Kayak Goes Exponential (And Stalls)

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UPDATE: It would appear $32.75 is the line in the sand...

After pricing its IPO at $26 and opening at $30.10, the latest poster-child for the awesomeness of the US capital markets has pushed up to over $34.50. While Fender cites market conditions, it seems 'investors' can't get enough of this Silicon Valley 'special offer'. This one should be interesting...

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Of course its rocketing higher, no one else currently does what they do and there are so many barriers to entry!

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That was a joke, right?

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I  can compare prices... but I can't afford them lol.

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Frank Reardon will ultimately be glad he wasn't allowed anything Kayak.

We're at pets.com v2.0, bitchez. The Nasdaq is going to bend and puke, and lead equity markets down Bernank's gerbil hole.

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No, also dont forget all the sheeple who still have unlimited access to their ATM HELOC's to take extravigant vacations!

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Oh yes. Googling for companies that search for low priced airline tickets miraculously turns up just 1 result: Kayak.

And Sabre, the database company behind online travel booking, also miraculously has just one client: Kayak.

Now I understand your bullishness.



All my gold overboard in Kayak accident. 

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...and don't forget that you were drunk when the accident happened, so you can't remember the exact location.

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Soon to be Up Shit Creek Without A Paddle

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Symbol KYAK. That's the sound my cat makes when she coughs up a hairball!

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Their website blows, I used it several years ago when they first appeared, and it hasn't gotten any better. All it does is link to other sites, popping up windows all over the screen and you still have to enter more info in most cases, to see anything of use at all. I can accomplish the same thing without them, and with less confusion, by just opening the sites myself directly, one-by-one. Why use this mess of a website? FAIL!

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Follow the bouncing ball..

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There is a hand to turn the time

Through thy glass today be run

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They cannot afford another IPO fuckup.

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Morgan Stanley backing this one too...

"Kayak has a created a structure with two share classes – A and B. The IPO will be for the Class A shares; all shares issued before the IPO will be converted to Class B shares, which have 10 votes each. The company notes that the Class B shares will have 98.6% voting control after the offering. After the offering, the company expects to have 38.56 million total shares outstanding; at the IP price the deal gives the company a valuation of about $1 billion." (Forbes about an hour ago)

IIRC, MS was pumping billions in FB to defend price point after price point. They could easily ppump this sucker on their own to give the illusion that they are back and Winning!


Who buys this crap anyway?


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Excellent question TrainWreck. I wish I had the answer. 

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kayak is down the creek without a paddle....

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But will the world really benefit from the added efficiency of a travel site aggregator of travel site aggregators when you're going to spend five hours getting slapped around in the airport anyway?

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Sell OTC backdoor shares that you don't quite own yet, but plan to in the future.

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I thought the Bamster was shutting down guitar makers, or is it just Gibson guitars?

Mercury's picture

If a Republican administration were so abusively slapping around an iconic, American guitar maker like this there would be a much bigger fuss...


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Just the ones that opened up nonunion shops in southern states.


Paybacks are a bitch.

hedgeisforpussies's picture

its a bull market you know...

Matt's picture

Did FNDR just get unIPO'd?

EDIT: yes. strangely, I was looking at a chart with prices between $6 and $13 then it vanished.

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So I guess we need another software intrusion company since there are only a dozen or so out there and since everything is getting better we have to have another company that specializes in.....vacations. Makes a lot of sense to me in this upside down world.

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Personally, I'm waiting for Hopium.com to go public.

JP Morgoon to underwrite.

Jim Crapper pumping the fuck out of it on cBULLSHITnbc

The Wall Street Urinal to write a clever story on it, replete with nano-dotting pictures of the CEO, Horse Shitenstein

...and ZH the only outlet bashing it......

It should zoom to 100.....

<heavy...heavy...Wisconsin ladled creamed over sarasm, with a dash of poo>

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Wow! How lucky can you get. I mean the timing of a Chipotle downgrade just before an IPO. Where can all the momo traders go? Boy, you couldn't get a better result if all these banks were talking to each other.

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anyone buying here is gonna be up shit's creek without a kayak

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Every time a tech co. goes public, I die a little bit inside.

I then short the shit out of it, and drown the pain in expensive liquor.

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I do not think Kayak has a competitive advantage or even a must have- all it does is API into other existing sites and show the prices.

Maybe the aggragation of flight pricing data is mildly intersting but is not worth the effort to carefully watch and is USA centric only.

All at a time when the majority of americans are not taking a vacation this year or any other year. 

Expedia and travelocity, hotels.com actually have a conduit directly to the airline, hotel, car.

Kayak is like a fund of funds, never really giving a good return.



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That was a joke .... right ??? ... right ???