Live Streams From Athens And Greek Parliament

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Today at midnight local time, 5pm Eastern, the Greek parliament is expected to pass the latest bill finalizing the terms of the second Greek bailout, which as explained yesterday has quietly increased from €130 billion to €210 billion. Needless to say, it will pass, as the opportunity cost for Greece of "pledging" to achieve unattainable targets while doing absolutely nothing, as has been shown repeatedly over the past two years, is zero. The only real questions are i) what the Greek population may do in response to this latest selling out of a population "led" by an unelected banker, which if history is any precedent, the answer is not much, and ii) how Germany will subvert this latest event, and put the bail [sic] back in Greece's court once again.

Syntagma Square cam 1

Watch live streaming video from stopcarteltvgr at

Syntagma Square cam 2

LIVE STREAMING: Συλλαλητ?ριο για το Μνημ?νιο 2 by News247

Syntagma Square cam 3

Greek parliament webcast:

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Obadiah's picture

Wow does this give us 2 more months

20 years?

Is today the day to back up the truck?

Obadiah, over/>


PS Ron speaks the truth in mass!

Global Hunter's picture

shit crows rr uh circling in a shit updraft but when the shit downdfraft comes get your shit umbrellas

redpill's picture

How can you people be concerned with trivialities like the collapse of western economic civilization when there are important things to consider like who is going to headline the Whitney Houston memorial TV event?

Zero Govt's picture

@ Obadiah.  "Is this the day to back-up the truck?"

Yes, if you're a Greek taxpayer. Have the removals truck collect your artifacts and sent on to any country outside of Greece as you've no intention to repay any of the prolifrigate suicide socialist spending of the Yoghurt Govt (which you've never benefitted from) and having your work pilfered for the rest of your working life to repay

Bankers and Socialists:  'G.F. Yourselves'

The Big Ching-aso's picture



The Greeks can pledge for as long as they want because that's what the ponzi scheme wants them to do.    Only until the ponzi scheme system itself collapses does anything truly change.

AldousHuxley's picture



Example: HCA and private equity (Mitt Romney's Bain Capital and George Bush Sr. & Bill Frist's KKR......wall st. firm HQ in DC??? wonder why...)


Here are the highlights of a private equity super deal that Mr. Romney's company Bain and KKR completed last year:

* Bain and KKR made a leveraged buy out of Health Care America (HCA) a few years ago.

* Bain and KKR sucked out a BILLION DOLLARS in dividends from HCA.

* Bain and KKR made another $2Bln on the IPO.

* Bain and KKR left HCA with $28.2 BILLION IN DEBT, which is more than 9X HCA’s ENTIRE CASH FLOW from operations for 2010.

Do you think HCA will ever be able to pay off that debt? Why would anyone invest in the now public HCA?


SOURCE OF REVENUE FROM GOVERNMENT AID: 40.7% (Medicare and Medicaid)


Unfortunately HCA owns a ton of hospitals across America What do you think is going to happen to patient care as those hospitals cut corners to pay off all that debt for a couple of decades or so? That good for America and Americans???


Mitt Romney = make sure government doesn't stop private equity exploit of American tax payers

Silver Bug's picture

The politicians have to realize that the people are eventually going to come after them! What are they thinking?? Default ALREADY!

buckethead's picture

I have some experience with HCA. Specifically, attempting to contract with them into an HMO and PPO network. In many cases, they were needed to be viable in a market. (Not the only game in town, but had most providers in their health system to a degree that you needed them to cover all specialties)

Their demands for reimbursements are high, and their quality of care, along with the quality of facilities was low.

I suppose your insights offer some of the reasons why.

Any who believe we currently enjoy a free market in health care are delusional.

falun bong's picture

10 years ago a government, especially a European government, would have backed down long ago after all the rioting and demonstrations. Now...nothing. The elite has decided that riots in the streets don't count for anything any more.

The corner was turned about ten years ago when 10 million people hit the streets around the world to protest the upcoming Iraq war and the banking/military elite just said "f*ck them!"

I have a new rule (just like Maher): from now on anyone who uses the term "democracy" is branded a total f*ck-tard

Michael's picture

Thats because the TV people always side with the banksters.

The TV reporters are an enemy of the people.

IQ 101's picture

Cold, bold and true statement, Michael, but the word needed is Journalist,

one of many Professions who should be examinig their motives, a Tsunami is coming, glad I'm not a lawyer/Banker/Liar.

debtandtaxes's picture

Please remember some of us are civil rights and criminal defence lawyers trying to preserve the few civil rights we still have left and educate the public about the real purpose of private prisons and the "Drug War". Funny how those of us actually preaching the truth can't get the big cases and are in debt as we try to employ a few people. This ain't true capitalism! I too have a bit of gold and food stashed away and 2 kids to worry about.

Marco's picture

The people who have the most artifacts are the bankers ... and the hell they didn't benefit from the system.

Michael's picture

The amount of the Greek Grant package has gone up from E130 to E210 huh?

As long as this doesn't add to the the amount the Greek people have to pay back, everything should be fine.

stocktivity's picture

I guess the markets will rally tomorrow on more hopium.

LuKOsro's picture

I don`t want to let myself engulfed by the subcounsiosly dictated primary instincts, but I think the following dicton is highly warranted: 

Burn baby, burn and let the flames purify your sins

kaiserhoff's picture

OT, but more fun facts.

The Jew Street Journal is trumpeting Mittens big win in Maine (3%) over Ron Paul, who was outspent by a bejillion dollars, as usual.

Remember how decisive, momentum building, and coronating, Mittens 8 vote win in Iowa was, until it turned out to be a loss?

Wouldn't it be great if we lived in a country with free speech?

john39's picture

Mittens is George bush's cousin (10th). Both are related to the queen hag of England. Obomber is related to Darth Cheney. Sense a pattern?

Matt's picture

Every President of the United States of America, except for Van Buren, is descended from the King of England who signed the Magna Carta.

cdskiller's picture

Whoa. I take it from the number of positive votes for this comment that ZH is popular with anti-semites.

toothpicker's picture

Whoa. I take it from the number of positive votes for this comment that ZH is popular with zionists (anti-semites)

Dapper Dan's picture

I gave ya a green and a red arrow, what does that make me?

Prairie Fire's picture

I'm getting goose bumps watching this--I've put a pot of coffee on, rolled a J, I'm all set to witness the 'Triumph of the Will'.

Keep in mind that this is precedent setting in many respects, my hopes are for the Greek people to destroy any hope of another bailout, precipitating their voluntary or non voluntary exit from the Euro, the reinstating of the drachma, and proof for the whole world to see that when the central banking ponzi enslavement system is destroyed it does not mean chaos and total disorder forever. There is light at the end of the tunnel--and it's our fellow humans out there, not a god, when we come together anything is possible.

Good luck Greeks! Knock em Dead!

JW n FL's picture




Wow does this give us 2 more months

20 years?

Is today the day to back up the truck?

Obadiah, over/>

PS Ron speaks the truth in mass!


I know that everyone is excited to see Ron Paul slowly get some TV Time.. considering he was in 2nd place this whole time and got almost none..

It seems that the TV time is going to be perfectly timed... to give the maximum effect... of grass roots... NON-TV-Time Energy and then the TV-Time-Public Energy to carry him thru.

Then! Obama will have to deal with the Facts. And EVERYONE Knows Obama can NOT! Compete Against the Facts!

But I would like to remind you sheep of a few things...

1. Handling you is easy, it has been perfected over the many decades.

2. The Reason America is BROKE! is Because the Rich Pay NO FUCKING TAXES!

3. The Reason America is BROKE! is Because the Corporations Pay NO FUCKING TAXES!

4. The Reason America is Broke is Because the Rich who control the LOBBY thru their spending.. dont want to Pay Any Taxes.

Now that we have those facts.. out in the open.. I realize some of you dont like those facts being out in the open.. and I am HAPPY! to source and site them..

We will discuss Ron Paul and his Magic Grass Roots.. rise from the Bottom.

What is Ron Paul going to do?

Kill Taxes!

What do the Rich want more than anything? what have they started already with this Crisis?

do You understand that you are selling yourself out? Right??

No of course you dont? You believe that you are somehow one of us! You are not one of us, you never will be one of us.

Sorry.. More bad news and another reason to want to block out everything I say.

Ron Paul.. is not magic and the perfect timing is NOT! and act of God.

Wake Up Sheepeople! Your Very Lives will depend on it!


employee1107's picture

Yes more taxes will fix everything - you've been conditioned well, sheep. Must pay the FED the interest on the paper they print.

JW n FL's picture




Yes more taxes will fix everything - you've been conditioned well, sheep. Must pay the FED the interest on the paper they print.

This not about more Taxes. This is about the top 1% of the Top 1% paying 30% like the Working Class or EVERYONE ELSE.

So, you can spin this into Class Warfare.. or MORE TAXES FOR BIGGER / HUGEMONGOUS Government..


But at the End of the Day.. The reason the Country is Broke..

Is Because the Sheepoeple have let the Lobby Legislate Loop Hoes for the Top 1% of the Top 1% and Corporations.


But Please.. Continue to try to bury me in bullshit.. And don’t forget your Multi Market Tested One Liners!

Like "Job Creators"


"Bigger Government" or "Free Markets"!


Because I am Damn! SURE!! Going to be using the...

Corporations are NOT PEOPLE!





& 30%! means 30%!!

It’s like NO! MEANS NO!! That one didn’t make sense to you either I am sure

CompassionateFascist's picture

The reason the country is broke is because the govt keeps spending 1.50 for every dollar in tax receipts; raw amount irrelevant. It's the essence of social democracy.

GFKjunior's picture

For the last time, it doesn't matter how much more we pay in taxes it will never be enough for the mamoth state.

The federal budget was $3.7 trillion. All the companies on the SP500 profited $230 billion, combined.


We would fund the U.S. for a couple of months if we taxed all corporations and rich people in the US at 90%. We need to stop the spending.

JW n FL's picture



This not about More! Taxes.


This is about the top 1% of the Top 1% paying 30%! Like the Working Class or EVERYONE ELSE.


So, you can spin this into "Me" Wanting More Government?? ALL!! You! want.. but it dont make it Fucking SO!

Tapeworm's picture

Good comment, although the dbt increases should be compared to the total net of all manufacturing, agriculture and mining... in other words, the Productive Economy. The rape by the State dwarfs all of the producers in the real economy.

 I tried to put together the statistics and came up with 112 Bn in net from the producers in 2009.

cranky-old-geezer's picture



What is Ron Paul going to do?

Nothing.  Because he won't be elected.

JW n FL's picture



This, to go back to the original thought I shared above.. is about how Ron Paul! is against TAXES! and how he has been black balled by the Media... how the top 1% of the Top 1% has donated NO! Money to him!!

Ron Paul is not in on it.. but he is being used.

Thats the Original Idea that everyone above you has skipped over and tried to bury with bullshit!!

The4thStooge's picture

<i>2. The Reason America is BROKE! is Because the Rich Pay NO FUCKING TAXES!</i>

No. The Reason America is BROKE! is Because the Government is too fucking big and a private central bank, owned and operated by criminals, controls our currency and debt.

JW n FL's picture



No the Reason the Country is BROKE! is Beause the Top 1% of the Top 1% dont pay taxes.

the country is Broke beause the Top 1% of the Top 1% used the Lobby to Move manufacturing jobs to China! a $14 Plus trillion Dollar Tax Base!

the Country is Broke becuase of the Top 1% of the Top 1% providing 80% of the Lobby Dollars!

the Country is Broke becuase of the Top 1% of the Top 1%..

you can say.. that it wasnt all the Taxes.. You are correct.. do you feel better? did it make your dick hard?

Likstane's picture

I don't understand your point.  Most of your posts make no sense to me.

JW n FL's picture



you are a sheep.. it is not all your fault.. there was LOTS of flouride in the water! and public schools didnt help you any either.

I should dummb this down into a sourced and sited post.. or limit myself becuase of the majority of stupid people in the world.. thusly causing my Brethern here to suffer? NOPE!

either read more and drink bottled water? or only read my sourced and sited posts.

here sweet heart! here's one that is your speed.


The Cost of Un-Employment in America


Unemployment costs (roughly) $1 Billion Dollars Per Month for every 10% of the Population Un-Employed that is Collecting Benefits. (I am not going into the real costs such as loss of taxes collected and so on for this little shared Nugget of info)


So, $1 Billion multiplied by 12 months is $12 Billion dollars in expenses.

Now the Real Number of Un-Employed is around 20%, so we will double the $12 Billion Dollar Number which is $24 Billion Dollars a Year to keep people from Starving in America! Or from another house going into foreclosure.


So! We have an expense of $24 Billion a Year to Cover 20% Un-Employment Benefits.

That sounds like a LOT! Of Money and they way they talk about it on the News, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! You would think it is Bankrupting the Country.


Now time for the WAKE UP MATH!


The First (NOT! LAST!!) Bailout for Wall Street was $700 Billion.. it was called TARP! The American People were to be paid 8% on the money loaned to Wall Street.


Now.. the question is.. how many times can we divide $24 Billion into $700 Billion to figure out how much Coverage the (1 st) First Bail Out for wall Street / The Banks would Provide for the American People in trouble due to Wall Street Fucking Up the Economy in the First Place?

700 divided by 24 =’s 29 and change..

So! The (1 st) First Bail Out for wall Street / The Banks would provide 29 Years of Un-Employment Benefits for the same amount of Money Given Wall Street.

29 Years of Un-Employment Benefits for 20% of the Workers in America.

The next time you hear some Bullshit, ALL! Day!! and ALL! Night!! Long about how the Workers who got screwed over by Wall Street are costing the Country HUGE amounts of Money..

Please Remember that Wall Street has Collected Trillions.. and is Collecting Trillions More Every Year.


A Trillion dollars.. would cover! ALL! Working Americans with Un-Employment Benefits for 8.33 years.


Think about that.. and now think about how Wall Street gets Trillions Every Year while America (the entire Country) does NOT! have enough money to repair our road ways or start our Shovel Ready Public Works Projects.


Timmay's picture



Give a prepared speech, not a pep rally. You will be a billion times more effective. I know what you are saying but "common" people cannot makes the leaps that you are making yet, they are still convinced that the current system is "good".

margaris's picture

interesting thought.

But if someone thinks that the current system is "good", then everything is lost on him anyway...

What is ron paul supposed to do? How will a prepared speech be so much more effective?

I would rather predict that a prepared speech would sound much more boring and monotone for those "sleeping sheep" out there...

I think it is good that ron paul is speaking without teleprompter and out of his heart...

if you have some heart left, you can feel it!

JW n FL's picture



I dont doubt Ron, so much.. as much as I do NOT! Doubt that he is being used by People that are ALWAYS USING ALLL OF US!

hourglass86's picture




VisualCSharp's picture

Okay, I've woken The Fucking up... now what do I do with it???

Manthong's picture

I woke her up, too, but she wanted coffee first.

Cheesy Bastard's picture

I asked her how she likes her eggs.  She said "fertilized".

Manthong's picture

Just make sure the kid knows how to sweat copper, weld steel, join wood and understands fractional reserve banking.

Cheesy Bastard's picture

I must have forgot to mention that I'm shooting blanks.