Libyan Oil Fully Liberated On News Gaddafi Dead

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Just out from Reuters:


All we can say is be careful who you shake hands with. Next up: burial at sea.

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When is the burial at sea due?

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qadaffi has lots of lookalikes.

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Days...., not weeks....

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Well if anyone needed a face lift, he did...

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It would be nice to see Obama, big Bush and little Bush, Blair, Kohl and a few others in that position...

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And now Venezuela can take delivery of their gold. Sorry for the delay..we had to get it out of storage

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and we'll be back to collect it later...

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The good news = Gaddafi killed.  The bad news = Emmanuel Goldstein escapes.

Film @ 11.

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I just tossed dinner on that image...I mean, is there an "ugliest" list the man is not on?

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He's definately been smacked daft with a twattin' hammer...

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There are only two people on this planet witih lips like his and one sang for Black Sabbath. 

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I was on the floor with that one.

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I just hope they got that crucial DNA evidence prior to whatever means of quick body disposal they choose to go with. They've already used up "burial at sea", so I am guessing funeral pyre or this one. No doubt some obscure tribe in Libya advocates such a method.

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Heading for a heavy crash.....desperately needed some good manufactured news to steer the market in the "right" direction!

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I disagree.  This news is extremely bullish.

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Bullish for the cartel. They can get the US war machine to do whatever they want them to do, apparently.

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Yeah! That'll teach him and anyone else who thinks they can trade oil in anything but $$$.

Reserve currency bitchez!!

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i just want to know if that is herman cain in the background in the picture?????????

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Why burial at sea? Was Qhaddafi also working for the CIA Al Quada Division? maybe after burial at sea they'll take to to CIA headquarters at langley for a de-breifing and new assignment.

I personally don't think he was a CIA agent, so burial at sea is unlikley. Someone will show us the body.  

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I heard they found him in a hole like Saddam. How original. The DoD needs some better script writers.

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Cement shoes BITCHEZ!

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PS At least they've got ZH WB7 class photoshop "dude" there, whether it's DoD or the "Agency"! Hats off.

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It's been 15 minutes since your post and the page has already been removed. DoD's on top of things... Like your doorsteps!

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Now on the road to democracy. *Laugh*

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Where is the gold

dwdollar's picture

That shit was melted down and sold long ago.

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It looks like someone beat him around the head with it...

Janice's picture

I think that it was all about the gold.  Saddam wanted gold for oil which resulted in death.  Omar Gaddafi wanted gold for oil which resulted in death.  Not saying that these guys didn't deserve it.  But they were put in power by the US of Banks and removed when they no longer adhered to the master plan.

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Saddamn was put in power by US not gaddafi. Gaddafi is at the beginning of the chain. He will be replaced by a US dictator. That country just went from sucking by being embattled to sucking much worse by being taken over.

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In August of 1969 King Idris of Libya was in Turkey for medical treatment. On September 1, 1969 a group of about 70 junior Libyan military officers lead by Muammar Gaddafi took the opportunity to stage a bloodless coup d'état. The Movement quickly evolved into the Revolutionary Command Council which on September 7, 1969, announced that it had formed a cabinet to conduct the business of the government of the new republic. The following day, the RCC promoted Captain Muammar al-Gaddafi to colonel and appointed him commander in chief of the Libyan Armed Forces, making him the new de facto head of state.  U.S. government documents from this period show that Libya was the country with the most potential for problems in North Africa.

United States officials recognized that it did not want to tie the U.S. to the authoritarian and corrupt monarchy of King Idris. The United States recognized the Revolutionary Command Council (RCC) as the new government after the September 1969 coup. 

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she arrived with a sackful of millions cash and next day old Moammar turns up dead. efficiency.

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Que up Syria, Iran and Pakistan..............

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WOUNDS SUFFERED IN CAPTURE ........that is called a shot to the head...

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Well, he probably knew too much ...

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Sat on a sharp stick. 8 times.

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I just hope they didn't kill his smoking hot female bodyguards in the process.

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Hurray for the FREE world

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The Internet has helped perform a function that is almost sacred - to reveal the machinations of the power holders.

I don't think they can out this Genie back in his bottle, absent pulling the plug on the www entirely like Myanmar.

And of course that has already being discussed.

Pizza spaghetti and mandolino's picture

Just wait. They'll fix soon the internet nuisance, ops, freedom too.