JPM Releases Trading Forecast - Expects 30% drop in Q3

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In a brief moment of bumility, JPM's masters of the universe admit, well, they are not. The firm sees markets revenue -30% from Q2 2011, sees lower asset management revenues, expects a modest loss in private equity, and will recognize additional litigation expenses. Overall corporate net income is expected to be a small loss.


Market reaction predictable enough in this crazy world - JPM stock rallies from 1-2.5% (and CDS -2bps) which is better than broad financials at +1.3%.

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JPM being rewarded for their honesty.. The market creams itself anytime Dimon speaks.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Dimon is an amazing God-like individual in the opinion of Wall St experts. I mean, his bank took 25B against their will to protect the financial system. Patriot and hero of his generation no doubt.

malikai's picture

Proof that they are truly making sacrifices to save us all. God bless the Morgue!

jcmjr's picture

What an arrogant fuck!!


Quinvarius's picture

I have noticed that when Dimon starts crying about something, the market begins imploding.  He is the new Obama.

Shineola's picture

So, silver can rise now?

GeneMarchbanks's picture

No, it goes on sale in 3... 2...

Cdad's picture

And some other criminal syndicate Wall Street bank just upgraded the shares.  Makes perfect sense, since the algo of the day is unwind shorts on banks and sell gold.  The only signal you need to search for today is the reverse of that stupidity.

Everything else is simply cover, confusion, Ponzi, or what have you.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

SWAG: I think we run to 1174ish (ES) and then roll over.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Tomorrow we go over 1200 because of... you guessed it: EUROBONDS. System is fixed, go back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Cdad's picture

I'd really, really like someone to explain this market's absolute obsession with consumer discretionary stocks.  The price action in this group simply represents stupidity squared.  

I have a theory...but would really be curious to hear opinions on this curious matter.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

I think it's because the only "investing" going on these days is done by people who have no concept of how something should be priced, nor do they care.  If you ask what fair value is they'll give you a blank stare.  Ref: CMG msg board.

Cdad's picture

Yeah, but CMG is not moving on retail trading.  Those shares move on a consistent and tenacious matched lot trading scheme.  You can see it every day, especially in the morning.  In fact, it is so obvious, that even a Jr. SEC intern could see it...if she chose to.

But that isn't what I am talking about.  I'm talking about the constant pumping of this entire group [less the out of favor names] on a daily basis and by criminal syndicate Wall Street analyst community.  But maybe you are right...maybe that gig is simply pumping stocks that average Joe knows...but then again the problem with that is...average Joe is nowhere near this market, so what would the point be?

Very curious.  As the greater American Depression rolls on unabated, Wall Street bids....SHOPPING!  

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Entirely plausible. Remember, we are at the end of a Ponzi so now it's just about shoving people into the scheme. Who cares that you're an Ethiopian teenager without a clue about finance, get in there and buy some stock!

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Market creams on "the people" evertime Dimoney speaks



malikai's picture

Luring suckers in on the short side to get slaughtered by the Benocidal put.

alien-IQ's picture

naturally, with that news, the stock is now 2.62% higher...and climbing...because....fuckit...just because.

Dumpster Fire's picture

At some point, the counter-intuitive will become so ingrained as to appear rational.  Just a matter of perspective I guess.

youngman's picture

Now that is a very big cut...30%....I bet there are some pink papers being printed right now...job cuts...but of course only after Obama can short sell them can they announce......

Raymond Reason's picture

Dimon was just on TV three weeks ago bragging about how they are building 50 new Chase branches in Cali.  So the new focus must be on overdraft fees as bread and butter. 

Cdad's picture

I nominate J. Dimon to lead the Lear jet exodus.  Any moment now...bankers flying off to nonextradition countries.

Holding my breath and praying...for the Republic's sake.

malikai's picture

When this is all said and done, there will be nowhere for them or their families to hide.

Rainman's picture

It's all bullshit...small loss my ass. They'll be BTE on loan loss reserve tinkering. We've seen this movie before.

youngman's picture

Yes they are all talking to Bernanake and Geitner...planning the next bailout....I mean why is Geitner in Europe today????  Makes one wonder....did he need a fresh Toblerone chocolate bar....NOT

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CNBC finally "broke" this story, only 1 hour 20 minutes after ZH. A good example of why I love this site.

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