Jeff Gundlach Live Webcast: "Deficits Don't Matter"

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Just days after his last live webcast "To QE3 or Not To QE3" DoubleLine's Jeff Gundlach is out once again with his latest presentation and live webcast titled "Deficits Don't Matter" (just don't tell that to the PIIGS). We are confident this is a Regan-referencing joke. Hopefully, in the off case it isn't, Jeff should also make the case why, in that case, taxation is also meaningless and should be abolished. After all, the Federal Government, courtesy of various newfangled economic theories can print its way to gargantuan debt and perpetual prosperity.

Live webcast below:

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I'm sure Gunlach would be happy to laon me @100,000 so i can continue not producing enough to repay laon. As they would probably say down in the hood "Gunlach wif dat bro."

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The key question is, who looks more like a sleestak: Munger or Gundlach?

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Deficits don't matter? INTEREST sure does! What happens when we are paying out all of our tax revenue in interest with nothing left for government?

Right now the 2-yr Treasuries are paying about 1/4 of 1% and we're paying $454 billion in interest. What happens when interest rates rise to just 1%? We bankrupt the US Treasury, that's what! At just over 1% on the 2-yr, it will take ALL US tax revenues just to pay the interest on our debt. Bubbles Bernanke has painted us into a corner with no way out!

Catastrphe this way comes. Plan and prepare accordingly!

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At last I checked, all our "tax revenue" goes directly to a private Federal Reserve Bank and not to the bureaucracy for which it stands.

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and BEN has fixed the economy too... lol

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They just matter LESS when you have the world's reserve currency that buys oil direct. We can't print prosperity but we can print a seigniorage tax on the world.

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So the govt does not need  taxpayers [print to replace tax monies]

And TPTB do not need consumers [print your own profits]

What is the point in having all these useless Muppets hanging around consuming precious resources?

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There has never been a point for it. Nothing new.

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Tax revenues don't either.

*****Does a Dick Cheney Smirk*****

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None of this really matters - Deficits, interest payments etc., - the majority of our fellow citizens are not interested.

All they want to know is - what's for dinner?

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If you have to ask "what's for dinner", chances are it is you.

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Don´t pay your mortgage...check..don´t pay your student loan...check...deficits don´t matter..check.....

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I guess deficits dont matter if you can stealth inflate your way out of it and cause holders of certain financial Instruments like bonds to pay for it .

The new keynesian wet dream isnt euthanasia of the rentier. It is treating him like a chump

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" Jeff should also make the case why, in that case, taxation is also meaningless and should be abolished."

hmmm, me likey that idea

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Banksters are currently getting paid ahead of time. The money transfer is taking place now. The BS about deficits and budgets is all smoke and mirrors. They have no intention of getting paid back in the future.

Once the money is mostly transferred to them they will pull the plug and unleash the physical part of the war that they have declared and are currently engaged in.

If anyone is going to do something they better do it now.