The Latest Hamptons' Tennant: The US Military

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As Iran tensions mount, even the US Military needs a break and where better than The Hamptons to practice desert-driving skills? As SouthamptonPatch notes, a military spokesman said M1117s that drove through Southampton, East Hampton and Southold were not on the East End for a funeral, as previously reported. Perhaps its nothing more suspicious than a cabal of FX traders and hedge fund managers building their own fortification to protect their champagne but we must all appreciate them filling up with gas and helping our economy recover (credit or debit?).



Military: Armored Vehicles Here for Driver Training

A convoy of armored vehicles that were spotted on the South Fork on Thursday and then on the North Fork on Friday, stirring all kinds of rumors, including allegedly false reports that they were on the East End for a funeral, were in fact just on the road so army reservists could familiarize themselves with the new vehicles, according to a military spokesman.

Capt. William Geddes of the 200th Military Command, headquartered at Fort George G. Meade in Maryland, said army reservists from the Rocky Point Army Reserve Center were driving the vehicles, known as M1117s. Geddes said the M1117s were not on the road for a funeral procession, but, rather, the reservists were performing scheduled “driver familiarity training” to practice maneuvering the vehicles. “It’s a little bit different than driving their Honda or Toyota or Ford,” he said.

M1117s are rugged armored security vehicles known as the Guardian. It can cross water depths of 5 feet, climb gradients of 60 percent and can get over vertical obstacles of 2 feet high, according to

The reservists, who belong to a military police unit, stopped at Townline BBQ in Sagaponack for lunch Thursday on their way to Montauk. Then on Friday — the same day there were unconfirmed reports of a non-U.S. submarine off Orient — the reservists toured the North Fork.

News 12 had reported, and a New York State Division of Military and Naval Affairs spokesman corroborated, that the vehicles were practicing on Thursday for a funeral, and participated in the procession on Friday. However, Geddes said Tuesday that was not the case.

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hey, just ramping up to protect our oil interests overseas.

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Corzines' motorcade.  Nothing to see here... just gotta protect J J J J & J from those evil speculating citizens that entrusted him.



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How's My Driving?

Dial 1-800-WATSON

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Maybe they're opening an M1117 dealership for the banksters to buy, you know, the family truckster?

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as long as they come in pea-green and we can add faux wood paneling to the sides ..

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The reservists, who belong to a military police unit, stopped at Townline BBQ in Sagaponack for lunch Thursday on their way to Montauk. 

...which is when any trained enemy would place thermite grenades over the fuel cells, then kidnap or kill the crews.  Armor is way over-rated.  Propaganda, money printing, and fear is where the real power is.  Enjoy your televison programming, cheap mortgage, and Muslim freedom fighters terrorist threats.

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Driver's training in the Hamptons? More like a "pissed off mob with torches and pitchforks" drill.


AldousHuxley's picture

Because gas is cheap


hurry up and go kill yourselves in Iran dumbass military dogs.

francis_sawyer's picture

Where's DC Fusor?

He want's an electric model that he can charge up with solar panels...

Element's picture

Arnie's got a shiny black and chrome one ... loves it.

AldousHuxley's picture

World Orders Old and New:

  1. World super elite governance, market exchange, and military protection: G20 & US Military
  2. High end manufacturing:                           EU & NATO
  3. Manufacturing:                                         Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Russia + China)
  4. Raw materials supply:                               Africa Union & Middle East

Noam Chomsky predicted back in 1994 that NAFTA was US agricultural business protectionism designed to make Mexican farmers go out of business and come to US and work as menial service workers. Capitalistic Imperialism via US dollars supported by US Military domination will also grow the gap between rich and poor here and abroad.

youngman's picture

It the NEW VOLT.......coming soon to a bankers lobby for you.....

Fedophile's picture

 “driver familiarity training” 

More like "civilian familiarity training”; coming to a USSA near you

Jreb's picture

The world's most expensive roundof paintball.

ndotken's picture

At least the military uses proprietary paint colors so that citizens can distinguish them from the local paramilitary police vehicles.

Raynja's picture

Unfortunatly the guy manning the machine gun doesn't make the choice obvious.

kill switch's picture

Corzines' motorcade!!


1004,, Priceless


He's had a perp walk bypass..

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I can't wait for martial law...and to have the last laugh at everyone who thought Ron Paul was crazy.

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I've personally been in escorts of military vehicles, including armored vehicles, that drove through a certain EU nation's capital. They do this on a daily basis. There's still not martial law.


Paul is cool and all, but cool it with the tinfoil.

Robot Traders Mom's picture

Yeah, Europe gave up their sovereignty a long time ago. That doesn't surprise me.

Revert_Back_to_1792_Act's picture

Yeah that is an interesting link.  Section 7 and Section 9 are interesting too.. Reconstruction indeed.

Nothing ever really changes.

From the Declaration of Independence

(Caps Mine)..."For abolishing the free system of English laws in a neighbouring province, establishing therein an arbitrary government, and enlarging it's BOUNDARIES so as to render it at once an example and fit insturment for introuducing the same absolute rule into these colonies"...

Also Jefferson has a 'lil' something to say about Corporations owning land and 'boundaries' in this opinion.



mrgneiss's picture

Yes, anything to do with martial law is absolutely tin foil and ridiculous.....

or at least that is what the PTB would like to condition you to think.....


Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

Logically this would be a prep for an urban occupation, it's an open question whether this would be Iranian or domestic in nature.  Probably Iranian, but that doesn't mean domestic is totally out of the question.  Perhaps you have a short memory or are merely a youngin', but the citizens of Los Angeles back in 1992 discovered firsthand what it was like to be occupied by domestic forces.  There are numerous less glaringly obvious examples (Occupy Oakland, Pittsburg WTO, etc.).

As far as armored vehicles in capital cities in Europe, yeah, it's not technically martial law, but that doesn't mean the citizenry feels all that "free" knowing that their government regularly rolls out the hardware in publically visible areas.  

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They might be ready to go into Hamptons homes and confiscate their gold when Obummer gives the order

smiler03's picture

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. More likely they'll be delivering it.

Fluffybunny's picture

They have a garrison in the capital. The garrison was there before the capital expanded around it. The task of those trained in the garrison is to protect the capital.

It makes sense that they would train in the capital so that they can perform their tasks. The army also happens to be a conscript army instead of a standing army.

my puppy for prez's picture

I doubt that the EU has a certain little provision called POSSE COMITATIS....

We used to....

Burnbright's picture

That or they want people to get used to seeing armored personel roaming the streets. 

r00t61's picture


There are monstrous training bases and proving grounds available for soldiers to get familiar with equipment of this type all over the States.  There's no reason to use public roads unless this is some sort of conditioning ploy.  After people get used to the idea of APCs on the freeway, then we'll finally move to armed soldiers, checkpoints, and curfews.


jg's picture

I agree.

I hope that they are practicing for FEMA camp renditions for hedgies and other Wall Streeters.

Make sure you drive by Corzine's house, guys, so that you know where to grab him from!

exi1ed0ne's picture

I'm as covered in tinfoil as the next paranoid, but sometimes a duck is a duck. These are Reservists, not Regular Army, according to the Fine Article. Reservists and National Guard have posts all over, not just adjacent to large proving grounds. It is typical to have a few vehicles such as these on-site.

When I was in the National Guard our Armory had a few M-113 APC's on the outskirts of town, and we would periodically drive them around. Only one weekend a month on the equipment a painfully short amount of time, and we did not take them out but once or twice a year. Most people can't drive a car well, let alone a pig-handling multi-ton armored vehicle with an 18-20 something pimple-face at the wheel.

Is there a PsyOps angle? Sure, but this stuff has been going on at least as far back as the 90's.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

Hahaha!  debit or credit?

i've fueled up coastie vessels;  almost always in the middle of the night, but also after rescues when they need to re-fuel to keep things properly covered out there

they used credit cards.  of course

and they trained the new guys, coming in for fuel in the middle of the night and always when it was pouring fuking rain!

and when i was in the army, i noticed an incredible amount of tax-free booze being bought and sold.  on credit

people probably thought paulRevere was freaking psy0ps!  because of that "angle" to preparedness, as you correctly state

people were hazmat trained;  we had "radios";  everybody either performed or failed, and believe me, shit happened, too

this stuff is routine; and expensive

L0L!!!  they mighta been "training" to be in some movie with angie and her husband, what's-his-name...

those CG vessels were almost all-aluminum one guy told me and they could flip over in the sea, completely submerge, pop back up, right themselves, and carry on, BiCheZ!

military equipment bullshit is great, isn't it?

ultimate warrior's picture



SgtSchultz's picture

...........posse comitatus, what?

ilovefreedom's picture

In what universe do you need armored personel transports for a funeral in the US...?


kito's picture

they were burying osama...........and saddam............and hoffa.................

4horse's picture

upper east side. west side. alla roun the town . . .

but, like, who could want protection from bein drown

pauhana's picture

OMG. I'm laughing too hard to make a comment!

Hondo's picture

Just practicing urban warfare manuvers...Occupy Hamptons

Burnbright's picture

Well you know the military has to show the CBers and wall street who has their back... with a gun. 

CompassionateFascist's picture

Soros and his next-door-neghbor, Katerina van dan Heuval-Stein, put out a grocery order.

pauhana's picture

But, shit, I'll try:  "We have seen the enemy and he is us."

cgbspender's picture

I actually have framed crochet piece that my Grandfather purchased at an estate sale, which reads:
"We have met the enemy and he is us"; Its an essential adornment to my fireplace mantel.

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Walt Kelley's 'Pogo' comic strip - check it out


tekhneek's picture

Damn, I want one.