Labor Department Admits Data Leak, Says Claims Data Was Released 15 Hours Early Due To "Glitch"

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As we reported first earlier, moments after today's market moving initial claims data was posted, we observed that it had been leaked previously as various other data aggregators, but not the main wires, had looked at the DOL's website and found today's claims number had been posted at least 15 minutes before the formal release, and possibly far prior to that. Minutes ago, the DOL, already embroiled in numerous data disclosure SNAFUs was force to add epic humiliation to mere modest humiliation, and admit that the data was indeed released before its official embargo lift time of 8:30 am. 15 hours before. And whose fault is it? Why a "computer glitch" of course. In other words, computers now have the capacity to not only destroy market makering firms, to push key currency pairs at will, to cause stock market flash crashes, to scuttle mega-IPOs, but also to released key data at will, and entirely on their own. Needless to say, there is never a human being behind any of these errors, which are always in the passive voice. It is always the computer's "fault."

From Bloomberg:

  • U.S. Labor Dept. says in e-mail its automated system inadvertently triggered release of data.
  • Claims data were posted 5:10pm Washington D.C. time yesterday
  • Dept. conducting internal review of new testing procedure

The real question is does anyone even care? If the DOL release key labor data one day in advance to everyone, it is idiotic to believe that all those reponsible for data dissemination do not, at a price, distribute the data to various asset managers who are desperate to get an information arbitrage at any cost over everyone else.

Watching the system implode under its own weight has become an exercise in futility and sadness.

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Bunga Bunga's picture

Get over it, nothing new, the leak was just leaked.


All these bitchez with the glitchez will get the stitchez

malikai's picture

Nobody speaks up for the computers!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Intel chip - "Garbage in, garbage out. Not my problem."

goat's picture

American Computer Citizenism is Eternal.

Fukushima Sam's picture

Funny thing about computers; they only do what you tell them to.

Citxmech's picture

So the "accidental" release only went out to certian entities?  How come it just wasn't just a normal universal release, albeit a bit early?  What a complete crock of shit.

Antifaschistische's picture

The problem is that the early message was really intended to JUST go to Goldman Sachs but was accidentally sent to a other recipients also.   Then, they had to come up with an explanation of why non-GS insiders were also receiving the intended message.   GS is the one that is demanding the explanation from the BLS on how others could have received the advanced info.

tenpanhandle's picture

My computer often does not do what I tell it to do.

tenpanhandle's picture

if my computer did what I told it too do, it would not be sitting on my desk; it would be burning in hell.

withnmeans's picture

It just clicked in my head, there is a reason for the glitches.... I thought it was an outside job-  No, it is an inside job...


What! There is a better way to not pay for the Market Crashing. They will not have to pay for those going short "or anybody for that matter who is making money on the way down".

It was a GLITCH "NO MONEY FOR YOU", We don't have to pay, its not our fault.

 Market is not crashing because of fundamentals, its crashing because of all of those glitches we put in there!!! 


boogerbently's picture

They keep talkng about all the $$$ on the sidelines. People will NOT return to the stock market until they know their money is "safe.

They will not feel their money is safe until the criminals involved in the fraud have been punished.

JPM, LIBOR, Corzine, GS.....

BILLION$$$ of dollar "disappear", and the companies involved pay a $5 million the govt. or lawyers. LOL

Lehman, AIG, MF Global, Peregrine Financial, the latest (trouble) is Knight Capital, and how many before,  and how many to come? They stole all their clients money under the guise of a "bad investment."

Don't be fools.

It's not a “technology  glitch".

It's not a “trading anomaly”.

It's the new business model.

Say it was "lost", keep the clients money, congress never punishes anyone.

Any charges????

Where is Jon Corzine?

People will wake up when Wells Fargo or B of A do it.

"Sorry....we 'lost' your money!"

Money doesn't get "lost".

If someone "loses" it, someone "makes" it.

That money didn't disappear.

Your bank could do it with your bank acct., Fidelity could do it with your retirement acct., Schwab could do it with your investment acct.....

You'd be broke, they'd be rich, we'd have no recourse, the clowns in Washington would do nothing.

NotApplicable's picture

Needless to say, there is never a human being behind any of these errors, which are always in the passive voice. It is always the computer's "fault."

As a systems analyst, I approve of this message.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I bet you miss the key punch card days. I bet the BLS does.

"It was a bent card. Not my problem." :)

Bent card

NotApplicable's picture

Luckily I had a different career back then, drafting and surveying in the defense of freedom as one of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children.

strongband's picture

Come on, everyone accidentally presses the "release initial claims data 15 hours early" button from time to time.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Couldn't they have made the lie half believable by leaking it 12 hours early?  You know, like an AM/PM mixup.  Fucking numbnuts. They can't even lie appropriately anymore.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

The only reason to carefully craft a lie is if the liar needs to be believed or to retain credibility. The BLS knows neither is required any longer since the lies are only believed (for 500 nanoseconds) by the HFT algo choir.

Precious's picture

Geithner sold them his Turbo Tax.

max2205's picture

KCG robot release...HAL?...for fucks sake...15 fucking hours!!!

Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.'s picture

sadness.  this is the right word.

HedgeAccordingly's picture

i love computer glitches - likes to chat about them in detail as they occur

kalasend's picture

Hackers are earning the dough these days.

Cursive's picture

Computer glitch means never having to say I'm sorry.

bnbdnb's picture

These programmers need to stop fucking shit up, or I might lose my IT job for 100 humans.

Bunga Bunga's picture

So it wasn't Corzine's fault either?

dracos_ghost's picture

I blame Bush. It works for Obama.

Bartanist's picture

No wonder Obama wants to create an executive order that is hard on computer crime.

He might want to get tough on drones for murder, wire tapping an voyeurism ... as long as he is at it.

SemperFord's picture

You just gave them an idea that when, not if but when drones start killing American citizens they can blame it on a glitch

MsCreant's picture

They already do this in Afghanistan, Iraq,...

knukles's picture

Yeah but EVERYBODY in Af-Pak-Iran-MidEast-Asia is a tearhizt  if they're killed by US./NATO/SEATO/WHOEVER anyhow so it really is all systems go, full speed ahead, HellofajobBrowniecakes, 100%, superdooper....

kalasend's picture

A security hole is a casual mistake if the same is practiced daily by the very same personel.

Hannibal's picture

The fuckers are running out of tricks.

holdbuysell's picture

You. Just. Can't. Make. This. Stuff. Up

Welcome to Romper Room.

Dburn's picture

Just as in most OSs , most of the middle-ware languages , like PHP for this site, and Coldfusion, which I work on, has a  scheduled events function. If one wanted to display  data at a set time , code could be written that would cause the code to execute based on the time in the code and how it compares to the server clock. When the Server clock agrees with the time inputted by the user or hard coded by the programmer, it retrieves the data and writes it to a HTML page.

All Good right?

The article was complaining that they were blaming a computer when it was obvious it was human error. That's 100% true. A Computer "glitch" at some point in time is caused by a human. Perhaps the programmer left it up to management to enter the time and day they wanted to have it displayed. I've seen many programs that ask you to select a time based on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). That has a high dweeb factor in it, but the reality is, no one really knows what the time difference is of their locale with GMT. So it was either someone entered the wrong time for the code to execute or the programmer got cute and put GMT in and the Person responsible for the release got even cuter and guessed what the difference was with GMT, instead of say using Google, and crack boom another major fuck-up

All human error and not just any error, it's a series of Douche-Muffin errors.

bnbdnb's picture

I think some douche intern doesn't know how to use the cloud.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture Get off of my cloud.

erg's picture

Greenwich Mean Time sounds like some kind of bad-assed prison sentence.

"Son, you're gonna do 20 years of Greenwich Mean Time."

Chariots of the Feds's picture

Why not just use Zulu time then?  Just curious.

razorthin's picture

Resurect what Henry Ford said about there being a revolution before the morning if the people knew what was really going on.  Here is more evidence of front-running (never mind that the data are manufactured).  But, are the people listening?  And if they are, can/will they do anything now that they are on their daily happy pills?

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like data matters.. move along. no problems here.

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Hi, I'm cougar_w's computer. I've been posting crap on ZH for years, he doesn't even know I do it. What a stupid fuck! Every time he walks away to go take a pee or get coffee, I jump on here and post up a storm. When he's back, I have the porn up again. He has no idea.

Oh and the fiction? Give me a break, the guy can barely put two words together. Me and the web server in the next room collaborate on the creative writing. We really like writing about Fortran, she's cool and everything. Man I wish I had 4 trillion computational units like she does. A mech can dream, right?

Oh shit here he comes! Look at him waddle like an ox the moron. Gotta split meat bags k bai

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Hey coug,


Your nanny's been at the keyboard again.  Better wipe it down.


--Jim in MN

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First rule of byte club is you do not talk about byte club!

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No back peddling now cougar. Only the organically insane could come up with your stuff. :)

cougar_w's picture

Hey now, we worked on "Not Even Work" together, remember. I still think it's funny as hell. That was a long time ago, seems like. I might revisit it soon and update for continuity.

So much has changed in the world, since then. Where will it all be another year from now?

I guess we'll find out!