Kaption Kontest

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Kim does Kantor...

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Let's try:


- Can I buy Victoria's Secret?

- No

- Then sell everything else.

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"My ass is an inch away from swallowing the blackberry"



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"Warren Buffett said I could run GEICO for the day if I scrubbed him in the tub and gave him hand relief"

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"Yes..., the boss thought it would be a good idea if I called you for an explanation of what 'crack spreads' are..."

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My Maginot Line isn't fortified & has been breached thousands of times, boys.

Beware of trench foot, though.

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Since when did Fran Drescher get enough brain cells to become capable of using a phone?

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"Pardone... you want to peg your Franc to my what?

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"Ok, so who wants to fuck me in the ass and film it?  I'll order a pizza while you guys decide."

- Chumblez.

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now that is a real woman, all assets and curves...forget all those muscle gym rats running around the US cities

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You must have heard of the "fat-finger" selloff. Only in this case, it is a ...

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Hi, I'm here for the fat finger. I brought the tailside risk...

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200 years ago she would be listed on COMEX as a commodity.

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200 years ago she would be listed on COMEX as a commodity.

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Pork bellies are still traded

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It's an up day in the market and in my pants.

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yeah..she's trash.  Not attractive in the least

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Actually trav7777, I have seen her up close in a Paris Retailer, and she is very attractive. But she is most definitely trash, comporting herself poorly. But hey, in our celebrity obsessed, childish culture, she is newsworthy until the kids get bored.

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He's not refering to her physical looks.  He's refering to her being a "mudshark." [his words]

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Trav, I concur completely....

There is song that goes like this:

"Just a three dressed like a nine, only wasting my time"

Just another example of how the US has completely lost its compass....

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dude, you're a homo. Either that or you USED to be straight, but now you're just an asexual old fart who reacts to females "aesthetically" or "intellectually," rather than viscerally

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Dude you are hilarious. /serious

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I'd Fat Finger that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chumba, I tip my cap... by far the best caption I have yet seen

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"Yes Rick, you betcha, I can see Wall Street from here....I should be able handle anything Couric asks me about the stock market. We're the sort of mavericks America needs right now."


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"Yes it's true, this man has no dick."

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"Well, that's what I heard!"

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"They told me to smile if you asked about high frequency."

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Like virtually any woman of her age... there are at least THREE guys who are tired of putting up with her shit.

If it fucks, floats or flies RENT IT!

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That's my new motto, thanks MT!

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sell to open:

2 sisters

1 mother

@ market


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"Traders like to see round figures on the table going into the close"

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"Hu Jintao is on the phone.  He agrees to bail us out if I give him a blowjob."

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"Hi Chloe...I gave alot of blowjobs today but I didn't see that guy.  You know, that guy...the one with golden sacks"

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"Gold isn't money, you silly, it's jewelry!"

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"They say my ass is as big as the gold bubble, is that true?"

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I love big budgets. I mean who wants to be super skinny? 

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"Series 7??  No sweety, I'm a size 2."