John Paulson Is Not An American Airlines Investor... But Here Are The Top 25 Holders Who Have Gotten Crushed Today

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As most know by know, a flurry of rumors that American Airlines may be on the verge of bankruptcy not only took down the stock by about 40% at one point today, but was halted around 6 times following repeated consecutive circuit breaker triggers. Yet none of that is material at all to the biggest holders in the stock, and especially those analysts at their companies who recommended AMR, and are all about to be summarily sacked. While John Paulson is not an investor in AMR, other "balls to the wall" funds like Appaloosa, with 5.6 million shares, are. Below is the full list of top 25 entities losing about a third of their notional on AMR today.

Source: CapIQ

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Fukushima Sam's picture

I'm sure everything over at AA is fine.

Pladizow's picture

Short anything with the word "American" in it!


clones2's picture

Short "ANYTHING" unless it has the word "3X Bear" in it!

BigJim's picture

What's the big deal? Sure The Big O will bail out American Airlines?

Oh, I forgot, it's not a bank.

redpill's picture

As long as the workers are unionized, it's too big to fail.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

The whole airline industry has needed a lobotomy for 30 years.  These guys are the most consumer unfriendly industry going.  I'd rather deal with the DMV.

Widowmaker's picture

Mission accomplished!


kito's picture

no way, im long american idol. that show rocks.....



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what wonderful wit. I'm after spilling my drink, because of uncontrolled laughter

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AA is lining up for their bailout--cheers!

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Since 1980, the airline industry has not earned back the cost of capital during the best of times. Conversely, in bad times losses can be dramatically worse. Warren Buffett once said that despite all the money that has been invested in all airlines, the net profit is less than zero.


Another industry where executive bonuses are private but business depends on socialism from government aid.

Failed privatization.

duckhook's picture

Btter yet .If you add up all of the profit and losses in approximately 90 years ,the airline industry as a whole has lost money

Bicycle Repairman's picture

ITD the airline industry is a loser.  It has been subsidized from day one.  Why is that?

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ITD the airline industry is a loser.  It has been subsidized from day one.  Why is that?

Military Industrial Complex. The Airline industry has been subsidized as a way of subsidizing the Aeroplane/Aerospace industy, which are also involved in making missiles, bombers and fighters.

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As long as the Clintonian definition of 'fine' is, well, clintonian.

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Almost ten years to the day that the bin laden family shorted scads of AA (and UAL) through DB and andy card wisperered the high score to a quizzical bush 43.

scatterbrains's picture

Good to see Vanguard running 4th.  I notice they're top holders of SPG.. but at least SPG is a good shelter from the coming storm.

PulauHantu29's picture

It's very sad to see the Bogle interview last week when the interviewer asked him about the stock market, he responded,"you must be in the market...."

Sad to see him detoriate this way. I really like him and his book but he is past his prime....still hung up on "fundamentals" instead of HFT, derivatives, etc where the action is.

Mike2756's picture

It's ok, they all got stopped out at 2.80.

PulauHantu29's picture

Blackrock seems to be picking some real losers lately. Interestingly, my (ex) broker called me last week recommending airlines opining that the will "rake in the profits" because of low oil prices.

Glad I fired him two years ago when he recommended Lehmans, WaMu and BAC.

tekhneek's picture

Are you kidding me!? You've got a gold mine dude! Just short the ever-living fuck out of everything he recommends you buy.

Problem solved.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Agreed.  SOunds like he has his own personal Cramer.  I'd buy that for a DUHlar.

redpill's picture

These are the people we bailed out, so that they can continue to practice their incompetance.

MarkTwain00's picture

Anybody else notice Morgan Stanley Investment Banking high on that

DosZap's picture

I am sure that 140+/- Pilots that shook out w/early retirements, locked in profits are some REAL happy campers today.

Glad they won,their profits and savings are GUARANTEED fixed for (I think 40 days),so they can cash out both plans fully vested.

Not losing a dime.

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Not even Sullenberger can land this flight safely.

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

High five to the geniuses at Ohio Teachers.  That won't hurt at all, when Ohio still has to pay those god damned pensions at par.

achmachat's picture

Only if Ohio actually ends up paying those pensions!

Messianic's picture

"IF" they pay them, indeed. It wouldn't be the first time in the US that bankruptcy proceedings permitted a politically well connected company to shirk its obligation to secured debt holders, and therefore screwed pensioners:

CU1981's picture

My dads a retired school teacher, from ohio no less ;-(

There goes my inheritance .. lol

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According to the graph they liquidated most of their position recently as did Fidelity.  I guess a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while.

radish juice's picture

So when do we start firing off circuit breakers when individual stocks cross thresholds? that is the new warfare Ben is going to be playing with pellet guns henceforth now that he has lost all other munition, a hand, a leg, common sense and sleep

HANKREARDON's picture said to go to cash. Gracious.  Fidelity looks like they know what they are doing, notice that they drastically decreased positions.

buzzsaw99's picture

don't be too sure. they still have mm funds in euro skanks. just lucky this time.

achmachat's picture

State Teachers Retirement System Ohio. :-(

It's difficult to experience Schadenfreude with that on the list.

Seasmoke's picture

too bad for them....looks like they need to go back to school and learn that 2+2 doesnt = 5

Schiff hits the fan's picture

When the plane is going down remember to put your oxygen mask on first.

Ms. Erable's picture

Why? Because oxygen gets you high.

DeadFred's picture

With adequate O2 your brain will be functioning with crystal clarity as you watch the ground approaching.

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Cue TOTUS speech in 3, 2, 1 on why an Airline(s) stimulus package is needed like...yesterday. 

Bicycle Repairman's picture

No need for a speech.  Just increase the subsidies already in place.

Seasmoke's picture

looks like the walls are closing in everywhere, there is no safe havens left

SilverRhino's picture

Safe havens are the items you can acquire that have inherent value.   Sure value may drop when priced in terms of fiat but they will have value and utility to others at all times.


wretch's picture

I've stuffed a crawlspace above my garage full of new diapers.  I have no kids.  These things will trade like nothing else, I'm thinking...

achmachat's picture


people used to think that TP was going to be traded like nothing else, but I guess that people can always wash their asses with water from the well.

It's very difficult to go back to the traditional diapers that you re-use after getting used to the luxury of single-use diapers!

falak pema's picture

r u planning for old age out of control leak control via diaper aid?