Jon Stewart Brings Solyndra Mainstream: "That Custom Tailored Obama Scandal You Ordered Is Finally Here"

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The biggest scandal to rock the White House since Bill Clinton needed a refresher on the definition of the word "the" has gone fully mainstream after Jon Stewart dedicated his segment last night to "That Custom Tailored Obama Scandal You Ordered." His summary: "Fox News call your doctor, because the erection you currently have is going to last longer than 4 hours." Spot on. One thing is missing, however: someone should advise Jon that the missing link, Goldman Sachs, is also, and quite naturally, involved.


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Comedy, bitchez!

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The man promised change and that is what your dollars are being replaced by.

What does change stand for - Come Help A N----- Get Elected!

Obama - just another black man asking for change.

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Meh, it's not a black or white thing, although that is what it will devolve(be guided?) into. This is about capitalists vs socialists, liberty and freedom vs tyranny and control. Don't buy into their bullshit. Most of the idiots that support either party were raised(conditioned) to be slaves. Is it their fault for not "waking up"? It doesn't matter. Kill a banker or a politician; don't incite the racial divide and conquer strategy. Instead of Klan and Panther brawls, the people must unite and slaughter the pigs that have raped our country and sold us and our children into debts that cannot be repaid. Gut them like the swine that they are and leave the carcasses in the public square.

Fuck You Washington.


Side Note, Weekend Enlightenment:

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The Century of the Self -
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Robert Welch -
Eisenhower -

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"The custom-tailored scandal is FINALLY here"??!?

What about NBP? and Project Gunrunner? Those were/are huge scandals, Gunrunner is in some ways much bigger than Solyndra...

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@ Conrad

Thanks for the links. That Welch speech was interesting.


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While I hate Goldman, if it comes out that they were involved, watch the media bury it real fast.  This, unfortunately, may save Obummers ass once again.

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Any and all evidence found will disappear down some hole. It is being gathered up not to prosecute, but to be destroyed.

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Indeed, Gunrunner is much bigger.  But, too many elites involved in that one.  You'll just see tame scandals like this one break out.  Americans can handle croniism, but running guns to Mexico to kill off rival cartels, and secure drug-running into the US?  No way. 

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it's almost as outrageous as invading a country to prop up the world heroin trade 

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Indeed, Gunrunner is much bigger.  But, too many elites involved in that one.  You'll just see tame scandals like this one break out.  Americans can handle cronyism, but running guns to Mexico to kill off rival cartels, and secure drug-running into the US?  No way. 

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Buckaroo - that was my first thought too.  Project Gunrunner should be getting more attention.

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If Project Gunrunner ever got the press it deserved, a lot of high up people would be in jail. So it helps the White House to have this Solyndra scandal out front and center. They'll look like the jackasses they are, but no one will take a fall - except the taxpayer.

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But this one hits on jobs and stimulus. Two things Obama continues to tout. So although you are correct, public sentiment has not turned against the drug wars or the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan yet. Obvioulsy those issues are far more important than whether unemployment is near 10% because ending the war on drug and the foreign wars would shore up trillions of dollars which could be used to "stimulate" the economy via the private sector. But Americans are too stupid to realize this.

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Meh, it's not a black or white thing, although that is what it will devolve(be guided?) into.

You got it right off the top, then got side tracked... much (most?) of the vitriol against the President is of course racism, and the worst kind. It's being used by corporate and right wing political strategists in a shameful game of stoking the latent racism in so many on the right (to be absolutely clear... non racists using racist inuendo for personal gain).

It's the cynical use of the race bating, through the planted personal attacks, that is most incidious... hard to believe, but there was a time political differences were expressed without the intellectually bankrupt personal attacks (Bush was attacked for his actions, not his ethnic background).

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You are the one getting sidetracked, shill.

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Borking started with the Dems. He would have been a great Supreme Court Justice.

Is it racist to say I cant stand people looking for a government handout?

Is it racist to say I will vote for any nondemocrat nonobama candidate because I cant stand his views?

Is it racist to say he got a mostly free ride from the media in the vain hope this would lead to a permanent improvement in race relations?

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Obama got elected for a few reasons, number ONE he was Black,(94% of African Americans voted for him,and it damned sure wasn't because his experience and records were checked) number TWO GW Bush Jr. was radioactive,and the people were sick of his ass,and the GOP.

And number THREE, he was an eloquent,young, charismatic, intelligent speaker,and folks love gifted orators (esp when they use teleprompters).

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I dinged you for your "intelligent" comment.

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"This was the moment--that the rise of the oceans began to slow"

what were you thinking america?..oh yeah, design star. F***ing dumbasses

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May I remind the destinguished LaLiLuLeLo that most of the world believed that Obama was going bring change the world could believe in?

1)The Smell of Sulphur Has Been Replaced By Smell of Hope


2)It's a very good speech and I welcome it – it marks a great change. It is better for the Muslim world to help Obama because we need the change. America needs to treat the Muslim world as a friend, and not an enemy. Especially here on the ground.


3)France anxiously looked with the rest of the world to the United States yesterday as the country prepared to finally decide the new President. As one of the world’s biggest supporters of the President-elect, more than 80% of the French people were in support of Obama.


4)At parties across the UK, thousands of people watched television coverage of Mr Obama being sworn into office.


5)Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki declared a public holiday Thursday in the country of Obama's late father, allowing celebrations to continue through the night and into a second day.


6)A leader of Iraq's centuries-old black community, Jala Dhiyab, says Obama's win signals the start of a new way of thinking and tears down the psychological and social barriers that prevent people from achieving their goals.


7)Karzai said he hopes the election will "bring peace to Afghanistan, life to Afghanistan and prosperity to the Afghan people and the rest of the world." He applauded America for its "courage" in electing Obama.


8)"Your victory has demonstrated that no person anywhere in the world should not dare to dream of wanting to change the world for a better place," Mandela said in a letter of congratulations.


9)Hundreds of students at Barack Obama's old elementary school in Indonesia cheered and danced in the rain Wednesday after learning of his victory.


10)Steps from Rio de Janeiro's famous Copacabana Beach, police officer Emmanuel Miranda declared that a "new day has dawned in America."


11)"It's the beginning of a different era in the U.S.," said Miranda, 53. "The United States is a country to dream about, and for us black Brazilians, it is even easier to do so now."


12)In Grenada, shouts of "Obama, Obama, Obama" could be heard around midnight local time when people began to realize who had won the election.

etc.. etc.. etc..

I didn't believe in his crap anymore then all the Presidents before him in my life time.  Now, if you feel so inclined to blame Americans why don't you start with the MSM and we can work backwards from there around the world!

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seems like EVERYTHING is about race.  Raycism is the most significant issue that has EVER faced's even bigger than the Toba Eruption.

Why?  Because jews in the media say so.  And people swallow that shit up.

madddmaxxx's picture

Well said, I rarely agree with 100% of any post, but I think you got it right on

anony's picture

99% of Jews voted for him as well. 

And they are all going to vote for him again, no matter what he does or doesn't do between now and the election.

All he needs is another 11% of the voting public in key states and he's back in for another term.

The election of 2012 is already over.

Everything else from here on in is just conversation.


Diogenes's picture

Obama got elected on the ABB vote - Anybody But Bush. A stuffed dummy could have won for the Dems in 08.

SRV - ES339's picture

Free ride... rotflmfao!

btw, your views are the product of the actions I was talking about... and "Borking" is a term coined in the same mindset that uses racism for personal gain... this president can't even make the changes in his administration you and your friends clamour for because the Tea Party controlled congress would block any and all replacements... great way to run a country!

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<---  I think HuffPo is that way.

Rodent Freikorps's picture


He could fill any gaps the same way he filled the NLRB with marxists.

Recess appointments.

trav7777's picture


Got it yet?  ANYTHING you do that is something that is anti-liberal or in opposition or not to the benefit of any black is RAYCISS.

If a black person interacts with you and does not get what they want, YOU BEEZ RAYCISS.

Figure it out yet, YTs?

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Why can't I junk this piece of crap? 

fuu's picture

There is a bug for posts that start with itallics.

pslater's picture

"Bush was attacked for his actions, not his ethnic background."

And so is Obama.  Incompetency knows no race or religion.

WeeWilly's picture

SRV, charging racism means you don't have to respond to negative scrutiny of O's policies. "You're just racist" is a simplistic response devoid of empirical merit. I can't stand O's policies and am in no way a racist. Get off that bent and start dealing in policy, not painting critics with a broad unproven brush.

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abbreviated:  "nigga, pleeze"

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Obama says his Government should "look like America" ! Monedas 2011 says the Government should "think like America" ! Who's hung up on skin color ?

JW n FL's picture



Conrad Murray ,

I would like to take the time to say... Thank You! You Sexxy Mother Fucker!!

Lets String ALL! those scumbags up by their Balls!

Tar and Feather Night never, EVER! sound sooooooo fucking good!

Sorry.. I go a little excited there..

But know this America! We Are Coming!!

God Bless You and Yours!

Shell Game's picture

I gots plenty of tar and hemp rope. Let's do this thing!

nantucket's picture

who, whoa, whoa, can't just go around doing the gutting and hanging thing

anony's picture

You apparently don't know the very first tenet of Gutting and Hanging:

Do it, but just Don't get caught", is all you need to know.

A Vigilante system, potent enough to strike real real fear into their black hearts is the only thing that the cowards protected at the top of, say, 85 Broad, will understand. 

You watch a few of them disappear in pieces, separated while they live, A la Dexter, and then heaped on a pile of lime on 42nd street and see how fast this plutocratic ruling triumvirate (MSM, Government, Financial Firms) straightens its ass out.

Dental Floss Tycoon's picture



I have spent most of my life believing that the John Birch Society was comprised of a bunch of kooks, and that Robert Welch was the head kook.  That's what the media told me so I never looked deeper.  This one video has made me change my mind about Robert Welch.  His predictions in 1958 make him seem like a prophet.


In case some of you mised it you can find it here:




Shell Game's picture

Hear, f*'king, hear, Conrad.

NoClueSneaker's picture

Hehehe - me thinks Tyler said everything - ... GS ....


barkingbill's picture

if you ask me its not even about that. its about a fake corrupt tool of special interests who can read telepromters well. dick perry will be even worse. i have no hope for america at all, unless ron paul or someone without the special interests and with integrity could make it in. so basically i have zero hope. by in large, the people of america are not sophisticated enough it seems to avoid being manipulated like little children. thats the way it seems. 

Zedge Hero's picture

It's above Obama, he's a puppet at best, It's the FED and their Big Banksters Buddies in Europe and the army of presstitutes- Bastards-arrgghh


Heres the 1.2 trillion in other loans besides the 16 trillion and 700 billion TARP-Bailout faitigue or just the public unaware?

JW n FL's picture



Yes.. Obama is a Cog in the Wheel.. Obama continued down the EXACT SAME PATH AS Bush.. and whoever takes his place will continue down Obama's PATH (or the secret service will stand down and that person not following the path will have his head blown APART! by a 6.5 Grendel).

Call it 'Voter Capture"? "Sheepish Consumer Capture"? Flouride in the Water (and everything else) Dumbed Down Idiot American Capture"? You get the picture.

and for all of you people to fucking stipid to grasp these facts.. go fucking shoot yourself and all the stupid little cockroaches that you bred into existance.

tarsubil's picture

Dividing people by race helps the oligarchs.

JW n FL's picture



the only real divides are socio-economic and those divides are holding..

People who dont have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.. want to be in the tax free crowd, they like the idea.. so they support the robbery of themselves and thru selfish, greedy dreams of grandeur' they are controled!



They dont have Billion Dollar Lobbies...

and! if there are any members of "We the People" that want to live by the rules of the Jungle? "Only the Strong Survive" I openly invite them ALL! to move to Africa!

Beucase America will not be run by Animals and Americans will not be treated like Animals and if YOU want to live like an Animal! I know there are more than a Few People who would happily destroy the Mad Dog Crowd.

So.. you want Austerity.. You want the Constitution ONLY! Laws! and benefits? or more like you want ONLY! the Poor and week to suffer.. Corporations can continue to rob America for 10 times more money than the U.S. Military Costs fighting how many wars?

never mind I just remebered how fucking stupid 99% of you are and why no amount of truth will help.. no amount of educating these idiots will bare fruit, EVER!


Freddie's picture

Seniors and baby boomers are going to get so screwed by the Kenyan muslim - especially of they are white.  TV is what is used to control the sheep.  All the networks are the same.

JW n FL's picture



you seem to be catching on Freddie, good for you and good for us that yet another person has fond the truth..

DO NOT!! FORGET!!! if you are not sharing the truth in a way that helps gain support against the idiots in Washington.. then you are NOT!! Helping solve the Problem.. see senior'?

God Bless! and Good Luck!!