Live Obama Press Conference On Iran, Israel And Netanyahu Meeting

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Obama takes on Syria and Iran in his Netanyahu meeting post-mortem. Every time the President says "Israel", "AIPAC", "Friend", "Syria", "Iran", "Terrorists", "Threat", and "Nuke them out of orbit" everyone does a shot.

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what a jag off 

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Albert Pike's little puppet attempting to carry out the last stage of the NWO agenda

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Actions speak louder than words.  Obama is nothing but mumble.  I feel horrible that I voted for him and believed he would actually make a difference.  He's a loser.


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At least you're honest about it, unlike most.

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This is a war prep speech.  I learned douche in college.  I'll keep translating for y'all.


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When did Israel tell us we have to launch war by?

I wish these things would get to the point without all the extraneous bullshit.

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Will this speech (and his following warmongering actions) grant him a second nobel "peas" prize?

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piece prize, not peace or peas


little piece of iraq, afghanistan,libya,syria,yemen  etc etc etc

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In other news, script kiddiez confirmed to be nothing more than psyops (something everyone with half a working braincell knew)

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in other news alex jones is a big fat blowhard khazar disinfoheeb who blames everyone but his fellow tribesmen.

heh, kinda like jim morrison.

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His name is Hector Xavier Monsegur, aka 'Sabu,' described as a 'lazy,' jobless 28-year-old computer genius living on welfare with two young wards in a New York City housing project that served as the nerve center for the infamous hacking group LulzSec — and with his help, law enforcement on two continents this morning swooped in and took them down.

Yep, that story shall be repeated many times over. Over 45 million times over, as welfare recipients turn in all others.

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It was so charming to see the viceroys of the War Ponzi Usury Empires two top marketing loss leader colonies grab-assing like a pair of busboys that just won best "table cleaner" category at the annual buck ninety a plate luncheonette franchisee food server competition.

The Obama reached so far over to grab the Nyetnannyahu's hand, most thought he was going straight for Nyet's well rumored Vienna Sausage (without even the expected courtesy of buying the Nyet a drink!). That bit of fun and frolic frat house raucous was followed by an insightful breath taking post toast speech by our-finally-out-of-the-closet Bambi on one of the most important topics of our time, immigration reform, and the importance of hydrogenated fat in a healthy postmortem diet.

Meanwhile, the Synogress, not to be outdone, burned taxpayer candle to yada yada steroids in professional sports and the alway important quibbling-man-ship regarding the naming of post offices and funding loses incurred by the Madoff's "more chosen than thou" clients (forget it Kevin Bacon, you didn't make the cut).

In other rumor mill news, g*d decides to long, or was it short, BAC!

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I knew Jones' wife was a jewess I didn't realize he was working with, allegedly according to the emails and so forth Wikileaks released, with Stratfor, George Freidman's group. Sort of like one of the hundreds of Jewish political interest groups that specialize in foreign policy and that sort of thing, all working to further their own aims with OUR taxpayer dollars and the BLOOD of our military men and women.

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I hate to say this about a democratic president (Oh, wait...our last authentic dem in the White House was John F. Kennedy...never mind my original sentiment), but it's obvious that President Yahoo, met Netanyahoo, to find out when to attack Iran from Israel.

Why does this not sit well with me??

Could it be that the intel services, of both American and Israel, keep stating that Iran doesn't have either any nukes, nor an actual nuke weapons program?

Could it be that SecDef Panetta said exactly the same thing on "Sit on their face the nation"?

Could it be that investigative reporter, Seymour Hersh, also said the same exact thing, and nobody was paying him to say it?'s probably just indigestion talking...

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Every time I hear him speak, I have that song.......'I'm your puppet' in my head with Blankfein and Dimon holding the strings.

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America has a leader but it is not one of our elected officials; it’s whoever the current head of the Israeli Likud Party is. In this case, it’s Benjamin Netanyahu  -  armed to the teeth with the latest military technology that American taxpayers can buy—nuclear weapons, fighter jets, missiles carriers--a war nation, an armed camp bent on WW III and unlimited cash from the American taxpayers.

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Someone should ask him how come the US is fighting on the same side as al-Qaeda on Syria?! Kinda fucked up init!?

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No, once again it's about Israel: attempting to break the Shia Crescent which - thanks to the slight mistake in Iraq - currently runs from Tehran thru Baghdad and Damascus, and on into Hezbollah in S. Lebanon. Attempt now blocked by Russian and Iranian Naval units. This has got 1914 written all over it, though I'll give Obama some credit for dragging his heels on the IranWar. Unfortunately, Israelis can get it going whenever they want, simply by torpedoing an American ship...and DC will blame Iran. Since Israel wants to get rid of both Iran and Obama - Romney is the more complete ZOGstooge -  it'll begin c. July-August. Purim's too obvious.  

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A most erudite, highly educated, and succinct analysis, CompassionateFascist, and good citizen!

You have explained it soooo perfectly, I can add nothing to your brilliant comment.

Good day!

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Thanks. I've learned from ananonymouse, as I hope we all have, that practicing US citizenist citizenship is the citizinely thing to do.

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now which one of the turds have you fallen for this time.  SCROTORICH or Romney?

By the way, if someone did not tell you NOT to vote for Obama in 08, I am telling you this time, Vote for Ron Paul.  No matter what in the future, you will always hold your head high when you admit you voted for Ron.

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If it were McCain we would already be in Iran.

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You're a dumb fuck comay, if you believe that website. I can't put it any blunter than that. Freemasons are pompous bores, but they aren't running the world.



Baleful Runes 4 U's picture

Hilarious to see people praise george washington and the other founders, and then in the next breath excoriate freemasons as "satanists" (hint: washington, franklin and a bunch of signers of the constitution were freemasons)...

The illuminati/freemason retard-o conspiracy theories remind me of the "satanic panic." of the 80s/90s.  Evangelicals and other braindead loudmouths would cite metal bands and fringe occult groups with no actual power as being ready to take over the world.

 The heads of banks, oil companies, neocon think tanks etc, are not sitting around learning the minutiae of dusty esoteric lore.

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The Freemasons of George Washington's day were infiltrated and taken over by the Illuminati who were the Rothschilds and other jews according to the theory.

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Yeah the problem with that theory is it's not based on any evidence.  See, I can say the Shriners are actually members of the Thuggee and spin a whole sinister tale out of it.

jews were always involved in Freemasonry (including in GW's day and in his army). Part of the original symbolism is heavily jewish.

The illuminati were a small group that went extinct....all this stuff is just laughably moronic.

But, if you want to join with the Born again geniuses, the Vatican, the nazis and other wonderful people who hate(d) freemasons, go ahead.

Again, the people in positions of power do not give a shit about or believe in religion, esotericism, god, lucifer, magic, elves, or anything else like that. You are part of the duped if you think they do, and you discredit your own cause if you promote it. You're part of what Leo Strauss (neocon idol) would term the vulgar.


Randall Cabot's picture

Where is your evidence that the Illuminati went extinct?


SMG's picture

1. The Luciferian Illuminati did take over freemasonry as you describe, but the Illuminati are not and never were Jewish.  They are a completly different religion that practices a patchwork of rites, believes in things like polytheism and Pythagoreanism, and belief of oneself as a god.  I point this out, because jewish people aren't the real elite to blame, they are.

2. Proof of Illuminati:   Federal reserve, Wahington Obelisk Monument, Council on foriegn relations, Bilderberg, United Nations, Eye of horus on the dollar, along with Moloch the Owl, Temple of Set, Bohemian grove.  

Randall Cabot's picture

The Rothschilds are jews, the father of Mayer Rothschild was a rabbi and his sons and their sons and so on were not permitted to marry non-jews so even marrying first cousins was permitted.

SMG's picture

You are wrong.   Many Illuminati profess other faiths publicly, but privately practice Lucifarianism, and things like sex magick and live sacrifice.  The Rothschilds included.

Randall Cabot's picture

Well then you must be one if you know what they do privately.

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The "Illuminati" (who are actually the Jesuits...Adam Weishaupt was the Jesuit Professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University in Bavaria) took over Freemasonry at the Masonic Congress of Wilhelmsbad, just outside Frankfurt*, in 1782. Prior to that takeover, the leadership of Freemasonry in Europe largely comprised the protestant aristocracy.

The higher degrees (4 thru 28) of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (named for the Scottish Roman Catholic pretenders to the British throne, the Stuarts) had been drafted by the Jesuits at Claremont, just outside Paris, 28 years earlier in 1754. Prior to 1751, Freemasonry only had the first 3 'blue' degrees up to Master Mason and members of those 3 degrees -- right up to today -- know nothing of the activities of the higher 'luciferian' degrees. Scottish Rite masonic lodges were not introduced to America until 1801.

* Frankfurt was also the home of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who had little money or influence at that time, but 13 years later rose to immense wealth through his dealings with Prince William of Hesse (who owned the Castle of Wilhelmsbad where the Masonic Congress was held and whose father had converted to Catholicism in 1747). It was Prince William (and his father) who rented Hessian mercenaries to his cousin, King George III of England, to fight the Americans in the Revolutionary War.

Jacob Frank (né Liebowitz) -- the leader of the Sabbatean-Frankists who had converted to Catholicism in Poland in 1759 and married into the European aristocracy thereafter -- also moved his base from Vienna to Frankfurt in 1786.

The Sabbateans and Jesuits -- as fellow luciferians (or Pharisees, in biblical terminology) -- have been closely allied since the very beginning. Indeed, the founder of the Jesuits in 1534 -- the wealthy Basque nobleman, Don Ignatius de Loyola -- was in all likelihood a Spanish crypto-jew (alleged by the Inquisition, but never proven).

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sex magick...learn something new every day.

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"2. Proof of Illuminati: Federal reserve, Wahington Obelisk Monument, Council on foriegn relations, Bilderberg, United Nations, Eye of horus on the dollar, along with Moloch the Owl, Temple of Set, Bohemian grove. "

Ok...THIS is a prime example of the mental retardation I'm talking about.  Yes, some of those things listed are completely unscrupulous, 'globalist' organizations with a desire for more power and wealth,-who would deny that?  But the illuminati? The washington obelisk is proof of the illuminati's existence?  do you take any vague connection as proof in your mind? 

hahaha you list the temple of set?  If you knew what a small, somewhat sad, fringe group it actually is, you'd feel very stupid  Hell, some of the members are in near poverty, but somehow they are linked to the Fed and the highest corridors of power? 

Reread my previous posts, because I revealed the real truth.

Either some of you are just fucking outright imbeciles or schizos, or you are trying to discredit this site.



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I agree with you on most points, except on one detail: the symbolism of the masons is derived from a huge lore of "hermetic knowledge of the ancients" - very popular in Europe for a few centuries - on which all intellectuals and mystics drew something, including jews, masons and others.

that originally babylonian/egyptian stuff was popular - the pyramids, the obelisks, the greek geometry, the babylonian horoscope that is still used everywhere together with the star's names, the pentagram and the six-pointed star. to make an analogy, it was the Star Treck stuff of an age.

the obelisk in Washington is more of a "we, too" - all respectable capitals of Europe (still) have some imported ancient egyptian obelisk

the six-pointed star was used as a symbol for Jesus: the union between the divine (triangle pointing up) and the human (triangle pointing down) - this is the way the original Masons understood it while building cathedrals, helped by ancient math tools they saw as mystical

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taken over by the Illuminati who were the Rothschilds and other jews according to the theory

here's the extended version for those who junked you:

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I believe Hamilton was part of the Illuminati but not the others-this was the time period that the Illuminati was infilrtrating the Freemasons.

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TOTUS just said he has done as much for immigration as anyone...I guess sueing states like AZ for their immigration law is what he meant by that? What a DBag.

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Peter Brimelow (former Forbes editor, currently writes for CBS Marketwatch) writes (Sunday, Aug 21, 2011 11:30 pm): Three infuriating developments:  
(1) not ONE Republican contender appears to have commented on President Obama’s Friday announcement of a de facto amnesty;  
(2) not ONE Republican contender has commented on Obama’s Thursday executive order imposing more “affirmative action” i.e. a Chicago-type race-based spoils system on the federal workforce, already disproportionately non-white;  
(3) Texas governor Rick Perry reaffirmed his support for a “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens; in-state college tuition rates for illegal aliens; and opposition to Arizona-type law sanctions on illegal aliens. It’s not clear that Perry knew what he was saying—but not ONE Republican contender has criticized him.

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Get the hospital bed and IV's ready.... Looks like im getting smashed

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Can we get that brit fool to buy us another 30 litre bottle?


Keep talking GOLD and SILVER are coming back

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Creepy flags bitchez.

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uncanny how the eagle has historically been used as a symbol by so many fascist regimes....  lets hope the sheeple don't ever get off their asses and try and figure out why...

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PSYCHE!  Press conference is all about stale political campaign themes.  Drinking rules now apply to M&B, Fair Share, Common Sense

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1:18 Everyone drink