy collapses. Here's the clip of that:



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No. They have 'tools' OK?

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The Bernank's masters want to drink everyone's milkshake. And I mean every last damn milkshake.

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Still love this clip...

Here is a clip of Benny and Timmy saying what they really think...go to exactly 3 min 50 secs into the clip, the next 10 seconds says it all!

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BDM is a changed man... Soon he will be like mother Teressa

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".....and we expect this tool to be introduced at the January FOMC meeting."

So, yet another Fed member?


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Im so happy to see their Keynesian BS such as 'animal spirits' philosophy dashed on the jagged rocks....NO you CANT force people here and there like cattle, like in the boy who cried wolf, people call 'BS' after they hear the same nonsense over and over again.

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Who cares what these crooks have to say.  I thought we lived in a republic, not a debtor's prison?

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Can they go lower? Yes. Will it make any difference? No. But it does risk massive inflation if they can't pull out fast enough.

Lower GDP growth, Euro melting down, ... Treasury Direct: $35 billion 5yr at 0-7/8% – Fed Talks More Easing

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Inflation and nominal gdp targeting is just borrowing a page from China, and we all know how well that is going.

Crony capitalism bitchez!


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Damn straight all the FED has left is jawboning. 

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Draghi = abomination that causes desolation?

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Fed cannot print.  If they do so, it would implode Japan form a collapse in USD-JPY, and our vital ally in South Asia (hint Chinese theatre of war).

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now that ben hasnt loosened the monetary stool since the spring, when is this market sell off going to happen? 

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That's the rule of deception. If you can't persuade with rational presentation, baffle them with double talk and confusion. keep them guessing.