Listen As Obama Rips Paul Ryan Proposed Budget Apart

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Because as everyone knows, debt is wealth. And as everyone knows even better, it is much better to go 1000 days without any budget whatsoever. Finally, what is truly best in life is to have your own budget, Mr. President, get voted down 414-0 in Congress, even as Congress (i.e., the body representing the US population) passes the Ryan budget.

In other news, this:

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Wait, isnt Figure 1 the same graph they used to show jobs creation with/without the stimulus?

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Thats because every graph points up.

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This is political theatre.

"Oh, look serfs, I was trying to balance the budget but those big bad Democrats got in the way."

"Oh, look serfs, those big bad Republicans tried to take away your benefits but I stopped them."

I have as much regard for Paul Ryan as I do Obama. If his budget had a chance, it would have looked a lot different. It was endorsed by Mitt so that should tell you all you need to know.

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Wow, looks like you've annoyed some serfs. LOL

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There ARE politicians with some good ideas.  Bashing a plan outright and not even on it's merits does nobody any good.  Ryans plan is better in every way than Obama, to say we should just not care is just being a cynical a-hole.  Cynical a-holes won't get us out of this mess, that is a certainty.

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Yeah, he takes Obama's budget and cuts about 15% off for supply side super growth to finish off the remaining 80% of the deficit, never mind about the 16 trillion in debt we already have. Do you honestly believe this is going to work? Give me a break. Paul Ryan is a con job pushed out by the Republican establishment for blue pill neocon/tea partiers.

Oh hey! He balances the budget in 2060! The debt starts to go down in 2045!


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Hey, i'm ready for the zombie apocaplypse, but instituting a "tear it off like a bandaid" plan isn't going to happen.  Not with how in bed the media and hollywood is with the left.  You would see mini-series after mini-series of the poor dying wenches who can't get their abortions paid for by the born-again Christians down the street paraded as sob stories all over the place.  Not to mention all the food stamps and welfare checks that would now ruin all our poor children.  Forget it, it's not going to happen.  Not with Obama certainly, not with NYT/CNN/MSNBC at the helm of the media either.

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Left, right, left, right.............Fail.

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Oh dear, I am sure you are right and the politicains with "good" ideas will save the day (provided their financial backers have given said "good" idea their stamp of approval). I want some bales of what you have been smoking. Ryan's plan sucks ever so slightly less than Obama's, MAYBE, and that makes it a potentially good idea? I say bash every politician and every politician's "good" (or otherwise) idea you can find with a heavy blunt instrument. Now THAT is a good idea my friend!!

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You can convince wrong people.

Michelle Obama to kids: Tell grandparents they are 'wrong' for not voting for my husband

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"what is truly best in life is to have your own budget"

obama! what is best in life?

crush congress! see it driven before you! and hear the lamentations of its members!


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way to pick up the Conan reference and run with it

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Do you think he has a small Asian man somewhere....doing his crying for him?

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Thats because every graph points up.

Correcto mundo - totally agree - looks like a revenues forecast for a dot com business plan placement (before the pop).

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Community Organizing 101...

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'Community Organizing' sounds so much nicer than 'Indoctrination'

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in an alter-world jail time for the prez bernank and all of these goons. 

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Perhaps I can punch a hole into that world and step through quietly?

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Forgive him, for he knows not what he says.

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I had to mute the volume, who listens to these chumps any more ?

Has President Obama been asked about Ron Paul's 1 trillion cut to the budget in the first year ?

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Seriously, who writes this pap?

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OMG...budget cuts will result in less accurate weather forecasts.  <Cdad stabbing himself repeatedly in the ear with an ice pick>

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It is just gibberish. There is no point in even listening to this schumer.

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Seriously, who writes this pap?

Was gonna say Alfred E Neuman - but then remembered he can (actually) read a P&L. Maybe Durden wears a "contraran" hat and moonlights to write columns for Obama's budget officer?

"Vote Yes Bailout Trillions Bleeding Heart" Ryan calling anything that "Vote Yes Bailout Trillions Bleeding Heart Obama" pretend a budget offers a bit like call the pot calling the kettle black.

4 - 5 years since last budget (that excluded, of course, trillions off book psyops, dark ops and our executive's Peace Prize Ghoul's DoS merc and torture kiddy killer porn shop!

What do we pay these guys for anyway? To fill a CSPAN time slot? The only thing politoco gov employees are s'posed to do is a busget - they been doing every fucking thing else except a budget for 4 or 5 years.

When they begin a process to repeal "eminent domain", gutting time is here. 500 girlie boys get plugged deep where the sun don't shine by 300 Million exceptionally disgruntled Wal Mart electronics aisle browsers.

America, America,

   God take a shit on thee!


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This is a replay of an '08 campaign speech, right?  Because I am pretty sure he has had 3 years to rebuild infrustructure, but indtead bailed out the Major Banking Houses, gave loans to Libya, and paid Michelle to fly around the world dozens of times on vacations.

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Michele must be back from the vacations and is busy serial junking evey comment on this thread...

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The Queen of Amerika hasn't scratched her nail polish touching a key board in at least 3 years.  She has 22 assistants who do it for her.

Burr&#039;s 2nd Shot's picture

Strawman, Strawman, Appeal to Authority, Strawman, Non-Sequitur.

Did I miss a fallacy in there somewhere?

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"Oops! ...He Did It Again"

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

I think He did it again
he made you believe he was more than just friends
Oh baby
It might seem like a economic crash
But it doesn't mean that He's serious
'Cause to lose all your senses
That is just so typically him
Oh baby, baby...

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I'd rather hear the Trailer Park Princess sound off on ANY topic, as opposed to this.


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" In this country, broad based prosperity was never the result of the efforts of a wealthy few "

Really...?? I guess now Ford and Carnegie never name just two.

Another Obama revision of American history.

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>> I guess now Ford and Carnegie never existed.


I'll give Ford the nod, but Carnegie?  Read a little history.

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US Steel never created prosperity for the middle class ?? Dream on. Carnegie was a parsimonius rascal, but he made millions of uneducated immigrants prosperous beyond their dreams....even if he didn't do so willingly.

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Perhaps, but the statement was not that Carnegie was a good guy. It was that he created prosperity. So the question is: did he provide goods and services that enhanced the lives of the masses at a price they could afford to pay?

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Usual ignorance on your part of the facts. Two trillion dollar plus wars, and unpaid for Part D Medicare plus tax cuts for the uber rich is why we are where we are., so fuck off 'Tyler", eat my shit.

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You mean facts like Barry's college degree or inflation running at 2%?

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You must have gotten lost on your way to Daily Kos. Move along, boy, nothing for you here.

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Although it doesn't matter who points out the Truth, even on the way to Daily Kos.  It only matters that the Truth (that Bush's wars, and the ideological upper end tax cuts are responsible for the record deficit) gets said.  Even on ZH.

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The "Truth" is that the record deficit is due to the creation of the Federal Reserve System.

Anything since that date is merely a baby step down the inevitable road to doom. Even FDR and Nixon aren't as responsible as Wilson.

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+1 Circle gets the square.

mayhem_korner's picture

and the ideological upper end tax cuts are responsible for the record deficit


I'll wager you right here there are "upper end" folks on this blog that pay more in taxes than you make.  What say u?

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I really want to elect a guy who comes up excuses for 3.5 years as to why he can't get this thing under control. I should give him another 4 more years to see if he gets it right.

Also, he was very good at establishing a consensus that the proposed budget he submitted was shit and shot down unanimously. Tough thing to do. Usually someone will vote for you.

knightowl77's picture blame bush....yet when the dems and obummy were in charge when did they pay for medicare part d, or the wars, or any friggen thing?????

Did obummer cancel any of the tax cuts??? did they cut spending???? No AH they increased spending (on their friends in the unions and to financial contributers) which is why trillions in stimulus made no dent in the economy, but only the amount of debt....


Bush'es unfunded wars and tax cuts etc added 4.3 Trillion to the debt in 8 years....Obummer has exceeded in less than say what you want it is all cow manure

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The budget was going to blow up without the wars because the Baby Boomer unfunded obligations are going to swamp the system.  Every fractional reserve fiat system has failed because the debt has to constantly expand exponentially for the system to stay stable.  In the real world you run out of resources first.  Then the fiat system crashes.  It has happened time and time again - like waves lapping on the beach of history.

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Well. To be fair the debt accumulated during Obama's term dwarfs that accumulated during the Bush years.

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Although it doesn't matter who points out the Truth, even on the way to Daily Kos.  It only matters that the Truth (that Bush's wars, and the ideological upper end tax cuts are responsible for the record deficit) gets said.  Even on ZH.

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You really are an idiot.  Still talking about "Bush's wars" - you mean the wars that Obama has gleefully continued?  And invaded Libya?  And now is beating the war drums against Syria and Iran?  How does your sad little partisan mouth even spit out such laughable contradictions?  

And tax cuts are responsible for record deficits?  You fool.  Those tax cuts decreased revenue by maybe a couple hundred billion dollars per year, probably less during the recession years.  The 2011 decifit was $1.2 TRILLION.  Record deficits and exploding debt are the result of massive spending on worthless "stimulus" packages and crony bailouts.  What's worse, these bailouts have grossly distorted the economy and rewarded the wealthy bad actors on Wall St and in the big banks instead of allowing a proper realignment to occur.  And yet we still have mouth-breather lock step followers like yourself that are going to deny the obvious and continue to buy into the system and support the status quo.  You are part of the problem.

So go home and snuggle up with your Obama 2012 blankie, and rest easy knowing you will be voting for more debt, more war, and eroded civil liberties wrapped in a promise of "security."  What a admirable "progressive" you are.

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The worst kind of zombies are the ones that think it's still a (D) vs. (R) kind of game.  "...partisan braaaaains...."