La Tribune Reports S&P May Put France On ‘Negative’ Outlook Within Ten Days

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Negative outlook, bitchez

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oui, oui..... USA blew off the negative talky talk too and look where it got them 

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does this mean Sarkozy will be flying standby now?

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If today was any indication the market will rally on this news.

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Michelin in retaliation to downgrade S&P's cafeteria in Lower Manhattan to an unprecedented minus 3 Stars.


It's like spinning the wheel of fortune and holding your breath every time the bankrupt comes around. You know eventually you will hit it but hoping just not yet. 

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When you get past the hairy female armpits and excessive cheap male colognes the French are wonderful people. 

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There is a reason french men wear lots of cologne.

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We We Misure...

Not on my carpet you don't! 

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What do you call a French soldier in retreat?



Well trained.

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It's beotchez, not bitchez, beotchez.

Have fun with Ebonics.


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The "strike force" of the EFSF would be unable to respond to attacks against the markets of Italy and against Spain.

Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.

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It's probably time to read 1984 again to see what the next step in the playbook is.

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Did I miss the ZH thread on Barney Fwank's decision not to seek re-election?

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I am pretty sure that Barney gets it in the end.

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Figured he was a chubby-bottom...

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Bwarney wants to spend more time with his "family" in the Rumper-Room.

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Moron Libs care.


Oh, look!  A moron Lib with a thumb!

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How does this jive with Italy going belly up in ten days?

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No.  No.  No.

Eyetalia goes bottoms up.  Better that way.

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"Eyetalia goes bottoms up. "

And Bawney Fwank, today

don't cha' know.

- Ned

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Negative outlook. Honestly the outlook is negative. Job well done.

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Now they tell us.

It all makes sense now.

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Global QE, equity index to da moon.

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Il est grand temps.


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GRPN -9% on a big up day. That dog needs to be shot.

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Already priced in.

Except for the news.

Get ready to take a stand on gorilla paper - TBT or TMV.

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Ha I took a stand at 35. Another one at 25. Then I took another one around 18. The Irony is it will take 600 billion in MBS purchases to "lower mortgage rates" to send it up.

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Oooh, way early.  There is a strategy called 'trading'.

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Thanks I bet you look good in your captain obvious costume. Shit happens. It's okay to laugh at it.

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The long bond will hit 2.79%, for a week or 2.  Ignore calls for 2.5%.  Be patient, or nimble, your choice.

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I have done neither, unfortunately

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Been there, done that.  Back when TBT was 45.

Decay suks on these 2.  Toast in a month, just on decay.

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Buy the news!!!

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French bank assets as 4x french GDP.

This is going to end well.

Any decision on who is going to guarantee Dexia?