Key FX Market Events In The Coming Week: Grand Plan In Europe, Asian Intervention And Broader USD Strength

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thursday should be fun

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Obviously, Goldman took an easy out: over the weekend the UK Telegraph website had a headline: "Christine Lagarde -IMF may need billions in more funding". BTW: Who does she pick up the phone to call?

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who does she call?

Me. And i tell her she's a dirty capitalist whore and she loves it

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Ok, thanks for the week heads up.? I know there is some sort of big Euro pump by Ben in mid of October, but by any chance we might see something sooner? Like an emergency printing announcement? Even though Europe sees no fast action at this point?

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The Chinese are laughing their asses off buying gold at these prices.




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Grand” Eurozone plan ???

“Grand” Eurozone plan ???


LOL - this while TBTF is readjusting the markets to USD cash?

LOL - any "Grand" Eurozone plan would include the nationalization of the big EU banks - for this to happen we have to go further down the drain...

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with or without plan, banksters and their puppets have agenda and they will follow it up.

Greatest scam circus ever arrived in EU

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Just another day on Wall Street with police attacking protesters.

There will be no dissent, there will be no outrage, there will be no opposition... war is peace and freedom is slavery.


These slaves don't know how to take a beating and shut up already.  BRAINWASHING IN PROGRESS.



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The weak dollar can only help one less than effective, unproven, nacissistic, neandrathal in chief, at his pathetic attempt to get reelected so that he can finish this transformative redistributionist agenda to make the remaining super power's economy resemble that of.... wait for it.... NKorea. Hey, but at least everyone will have equally poverty stricken:).

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All premium analysis from Capital


Short Gold hits targets at 1760 hits target at 1703.

Long Gold at 1545 hits target


Long USDCAD hits target 1.0380

Short AUD/USD hits target at .9950


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Tyler can you post a 4 or 5 year silver/copper spread chart so these knife catchers can get some perspective on when it might be time add to silver again?  We still have a good ways to go I'm thinking.

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these guys are geniuses:

1) create the problem

2) complain about it, find somebody to blame

3) present something that looks like a solution

4) bingo, win reelection