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Supreme Court Judge Bars Protesters From Zucotti Park, Denies Restraining Order

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Not quite the outcome expected by the shower-impaired crowd:


So... now what?


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Tue, 11/15/2011 - 17:49 | 1880368 Temporalist
Temporalist's picture

Aww fuck...where I am going to sleep now?

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 17:52 | 1880383 Long-John-Silver
Long-John-Silver's picture

Your Parents locked you out of their basement while you were protesting?

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 17:55 | 1880403 Pladizow
Pladizow's picture

CNBC just reported they could stay in park, but with NO tents?

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 17:58 | 1880415 Temporalist
Temporalist's picture

Oh good...I'll get my cardboard box out of hock and wrap myself in newspapers that have the headlines "Hope and Change" on them and sleep on the benches.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:30 | 1880581 redpill
redpill's picture

The police state will let you have your protest fun for awhile, but eventually the jackboots and batons get impatient.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:33 | 1880605 Gringo Viejo
Gringo Viejo's picture

Refer to George Carlin's "The American Dream" for a brief tutorial.

It's ALL bought and paid for...............

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 19:56 | 1880896 Silver Bully
Silver Bully's picture

I believe the phrase is: 'it's a big club . . . and YOU AIN'T IN IT!'

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:30 | 1880966 wanklord
wanklord's picture

PROVEN FACT: OWS protesters -and by extension the American populace- are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and most important, EASY TO SUBDUE.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 21:33 | 1881087 knowless
knowless's picture

I explain this to people constantly; we want things to go peacefully, we, the movement, would like to avoid a bolshevik style knockdown knife in the night revolution, but if you won't deal with us, the peaceful ones, who can tell the masses to stand down as long as we can make any progress for the people, then you will have to deal with them on their terms, those who see any wealth as an affront to their suffering, they are indiscriminate in their rage, we would like to not see them pushed to the point where they express it.


We are not controlled opposition, we are merely attempting to mitigate and facilitate dialogue between the masters and the masses, so that our society does not have to feel the suffering once more, as it has so many times before.


occupy, unify.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 22:20 | 1881218 OneEyedJack
OneEyedJack's picture

The OWS crowd was useful to TPTB for a while.

It is the class war that one political party needed desperately .

It was to be used to "save " one job    B.H.O.

But then something happened, the media started reporting Rapes, Drug Use, Riots, Molotov cocktails, people shitting on the street.

This did not look good for TPTB

The one thing that is not under their control is what the occupiers actually do on a day to day basis.

So, It has been decided that,  This time for using these "useful idiots"

is finished.


Tue, 11/15/2011 - 22:38 | 1881280 WonderDawg
WonderDawg's picture

You're almost right, but almost right means wrong. TPTB infiltrated the movement, instigated the bullshit that the media is reporting, and got you to buy into it. There is no question that TPTB do not want a populist uprising, and they will go to any extreme to marginalize it, with the help of the MSM, their PR machine. And now, they can use this to justify the bullshit police state tatics that are now being used. This scenario is plain to see when you look closely at who ultimately benefits by creating division within a populist movement in order to maintain the status quo. Who would that be?

The guys pulling the levers on the machine aren't stupid, they're sociopaths. Once you understand that, the rest makes perfect sense.

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 00:07 | 1881562 blunderdog
blunderdog's picture

You guys are all totally just pawns of TPTB whenever you're talking about how other guys are like temporarily useful to the TPTBs because those guys really are in control over everything.

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 00:40 | 1881646 jeff montanye
jeff montanye's picture

the people knowless is talking about will have to defeat the ones to whom wonderdawg refers.

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 03:18 | 1881841 Milton Waddams
Milton Waddams's picture

Smelly hippy is the wrong tact, Durden.  While many in the movement are indeed Trustafarians (that is-priveledged youth in search of meaning) and other hangers-on or simply lost souls; the implied denigration of the movement is inconsistent with Durden's normalized goals.  OWS is Anonymous; there are no leaders, no objective, no plan... purposefully.  

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 11:14 | 1882609 Cole Younger
Cole Younger's picture

Nothing, or at least a very few things, gets resolved in a peaceful manner. OWS is a waste of time and energy. Half the people have no clue what they are protesting for, the other half that have a idea are splintered factions and are not on the same page. The message is...there is no clear message....Just a number of people who have no clue...Civil disobedience and violence does work (i.e. Rodney King, Civil Rights, Vietnam War, etc.) however, it will not work in this case as the message is convoluted. The protestors need to get their act together or go home. The longer they stay, the more stupid they look.


The protestors need to state a clear "subject" and be prepared to riot about it. This peaceful crap sends the wrong message to the government if you are serious. If you are not willing to get violent, then your cause is not worth it so pack up and leave. Either Let the cops and the government know loudly that violence will be met with violence or you lose. The protestors outnumber the police 10:1. One violent massive surge toward the police line and they will run with their tails between their legs. You will not only occupy Wall Street, you will take it over at least temporarily. My advice though is to go home. None of the protestors are willing to sacrifice for this convoluted cause so you are wasting your time.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:34 | 1880610 NoClueSneaker
NoClueSneaker's picture

JP Morgue want some action for the buck they spent on NYPD. They payed a gig - humble 4.6 Millions of $$$ ....

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 21:23 | 1881069 Carlyle Groupie
Carlyle Groupie's picture

The Harvard boys are getting some mileage out of it with some sexy and well tailored tee shirts.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 22:22 | 1881228 JW n FL
JW n FL's picture



Not quite the outcome expected by the shower-impaired crowd:

Good, now let's hope they learn how to pull the trigger of some type of fire arm.. and stand up for their rights. LULZ!

40 - 50 Years of Talking got us here today!

But Protesting, Camping and Consensus Building Among Talking Talkers was and / or is going to fix anything?

Wake me when the fighting starts.



Koch Bro's got all jiggy wiff da tea faggers..

and the Liber-nazi's got all P.C. on the Occupy Wall Street Gang of Hippy's!


But ya know I haven't seen any PIGS fuck with Occupy Phoenix and in Baltimore the Police Union is smart enough to know their retirement funds drop $300+ Million in 3 months and $1.2 Billion on the year.

The funny part of it all is when you talk to most PIGS and ask them about the market going down and them losing hundreds of millions in cold hard cash (we won't discuss the printing Open Market Operations).. they all say the same thing.. DUUUHHHHHHHHH, which way did he go George which way did he go.

I think that some of these dumb fuck PIGs could walk into a Bank that had just been robbed.. and someone could tell them that the market was down.. that's why how the $1.2 Billion walked out of the Bank.. it evaporated because of the dumb money sentiment. LULZ!!

physical money evaporates from stocks all day every day..

Magic Even!


Sat, 11/19/2011 - 03:04 | 1893653 knowless
knowless's picture

Occupations are a place for people to find others of a like mind and organize independently thereof or within, the physical location is important as a central hub of ideas, but the change that comes out of the movement will not be from some central leadership, but instead through people making connections with others who are prepared to act for a cause which they can agree upon a course of action for.


40-50 years of talking has awakened many folks, but many of them might not as of yet have had the opportunity to meet.


The occupations are a place for people of all types to come and discuss, so that they can determine together the course of action which they feel best addresses the problems which we all mutually face.


I agree; talk is cheap, but a free place to talk, especially in the atmosphere which has been created in our nations cities, is invaluable.

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 01:22 | 1881731 c'mon man
c'mon man's picture

The White Shoe boys got Celente for 6 figures with the MF takedown:

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 02:36 | 1881790 i-dog
i-dog's picture

He's been on enough shows with Keiser and others to know that holding paper is -- at some unspecified time ... that "nobody could have foreseen!" -- a loser's game. I've no sympathy for him.

Everyone playing the paper markets at the moment is playing in a rigged casino with an H-bomb set to go off in the basement at any time. The Squid and the Morgue know when the timer is set for, but very few others do.

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 08:56 | 1882071 Ranger4564
Ranger4564's picture

What people won't admit to themselves is that incidents like MF Global failures or Paulson Funds failures in investments are not accidental... the funds are intentionally losing the investors monies so that the investors are impoverished and the money is transferred to the GS / JPM trust.  Whether that's by directing people to fraudulent investments or by investing on their behalf, or by bankrupting a comany, all result in the same general loss by investors.  This is the other side of the collapse I always warned about... no one will be spared, so it's easy to point and laugh at the losers, until you're a loser too, and everyone that is not an oligarch will be a loser.  What, someone didn't write an article linking 1 + 1 = 2 for you?

I have no hope for humanity.  In fact, after reading the bile posted throughout this article / comments section, I've no desire to help any of you when TSHTF. 

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 10:41 | 1882487 i-dog
i-dog's picture

Exactly. They're draining the swamp and there will be a lot of stunned fish flapping around and gasping for water when they've finished.

The drainage pumps have now been turned up to 'max'!

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:35 | 1880618 marsdefIAnCe
marsdefIAnCe's picture

Those pesky slaves were getting hip to the CIA agents on the steering committee:


and even scarier, starting to realize that OBAMA BIn laDEN is in the White House:

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 02:43 | 1881802 AldousHuxley
AldousHuxley's picture

Obama = top 0.1%

Bush = top 0.1%

Osama Bin Laden = top 0.1%

Romney = top 0.1%



they are elites playing games with your lives.

Sat, 11/19/2011 - 03:13 | 1893665 knowless
knowless's picture


Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:04 | 1880919 Hacked Economy
Hacked Economy's picture

I originally supported OWS in its infancy, but after seeing the groups morph into dirty encampments filled with people who only yelled slogans and offered little in the way of true solutions, I became disenchanted with the whole thing.

The cause is still valid, so hopefully others who are more apt to provide real progress will take up the torch.  Get the unwashed pot-smokers out of the way and get some thinkers and doers in there.  Then I might give a thumbs up and provide support.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:15 | 1880936 Bring the Gold
Bring the Gold's picture

but after seeing the groups morph into dirty encampments


Yeah, co-intelpro, it's not like they took of their thinking caps in the 1970's...

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 21:31 | 1881083 marsdefIAnCe
marsdefIAnCe's picture

Oh please.  Those videos of people shitting that don't show anyones face can't possibly be staged.  Obviously the protesters enjoy being surrounded by human feces and have no interest in capturing such perps faces because they welcome them with open arms.


Pedophiles are no danger to society.  Nevermind Dyncorp running CPS and child prostitution rings.  That is for your benefit, you just might not be bright enough to see how.  The protesters that are more concerned about changing the country than a shower every three hours should really strike the fear of God into all Muslim hating Americans.  Move along now, cointelpro is not real.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:50 | 1881007 crawldaddy
crawldaddy's picture

have you learned anything?  Its the clean cut guy in the expensive suit you should be afriad of, he's out to screw you, not some hippie.

Fri, 11/18/2011 - 22:26 | 1893286 Hacked Economy
Hacked Economy's picture

All I've seen for weeks is yelling and marching.  The fury is there, and definitely warranted, but there's little direction.  Like a missile with one of its fins at a slightly off angle...lots of energy, but you don't know where it's going because it doesn't know itself exactly where it's going.

The only "manifesto" I've seen published by any of the OWS factions denounced capitalism and expoused socialism.  If that's what the OWS is morphing into, then I don't want any part of it.

But if what I saw was only representative of a portion of the OWS movement, and there's a different goal in mind, then what would that be?  I also want things to change in the politico-Wall Street fiasco, but without a clear direction or proposal of legitimate solutions, I'm afraid the OWS will remain perceived as a potential source of riots and nothing else.

I'm just saying...where's the leadership (or spokesperson) of OWS?  What are the official goals of the movement?  As of now, I don't see anything that would warrant my support.  Show me something concrete so I can make an informed decision...don't just give my comment a negative rating and disappear, then act like you're oh-so-superior.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 22:30 | 1881257 mtomato2
mtomato2's picture

Well stated.  They are doing the right thing the wrong way.  It doesn't end well at all the direction it's heading.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 17:58 | 1880416 john39
john39's picture

how orwellien...  you can "stay" if you want, that is your right...  but, you can't have anything that would keep you warm...  smell the freedom.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:12 | 1880488 Temporalist
Temporalist's picture

Smells like FRNs.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:21 | 1880538 Hedge Fund of One
Hedge Fund of One's picture

Since Zucotti Park is private, they have the right to protest somewhere else. The rights of park owners were trampled by both OWS and Bloomberg who allowed them to over-stay.


Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:22 | 1880543 Fukushima Sam
Fukushima Sam's picture

You know it's the Fourth Turning when the park owners are not trying to turn this into a money-making opportunity.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:33 | 1880606 Temporalist
Temporalist's picture

"I proteseted at Zuccotti Park and all I got was this rash."

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:55 | 1880718 DoChenRollingBearing
DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Ha ha!  + 1

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:55 | 1880717 Panafrican Funk...
Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

Agreed.  They could have put up a farmers market and/or food trucks in exchange for daily or weekly rental fees.  It's really, really weird that they didn't do this.  

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 19:07 | 1880754 Fukushima Sam
Fukushima Sam's picture

Coin-operated outhouses would be a good one.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:27 | 1880568 Alea Iactaest
Alea Iactaest's picture

All part of the plan. Who starts an outside protest, with the idea of occupying *anything*, heading into winter? The whole point of the exercise is to put the protestors on the map for 2012. Wait until next summer, things will heat up. With any luck we'll only see curfews and not something more drastic. Either way, it should play right into the election come this time next year. Stay tuned...

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 19:57 | 1880900 Hedgetard55
Hedgetard55's picture

I read the OWS "demands". These vermin are fucking insane Commies who can't think their way out of a paper bag. Fuck them, they don't represent anything remotely good. Send in the tanks and make road kill out of ALL of them, we'll be better off.

No private property. No capitalism. Everyone works in a union. 6 hour work day. Blah blah blah... utopian crap a 13 year old could see is insane . FUCK THEM and all ZH posters that support them. FUCK YOU ALL.


Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:23 | 1880953 Bring the Gold
Bring the Gold's picture

Yeah good thinking chief. You must LOVE this guy, he agrees with you 110%:


relevant bit is at 1:49 and then throughout much of the film. You're seeing eye to eye with him now.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:46 | 1880994 Bring the Gold
Bring the Gold's picture

You also will like 4:20 onward. Good right thinking folks like you. What could go wrong with that sort of ideology?

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:28 | 1880960 o_rly
o_rly's picture

You have some anger issues bud. 

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:40 | 1880978 Bring the Gold
Bring the Gold's picture

Here's the real list of demands:

Funny I don't see the abolition of private property anywhere in there. I don't agree with them all, although many seem like good ideas (infrastructure, jubilee as we have already had it for the wealthiest [eg bailouts] then it just becomes a reset).

Some I question or think are naive, but really straight to brown shirt Fascism?! That's the solution?

Here I thought Fascism - in the merger of state and corproations (banks) sense of the word - was kind of the problem.

You want to ramp that up? TSA isn't enough setting up VIPR squads to feel up children? You want tanks in the streets that's gonna fix anything?

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 21:20 | 1881062 zorbathefreak
zorbathefreak's picture

Smoke another one, brah!

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 23:54 | 1881532 StychoKiller
StychoKiller's picture

Chicago 1968, V2.0 coming soon! :>D

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 08:03 | 1881988 therearetoomany...
therearetoomanyidiots's picture

Or, why have the election if the 'country is burning', we'll just call in the national guard aka military, suspend the elections to keep continuity and alas, Obama the Dictator is in place.   I can hear the news now, "There really isn't a good alternative anyway, people just agree, let's keep him in place."   


Then the muslims come in and 'forgive your debt', as they have done historically when they take over, as long as you accept Sharia. 


Hope and change!

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:53 | 1880705 Milestones
Milestones's picture

As I recall there was some quid pro quo for the "private park" as in the owner getting some zoning charge-off.     Milestones

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:52 | 1881011 crawldaddy
crawldaddy's picture

its privately owned PUBLIC SPACE.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 23:56 | 1881536 StychoKiller
StychoKiller's picture

double-plus good on ya fer knowin' yer Newspeak! :>D

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 19:50 | 1880876 topcallingtroll
topcallingtroll's picture

The law in its majesty prohibits both the rich and poor from sleeping under bridges.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 17:59 | 1880422 smlbizman
smlbizman's picture

so when did you need permission to start a revolution?

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:06 | 1880450 ForTheWorld
ForTheWorld's picture

Oh didn't you hear? Freedom ain't free. It costs more now with inflation.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:12 | 1880489 Irish66
Irish66's picture

We can't get a judge to put Sandusky and Corzine in jail


Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:15 | 1880505 DoChenRollingBearing
DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ 1

Great comment.  So true.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:26 | 1880565 Gohn Galt
Gohn Galt's picture

Are you talking about putting them in the same cell?  A romantic interlude. 

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:36 | 1880624 ragequit
ragequit's picture

justice is blind and has an aquired taste for cash

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:15 | 1880507 Danks18
Danks18's picture

Occupy Midtown Bitchez!!!

Dag Hammarskjold?

Robert Moses Playground?

If Bloomberg ain't listening, take it to the U.N.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 21:46 | 1881130 Nobody For President
Nobody For President's picture

Freedom has never been free.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:24 | 1880552 o_rly
o_rly's picture

Someone needs to teach these protesters to operate an AR15. These peaceful protests are like Waiting for Godot, and it's about time people learned it. 



Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:34 | 1880613 Island_Dweller
Island_Dweller's picture

They don't need AR15s.  They need a couple of million people.

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 01:00 | 1881697 Ranger4564
Ranger4564's picture

Exactly.  It's all Force, but you can use a very sharp object like a bullet and encounter similar force back, or you can blunt the force through a few million bodies, but there would be no comparable force back, because they don't exist in such numbers.  So they would use larger weapons until enough people were aghast about the slaughter that they came out to join the fallen millions.  With the number of assholes today, we'll need a few Billion protesters, but that is exactly what I wrote about today, trying to explain the movement.


OWS has no demands, but they have one request… Come Join US. That was and is the only message necessary, and I shouted those words because it makes sense. Come join us, and we'll determine the future, together. If you listen carefully to some of the protest march video's or if you were ever on the marches, that's what people would frequently say, Come join us.

Demands are the old paradigm, and have no place in the future.  And the problems of the world have been the result of actions… Very few injuries from the people who toss around words. People who are advocating the need for demands in the media outlets are people who are trying to get the movement to make a mistake so it can be crushed as naive, misguided, wrong, dumb, ridiculous, etc. So they can oppose the movement's demands. It's just people looking for something to oppose.

We are trying not to give them something to oppose, yet they strongly dislike us anyway, for having the courage to think for ourselves, to act independently of the cultural confines, to stand up bravely against the repression / fraud.  See, most people actually express envy and resentment as anger, not because we are a nuisance, but because we remind all of them that they are cowards, refusing to take the chance to think for themselves, to take the stance to stand for their own lives. 

Resist the propaganda, and resist the oppressors. Work together to build the future while we still can.


Wed, 11/16/2011 - 09:30 | 1882154 Mesquite
Mesquite's picture

Check out the song "For What It's Worth"

(from a few decades ago..)

I believe it was by the Buffalo Springfield...

Stay safe all..

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:35 | 1880619 XitSam
XitSam's picture

Is this the end where the bullet comes ou

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:34 | 1880614 XitSam
XitSam's picture

Do you have a permit for this revolution? No? Go to the third window, open from 1 to 3 on alternate Thursdays.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 19:35 | 1880843 zebra
zebra's picture

thumb up for you. but when was last time the revolution is without bullets and blood?

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 23:32 | 1881476 El Gordo
El Gordo's picture

No, they moved and left no forwarding address.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 21:16 | 1881056 Carlyle Groupie
Carlyle Groupie's picture

You know it's blowing up when the Stern Ba-ba-booey crew shows up.

Them jews are funny, no?

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:23 | 1880546 fightthepower
fightthepower's picture


Unarmed protests never work. Protests need to include an implied threat. Next time, bring an AK-47 or don't come at all.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:40 | 1880645 Rollerball
Rollerball's picture


Peacefully stop paying your income tax and you'll be putting your money where your mouth is. 

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:59 | 1880727 DoChenRollingBearing
DoChenRollingBearing's picture

No, find another way.  The IRS will come for your ass if you do not pay your (income) tax.  Do not fight the Big Rhino head on.  

Hide in the bushes.  Strike unexpectedly.  Flee.

Don't get yourself arrested by waving a red flag at .gov.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 23:22 | 1881440 merizobeach
merizobeach's picture

If you pay your taxes, you materially support the continuation of your wars and the inevitable manifestation of new conflicts.  Worse, you do it with full foreknowledge that your taxes will go to such a purpose.  The first point makes you guilty of material complicity in the genocides and other atrocities perpetrated with your enablement; the second point makes you morally culpable as well.  Blood on your hands, DCRB, and more with every further dollar you pay.

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 07:19 | 1881946 Ace Ventura
Ace Ventura's picture

Sigh. Another post treating the subject of taxes as if they are a choice. Once again, please DO TELL how one goes about 'peacefully not paying your taxes'. I see this suggested course of action pop up frequently, as if it's some sort of box you can check which magically allows you to 'opt out' of paying taxes.

Did YOU stop paying taxes? If so, how did you do it and avoid wage garnishment, courts, and/or prison? If not, then why suggest others do what you yourself aren't willing to do? Don't get me wrong, I WISH there was a way to withhold taxes from the beast. I just don't see how it can be done without the beast knocking on your door.

Reference:  Ed & Elaine Brown, Sherry Peel Jackson, and Wesley Snipes.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 19:03 | 1880744 goldfish1
goldfish1's picture

Stop using debit and credit. Use cash and checks only.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 19:04 | 1880743 calltoaccount
calltoaccount's picture


Published on Truthout (

This Is What Revolution Looks Like

by: Chris Hedges, Truthdig [3] | Op-Ed  


Welcome to the revolution. Our elites have exposed their hand. They have nothing to offer. They can destroy but they cannot build. They can repress but they cannot lead. They can steal but they cannot share. They can talk but they cannot speak. They are as dead and useless to us as the water-soaked books, tents, sleeping bags, suitcases, food boxes and clothes that were tossed by sanitation workers Tuesday morning into garbage trucks in New York City. They have no ideas, no plans and no vision for the future.

Our decaying corporate regime has strutted in Portland, Oakland and New York with their baton-wielding cops into a fool’s paradise. They think they can clean up “the mess”—always employing the language of personal hygiene and public security—by making us disappear. They think we will all go home and accept their corporate nation, a nation where crime and government policy have become indistinguishable, where nothing in America, including the ordinary citizen, is deemed by those in power worth protecting or preserving, where corporate oligarchs awash in hundreds of millions of dollars are permitted to loot and pillage the last shreds of collective wealth, human capital and natural resources, a nation where the poor do not eat and workers do not work, a nation where the sick die and children go hungry, a nation where the consent of the governed and the voice of the people is a cruel joke.

Get back into your cages, they are telling us. Return to watching the lies, absurdities, trivia and celebrity gossip we feed you in 24-hour cycles on television. Invest your emotional energy in the vast system of popular entertainment. Run up your credit card debt. Pay your loans. Be thankful for the scraps we toss. Chant back to us our phrases about democracy, greatness and freedom. Vote in our rigged political theater. Send your young men and women to fight and die in useless, unwinnable wars that provide corporations with huge profits.  Stand by mutely as our bipartisan congressional super committee, either through consensus or cynical dysfunction, plunges you into a society without basic social services including unemployment benefits. Pay for the crimes of Wall Street.

The rogues’ gallery of Wall Street crooks, such as Lloyd Blankfein at Goldman Sachs, Howard Milstein at New York Private Bank & Trust, the media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, the Koch brothers and Jamie Dimon at JPMorgan Chase & Co., no doubt think it’s over. They think it is back to the business of harvesting what is left of America to swell their personal and corporate fortunes. But they no longer have any concept of what is happening around them. They are as mystified and clueless about these uprisings as the courtiers at Versailles or in the Forbidden City who never understood until the very end that their world was collapsing. The billionaire mayor of New York, enriched by a deregulated Wall Street, is unable to grasp why people would spend two months sleeping in an open park and marching on banks. He says he understands that the Occupy protests are “cathartic” and “entertaining,” as if demonstrating against the pain of being homeless and unemployed is a form of therapy or diversion, but that it is time to let the adults handle the affairs of state. Democratic and Republican mayors, along with their parties, have sold us out. But for them this is the beginning of the end.

The historian Crane Brinton in his book “Anatomy of a Revolution” laid out the common route to revolution. The preconditions for successful revolution, Brinton argued, are discontent that affects nearly all social classes, widespread feelings of entrapment and despair, unfulfilled expectations, a unified solidarity in opposition to a tiny power elite, a refusal by scholars and thinkers to continue to defend the actions of the ruling class, an inability of government to respond to the basic needs of citizens, a steady loss of will within the power elite itself and defections from the inner circle, a crippling isolation that leaves the power elite without any allies or outside support and, finally, a financial crisis. Our corporate elite, as far as Brinton was concerned, has amply fulfilled these preconditions. But it is Brinton’s next observation that is most worth remembering. Revolutions always begin, he wrote, by making impossible demands that if the government met would mean the end of the old configurations of power. The second stage, the one we have entered now, is the unsuccessful attempt by the power elite to quell the unrest and discontent through physical acts of repression.

Truthout doesn’t take corporate funding - this lets us do the brave reporting and analysis that makes us unique. Please support this work by making a tax-deductible donation today - click here to donate. [4]

I have seen my share of revolts, insurgencies and revolutions, from the guerrilla conflicts in the 1980s in Central America to the civil wars in Algeria, the Sudan and Yemen, to the Palestinian uprising to the revolutions in East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Romania as well as the wars in the former Yugoslavia. George Orwell wrote that all tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but that once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force. We have now entered the era of naked force. The vast million-person bureaucracy of the internal security and surveillance state will not be used to stop terrorism but to try and stop us.

Despotic regimes in the end collapse internally. Once the foot soldiers who are ordered to carry out acts of repression, such as the clearing of parks or arresting or even shooting demonstrators, no longer obey orders, the old regime swiftly crumbles. When the aging East German dictator Erich Honecker was unable to get paratroopers to fire on protesting crowds in Leipzig, the regime was finished. The same refusal to employ violence doomed the communist governments in Prague and Bucharest. I watched in December 1989 as the army general that the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu had depended on to crush protests condemned him to death on Christmas Day. Tunisia’s Ben Ali and Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak lost power once they could no longer count on the security forces to fire into crowds.

The process of defection among the ruling class and security forces is slow and often imperceptible. These defections are advanced through a rigid adherence to nonviolence, a refusal to respond to police provocation and a verbal respect for the blue-uniformed police, no matter how awful they can be while wading into a crowd and using batons as battering rams against human bodies. The resignations of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan’s deputy, Sharon Cornu, and the mayor’s legal adviser and longtime friend, Dan Siegel, in protest over the clearing of the Oakland encampment are some of the first cracks in the edifice. “Support Occupy Oakland, not the 1% and its government facilitators,” Siegel tweeted after his resignation.

There were times when I entered the ring as a boxer and knew, as did the spectators, that I was woefully mismatched. Ringers, experienced boxers in need of a tuneup or a little practice, would go to the clubs where semi-pros fought, lie about their long professional fight records, and toy with us. Those fights became about something other than winning. They became about dignity and self-respect. You fought to say something about who you were as a human being. These bouts were punishing, physically brutal and demoralizing. You would get knocked down and stagger back up. You would reel backwards from a blow that felt like a cement block. You would taste the saltiness of your blood on your lips. Your vision would blur. Your ribs, the back of your neck and your abdomen would ache. Your legs would feel like lead. But the longer you held on, the more the crowd in the club turned in your favor. No one, even you, thought you could win. But then, every once in a while, the ringer would get overconfident. He would get careless. He would become a victim of his own hubris. And you would find deep within yourself some new burst of energy, some untapped strength and, with the fury of the dispossessed, bring him down. I have not put on a pair of boxing gloves for 30 years. But I felt this twinge of euphoria again in my stomach this morning, this utter certainty that the impossible is possible, this realization that the mighty will fall. 


Tue, 11/15/2011 - 19:51 | 1880878 Crab Cake
Crab Cake's picture

Time for forming peaceful armed militias. Million man shotgun march through DC.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 19:55 | 1880895 DoChenRollingBearing
DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ 1

What an excellent idea!  A million armed men marching in protest of the oligarchy and criminality found at the top...  Hats off, sir!

Nice seeing you around again Crab Cake.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:37 | 1880977 Crab Cake
Crab Cake's picture

Well... I've now been laid off for the third time since 2008, so I've got a little time. In case anyone wants to know Safety Kleen just laid off a couple hundred people.

I've tried really hard to just focus on my family's needs and unplug where I can, but we're on our last legs. My wife has only been able to find PT, we lost our house, and we've got only a few months to figure it out.

If we have to move in with family, I am seriously considering a career in revolution. My wife and I have good stable resumes, and degrees, btw. Hi I'm GenX, and I've been raped, and their eyeballing my kid.... grrrrr..... Not to mention Mr. BO couldn't even do the one thing people screamed at him to do in his fucking town halls, and end prohibition/drug war; at the very least on marijuana... At least then I'd feel better.

I am so angry. Leaving my family on some most likely doomed adventure to change the country, doesn't help my family in the immediate sense, but I am struggling to find meaning for my life and my son's future outside of this notion.

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 00:11 | 1881574 Alienated Serf
Alienated Serf's picture

crabz, good to see you around.

i'm sorry for all suffering.  good  people like you are the only hope for change. 

i too have been thinking that armed marches (in accordance with the law) would be a good idea.  that would wake people up.  i read up on the deacons for defense, they were armed and had a great impact.

hope things get better for you.


Tue, 11/15/2011 - 22:02 | 1881180 catacl1sm
catacl1sm's picture

Gun control laws are super strict in DC. you'd be breaking the law just by walking across the 14th st bridge with any firearm.

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 01:17 | 1881724 Ranger4564
Ranger4564's picture

So, just fire across the bridge.  Both problems solved.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:29 | 1880958 Don Birnam
Don Birnam's picture

"The vast million-person bureaucracy of the internal security and surveillance state will not be used to stop terrorism but to try and stop us."

In the first of the current series of Republican "debates," Representative Paul responded to a question pertaining to the proposed "security" fence for the border with Mexico. Representative Paul was in opposition, reminding the audience ( and his tone-deaf fellow candidates ) that such a fence can be used, "not just to keep 'them' out, but also to keep us IN."

Behold the "surveillance state." A grim, yet a propos term for what "America" has become in this young, yet turbulent, Century.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:50 | 1881005 Cheyenne
Cheyenne's picture

Thanks for the post. I emailed it to loved ones, which I next to never do.

I talked to Hedges once. He's a really pessimistic guy when it comes to the future of the U.S. I'm pretty pessimistic, but... he's the worst I've encountered.

For Christopher Hedges to write this--

"I have not put on a pair of boxing gloves for 30 years. But I felt this twinge of euphoria again in my stomach this morning, this utter certainty that the impossible is possible, this realization that the mighty will fall."

--is a rather stunning thing to encounter.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 17:49 | 1880370 Xibalba
Xibalba's picture


Tue, 11/15/2011 - 17:50 | 1880374 Temporalist
Temporalist's picture


Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:01 | 1880425 Danks18
Danks18's picture

Hon. Michael D. Stallman

Supreme Court, Civil Branch, New York County
80 Centre Street
New York, NY 10013
(646) 386-3738

Nice Face sell-out.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:17 | 1880519 waterhorse
waterhorse's picture

Nothing "Honorable" about him.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:31 | 1880587 o_rly
o_rly's picture

He looks like a Jew, and he went to Cardozo, so case closed.

Can't have the Jews have their interests hurt down in the financial district. So ol' Bloomie tapped one of his Jewish friends to shutdown the party.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:35 | 1880620 hyper-critical
hyper-critical's picture

People like you ruin the forum aspect of this blog.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:03 | 1880916 o_rly
o_rly's picture

Hey, don't shoot the messanger.

Bill Handel even admits, "My tribe controls Wall Street."

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 17:50 | 1880371 CORNGUY
CORNGUY's picture

I think most of them are going to grab a shower and then head to work.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 17:53 | 1880385 metastar
metastar's picture

What work? Are they commuting to China?

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:02 | 1880436 CORNGUY
CORNGUY's picture


Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:42 | 1880655 Rollerball
Rollerball's picture

Defusing the next fuse.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 17:50 | 1880373 tekhneek
tekhneek's picture

So... now what?

They get jobs?!

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 17:54 | 1880394 trollin4sukrz
trollin4sukrz's picture

Doing what? some menial task for 9 bucks an hour so they can get behind in their student loans and owe Uncle sam their very soul? The young people today bombarded with hyperbole about college really got a decent fvkin.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 17:59 | 1880420 tekhneek
tekhneek's picture

Damn. $9 an hour? They'd be lucky. I'm pretty sure that "measly" $9/hour is better than $0/hour.

But I guess that's what happens when you take out a $125,000 loan to major in Liberal Arts during a recession.


Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:03 | 1880441 metastar
metastar's picture

Well if the protesters were actually people (like banks and corporations) they wouldn't be protesting as they would be happy to receive endless handouts from the slave class.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 19:35 | 1880841 TheFourthStooge-ing
TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

"Supreme Court rules that people aren't corporations and have no rights."


Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:04 | 1880443 trollin4sukrz
trollin4sukrz's picture

as if "taking liberal arts" is the real problem. Are you an idiot or just some fucking asshole dipshit? Heartless whore that only cares about yourself and ya know what.. yes yes I have it YOU are the fvkin problem ya CUNT!

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:09 | 1880472 nmewn
nmewn's picture

Fuck you dickhead...Zucotti Park is private property anyways.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:17 | 1880516 Raymond Reason
Raymond Reason's picture

Okay, put up a sign: Nmewn Park on your front lawn. 

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:27 | 1880559 nmewn
nmewn's picture

Thats exactly what I thought about him.

If he supports OWS so much, put the sign up, rent the porta-potties, string the damn extension cords out of his house, on his property.

He can knock his self out...just don't impose the bullshit on others at others expense.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 19:44 | 1880866 Bobbyrib
Bobbyrib's picture

The Tea Party only like their own protest. Why do the middle and lower classes have rights anyway?

I agree they should have been booted from Zucotti Park, but it's complete and total bullshit that they can't take their tents to a public park. They have the right to Freedom of expression and the right of Freedom of assembly. I don't know how the city is getting away with denying these rights.

I also heard the city wouldn't allow the press in the area when the cops were breaking up their tent city on private property. Is there any truth in that?


Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:03 | 1880914 nmewn
nmewn's picture

"The Tea Party only like their own protest."

The TP is many different things to many different people...much as OWS wanted to be, I suppose. A majority never got past what OWS really meant though. Attacking corporations & bankers is not enough. The heart of it is right & wrong...and common law.

Law is made in DC. We can nibble around the edges and say lobbyists control DC (which has truth) but ultimately men & women of character will have to be placed in positions inside government to really change things.

Just because a bribe is offered it means nothing. It has to be accepted for the tyranny and deceit to continue.

"I also heard the city wouldn't allow the press in the area when the cops were breaking up their tent city on private property. Is there any truth in that?"

Thats my understanding of it as well. We are talking about Bloomberg here...a pandering Wall Street crony fascist of the first What did everyone expect?

This is the same guy who wants citizens guns and tells private restaurants in his city how much salt to use in their recipes...a complete control freak.

NYC deserves him ;-)

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:24 | 1880954 Bobbyrib
Bobbyrib's picture

IMHO, there is a lot more to protest than the laws. I do think corporate greed is destroying the country. I love to look at Walmart flounder in the current economy. If you think about it, they are a victim of their own success. The price of labor in China has gone up since a large manufacturing base has formed there and gasoline is higher (middle class lifestyle went from specifically Western civilization countries to developing nations). Now they're having trouble making earnings and their costs are rising. The Fed's money printing isn't helping matters either.

I think they should go to the source of the money, since they can't stop representatives from different parts of the country from coming together to institute law effecting the entire country and essentially screwing almost everyone over. The Tea Party wasn't necessarily successful in protesting in DC and they came together and found another way to bring about change (2010 election).

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 21:04 | 1881036 nmewn
nmewn's picture

"I do think corporate greed is destroying the country."

I don't know how to properly define greed at the corporate level...but trust me I can feel it. I think we're getting to the point where executive stock options should be banned. Diluting shareholders is wrong and so is printing an "alternative currency" on their labor for tax purposes while the commoner pays the full rates. We'll set aside the other negative aspect of Fed interventions to keep the "alternative currency" at par in this example.

"The Tea Party wasn't necessarily successful in protesting in DC and they came together and found another way to bring about change (2010 election)."

Oh I would disagree on its impact. A quarter million average Joes showing up on the Mall in DC had an impact. The anger was direct and focused. The TP took scalps from dims as well as rethugs in 2010. It is about fiscal sanity (at least for me).

Some of the main issues I had with OWS was its spokesmen and their disregard for law. & individual rights They had a confirmed marxist posting here (Ranger...something or other) on a regular basis. Whatever else America is or is is not marxist. And without law (the live and let live attitude) the predators came out of the woodwork to prey on OWS. Not just in NYC but everywhere. You can't allow the weak to fall victim to the strong just because you're "against the man". Thats not economic anarchy...its societal anarchy, Mad Max type shit. You, I and many here at ZH could probably survive (maybe even thrive) in that enviroment but most cannot. Its why governments are instituted among men.

To protect the weak among the commons...not help pillage them.

The left of center crowd had their chance to strut their stuff. It failed. The TP (the middle) is still there waiting for round two and still just as pissed as ever.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 21:33 | 1881086 Bobbyrib
Bobbyrib's picture

"Oh I would disagree on its impact. A quarter million average Joes showing up on the Mall in DC had an impact. The anger was direct and focused. The TP took scalps from dims as well as rethugs in 2010. It is about fiscal sanity (at least for me)."

To me it seemed like career politicians having their career end prematurely is what seemed to have awaken fiscal conservatism in some of the more senior members of the Republican Party (which was a good thing).


There is no doubt, the protestors for OWS were the wrong bunch to deliver the messages they were delivering. When I pointed it out to someone else though, they made a good point: 'who else is going to deliver those messages?' If you think about it, a bunch of unemployed deliquents, lazy college students, unemployed liberal arts majors, crazies, and people I can't really stereotype were the only ones available to deliver the message for this long. Anyone else would have had to go back to work. Would I quit my job to go protest? No. Would any normal person quit his/her job to protest? Probably not.

Let's hope the Tea Party goes on the hunt when next week's deadline passes without an agreement being reached. Less corporate greed and less government spending imho seem like it would be good for American society.

I believe in buying items made in America wherever we can afford to do so. It will strengthen our economy and our country. These FTA's are gutting our countries' economy and aren't free trade at all. We give too much away.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 22:11 | 1881196 nmewn
nmewn's picture

"To me it seemed like career politicians having their career end prematurely is what seemed to have awaken fiscal conservatism in some of the more senior members of the Republican Party (which was a good thing)."

Yes it is a good thing. It beats the alternative though. Blood & gore.

Most probably think it odd as to the avatar I choose to accompany my on-line name. It shouldn't be odd if they know me. It is to express my distrust of those we place in positions of responsiblity whether public or private. These people should guard themselves always against the wrath of the populace...if they cannot, they should leave before they damage themselves for they will find no comfort in their ill gotten gains "out here"...away from the protection we afford them previously.

"Let's hope the Tea Party goes on the hunt when next week's deadline passes without an agreement being reached."

It was doomed to failure from the start. Can kicking. Most competent people know this. As I understand it, no agreement means defense cuts...all well and good in the short run but after that the shreiks and howls of righteous indignation and the usual banter of starving people flopping down dead in the streets while talking on their subsidized cell phones will ensue with the heads of cops & firemen first to go to the axe of the executioner called austerity...even as the building boom of marble castles in the sky for DC continues.

Pure theater my

Take care.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 21:41 | 1881112 SystemsGuy
SystemsGuy's picture

If it weren't for the fact that the biggest backers of the Tea Party in its inception were the Koch Brothers, Fox News and ClearChannel, I'd almost agree with your analysis. The TP formed early on as a protest against the billionaire's club, but it very quickly became a vehicle for billionaires to have their very own "grassroots movement".

I've noticed that many who have been sympathetic to the #OWS movement are the disillusioned among the Tea Party, those people who woke up to the realization that their anger and frustration with the system - whether big government or big business (and ultimately, the problem is that these have become indistinguishable) - had become bought and paid for.

Yes, there are Marxists among the #OWS. There are union members and union organizers, and blacks and gays and women. Oh dear. How alarming. There are also veterans who were shat upon after Iraq an Afghanistan, who spent eight long, bloody years propping up a thinly disguised invasion only to come home to high unemployment, trimmed or eliminated veterans benefits that had been contractually promised to them, or come home with pieces of themselves missing defending Exxon's or BP's oil exploitation.

There are people with #OWS that probably thought like you did once upon a time, until they'd been their fourth job firing in three years, getting shit for "severance packages" while the CEO for their company walked away with tens of millions - money that could very easily gone into extending wages or improving the quality of the company, but instead usually went to "retaining top talent" - all those MBA graduates who wouldn't know a real business from a TV sitcom, but who happened to be well connected.

I've seen teachers there, award winning teachers who had the love and respect of their students and their community, let go because some slick MBA sold their school district a real deal of a Collateralized Debt Instrument, top tranche stuff made of the sausage bits of mortgages on titles that the issuing companies didn't even OWN, signed by the now mythical Linda Green.

The people that are out there occupying America are not doing it for their health, not doing it for a whim, not doing it because they have a masochist streak and like getting bludgeoned daily by New York or Oakland or Portland's finest. They are doing it because NOTHING else has worked, because sometimes to get the message out, you've got to be willing to bleed.

Spend a bit of time and find out who exactly is funding the tea party (and who is funding OWS). It might help put what's going on now in clearer perspective.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 22:47 | 1881317 nmewn
nmewn's picture

+1 for the heartfelt rant...I respect that, I always will.

Many have, in fact, researched where OWS came from, how it originated. Its left of center, everyone knows this and it was not grassroots at its conception. You should know this if you have been paying attention.

I have lived long enough to know that the same people who use returning vets as a "device" for a means to their end spat on my family members and friends calling them baby killers when they returned home from Nam. I can never forgive them for lets skip the "veterans are OWS" propaganda films given out by the likes of GW...vets are tougher than you think, ask for nothing but an even break and never given credit for their strength & dignity.

And no vet, claiming political impartiality, wears their uniform to a protest. Regs.

As to what the TP is...the Koch brothers have funded portions of it for their own ends but it started without their help. It has no allegiance to them or anyone but itself, the people. The last election should have proven that to you where both political parties bore the mark of shame for craven crony capitalism.

Think what you want...we are happy teabaggers for

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 09:04 | 1882087 Ranger4564
Ranger4564's picture

I'm still posting here and I am not posting on anyone's behalf but my own.  It's the same as you posting your opinion. I don't equate you with being the spokesperson for your town, your place of employment, your political party, or anything else.  In the OWS movement especially, as in the US, one person does not represent the voice of the entire population.  It's called democracy.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:32 | 1880971 Apply Force
Apply Force's picture

So, by extension nmewm, there is no problem for a tax paying, job-having protestor to pitch a tent on public grounds, use public facilites (toilet, trash can, etc) that their taxes helped pay for and continue to pay for... right?  The taxes imposed upon me can then be used to enable my protest of such.

No imposition upon you.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 21:22 | 1881067 nmewn
nmewn's picture

By pitching a tent in a "public space" and taking up residence there for months on end deprives others of of having a simple two hour picnic there on just one sunny afternoon ;-)

Its shared don't own it exclusively.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 21:45 | 1881125 mayhem_korner
mayhem_korner's picture



Well done, nmewn.  You gotta be exhausted trying to reason with such light-mindedness.  All these claims of rights from those whose tax burden is likely but a pittance.

Carry on, sir.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 23:14 | 1881414 nmewn
nmewn's picture

I try...but everyone comes at it from different angles. If everyone paid the same rate it would be a level playing field...but convincing someone the level they pay at, for full services rendered by others, is like pissing in a hurricane.

And I never want to hear "boomers raped the country" again with the mounds of whining, gimme my BS, we wade through here

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 22:17 | 1881181 Apply Force
Apply Force's picture

Wow - small space.  I'd move over for you, no problem... Certainly no claim to exclusivity, implicit or explicit.  Tragedy of the commons, I suppose.

Shall everyone just jump back into their slave box and accept the most gloriously designed central state system ever?  Interested in hearing what you think "acceptable" and/or "effective" protest might be...

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 23:32 | 1881475 nmewn
nmewn's picture

"Shall everyone just jump back into their slave box and accept the most gloriously designed central state system ever?"

Fuck no!!! This is why ZH is here IMO. To learn of its hijacked nature.

"Interested in hearing what you think "acceptable" and/or "effective" protest might be..."

Unless we're gonna go full retard and give them a reason to kill people in the streets it can only come at the ballot distresslingly simple and non-confrontational as that is.

No...(I know what you're thinking) I can be a very violent person...but I won't raise my hand at my own without cause. I don't fall for the divide and conquer technique either. We'll get there...its a process.


Tue, 11/15/2011 - 23:43 | 1881508 Apply Force
Apply Force's picture

Thanks for the reply.

I think that the slow end to fiat and gradual depletion of natural resources (and the crushing pollution that goes along with this) will reign in a new era sooner rather than later, and that a friendly nudge with a little civil disobedience is always a good choice.  We might disagree on the ballot box issue, though...

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 07:54 | 1881983 nmewn
nmewn's picture

I don't have a problem with civil disobedience...more people should try it everyday...from just saying "no, you can't search my car on a routine traffic stop, go get a warrant" a host of other things.

We pay them...they are our employees. Most people forget this small detail ;-)

We can disagree amicably on the methods we choose individually to effect the changes desired prob. I always keep in mind there are active eugenics adherents, international commenters etc. who may not have our total best interests at heart in these discussions. It is what it is.

Off to work, seeya.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:54 | 1881014 crawldaddy
crawldaddy's picture

its private owned PUBLIC SPACE.  Its HAS to allow access to the public 24/7

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 21:27 | 1881078 nmewn
nmewn's picture

Its privately owned.

Its pretty clear the public space is there for everyones enjoyment in that metro enviroment...not just an OWS encampment.

Your rights end at the point of you touching my nose ;-)

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:10 | 1880473 tekhneek
tekhneek's picture

Actually taking out a loan you can't repay is a pretty big part of the problem unless I'm missing something.

I was about to ask you the same question concerning your being an "idiot", but I don't like to flame my fellow ZH'rs for their opinion but by all means, go for it.

I don't like this bullshit anymore than you do but separate emotions for a minute from the reality. 


Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:18 | 1880523 john39
john39's picture

perhaps if our society didn't hide the truth about debt and monetary issues from the masses the kids who take these loans might have understood that the elites were busy destroying the economy and that college grads wouldn't have much luck getting a job to repay all the debt.     all according to plan, crush the middle class in debt.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:19 | 1880524 fuu
fuu's picture

Oh come on now. You flame with the best of them.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:24 | 1880553 tekhneek
tekhneek's picture

Yeah but that fuck face can't even write "fuck" (read: fvck) properly. How fucking retarded is that? Thanks for censoring it for us smegma hole. I feel much better not reading those nasty bad words.

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw that shit pisses me off. Either you curse, or you don't curse. Don't "kind" of curse. 

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:30 | 1880579 fuu
fuu's picture

Fair the fuck enough!

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:51 | 1880695 Strider52
Strider52's picture

Spock: Your use of language has altered since our arrival. It is currently laced with, shall we say, more colorful metaphors, "double dumbass on you" and so forth.
Kirk: Oh, you mean the profanity?
Spock: Yes.
Kirk: Well that's simply the way they talk here. Nobody pays any attention to you unless you swear every other word.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 19:25 | 1880819 Big Corked Boots
Big Corked Boots's picture

Pardon me for butting in, but as a recovering architect, I think "FVCK" would look pretty cool... above a doorway... carved in marble... in Florence.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 19:54 | 1880892 Grinder74
Grinder74's picture

King George VI: What is it about you that bloody well makes you want to go on about it the whole bloody time?

Lionel Logue: Vulgar, but fluent; you don't stammer when you swear.

King George VI: Oh, bugger orf!

Lionel Logue: Is that the best you can do?

King George VI: Well... bloody bugger to you, you beastly bastard.

Lionel Logue: Oh, a public school prig could do better than that.

King George VI: Shit. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!

Lionel Logue: Yes!

King George VI: Shit!

Lionel Logue: Defecation flows trippingly from the tongue!

King George VI: Because I'm angry!

Lionel Logue: Do you know the f-word?

King George VI: F-f-f-fornication?

Lionel Logue: Oh, Bertie.

King George VI: Fuck. Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck and fuck! Fuck, fuck and bugger! Bugger, bugger, buggerty buggerty buggerty, fuck, fuck, arse!

Lionel Logue: Yes...

King George VI: Balls, balls...

Lionel Logue: see, not a hesitation!

King George VI: ...fuckity, shit, shit, fuck and willy. Willy, shit and fuck and... tits.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 19:54 | 1880893 Grinder74
Grinder74's picture

King George VI: What is it about you that bloody well makes you want to go on about it the whole bloody time?

Lionel Logue: Vulgar, but fluent; you don't stammer when you swear.

King George VI: Oh, bugger orf!

Lionel Logue: Is that the best you can do?

King George VI: Well... bloody bugger to you, you beastly bastard.

Lionel Logue: Oh, a public school prig could do better than that.

King George VI: Shit. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!

Lionel Logue: Yes!

King George VI: Shit!

Lionel Logue: Defecation flows trippingly from the tongue!

King George VI: Because I'm angry!

Lionel Logue: Do you know the f-word?

King George VI: F-f-f-fornication?

Lionel Logue: Oh, Bertie.

King George VI: Fuck. Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck and fuck! Fuck, fuck and bugger! Bugger, bugger, buggerty buggerty buggerty, fuck, fuck, arse!

Lionel Logue: Yes...

King George VI: Balls, balls...

Lionel Logue: see, not a hesitation!

King George VI: ...fuckity, shit, shit, fuck and willy. Willy, shit and fuck and... tits.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:24 | 1880554 trollin4sukrz
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maybe you should clue in the bankers and congress and the rest of the world that has humanity down to the tune of 600 trillion or such in derivatives and swaps about fiscal morality. smell the hypocrisy?

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:27 | 1880573 trollin4sukrz
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and I will spell fuck any fvkin way I want bitch

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:32 | 1880595 tekhneek
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Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:37 | 1880629 trollin4sukrz
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right above shift is the caps lock key..blind stupid or?? Oh I know, idiot.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:41 | 1880649 tekhneek
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UR STUPID!!!!!!!!!!

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:53 | 1880707 trollin4sukrz
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Is that your pussy i smell.. nope sorry ..have a mint..

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:24 | 1880556 fonzanoon
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Okay reality is that an 18 year old kid can't distinguish 125 bucks from 125k. They do what they are told. Reality is society told them told go get a college degree. Reality is they don't set the tuition rates. Reality is the system screwed them and they are pissed off at the system. Thats reality.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:30 | 1880580 tekhneek
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Tyler Durden:
My dad never went to college, so it was real important that I go.

Sounds familiar.

Tyler Durden:
So I graduate, I call him up long distance, I say “Dad, now what?” He says, “Get a job.”

Same here.

Tyler Durden:
Now I’m 25, make my yearly call again. I say Dad, “Now what?” He says, “I don’t know, get married.”

I can’t get married, I’m a 30 year old boy.

Tyler Durden:
We’re a generation of men raised by women. I’m wondering if another woman is really the answer we need.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:35 | 1880615 fonzanoon
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He only called his Dad once a year. No wonder his Dad was not at his graduation...

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 18:36 | 1880621 o_rly
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What are you babbling about? 

First of all, the protesters tried to move their "encampment" to a public park, but were arrested. And also, you can't stay in a public park past a certain hour because of trespassing laws. You'd rather just have everyone sitting in debt slavery being quiet about it like good little serfs. Sure, the elite sold out all the "workers" a long time ago by shipping their jobs overseas but everyone should just bend over and take it. 

Such utter nonsense from such a little sheep. 

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 19:10 | 1880767 Hi Ho Silver
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Dirty hippies are my salvation from the VAMPIRE SQUID? Well fuck me. Here it was right before my eyes the entire time.

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 19:50 | 1880875 wisefool
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It would be interesting to see how many of the current PTB (finance, government, judiciary) went to woodstock or had similar perrogative in the 1960s ...

Tue, 11/15/2011 - 20:07 | 1880922 Hi Ho Silver
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Not enough of them. LSD encourages empathy.

Wed, 11/16/2011 - 00:41 | 1881651 Cathartes Aura
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Tyler Durden:
Now I’m 25, make my yearly call again. I say Dad, “Now what?” He says, “I don’t know, get married.”

I can’t get married, I’m a 30 year old boy.

Tyler Durden:
We’re a generation of men raised by women. I’m wondering if another woman is really the answer we need.

well, obviously "another woman" isn't what you "need" if you're a 30 year old boy calling the father who didn't raise you to tell you every next move you make.

just hang with your bros (no homo), it's what you know, it's what makes you happy, what else do you need, bar your daddy's cell number?


Tue, 11/15/2011 - 21:59 | 1881173 SystemsGuy
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Do you have a mortgage? If you do, chances are that you've taken out a loan based upon your anticipated earnings over a twenty to thirty year period. That is to say, you don't actually have the money in hand to buy the house outright, you only have a "credit-worthiness" that says that you're "likely" to be able to repay the loan.

What happens to that credit-worthiness if you lose your job because cutting employees is seen as revenue positive for stocks (it usually isn't, FWIW, but that's the perception) and you suddenly find that you have to move somewhere else to take a similar (or even lesser paying position) but can't because you have a house that you can't sell on the market. Your revenue drops as company after company pulls the rug out from under you, while meanwhile your "anticipated earnings" have dropped and that house that was affordable when you paid for it isn't now. You take losses on the house and go to a lesser paying job and spend another $15 to $20 grand every time you make the transaction, each time with those cuts becoming more and more painful.

The reality in the US (and globally for that matter) is that mean income (and hence anticipated earnings) is now in a downward spiral. Yet houses continue to be overpriced in the market because the banks would rather destroy houses than see their paper holdings actual marked to market.

Yes, there were foolish people who bought wildly above their means to service their debt, but there were also millions upon millions of people who bought houses fully expecting their upper five and lower six figure incomes to be able to afford same - then watched as, rather than seeing their wages go up with their skills and responsibility, to have their salaries drop in a highly deflationary environment as company after company imploded, usually with the senior officers walking off like bandits even as the severance packages for the average worker dried up.

If you can truly say that you can guarantee your income for the next twenty years, then I'd say you're enormously fortunate, but before you call others idiots, understand that it is as much luck and not your innate goodness that you can make such statements.

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