Supreme Court Judge Bars Protesters From Zucotti Park, Denies Restraining Order

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Not quite the outcome expected by the shower-impaired crowd:


So... now what?

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Aww fuck...where I am going to sleep now?

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Your Parents locked you out of their basement while you were protesting?

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CNBC just reported they could stay in park, but with NO tents?

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Oh good...I'll get my cardboard box out of hock and wrap myself in newspapers that have the headlines "Hope and Change" on them and sleep on the benches.

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The police state will let you have your protest fun for awhile, but eventually the jackboots and batons get impatient.

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Refer to George Carlin's "The American Dream" for a brief tutorial.

It's ALL bought and paid for...............

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I believe the phrase is: 'it's a big club . . . and YOU AIN'T IN IT!'

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PROVEN FACT: OWS protesters -and by extension the American populace- are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and most important, EASY TO SUBDUE.

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I explain this to people constantly; we want things to go peacefully, we, the movement, would like to avoid a bolshevik style knockdown knife in the night revolution, but if you won't deal with us, the peaceful ones, who can tell the masses to stand down as long as we can make any progress for the people, then you will have to deal with them on their terms, those who see any wealth as an affront to their suffering, they are indiscriminate in their rage, we would like to not see them pushed to the point where they express it.


We are not controlled opposition, we are merely attempting to mitigate and facilitate dialogue between the masters and the masses, so that our society does not have to feel the suffering once more, as it has so many times before.


occupy, unify.

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The OWS crowd was useful to TPTB for a while.

It is the class war that one political party needed desperately .

It was to be used to "save " one job    B.H.O.

But then something happened, the media started reporting Rapes, Drug Use, Riots, Molotov cocktails, people shitting on the street.

This did not look good for TPTB

The one thing that is not under their control is what the occupiers actually do on a day to day basis.

So, It has been decided that,  This time for using these "useful idiots"

is finished.


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You're almost right, but almost right means wrong. TPTB infiltrated the movement, instigated the bullshit that the media is reporting, and got you to buy into it. There is no question that TPTB do not want a populist uprising, and they will go to any extreme to marginalize it, with the help of the MSM, their PR machine. And now, they can use this to justify the bullshit police state tatics that are now being used. This scenario is plain to see when you look closely at who ultimately benefits by creating division within a populist movement in order to maintain the status quo. Who would that be?

The guys pulling the levers on the machine aren't stupid, they're sociopaths. Once you understand that, the rest makes perfect sense.

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You guys are all totally just pawns of TPTB whenever you're talking about how other guys are like temporarily useful to the TPTBs because those guys really are in control over everything.

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the people knowless is talking about will have to defeat the ones to whom wonderdawg refers.

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Smelly hippy is the wrong tact, Durden.  While many in the movement are indeed Trustafarians (that is-priveledged youth in search of meaning) and other hangers-on or simply lost souls; the implied denigration of the movement is inconsistent with Durden's normalized goals.  OWS is Anonymous; there are no leaders, no objective, no plan... purposefully.  

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Nothing, or at least a very few things, gets resolved in a peaceful manner. OWS is a waste of time and energy. Half the people have no clue what they are protesting for, the other half that have a idea are splintered factions and are not on the same page. The message is...there is no clear message....Just a number of people who have no clue...Civil disobedience and violence does work (i.e. Rodney King, Civil Rights, Vietnam War, etc.) however, it will not work in this case as the message is convoluted. The protestors need to get their act together or go home. The longer they stay, the more stupid they look.


The protestors need to state a clear "subject" and be prepared to riot about it. This peaceful crap sends the wrong message to the government if you are serious. If you are not willing to get violent, then your cause is not worth it so pack up and leave. Either Let the cops and the government know loudly that violence will be met with violence or you lose. The protestors outnumber the police 10:1. One violent massive surge toward the police line and they will run with their tails between their legs. You will not only occupy Wall Street, you will take it over at least temporarily. My advice though is to go home. None of the protestors are willing to sacrifice for this convoluted cause so you are wasting your time.

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JP Morgue want some action for the buck they spent on NYPD. They payed a gig - humble 4.6 Millions of $$$ ....

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The Harvard boys are getting some mileage out of it with some sexy and well tailored tee shirts.

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Not quite the outcome expected by the shower-impaired crowd:

Good, now let's hope they learn how to pull the trigger of some type of fire arm.. and stand up for their rights. LULZ!

40 - 50 Years of Talking got us here today!

But Protesting, Camping and Consensus Building Among Talking Talkers was and / or is going to fix anything?

Wake me when the fighting starts.



Koch Bro's got all jiggy wiff da tea faggers..

and the Liber-nazi's got all P.C. on the Occupy Wall Street Gang of Hippy's!


But ya know I haven't seen any PIGS fuck with Occupy Phoenix and in Baltimore the Police Union is smart enough to know their retirement funds drop $300+ Million in 3 months and $1.2 Billion on the year.

The funny part of it all is when you talk to most PIGS and ask them about the market going down and them losing hundreds of millions in cold hard cash (we won't discuss the printing Open Market Operations).. they all say the same thing.. DUUUHHHHHHHHH, which way did he go George which way did he go.

I think that some of these dumb fuck PIGs could walk into a Bank that had just been robbed.. and someone could tell them that the market was down.. that's why how the $1.2 Billion walked out of the Bank.. it evaporated because of the dumb money sentiment. LULZ!!

physical money evaporates from stocks all day every day..

Magic Even!


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Occupations are a place for people to find others of a like mind and organize independently thereof or within, the physical location is important as a central hub of ideas, but the change that comes out of the movement will not be from some central leadership, but instead through people making connections with others who are prepared to act for a cause which they can agree upon a course of action for.


40-50 years of talking has awakened many folks, but many of them might not as of yet have had the opportunity to meet.


The occupations are a place for people of all types to come and discuss, so that they can determine together the course of action which they feel best addresses the problems which we all mutually face.


I agree; talk is cheap, but a free place to talk, especially in the atmosphere which has been created in our nations cities, is invaluable.

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The White Shoe boys got Celente for 6 figures with the MF takedown:

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He's been on enough shows with Keiser and others to know that holding paper is -- at some unspecified time ... that "nobody could have foreseen!" -- a loser's game. I've no sympathy for him.

Everyone playing the paper markets at the moment is playing in a rigged casino with an H-bomb set to go off in the basement at any time. The Squid and the Morgue know when the timer is set for, but very few others do.

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What people won't admit to themselves is that incidents like MF Global failures or Paulson Funds failures in investments are not accidental... the funds are intentionally losing the investors monies so that the investors are impoverished and the money is transferred to the GS / JPM trust.  Whether that's by directing people to fraudulent investments or by investing on their behalf, or by bankrupting a comany, all result in the same general loss by investors.  This is the other side of the collapse I always warned about... no one will be spared, so it's easy to point and laugh at the losers, until you're a loser too, and everyone that is not an oligarch will be a loser.  What, someone didn't write an article linking 1 + 1 = 2 for you?

I have no hope for humanity.  In fact, after reading the bile posted throughout this article / comments section, I've no desire to help any of you when TSHTF. 

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Exactly. They're draining the swamp and there will be a lot of stunned fish flapping around and gasping for water when they've finished.

The drainage pumps have now been turned up to 'max'!

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Those pesky slaves were getting hip to the CIA agents on the steering committee:


and even scarier, starting to realize that OBAMA BIn laDEN is in the White House:

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Obama = top 0.1%

Bush = top 0.1%

Osama Bin Laden = top 0.1%

Romney = top 0.1%



they are elites playing games with your lives.

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I originally supported OWS in its infancy, but after seeing the groups morph into dirty encampments filled with people who only yelled slogans and offered little in the way of true solutions, I became disenchanted with the whole thing.

The cause is still valid, so hopefully others who are more apt to provide real progress will take up the torch.  Get the unwashed pot-smokers out of the way and get some thinkers and doers in there.  Then I might give a thumbs up and provide support.

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but after seeing the groups morph into dirty encampments


Yeah, co-intelpro, it's not like they took of their thinking caps in the 1970's...

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Oh please.  Those videos of people shitting that don't show anyones face can't possibly be staged.  Obviously the protesters enjoy being surrounded by human feces and have no interest in capturing such perps faces because they welcome them with open arms.


Pedophiles are no danger to society.  Nevermind Dyncorp running CPS and child prostitution rings.  That is for your benefit, you just might not be bright enough to see how.  The protesters that are more concerned about changing the country than a shower every three hours should really strike the fear of God into all Muslim hating Americans.  Move along now, cointelpro is not real.

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have you learned anything?  Its the clean cut guy in the expensive suit you should be afriad of, he's out to screw you, not some hippie.

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All I've seen for weeks is yelling and marching.  The fury is there, and definitely warranted, but there's little direction.  Like a missile with one of its fins at a slightly off angle...lots of energy, but you don't know where it's going because it doesn't know itself exactly where it's going.

The only "manifesto" I've seen published by any of the OWS factions denounced capitalism and expoused socialism.  If that's what the OWS is morphing into, then I don't want any part of it.

But if what I saw was only representative of a portion of the OWS movement, and there's a different goal in mind, then what would that be?  I also want things to change in the politico-Wall Street fiasco, but without a clear direction or proposal of legitimate solutions, I'm afraid the OWS will remain perceived as a potential source of riots and nothing else.

I'm just saying...where's the leadership (or spokesperson) of OWS?  What are the official goals of the movement?  As of now, I don't see anything that would warrant my support.  Show me something concrete so I can make an informed decision...don't just give my comment a negative rating and disappear, then act like you're oh-so-superior.

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Well stated.  They are doing the right thing the wrong way.  It doesn't end well at all the direction it's heading.

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how orwellien...  you can "stay" if you want, that is your right...  but, you can't have anything that would keep you warm...  smell the freedom.

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Since Zucotti Park is private, they have the right to protest somewhere else. The rights of park owners were trampled by both OWS and Bloomberg who allowed them to over-stay.


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You know it's the Fourth Turning when the park owners are not trying to turn this into a money-making opportunity.

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"I proteseted at Zuccotti Park and all I got was this rash."

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

Agreed.  They could have put up a farmers market and/or food trucks in exchange for daily or weekly rental fees.  It's really, really weird that they didn't do this.  

Fukushima Sam's picture

Coin-operated outhouses would be a good one.

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All part of the plan. Who starts an outside protest, with the idea of occupying *anything*, heading into winter? The whole point of the exercise is to put the protestors on the map for 2012. Wait until next summer, things will heat up. With any luck we'll only see curfews and not something more drastic. Either way, it should play right into the election come this time next year. Stay tuned...

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I read the OWS "demands". These vermin are fucking insane Commies who can't think their way out of a paper bag. Fuck them, they don't represent anything remotely good. Send in the tanks and make road kill out of ALL of them, we'll be better off.

No private property. No capitalism. Everyone works in a union. 6 hour work day. Blah blah blah... utopian crap a 13 year old could see is insane . FUCK THEM and all ZH posters that support them. FUCK YOU ALL.


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Yeah good thinking chief. You must LOVE this guy, he agrees with you 110%:


relevant bit is at 1:49 and then throughout much of the film. You're seeing eye to eye with him now.

Bring the Gold's picture

You also will like 4:20 onward. Good right thinking folks like you. What could go wrong with that sort of ideology?

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You have some anger issues bud. 

Bring the Gold's picture

Here's the real list of demands:

Funny I don't see the abolition of private property anywhere in there. I don't agree with them all, although many seem like good ideas (infrastructure, jubilee as we have already had it for the wealthiest [eg bailouts] then it just becomes a reset).

Some I question or think are naive, but really straight to brown shirt Fascism?! That's the solution?

Here I thought Fascism - in the merger of state and corproations (banks) sense of the word - was kind of the problem.

You want to ramp that up? TSA isn't enough setting up VIPR squads to feel up children? You want tanks in the streets that's gonna fix anything?

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Chicago 1968, V2.0 coming soon! :>D

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Or, why have the election if the 'country is burning', we'll just call in the national guard aka military, suspend the elections to keep continuity and alas, Obama the Dictator is in place.   I can hear the news now, "There really isn't a good alternative anyway, people just agree, let's keep him in place."   


Then the muslims come in and 'forgive your debt', as they have done historically when they take over, as long as you accept Sharia. 


Hope and change!

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As I recall there was some quid pro quo for the "private park" as in the owner getting some zoning charge-off.     Milestones