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Its clear somebody really pissed off S&P. Probably got cut out of the loot.

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That's what happens when you refuse to give them immunity from prosecution for their own (over) ratings...

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Was that part of the Frank Dodd bill? If so, HA! This is what happens when you make the cheerleader go back to math club.

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Yeah, take THAT Mr. Oracle, sir.

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I'd say, S&P is playing their final cards. the US govt will of course NOT shut them down asap - as that would look like punishing them for their downgrade of the US. And imho getting that kind of 'protection' was S&P's ONLY motivation behind their downgrade action. But expect regulatory issues and accusations of fraudulent behaviour agains S&P to surface by October at the latest both in Europe and in the US. S&P will not be around any more one year from now. And boy, do they deserve it - and Moody's, too. Nobody needs ratings agencies - at least not in the powerful market driving position that they command these days.

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I just texted my buddy the same thing...someone is just a little pissed off...

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There is no question about it. For all of the talk about "TPTB" its always assumed that they will work together lock and step. In reality, piss one of them off and they'll blow the lid off of the whole scheme. I welcome these downgrades if anything to continually destablize these clowns.

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It appears Uncle Warren needs a shoulder to cry on. A nice pair of legs is always good for some "alpha" as well.


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uncle warren should call becky quick for a blow job.

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no honor among thieves.   however,  they are also pissing off the boys from brighton beach (maybe)........


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@ "I just texted my buddy the same thing...someone is just a little pissed off..."

hey! at least it isn't the Justice Dept.!!!

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Didn't the "Oracle" say that in his book, the US was AAA? LoL.

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Que Obama in 32 minutes.

He's going to speak some more words. Into the camera. Read from the teleprompter. About.....stuff.

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He'll recommend we all drink Brawndo because "it has electrolytes".


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It will sound something like this:


"Whaaa, whaa, whaaa, whaaa, whaaan, whaaan, whaan!" (Kind of like the sound of the teacher on the Charlie Brown cartoons, use your imagination)

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If I recall correctly, he also suggested to "bet havily against double dip recession"

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This old fool said the U.S. should be rated "QUADRUPLE A". . . just yesterday

I thought it was funny all weekend....all of the shills were out in full force making statements about how they saw no need to sell U.S. Treasuries....

You know for a damn fact that Obungo and Jeethner were on the phones all weekend...calling in "favors" from their billionaire friends....I can hear it now...


"Hey Warren...we know that for some reason...millions of morons in the U.S. actaully listen to you....so do you think you could do Barry a favor and make a statement ...bsacially calling into question the reasoning of the move by S&P and saying how wonderful of an investment idea you think Treasuries are?"

The next 30 days are going to be very, very interesting me thinks....

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Don't forget the means to protect above list.

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Gold and Lead,  bitchez!!

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in the photos of your farm there is a real alien inside the

second pacman's head eating the property (forest) ?

i see.


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Berkshire Hathaway: gigantic derivative positions.   S&P no longer overlooks them.  The day S&P made history. 

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Suck it up, buddy. Suck it in and cope.

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...but they're still AAA in Omaha.

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Wow, things are moving fast, sorry Gwandpappy Wawwen.

"Where did ya come from, where did ya go, where did, ya come from, Cotton eyed Joe!"

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Is S&P under new management or something? What's gotten into them?

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Probably gonna piss in everyone's cheerios and then merge with DaGong Credit Ratings to avoid the persecution surely coming their way.

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Good call. China has much more clout after Clinton sold them the W88 plans.

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"When you take away the impossible whatever remains no matter how improbable must be the truth..."-Mr. Spock

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Italy raided their offices last Thursday.

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Here's to hoping that Warren 'Uncle Sugar-Thanks For Bailing Me Out' Buffet and co-partner in crime, Charlie 'Suck It Up Taxpayers' Munger both get what's coming to them sooner rather than later.

They are both part of the cancer that is causing the rot process that is hollowing out the nation.

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If they did all this shit two years ago we wouldn't be in the trouble we now are.l

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er we would, we would just be a little nearer to a final solution...

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fucking awesome, warren and charlie can suck it

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Oh thats awesome.  Suck on that Buffet!

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 Warren and Charlie dont suck it up, they whine like 5 year old girls and expect Uncle Sam to cover their losses.

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good times. crazy days. great site: www.silverrevolucion.com

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just watch

S&P is about to be (has been) named public enemy #1 by the administration

they will be called before congress

their senior employees will be targets of smear campaigns

they will be broken up

just watch

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I'm throwing my hat in for the top job...