Doing God's Real Work - Hollande's Plane Returns To France After Being Hit By Lightning On Way To Merkel Visit

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No, this is not a joke:


Greece lightning? Even Zeus demands deleveraging, pardon, austerity.

stock photo

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Mongo's picture

Right back at ya from Thor

Floordawg's picture

You called it! Sincerely, I wish you all the best!

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too many socialists aboard riding 1st Class

the Gods have spoken

iDealMeat's picture

I call bullshit..  That's a stock photo..  Didn't happen. I suspect this is a distraction for Greece not really making the Bond Maturity payment..


vast-dom's picture

but God clearly didn't finish the job!

cossack55's picture

Thats a job for any number of freedom-loving Iceland volcanos

john39's picture

these satanist psychopaths must first be exposed...  the universe appears to be doing a splendid job at it so far...

Cassandra Syndrome's picture

Thor is Norse! But still understandable pissed at the Frenchies!

Zeus is the Greek God of Thunder, I'd suspect him.

BTW - Who is the Greek God of pedantic nerds?!!!



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As he dons his hoodie, he swears this oath:

In brightest day, in blackest night, No data shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship Google’s might, Beware my power…

Facebook’s blight!

Elwood P Suggins's picture

Damn!  Didn't realize Sarcrazy had that much influence.

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Thor? You think your Thor now, wait until Merkel gets done flogging you...

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That should tell him something.

JLee2027's picture

LOL. I'd say a higher authority said "NO".

fuu's picture

How was the conferance?

Flakmeister's picture

It was just some R+R in the Emerald Isle....

Very nice, but pricey...

Needless to say driving on the LHS is "interesting"....

From what I saw, at least the Irish McMansions are not biodegradable... 

fuu's picture

You didn't stick around for the World Congress on Water, Climate & Energy 2012?

vmromk's picture

Why wasn't Bernanke on that plane ?

cossack55's picture

He only uses helicopters

HoofHearted's picture

The plane didn't go down, and we don't want to waste a good lightning strike just to miss taking the Bernank out.

Cdad's picture

Cdad is very long of God.

TheGardener's picture

Long gods, lots of gods being made angry.

If you touch the money of kings, that barbaric relict,
kiss monotheism goodbye, this one god can no longer help you. Plenty of good old gods will lend you a hand though,
but they have no mercy and are unforgiving.

StychoKiller's picture

"...The cold wind blows, and Gods look down in anger on this poor child.

My soul unforgiven, and why so cold?  Been a long time crossing, bridge of sighs..." -- Robin Trower

lizzy36's picture

Lightening my was the Luftwaffe.

godzila's picture

Well doesn't make much sense - if it was en emergency it should rather land nearest suitable airport. If enroute Berlin shouldn't be more than 30-40 min anyway...

slaughterer's picture

Sark can always be called in to take his place in case of incapacitation.  

DaBernank's picture

What's the ticker for the Lightning ETF?

tallen's picture

What's the ticker of the 3xLeveraged Lightning etf?

alien-IQ's picture

I guess this answers the age old question: "Does God have a sense of humor?"

Bartanist's picture

Maybe he had this feeling that he would be Ron Brown(ed). Go with your gut dood.

Maghreb's picture

Someone switched off all the lights in Berlin and directed his plane into the alps as he came in.

Jeremy Roenick's picture

Ambulance driver - "So, you had a pretty big scare up there, huh?"

Hollande - "[chuckles embarrassingly] Oh yeah!"

Ambulance driver - "[smiles] You wanna see something really scary?"

Lost Wages's picture

At least Hollande can take a supernatural hint. Sarkozy would have kept going.

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Forked tongue lightning.