To Jim Grant The World Of Finance Is Nothing But The "Truman Show"

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While we have heard a lot from Jim Grant recently - all pointedly correct and substantial - today marked the pinnacle of propaganda-brinksmanship. Explaining to Maria B just why the world in which she lives, Bernanke-lovers-all, is nothing but a hall of mirrors - a fake mirage - of the true reality thanks to central bank repression of all that we know about risk and return. "By changing interest rates, central banks change the perception of every asset class - so what seems cheap may not be cheap" as Grant notes that when you can fund investment at 0%, we are collectively being manipulated and moreover should try to realize - as an investing public - that we are Jim Carrey in The Truman Show. Of course the 75% of professional investors who believe Bernanke is doing a great job would prefer to stay inside the fake reality where their bonuses get paid and leveraged tranche losses get soaked up by some account transfer from the fed or loan loss provisioning adjustment - for the rest of us - wake up and smell the unreality. The money-honey pulls the blame and deflect card - noting the ECB are just as bad - but Grant brings her back to the reality that we are facing as he suggests being in the crowd who own Treasuries and Bunds when the next risk flare occurs will not end as well as many hope, preferring gold (and gold stocks) as a hedge as "The Gold move is not over".

Hi take on regulatory charges is interesting towards the end also - especially in light of this evening's news.

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I happened to see this interview earlier today and was SHOCKED that CNBC would air such treason on its show. This fellow had the audacity to suggest that things are not all hunky dory either here or abroad. He even went so far as to say that the gold mining stocks are under valued.That is so un-American. I mean, he should have been touting AAPL or Faceplant....that is where the real value is as all the money managers know.


I doubt he will be asked to return to CNBC once their handlers find out about this egregious slip.

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I've seen him often on CNBC.  His demeanor and looks make him a gentle bear, that is acceptable to CNBC to give the perception that they are a fair and balanced media outlet.

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I guess Peter Schiff would be the screaming emotional in-your-face bear.

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I like Schiff a lot but he spoiled his chance. In all fairness, he gets way too agressive against the weak talking heads whom he must talk with when on tv, and that's not how you win the game. Grant is playing smart.

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I doubt he will be asked to return to CNBC once their handlers find out about this egregious slip.

That US citizen is irrelevant. People in power do not spend time on quashing unthreats. They have other things to do.
Like quashing threats.

He is just a monetized US citizen (he has his gains, he has his share of the loot) to up the ratings, bringing a different audience to the channel.

He is part of the play, paid for his contribution and the rest.

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While I agree with your main argument I take exception with your blanket description of a US Citizen.  How about I talk about how negligent a Roman Citizen was for the downfall of Rome....  Come now, I thought we were done with petty race/nationality/eye color....etc.   I was under the impression that there are individuals in this world.  Heaven forbid I call you by your race, color, or creed....  Please maintain the argumentitive tenents of logic, or just go burn a cross in someones yard.


Spelling of description.

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AnAnomalous is one of ZH's resident trolls.

If you decide to spend time actually trying to comprehend one of his algo-generated posts, you've already lost.

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AnalAmouse has an itch he can't reach.

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I think any moose adds color on quiet days,

Admit it.. It has been rather quiet since Trav left.

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I know what you're saying, and for the most part, I agree with you to the effect that there are exceptions... The problem with your premise is that you believe there is no cultural being called a US Citizen, while in fact, if you were to stand people from all over the world in a lineup (you'd interact with them of course), you'd be able to pick out the people's of various nations... they are acculturated in particular ways, and that includes many aspects not just pop culture.

If you don't place any blame on the citizen, then who can you fault? The whole world was pretty down on the German citizenry for allowing the Nazi nightmare... oops.  As much as everyone loves to shield themselves from culpability, I'm a nice person, I don't do any of the nasty things those bastards do... it's all crap. 

I agree with AA, every citizen is partly responsible for one, allowing this to happen, and two, for actively participating.  Both are happening and frankly, what appears to be two is really one from almost every side... people are such freakin cowards, they come up with all sorts of excuses to cower from responsibility, and part of that is to falsely engage in support of the system, delusion and illusion.

Most of the people I know fall into the coward category, and at least half of them choose to live the deception / illusion of being an active supporter, so as to conceal their cowardice.

Instead of just hating what people like AA or I have to say, it would serve people well if they considered why an outsider or insider would say things like that.  And it's not just to slander or brainwash you, the criticism has some merit.  It's up to you to change the world.  It's up to me too.  Are you doing your part?  Part of that is to be self critical, self analytical, self regulatory. And Honest for fuck's sake.  I will grant that you may not have a clue why the world is fucked, so your issue may be igorance... my take would be, you shield yourself from the truth so you don't appear to be an unkind person.

(You is not personally you, just someone.)

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so to delve deeper the system that each personhood has to funtion is manipulated away from the natural order of risk /fail-risk/ reward . a natural law foundation is supressed. with tptb having "decided" society or citizens cant, wont maintain order naturally...and must be hearded /coached in behavior. what exactly makes their intellect superior to mine? controlling the worlds monetary instruments  and means of deadly force gives them "control" not intellectual greatness.

this is why the peeps look away and play the game ...they have to eat ,shelter ,stay warm and survive. so you blame them for surviving within a flawed system of behind the scenes "oblivion from beyond "if they to dont conform. our basest instinct is to survive...them get laid. there will come a time when revolt by the peeps will happen but its will have to get very painful before the pitchforks are brandished.

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You're Right.

I take full responsibility for Bennie, Lloyd and Jaime being where they are today. I cannot hide my culpabilty any longer.

Controlling the universe is a big job and sometimes I make mistakes...


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Maybe CNBC have been listening to some of the suggestions here.


More likely though their ratings need to be pushed up.

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thank you ZeroHedge for posting this

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Someone send Grant a copy of The Matrix

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OT: The concept has been around long before the Matrix (big fan here). Plato wrote the Allegory of the Cave thousands of years ago, you can watch a quick video of the concept here.

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Thanks for that link, it is something more people should read.

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The line of thinking would certainly make many people pause and consider what they have been taught, what they think is real, and what they think freedom really is.


However, Spooner was a lawyer....

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+ 1
Thanks for the link Paul

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Jim, you had me at "hall of mirrors" !

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I heard him on Bloomberg Surveillance in the morning the other day. Great stuff.. he had a couple of one liners in that too.  It was mentioned here on Zero hedge 1 or 2 or so days ago.

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I would have gone with "Wilderness of mirrors"

Wikipedia on James Angleton

Angleton extrapolated from this his theory of a "wilderness of mirrors" (the term is thought to be a reference to T. S. Eliot's poem "Gerontion"), which proposed that the KGB was capable of manipulating the CIA to believe what it desired, and that the CIA could neither identify nor defend itself from this manipulation.


Just replace the words CIA with public and KGB with Central Banks.

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Grant would have had a field day if they only had booked him for the 5:00 - 5:30 slot and then held off for coverage of the JPM announcement.

The real fun is playing the euro demise vs JPM hedges vs "Who else will/has been caught leaning the wrong way" ...

Does anyone believe JPM is the ONLY firm now caught with their pants down fucking the sheep?

A few billion in losses did not drive Jamie Dimon to shit his pants in public today - there is more to come.


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That is some good insight!  Dimon had a twinge in his voice that would make a lie detector start smoking.  He was very stressed and unhappy.  The fallout from this has the potential to be huge.

You would thing these sob's with all the inside track wouldn't be so stupid but pride has toppled many throughout history.

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Thank you

The more I think about this situation, the more it seems out of character with what we have been used to seeing for the last 3+ years.

We've become accustomed to the endlessly accomodative FED backstopping the TPTB's.  Two weeks ago I posted this statement with regard to QE3 and why it won't happen ...

"The center of gravity is somewhere east of Central Europe. If Spain, Italy and then France go down the tubes - the Chairsatan will be keeping his powder dry to come to THEIR rescue.

If China's economy crashes or their political order buckles, good old Uncle Ben is going to get a lot of rice pounded up his ass but he'll just take a $ 1 trillion USD enema of Chinese bank swaps to ease the pain. Why do you think the Chinese are still holding Treasury debt?

The Fraudclosure story is over. The deal is done. If you expect more LSAP's from the FED, take two Advil with a shot of Grey Goose and hold your breath until the election is over.

Weekend assignment: Contemplate what happens if Benny just sits tight and doesn't do shit. NOT.JACK.SHIT.

And today, Jamie "Kneecapper" Dimon has to publicly come out and make an announcement he did not want to make and under the new normal, WOULD NEVER HAVE MADE. (His ego is too large to "take one for the team" just to get QE3 ... because he knows QE3 would offset these losses and he would not have to make the announcement if QE3 was in play.)

Tonight, China's CPI comes in higher than expected and the April Industrial Output comes in much lower than expected (no, this is not enough to force a NEW new normal position)

But Bernanke and Geithner have access to a lot more "yet to be disclosed" information ... they know Greece is going to get a lot worse (but not soon enough to preclude them just doing more QE3 "jawboning")

Except ...  the Israelis have put together a "unified front" cabinet in support of having to deal with Iran (last time they did that was just before the Six Day War in 1967) ...

War in the Middle East is big enough on top of all the other items I've mentioned to force a NEW new normal position on the FED and  it will take headlines away from the TBTB's getting decimated in the markets and potentially broken up (Obama's hands off Wall Street policy has cost him BIG TIME with his base - this would change if he broke up the banks using the NEW JPM crisis as his justification) ...


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This $2Billion, was it FRNs or Au (Tonnes)?

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Jim Grant and I are 100% on the same page.

Freddie's picture

The man is a national treasure in a country that has turned to tarnished sh*t. 

Meanwhile the scum and morons tout people like Buffett and Munger.

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Purple bowtie...what a fucking BOSS

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And the way to end the show is the same way to win a war game.

lolmao500's picture

Paul president, Judge Napolitano VP/AG, Jim Grant treasury secretary, Tyler at the head of the SEC and the FED abolished...

FinalCollapse's picture

I can become the head of DHS. Will lock up all these motherfuckers from DC in the FEMA camps, cut off the water supply and throw the keys away.

Problem solved. Long live America!

lolmao500's picture

No need to intern them, just take a few ropes and do one hanging every day till all these scum are hanged... and the whole thing is done by lottery... so any day could be the day they get hanged... will bring us lots of fun for the next few years. One day it could be Blythe, the other, Dimon, the other, Bush Sr, the other, Hillary...

And every day they stay alive, they get a visit from the worst sex offenders in the country, we can even import some from other countries, and we put them on viagra and meth... and they go do their business... Human Centipede will be for kids compared to what they gonna get...

The scum will pray everyday to win the lottery...

WAMO556's picture

We can add all of the TSA motherfuckers as well, since they like groping old women and molesting little girls - and the fucks will claim "we was just following orders" the TSA fucks would say.

lolmao500's picture

Well when they get hanged, we can say to them... we're just following orders too!

Blue Horshoe Loves Annacott Steel's picture

THAT is totally sick, but about what they deserve.  If U were a warden, no 1 would ever risk ending up in your prison.

Blue Horshoe Loves Annacott Steel's picture

Get out the guillotines & charge for tickets.  National debt problem solved!

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Matthew lesko, but I still would rather look and listen to a Matthew lesko lookalike then the "honorable"

Someone else on zh was talking about roaches and I couldn't agree more.

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Someone tell Bartiromo that gold is down in 2012 ... it's not going higher for now, it's been going lower for 1 year now. Maybe it would be nice if people in the media talked about the real world. The Truman Show is valid for JPM, Bartiromo and all the people who tell me that gold goes up in times of crisis.

AgShaman's picture


What's that?

Uncivilized Barbarians!

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It's a mirage market! Who needs an economy? We have PRINTED prosperity now!

The greatest risk will occur when Bernanke attempts to unwind the mirage. Any rise in interest rates will bankrupt the US Treasury. He has painted us into an inflationary corner!

Likstane's picture

I love it when he pronounces Ben's name as Ben-ark-kee

Bastiat009's picture

What Jim Grant forgot to say was that gold was backed by the euro and if the euro collapses gold is gone too.

Well, it doesn't make much sense but gold has been crashing for nearly a year now, just like the euro.

Papasmurf's picture

Maybe you should check your charts again. Gold was $1500 a year ago and $1580 today.  Crashing?  Define your terms.

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I love ya' - sorta - Tyler, but Your Crowd has blinders on, too. I posted this on the latest Ford thread at Seeking Alpha:

The overall bias of Traders in the general market is so overwhelmingly Bearish now, they are simply not thinking correctly right this minute.

Glencore revelations PLUS JPM revelations!

Remember good ole Marc Rich?

This isn't a setback for "the Market." It's a tremendous setback for the DOGs, with Top Dog Jamie Dimon himself on the griddle.

That means it SHOULD, if we were not in this idiotic Risk On-Risk Off mode of thinking, be BAD for Emperor Dollah and the international banks, which is GOOD for everything that generally trades against them: the Euro - shudder, shudder - Gold, Silver, Brent, the Loonie, the Aussie, the NOK, the Peso - which eventually trickles down to the Industrials-ex-Banking.

I am frankly amazed that OUR side - Yes, Our side, fellow Gold and Silver-mongers - are not fully embracing the JPM and Glencore news and turning it to our advantage from the Long side.

Re Ford: Mulally saying he's staying and the very low-priced debt offering are Uber-Bullish for the stock right NOW - not a year from now - if traders were not wearing blinders like well-behaved little ponies conditioned by the likes of Cramer.

Why are they doing it NOW, prior to Moody's - the next one, IMO - jumping on the Investment Grade bandwagon?

They are doing it NOW, because they are ramping up production at 14 separate plants/ 14! 14 separate plants!

That is so extraordinarily Bullish from a purely operational point of view, it's astonishing. And just think of the multiplier effects this country - and Canada - and Mexico - get from this Mega-Ramp-Up!

Looking at this from my particular area of market interest - Technical Analysis of Propaganda - the immediate future looks pretty darn rosy, with the Obama-ites certainly about to embrace Ford in a big way as an example of how "America is Coming Back." And frankly, the Romney-ites should start to do the same.

Remember, this stock - and GM - were killed by the exact same people - led by Tiny Terror Cramer - who have been touting JPM to the high heavens. They haven't been touting Glencore, because that would have been too much, even for them. But exactly one year ago at last year's SALT conference, they were fawning over their Dear Friend, Jon Corzine, and cloyingly singing his praises on all three Bubblevisions.

Connect all the dots - and start to EMBRACE Ford as an anti-JPM, anti-DOG, pro-Real Economy leader.

Blue Horshoe Loves Annacott Steel's picture

"America is Coming Back"?  A Fed propelled zombie doesn't really come back.  It's still dead.

AnAnonymous's picture

The world is a trumann show for many, many US citizens.

Quite dishonest to single out the FED staff or the markets as they happen to be US citizens employed in this sector and therefore displaying the usual US citizen behaviour.

Among all the sub groups that constitute US citizen population, the favourite remains the truthers, the objectivists and their sort...

Truthers have trapped themselves.