JPM Cuts Q3 GDP Forecast From 3% To 2%

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So it starts.

"Taking down the US growth projection has almost become a summertime ritual, and in keeping with tradition we are shaving our 2012 GDP outlook (Q4/Q4) from 2.3% to 2.1%. Over the first five months of the year the labor market has steadily lost momentum and we are now confronted with a global growth slowdown which will provide a further headwind to the economy. As such, we are taking Q3 growth from 3.0% to 2.0%, with much of the downward revision accounted for by an expectation that the pace of export growth will slow. We are leaving our Q4 forecast unchanged at 2.0%, though there are downside risks to that quarter as the fiscal uncertainties could weigh on the economy. One thing we are not changing is our Q2 growth projection, which we still see as coming in around 2.5% with only modest downside risks. The exercise of adding up current quarter indicators has received support from today's April real consumption number, which gives a firm start to consumer spending for the quarter. Below is our revised forecast table."

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Revisions, bitchez!

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WHO WANTS MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

- The President of the United States of America, Barack H. Obama, June 1st, 2012

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gold decoupling from oil

KSA is dumping all oil and going ALL IN into gold.

GDP == Grand Demoturd Party

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The Mostly-gay Mainstream Media in America is not going to be happy about this.

JPM MUST BE RASSISS!! They are only doing this to harm a black man, the Messiah Obama!

Ya, that's the ticket!

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JPM, slow as usual.  I posted hit to GDP after ISM export/import numbers came out...............but oh yeah, they have to run it thru their model......what a joke.

Fri, 06/01/2012 - 10:18 | 2483929 ihedgemyhedges

Vote up!

Vote down!


Imports flat, exports number big drop.  Dollar strength going to tank GDP...............

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You just have to run it through the JPM translator app.  It comes out like this.

We've fully established our short positions based on inside information from the Federal Reserve White House lobbying syncophant muppets, and are ready to front-run you on the way down, so please sell all you can so that we can legally steal some more of your money.  Have a great weekend!

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Who could have seen this coming?

Our man in Amsterdam.........Tyler. That's who.

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Bold call there JPM ... really going out on a limb with that one ...

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I'm feeling some kind of market crushing headline after the bell today-something like that S&P downgrade like on that Friday last August.

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...and i am thankful for the return of the red headed t shirt girl.....

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All I'm getting are computer components for ads. Time to clean dirty up my cookies. :>)

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"...the pace of export growth will slow."

Short CAT and JOYG

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Hindsight is 20/20

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Fuck JPM! Wesbury said this bitch is #plowhorsing in April. Must be true. I just can't figure out the red numbers in he unrealized loss column next to all the alphadex ETFs I bought on account of his bullishness.

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"As such, we are taking Q3 growth from 3.0% to 2.0%, with much of the downward revision accounted for by an expectation that  jpm will be the first bank failure."

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Looks okay-ish when you say from 3% to 2%.

But when you see that as a 33% contraction, it leaps out and bites you on the nose.

Especially when the numbers and fluffed and fudged anyway.


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Mark Hulbert says not to worry, this is just a normal correction and stocks will rebound:


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'Bull market' which was created by what, ramming home hot trillions while everyone lived in delusion?

Not gonna happen...unless they were to pump in about $4 trillion dollars minimum then the whole thing blows up like the space shuttle Challenger.

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I had a discussion with a friend the other night at dinner (who is just in the beginning phases of 'catching on' ~ government contractor, go figure)... Story goes like this...


She acknowledges all the irregularities, but makes a summary call that if this stuff has been going on for several years (as I'd explained), how come things haven't collapsed and seem to be doing fine? TPTB must be doing pretty good at averting a disaster right? RIGHT?

I explained... The best way to describe it is like a scene in some movie where there is a crazed killer or wild animal charging at you at full speed (this is all happening in slow motion on the screen)... You've already pumped several high calibre rounds into the zombie, & for all intentes & purposes, it's clinically dead, but it's kinetic motion is still carrying it forward... In all likelihood (as it always happens in the movies), the zombie will finally come to a rest at your feet... Whereby, panic turns into relief... Then, when you're suitably calm, a final adrenaline fueled, electric impulse will surge through the already dead body just as you're bending down to take a closer look...

Something like that... (so if you have friends & family who still need some splainin' ~ that's the best francis_sawyer can offer)...

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Pretty good.

I usually just say. If you can't see what I happening already you will be fine. Don't worry about a thing!

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I really wouldn't be surprised if the market rallies.  I also wouldn't be surprised if it continues to tank.  Valuations just don't matter in Bizzaro world.

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yes, but the P no longer stands for "product" but rather "propaganda"

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I still think their Q2 projection is too high.


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They simply missed minus sign.

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2% Still that high?

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That's after all creative accounting, assuming best scenario.

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When is zh going to publish the story about how obama needs to create xxx,xxx amount of jobs by his second term to return to normal?



SheepDog-One's picture

I think ZH's numbers around 300,000 jobs a month needed thru ObaMao's imaginary 2nd term to return to 2009 levels.

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Looks like somebody rolled snake eyes.  Aww, fuck it its friday. weeeeeeeeeee!

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Forget GDP, what's JPM's revision to the "2 Billion" they lost? Inquiring minds want to know, isnt it at this point their fiduciary obligation to disclose it it, if it is much larger? Wait what am i saying, of course they will just hide it off balance sheet.

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I think our problems may be over boys! These guys are refuckulating the space modulator and have made contact with space bailouters!

Trailer Park Boys - Commander Bubbles - YouTube

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I'm not sure JPM have enough credibility anymore for ZH to be posting their reports.

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Try 0.5% with fudging included.

JPM is just trying not to piss off the SEC by not doing an Egan-Jones "tell it like it is".

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Margin Stanley raises the odds for a QE print job by 30bps to 80 % !! Rumor du jour.

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Who is making the killing on treaury's at this point.  China, Japan? 

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The FED and Treasury because debt doesn't matter, unless you are an individual and owe taxes.

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People who realize there is still a price component to treasuries and not just "negative real yields". That would leave out most on ZH.

I think Dr. Engali has been consistent on a sub 1 TNX but I can't think of any t bond bulls besides him here.

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You want revisions? Got your revisions right here Sparky:

The jig is up if ever an angel finds out about your lying ways. Especially an angel with 4 trillion computational units stuffed into her t-shirt. You think she won't pull the trigger? Hell yeah she will. It's Miller Time! as little Fortran pops open several gates of voltaic Hell in pursuit of the truth. 

Only at Zerohedge.

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Well hell, originally they were only off by 1%. No wonder they get the big money.


And did Diamond find the missing $2B. Because Corzine just said he didn't know where it went -- and that excuse seemed to work.

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Wow! Inflation-adjusted GDP change is negative again. What a surprise!

And the 2% nominal GDP growth is B.S. anyway: