Jon Corzine's Family Responds To Accusations Against The Patriarch

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First appearing in Vanity Fair:, in response to Jon Corzine's riskiest business.

The sweeping negative narrative the authors use to describe our family in “Jon Corzine’s Riskiest Business” [by Bryan Burrough, William D. Cohan, and Bethany McLean, February] completely contradicts our firsthand experience of events and people.


We have never been estranged from our father, nor do we recognize the motives you ascribed to him in politics and business. The father we know ran for public office because of a lifelong desire to give back to society as well as a love of the political process and a passion to be a progressive Democrat. Our family, friends, and former business colleagues hold the same view. Though we disagree with your analysis of him and find your sources, often referred to as close friends, dubious at best, not to mention nameless, we understand judgments about public figures come with the territory.


What does not come with the territory in our minds are reckless allegations and assertions involving private personalities such as the ones you chose to propagate toward our mother, Joanne. Your portrayal of her is the opposite of who we know her to be. The subjective descriptions of her character based on quotes from anonymous “friends” is the elevation of gossip to legitimate reporting. The assertion regarding her becoming “close” to David Tepper is a blatant falsehood. She has never met or spoken to David Tepper. Our mother was an involved member of the Summit, New Jersey, community for almost 30 years and had built lifelong friendships. Our childhood home was not cold but warm and loving. Our mother tried to create as normal a life as possible for us. She taught us, by example, how to live a private and productive life.


Brooklyn, New York

Next, it is turn for the families of the thousands of people whose money was stolen by MF Global (and apparently Fabrice Tourre, since nobody at MF Global was responsible for anything... or else it just vaporized) to send in their letters.

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"I simply do not know where the money is"


Ahmeexnal's picture

lynch the whole effin family!

Careless Whisper's picture

First we had Growing Up Gotti, now it's time for Growing Up Corzine

JPM Hater001's picture

This will be good for 2 seasons easily.

Theta_Burn's picture

Its all fun and games till the phones are ringing 3am with nothing but heavy breathing at the other end

Hippocratic Oaf's picture

This family should be in fucking hiding.

His Honor(able) lost the money!!! Doesn't know where it is!!!

Cry me a fucking river!

and to post their names? Gimme a fuckin' brek!

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a lifelong desire to give back to society as well as a love of the political process and a passion to be a progressive Democrat.....

Sniff.... Somebody please give me a kleenex and a billion kazillion dollar parachute!

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Got away with it in this world.  Good luck going forward Jon.


Pladizow's picture

They should take the route of Madoff's kid!

nope-1004's picture

"Congressman, I really don't know what happened to the money...."


I always knew Jon Corzine was incompetent.  Never thought he'd say it on national TV.


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IMHO, we will end up having a revolution with this shit (aka Jewish Banking Mafia) nowhere to run.

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MF Global customer account money, like Andy Dufresne, "up and disappeared like a fart in the wind" [as the warden tosses a chiseled chess piece at the poster of Rita Hayworth (aka Sugar Britches), revealing the tunnel Andy had taken years to dig with a single, tiny rock hammer].


Up & Disappeared Like a Fart In The Wind, Bitchez!


Family Guy's Shawshank Redemption


Red:    "Why Andy picked Burrito night to make his escape through the prison sanitary sewer pipe, I will never know."



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Uprooted family interviewed via skype from Paraguay.

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Backclaw any profit from Jon Corzine to his family members.


Don't they know? Corzine is the new Madoff.....



any corzines buying a noose?


good thing that his wife Sharon M. Elghanayan is a psychotherapist

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Sugar britches was Raquel Welch, not Rita Hayworth.

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Oh, so even when the perpetrator is some combination of Dutch/English/French/Italian ( you can still attribute his actions to the Jews.

I guess it's equally safe to say that even if you eventually manage to utter something intelligent, there'll be no reason to assume it's not still coming from a complete douche/idiot.

Hey, it's your reasoning.

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Pladizow said:

They should take the route of Madoff's kid!

Now that would be giving back to society.


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@ Corzine family: 

I admire you for your bravery but, deep inside, you know that your dad is just a common thief who steals not because of need, but just because he knows people. he is now shoping for a castle in France, a chalet in Chamonix and a summer home in Juan la Pin, while you are fending off the slings and arrows of vox populi.

He actually stole from you also: Your freedom and your peace of mind and burdened you with guilt.

If you want your life back, make him return the money. Life is too short and guilt will drive you psychotic and your life will be unbearable.


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Chamonix IS in france.

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Quote from Jon Corzine's wife:

Corzine "let his family down, and he'll probably let New Jersey down, too."

Need to expand that circle of disappointment a bit.

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I usually wouldn't think the punishment for a father's crime will be laid upon his family as well. But, more poppycock like this from them, and all bets are off. ...especially when they will be living the life of international oligarchs with the money their daddy stole through elaborately planned "losses" of miney outright stolen from others on bets to international trusts and corporations he just happens to own. ...hypothetically of course.

Bringin It's picture

Re. poppycock like this from them

I wonder.

Is it really from "them"??  Is there a video of them signing?  A press conferense?

Maybe they saw what happened to Bernie's kid?

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a love of the political process and a passion to be a progressive Democrat

Progressive Democrat = Fascist

nuff said

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One of the few large buyers of Lehman stock in the summer in the Summer of 2008 was the NJ public pension funds.

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[quote]...a lifelong desire to give back to society as well as a love of the political process and a passion to be a progressive Democrat.[/quote]

They say that like it's NOT an indictment!!

If my name were Corzine, I'd be looking for some of this:

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They will slack off on security details sometime in the next ten years. I predict one or more of them get chopped up and fed to fishes when they let their guard down.

I hope they keep their names in the newspapers and on peoples' minds.

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you parasites and the "father you know" need to die a very slow painful death as slow as possible as painful as possible FUCK YOU!


still waiting for that terminal marine sniper to start picking off bankers mark my word it will happen YOU ARE NOT SAFE ASS HOLES (why do you think obarry keeps giving bennies to vets rather than the rest)


knightowl77's picture

Obammy is proposing to cut the bennies for the troops, their families and Vets, while keeping bennies intact for civilians.....

This shit will not be tolerated well

Augustus's picture

Bill "The Bomber" Ayers and family walk the streets daily after killing people and stating that he would do it again.  You could be correct though as Corzine's victims are Big Money and they have a way to punish.

Bringin It's picture

A lot of people get killed in the Banana Republic of America.  Even big people.  What happened to the former head of the CIA - William Colby??


o <-- Makes ZH reference.  Good riddance to Marla.  Agreed.

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Corzine kids should remember what happened to Madoff kid. Just sayin'...

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

Great example.

Corzine himself will never rest. The collective hate of so many people sends enough karma to destroy him. He will rot from the inside. 

IMACOINNUT's picture

you assume jon has a conscience -- interesting, a politician with a conscience. who woulda thought -- and in 2012?

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How can a giant pile of shit rot anymore?

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Hate Schmate.  Hang him from a tree.

GetZeeGold's picture



You can take daddy away....but please leave the money.



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 John Corzine ..  meet my  freind of mine Louisville slugger

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Jon Corzine epitomizes everything that's wrong with American business and politics. He's corrupt. He's a criminal. He will probably walk free because of his connections.

Fuck him for what he did and who he is, and fuck his family for going public with this little half-hearted, bullshit rant and for living high on the hog as a result of his abuses.

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eatthebanksters's picture

Take the money away first...

Janice's picture

Tell the Corzine family, actions speak louder than words.


Look what happened to Gotti. They all get it in the end.

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Answer:  People in need of an ass raping.

Question:  Who are the Corzine family?

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there's a special place in hell reserved for jon-jon, where he'll spend eternity getting his fudge packed by a gigantic porcupine monster

cahadjis's picture

There isn't. That's why we need to punish him on Earth asap.

Fedaykinx's picture

a kid can dream, can't he?

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hey Jim Morrison...I agree with you!