Lehman Weekend Redux?

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Just hitting the wires from Sky News:

More from Sky News correspondent Ed Conway (via Twitter):

  • G20 now preparing itself for Greek default after October - Sky sources. Will be on Sky News imminently with more
  • G20 sources: all efforts behind the scenes (by G20 members) are now going into recapitalising banks, preparing economies for default.
  • G20 sources: default not expected until after Cannes G20 early November. Emergency funding should still keep Greece afloat thru October
  • G20 sources: No suggestion Greek default need imply country leaving the euro
  • G20 sources: @ Washington summit marked difference in attitude. Confident euro members edging closer to recapitalising banks, expanding EFSF

Looks like the inevitable is coming in about a month.

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daily bread's picture

heating up the grease for some french fries

Earl of Chiswick's picture

 I hear that the exec dining room at MS has some of the best french fries in town

nope-1004's picture

Geithner = Liar.

Banks = Insolvent.

Silver & gold had to be smacked - something contagious comes this way.


JLee2027's picture

They wouldn't let the banks go under and I'm beginning to wonder if they just won't allow Greece to announce a default, even when they go into default.

nope-1004's picture

For anyone wondering about who some of the trolls may be, this video is quite shocking.  I'm sure Tyler has the same tracking ability.


Good bye Bank of America!!


DeadFred's picture

I feel stupid. I've been calling out these trolls for working for JPM and I got it all wrong. Sorry for that trolls.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Just one more reason to hate banks.  Maybe its time to move money to a non-insolvent credit union.

gmrpeabody's picture

We did just that, and it FEELS great!

dlmaniac's picture

I remember two weeks ago I said "expect an outta nowhere sell-off in gold & silver engineered by CBs b4 Greece SHTF", and I was junked by several posters. Look what's happening now.

FranSix's picture

You get a get-outta-junk free card!!!

Don't let on to anyone that engineered sell-offs actually liquify an illiquid bullion market.

fonestar's picture

I expected the same.  May as well give that spring one good last twist before they catapult us to the moon! 

Michael's picture

With whose money are they going to re capitalize the banks?

With Rothschild's money?

oogs66's picture

i don't even mind if they use taxpayer money, so long as they get better terms than even Warren Buffett got.

FiscalCrater's picture

copper==2.67==1 can Spam.  Coincidence? I think not.

AldousHuxley's picture

The same police brutality brotherhood gets indicted for ticket-fixing





Frank N. Beans's picture

French fries

Greece fries

hey, if everyone keeps tagging on to the first poster's comment, like this, these comment boxes are going to get REALLY skinny. But what the hell. 

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Geithner is in talks with EU to deliver 1.7 trillion cubic centimeters of comment box space to EFSF

Pool Shark's picture



No way that's going to be enough space...

Pool Shark's picture



See what I mean?...

Pool Shark's picture



Uh, oh. We need a bailout...

Pool Shark's picture



Kinda like deficit spending...

Pool Shark's picture



Diminishing returns...

Pool Shark's picture


I wonder if this is how they create negative interest rates...

floyd084's picture

It all fractals down. We must continue until we hit sub Planck length.

JethroBodien's picture

My God think of the fallacy the entire monetary system is build upon.  How can we ever expect to pay back all the money owed in a fractional reserve monetary system (leverage) that also includes interest.  Of course the answer is you can't.  This great lie/ponzi scheme ultimately benifits the few.  This farce will continue until it doesn't.  It's a mathamatical certainty.


lynnybee's picture

 +100  /  yea, Michael !

Ag Star's picture

You were hardly the only one predicting a beat-down in PM's, especially silver.  A lot a people were and those of us who own physical will get in on this sale while the getting is good.  THERE IS NO LIQUIDATION OF PHYSICAL METALS, sell off in "PAPER" due margin reqirement hikes!!  Don't start psychic hotline just yet:)

Aeonios's picture

Speaking of getting in on the PM sale;


Koin shops countrywide (probably worldwide) have either sold out of silver or are refusing to sell at the unicorn price.

Gold doesn't seem to have been affected, probably because $1600 is still a whole lot for one koin.

Dave Thomas's picture

Everyone on this site should be with a local credit union. Anyone who has been "Awoken" for any length of time about the banking system has no business doing any business with the heinous money center banks like BAC, JPM, WFC, etc.

I chat with folks who are supposedly in the "know" and give them hell when they pull out their JPM debit card.

They tell me it's because of "convenience".

HoofHearted's picture

You're thinking about it all wrong. JPM gave me a 15 months now interest credit card. I used it to buy Morgan dollars and ASEs...I also get some incentives from JPM. Use their credit to help their short be a bigger problem...

AmazingLarry's picture

Exact-a-reno. I've ran at least $20k though mine. Just don't lend to them by having any form of savings or checking.

Moe Howard's picture

Both of you are allowing them to create money based on your credit with them. They don't care about interest when they make the money up out of nothing.

BigJim's picture

They do care about interest, because when the principle gets paid back it vanishes back into the nothingness whence it came.

Why do you think there's a deflationary problem for the banks?

BigJim's picture

Everyone on this site should be with a local credit union. Anyone who has been "Awoken" for any length of time about the banking system has no business doing any business with the heinous money center banks like BAC, JPM, WFC, etc.

I keep hearing this... but don't credit unions operate on a fractional-reserve basis as well? Much as I loathe the big banks, it's the underlying monetary system that's the problem, not the players it enables.

DeadFred's picture

I have four cards and the order they get used is CU>Discover>Citi>JPM. The CU card has the worst terms (kickbacks) but I don't like trucking with the devil.

l.hauri's picture

it is good for you. I really like this approach. Great job!
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eaglefalcon's picture

why credit union?  My mattresses or a hole in my yard is a better option to keep my money.  I started to withdraw cash from bank a few weeks ago.  I can tell the amount of cash in their vault is ridiculously small, sometimes they can only give me 20's instead 100's.  Banks are all bluff, all the freedom loving people of the should start the run already.



Floordawg's picture

Wish we had CU's in NYC. Unfortunately I have yet to find one that allows membership for someone thats NOT in the Blue Man Group.

Hmmm? Wonder why there's none here?

seek's picture

Well -- move savings to PMs. Operating money to a credit union.

Only downside to the credit union? The tellers aren't as hot. I guess I shouldn't be surprised the banks were playing the sex appeal card.

Captain Planet's picture

Like all those ''CanadaÄs best kept secret'' adds here on ZH. 

It ain't the timber, stoopid!