Listing David Einhorn's Likes And Dislikes

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Here are some of the things that David Einhorn likes and does not like, having just started his speech at the Ira Sohn Conference:

  • Martin Marietta - stock plunges 10% and triggers circuit breaker.
  • France - "a french default is not out of the question" - France not limit down yet. He says that a return to the Franc is not out of the question.
  • Einhorn likes GJF.NO - "Norway is the only country which can finance itself."
  • Einhorn likes Cairn Energy as it trades at discount to assets in just Britain and India.
  • Says China is misunderstood and is not an investment opportunity: not enough money to feed the economy and banks aare becoming illquid; money is leaving the country
  • Also does not like Japan for all the usual Kyle Bass and Andy Xie reasons. The Yen will continue strengthening.
  • Einhorn likes AMZN, calls it "elephant in the room", but questions profit growth.
  • Einhorn likes Dena Co, and Gree Inc in Japan
  • Einhorn is short DKS
  • Einhorn, who is long about $870MM AAPL as per last night's 13F, likes AAPL. Stunner.
  • Finally, the happiest people in the room are HLF longs who are up 20% on the day, begging the question: did Einhorn pull the mother of all headfakes and use the selling panic to buy up the company at the lows where everyone thought he was shorting?

And a bunch of other stuff. We will bring you the full presentation shortly.

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HungrySeagull's picture

How about multiple circuit breakers?

One person's likes is not the same as the PPT's likes.

Comay Mierda's picture

this guy is the ppt's best friend.  he spikes up stocks with a few words and tweets.  i knew ppt would be calling in reinforcements.  this mkt wants to rollover so bad but tptb wont let it til all the insiders in FB cash out on the dumb money friday

Chris88's picture

Have you read anything he's written or said about government involvement in the markets?  I'm guessing you haven't, you probably wouldn't have posted that comment.

Aziz's picture

Everyone likes Facebook.

Shame Facebook can't really make money!

Maybe Bernanke will buy it in the name of aggregate demand....

derek_vineyard's picture

i prefer fuckbook.....anyone else see that?

Elwood P Suggins's picture

Facebook is a fucking joke.  Why would I care how many times people I barely know fart in the morning?

blunderdog's picture

Different site, yo, that's fartbook you're thinking of.

Western's picture

I laffed... hard.


I've removed myself from facebook because really.... who gives a shit about the voyeuristic tendencies of humanity today, go frolic outside or something.

SheepDog-One's picture

Einhorn is Ray Finkle.

Laces OUT! 

Divided States of America's picture

Wow, Herbalife spikes 20% because:

Einhorn didnt mention it in the conference. This market is becoming a huge FARCE that is dominated by a few people calling the shots.

midgetrannyporn's picture

Uncle Rico pitching nylon polymers.

l1b3rty's picture

Goldman Sachs will buy the Franc drachma and Mark before they are released at half of their opening value.

WhyDoesItHurtWhen iPee's picture

uummm........., hmmmmm............, I don't get it.  The article.

NotApplicable's picture

Highlights from hedge-fund love-in. Except for there's no light, and they're all high.

Sockeye's picture

He must like Vulcan.

geewhiz190's picture

Apple- a core holding. wonder if he sweats when he's nervous

HungrySeagull's picture

Most people do.

The outlier to this human symptom is a pending heart attack.

LuKOsro's picture

Sold HLF at 70, bought it back at 42. Thanks David and the lemmings.

fonzannoon's picture

CNBC wants to talk to us about gold. A lot.

Pedantic Rube's picture

Didn't Larry Robbins and the rest of the hedge fund world pitch XRX last year and get smoked?


This is like the Mayan calendar story. Forever now, everyone thought the world was ending this year. We were all fucked in 2012. Then, some brillo headed sandal slapping archaeologists find a calendar room with all the shit in it explaining the entire Mayan calendar. Previously, just a few fragmets from part of a calendar were what we had to go on prediction wise. Now, it is aparrent that the end of this cycle is more like the year 3500. Not the end of the world, just the end of a cycle. Then, another cycle starts. Even if the world ends then, who cares ? Nothing I get to deal with, right? 

Same with all this snake oil pundit investment in paper bullshit. Rock on, Dave. Take your lemming posse with you over the cliff when Rome burns. I like investing in reality. Food, metals, land, and projectiles. And, a still, so I can brew some insurance that keeps the neighbors friendly.

Carl Spackler's picture

Einhorn doesn't let go, once he believes something.  He could be right (academically speaking) but it may not make money.

First, there is New Century.

Now Japan, where Greenlight got smoked a few years ago betting aginst JPY government debt.

XtraBullish's picture

He probably sews gold into his Armani suit...

JohnKozac's picture

Do you mean iHorn?

EclecticParrot's picture

These hedgie dorks that tout their portfolios at conferences are akin to when the richest fraternities on a campus (i.e., daddy's paying for everything, and has a job waiting) pitch a volleyball net on the first spring day > 60 degrees and take their shirts off, thinking everyone wants a look. 

What their sunglasses effectively hide is the fact that THEY'RE the ones doing the looking -- and if we didn't look back, they'd vaporize in the midday sun.

riphowardkatz's picture

that makes 0 sense, had no humor and was just bad and sort of sad. Are we looking or not? Will they really vaporize in the sun? 


EclecticParrot's picture

It's quite clear you and others are looking -- how else to explain the two holes cut in the bag glued to your avatar's head, or the after-hours action in certain stocks casually mentioned in various puffy PowerPoint presentations today?  Now do you get it?  No?  Ah, well.

Your favorite movie must be Animal House --no metaphors or labyrinthine plots, all humor in the SNL vein (I prefer La Double Vie de Veronique).  I suppose the most unfair question I could pose to you is:  which total is higher, the number of short stories by Joyce or Kafka you've read, or the number of episodes of Laverne & Shirley you've watched ..

Acorn10012's picture

Joyce and Kafka - but GD is Kafka depressing, the Hunger Artist and the Penal Colony...shit!

EclecticParrot's picture

Yeah, his most famous stuff is a bit overrated, try hidden gems and fragments,  shorter aphorisms like Couriers or News of the building of the Wall, or my favorite, The Village Schoolmaster (Giant Mole).  Lots of imbedded humor, albeit of a darker hue.

blunderdog's picture

No one should be surprised that he likes APPL.  If he liked it yesterday, it's still the same company today.

He's not a day-trader.

Scalaris's picture

I like Cairn, it just acquired Agora oil & gas which holds 20% of a new discovery of 60-160 million barrels of light oil in the North Sea.

End of 2008 till end of 2010 it was the gift that kept on giving with a 400% rise. I'd wait until October for a position though.

Chris88's picture

To all the morons badmouthing Einhorn, he is an extremely talented hedge fund manager with a great track record to prove it.  I wouldn't just be long or short something simply because he says so, but it makes me look at the said company a lot closer to try to see what his reasoning is.  He moves markets when he speaks because he commands respect, and rightfully so.  Go ahead and give me some thumbs down, I'd love to be an analyst at Greenlight.

Carl Spackler's picture


I know the Einhorns (plural). They're good people, but I've also heard stories of Stephen having screwed other people I know, in deals.

It is what it is.

Buyer beware.

Chartist's picture

I sure hope Einhorn is wrong about China....An entire generation of middle class jobs were transferred from the Great Lakes region in the US to China in hopes of sparking a middle class.

robertocarlos's picture

The break from hard labour was fun but it's going to be tough getting back to work.

Carl Spackler's picture

Chartist, no fear dude.

So many of those jobs are coming back to midwest manufacturing, now.

Just get Obama out of the way because the economic driver of this is the natural gas boom and its economics.

It's all about fracking bringing middle class jobs back. Cheap nat gas more than pays for expensive U.S. blue-collar labor and transport.


DosZap's picture

OT,(sorry) but something we all should like..................a Female NYC Fed Judge with balls.

justcurious's picture

And einhorn likes AAPL a hardware company for it's software margins... unbelievable...