Live Webcast Of Ben Bernanke Press Conference And Updated Fed Forecasts

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Update for those who don't see more easing - bad news:


One hour ago, the Fed launched on a big stop hunt, sending gold first much lower, then much higher, even as it released no incremental data, but merely confirmed that with every other central bank still "easing" (by which we mean devaluing their currencies of course, most recently seen in India and Brazil, and shortly, in Japan and of course Europe, once again) it can delay injecting cash until after the president is reelected. So with everyone at least superficially pretending there may be a question about ultimate Fed strategy, Ben will take the podium shortly to answer Steve Liesman's and several other fawning 'journalists' questions on what the Fed sees for the future, which in turn will be driven by the just released revised Fed forecasts (see below). Our question is why does the Fed not sell one or more ad spots on its livestream? Each can sell for at least a few millions - the money could then be used to pay down the debt.

And just out from the Fed, the latest revised projections which are totally wrong, and will be revised in another few months depending on what the Russell 2000 does.

  • *FOMC: 2012 GROWTH OF 2.4%-2.9% VS 2.2%-2.7% IN JANUARY
  • *FOMC: 2013 GROWTH OF 2.7%-3.1% VS 2.8%-3.2% IN JANUARY
  • *FOMC: JOBLESS END OF 2012 AT 7.8%-8.0% VS 8.2%-8.5% IN JAN.
  • *FOMC: JOBLESS END OF 2013 AT 7.3%-7.7% VS 7.4%-8.1% IN JAN.
  • *FOMC: 2012 PCE INFLATION OF 1.9%-2.0% VS 1.4%-1.8% IN JANUARY
  • *FOMC: 2013 PCE INFLATION OF 1.6%-2.0% VS 1.4%-2.0% IN JANUARY


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The Axe's picture

with Europe winning the race to devalue, why is the euro so strong?     Is this a China bid?   What gives, with all this shit this week? nothing?    Can it will be a LTRO currency unwind?   NOT!

slaughterer's picture

Every time Liesman obsequiously says "Mr. Chairman" = another shot of the hard stuff.  

Ahmeexnal's picture

meanwhile, the dutch are in open rebellion against nazi eurozone:

As expected, NL will be the first to dump the fascist imperial fiat eurocurrency. Austria is also about to start its revolt against the paris-berlin oligarch banking cabal, as Germany's mask falls off once again: pro-NRW is on the rise.,1518,829594,00.html

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Have you even been to modern Germany? Are you really that horribly misinformed?

Ahmeexnal's picture

Globalists go full retard jacket as they try to destroy Switzerland by pushing for "universal foodstamp coverage":




A philanthropic movement wants to create a Swiss Utopia by ensuring that every citizen receives an “unconditional base income” of 2,500 francs ($2,729).

Supporters are currently trying to raise 100,000 signatures to trigger a referendum. The idea is backed by artists, therapists, filmmakers and socialist politicians, such as former Vice-Chancellor Oswald Sigg,and National Councillor for Basel, Sylvia Schenker, online news site Le Matin reported.

Divided States of America's picture

The only effin 'tools' on the table that we will be needing in the future is a loaded shotgun and a safe to store the precious yellow metal.

JW n FL's picture



The Lucky 400 know that the Middle is Brain Washed with Dreams of being Someone and the Poor, Un-Educated Wall Mart Shoppers are too busy importing a 3rd World Living Standard thru their POWER Shopping! LOL!!


And let’s not mention the 2 Largest Lobby’s in America who collect more Government Hand Outs  and Secret Loans from the Federal Reserve!



The 2 Largest Lobby’s in America.. Collect the Largest Government Hand Outs and Secret Loans from the Federal Reserve! Those are the Numerical Facts! Bribe the Government and Get the Most Tax Dollars paid in by the Working Class Sheepeople!

(Huffington Post for those of you here that need it)

The FBI / CIA / NSA not only ignore these Numerical Facts! The FBI / CIA / NSA Promote and Support the Theft of Monies from the Working Class Outright! By looking the other way! So that when these Persons Charged with Protecting National Interests Retire from Looking the Other Way! That they may be hired in the Private Sector! High Paid Consultants who spent an entire Career, Looking the Other Way are then Paid to do what they do “O” so well!

For example!


Trustee Finds No Missing MF Global Funds at J.P. Morgan


Judge Rejects MF Global Priority Bid


The Senator Letters That Bash MF Global’s Bonus Plan


SO! not only did the Ex-FBI Chief Look the other way! He suppressed Information and then!! Tried to get Bonus Monies for his Crooked Buddies that Just Ripped Off the Working Class!


But HAY!! As long as it is not YOUR Money!!

As Long as it is someone else getting screwed!!

Those City Slickers! LOL!! When the Government is done with the City’s the Government will start the Shock and Awe! for the Middle America Cowards who sat on their hands and watched the City Slickers get Murdered!


At first they can for the Fresh Air!

I lived on the ocean.. so it didn’t affect me so I didn’t say shit!

Then they came for the Fresh Food!  

I lived in an area with a 12 month grow season.. so it didn’t affect me so I didn’t say shit!

Then they came for the Rights of the Citizens..

I didn’t like the Tea Party or the Occupy People.. so Fuck’em both! Not my problem! Dumb red Necks or Bongo playing hippies are NOT my demographic!  so it didn’t affect me so I didn’t say shit!

Then they came for my Retirement Monies, Wall Street figured out it was more profitable to NOT! pay anyone’s retirement funds back!

I have money offshore.. and I hate the baby boomers who participated in this system and brought us to the end of America! So I was happy those old sell out were being Fucked Over!

Then they came for the Guns!

I didn’t care because I could get on a slow boat and be in the Bahamas in 1 hour! Fuck the Sheep who ALL sat on their hands hating each other just like the Government Brain Washed them to do!

It is better to never agree with anyone else, be divided and lazy! That way the Status Quo can continue un-abated! Let the Poor, Un-Educated, Sheepeople Kill Each Other!

Then we can come in and dis-arm them! For their own protection! And rule them without the worry of having our balls blown off! Death is a Release! No Balls and a Quadriplegic.. smelling your own shit for the rest of you days.. unable to kill yourself is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY Worse than death!


I hate You! You Hate Me! We ALL! Hate Each Other!! And Wall Street and the Government Continue to Rob Us ALL! BLIND!! With NO!! Resistance! To the Robbery from the Sheepeople!  We are ALL! to busy figuring out ways to not like each other so that we can NOT! EVER!! Stand together to stop the ongoing robbery!

“O” Look!! Trayvon! I mean Mad Cow! I mean Dancing wiff da starz!


Comay Mierda's picture

they're all lucifer worshipping freemason butt buddies and will bail each other out no matter what - that is their blood oath

NoClueSneaker's picture


Me 3500 miles away, and all the crap you're talking about sounds familiar. I know the jerk who mumbles the same lines and curses through his  teeth the whole fuckin' day long, for about a quarter of the century.

I'm pretty sure I never used yout toothbrush or you mine.




Teamtc321's picture

Fuck these mfer's in the ass. There is that blunt enough? Our so called elected leader's are complete idiot's. They are relentless, sneaky, gun grabbing snakes.


Obama Ban on Youth Farm Chores Part of Larger Power Grab


JFK.4PREZ's picture

Gulp of beer anytime you think Helicopter Ben is bending the truth.  

Chaffinch's picture

I love the idea of Benny selling ads on the live stream. Do y'all think Ron Paul should take one? Not to mention Apmex, and Bullionvault...? ; )

Chaffinch's picture

Another nice little earner for the Fed would be to open a book on the forecasts. I'ld like to go short '(Dec) 2012 Growth' at 2.4, though a tighter spread would be preferable.
And that would mean no cooking the books or the CFTC would maybe 'investigate'... - yeh, right ...

spastic_colon's picture

Wow if you weren't sure who holds the power now you do! Between AAPL, the fed, GS, BAC, buffet, potus, etc. It is clear that those who dissent are fucked! Bernanke is answering all of your questions as he speaks, this is not a media interview, it is a reckoning, interpretation..... "you will be crushed if you short anything"......mentally and physically!

AlaricBalth's picture

Budweiser doesn't brew enough beer for that game.

Randall Cabot's picture

Time to short the stock market, the market tops in 2010 and 2011 came in the last days of April and this year will be no different.

Silver Bully's picture

Are you trying to kill off the ZH commenter corp? Alchohol poisoning is a nasty way to go, but at least you won't feel it [hic].

cjt's picture

Steve Liesman makes me F'n sick.  He is the ultimate dick head... the only one over at "CNBC" worth a shit is Santelli...

derek_vineyard's picture

McShakes is particularly shaky today.  Is he over or under medicated?   He's clearly not comfortable.

magpie's picture

nevertheless, the ponzi carusell leads to crowding out effects eventually.

ArkansasAngie's picture

Everybody knows the Fedury is going to print.  Somebody has to buy Obama/Romney deficit spending bonds.

As to why the Euro hasn't crashed and burned ... why ... it is the same reason nothing has ... There is no free markets any more.

crawldaddy's picture

exactly monoploy games cant end, even if you dont own anything, if everytime you pass go, you get 5 trillion bucks at no interest.

crawldaddy's picture

exactly monoploy games cant end, even if you dont own anything, if everytime you pass go, you get 5 trillion bucks at no interest.

SRSrocco's picture


I think it is high time to SHUT OFF THE TV and stop watching and listening to this NONSENSE.  Its time to go outside, learn how to shoot your guns and to work on growing your own food.  MSM is totally meaningless now.  It is nothing more than a DISTRACTION from other important tasks that need to be done to prepare for the collapse.

I have written some interesting BLOG ENTRIES on TURDS BLOG which you can find at the link below:


skepticCarl's picture

Good adherence to Commandment 10:

"Thou shalt not respect the Fed Chairman, nor his banker buddies, nor the Treasury Secretary, nor the POTUS,  nor anything found in the Main Stream Media."

Chupacabra-322's picture
  • QE to infinity Bicheez.......

    vast-dom's picture


    cougar_w's picture

    Don't hold back now, tell us how you really feel.

    Jena's picture

    For now, we'll pencil him in the anti-Ben camp.

    Silver Bully's picture

    There's a FEMA camp for that.

    vast-dom's picture

    nothing like having the law behind you when you keep breaking it!

    nothing like having the law behind you when you keep raping it!

    nothing like having the law behind you when you ifuckup the whole planet!

    now back to regular scheduled fuckery!!!

    gaoptimize's picture

    I didn't junk you, but I don't condone violence.  I do wonder if the Chairman ever wakes up in the morning and thinks about telling the truth and doing the right thing.  Something like a Mitch Daniel's ( ) moment.  Maybe his nervousness is a manifestation of his internal conflict about what he is saying and doing.  Maybe he has been threatened by people who your anger ought to be focused on..

    CH1's picture

    Honestly, I think that was blowing off steam, and NOT notice that the poster was about to grab a rifle and shoot people.

    People... ummm... shoot from the hip here, but not in a literal way.

    crawldaddy's picture

    extend and pretend.............its all we got.



    cougar_w's picture

    That's right. So what is all this noise about the Fed not having a strategy?  /s

    SheepDog-One's picture

    'We've reached cruising altitude....unfortunately we've lost 1 wing, 3 engines out, and running on fumes for the glide path from NYC to L.A. Dont worry, we've got this shit handled here at the FED cockpit, enjoy your free beverage service its arsenic and old lace'.

    AccreditedEYE's picture

    What a total joke of a market.... that such volatility is induced by the WORDS of the biggest hedge fund mana... er, I mean Federal Reserve Chairman goes to show how we've turned what used to be the capital markets into the biggest computer game in the world.

    VIX holding strong, despite Apple-Day, @ 17... F you Ben!

    tocointhephrase's picture

    But those words are now wearing thin. Tables are turning, the market won't buy it in the end. Paper can go to zero for all I care, its just a bonus that we can get PHYSICAL close to those (aherm) prices. PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER SALE ENDING SOON!!!!

    Bam_Man's picture

    Yup. The Fed will print again when it is their turn in the batting order. The ECB just had theirs in December. Coming to the plate next is the BOJ, with the BOE on deck. Right now, the Fed is not even in the dugout. Ben is in the clubhouse adjusting his jockstrap.

    Ever wonder how prices of everything are going up, but the currency pairs seem locked in place?

    Bicycle Repairman's picture

    That's right.  The central banks all print on a rotating schedule.

    Deep79's picture

    What I want to know is why anyone, especially the market listens to these buffonns. When is the FED ever right.

    Bay of Pigs's picture

    What sayeth ye Uncle Shalom?

    slaughterer's picture

    The Ben sayeth: we must print in order for the Obama to rise again. 

    crawldaddy's picture

    its not about Obama, its about status quo. Puppet A or puppet B , you really think there is a difference and that the puppet master cares which one you choose.