Live Webcast Of ECB Press Conference, Or The Last Chance For Today's "Deus Ex"

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Minutes ago, the ECB already delivered a major disappointment to those most desperate for a Deus Ex intervention: those praying for an ECB rate cut were EastLB (0.5%), and BNP, Credit Agricole, Margin Stanley and Nordbank, all of whom were hoping for a 25 bp cut. Incidentally, all banks that are, shall we say it, liquidity challenged. They did not get their prayers answered. Now, the prayer goes that Draghi will magically hint at the NEW LTRO (not LTRO 3, thank you Apple). In reality he will most likely continue dragging the old party line - economy is weak, we hope governments fix it, but ECB stands ready, etc, hardly the stuff of "Bath Salt your Face Off" rally legends. Watch the whole thing live at the link below.


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Last chance....and this time...we're serious!


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We at the ECB stand ready to run our printing press at %110, until they burn out!!! Or until Germany tells us what to do....

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Eurusd's got some cement boots on at the moment. LOL.

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Reporter: Mr. Draghi, honestly what kind of shape is the Euro region in?


Draghi: Oh, we are totaly and completely fucked.


Just a little fantasy of mine, where some government official actually tells the truth....

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Well, you've always got the interviews of them after they leave government.

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In other news, a Keynesian Econ Professor's letter to Draghi was found in a dumpster outside the ECB headquarters

"Oh please Draghi, wont you please print more money?  we dont want a real economy and sound money.  we would much rather have distorted market prices for every asset class there is.  You are the master central planner and we obey your wishes.  In order to show you our loyalty, I would like to invite you to this year's Harvard Econ Professor Lemon Party and toss your salad."


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Just watched about 10 minutes of obfuscation and dissembling (otherwise known as B.S.)

How can anyone do anything with the lying at such a high level. I watched a Nixon speech as a pallative and he gives 1,000% more truth. Listen to other older politician's speeches, they are mostly attempting to be honest with the people. Maybe because the press used to call them on it in the past. With the snakes we have today, we get riddles and nonsense, they never answer the question.

Partially the fault of higher education and it's deep descent in bullshit as education, partially a centralized media, and partially our own vast laziness.

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Just lookin at this guy, I'd sell anything European. But apparently there's still 'good newses' out there since Europe checked to the Fed, which certainly has 'magical stuff' to give us. Oh hooray.

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Or, as of today, magical "sound bites" of false propaganda.

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Zee prica ztabeeleetee! He sure says it enough, but we don't really see it.

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In other words: F1


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It will be a rally day.  We'll see 1230 in the short term.

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Bla bla bla......... QE3!!!

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I won't put it all the way in baby - just the 3 month tip....

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I dunno. "Eat your face off" works better for me.

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When the man eats your eye

Like a big pizza pie

That's a zombie.....

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All the 19year old PhD algo programmers are frantically hitting Ctrl (I)gnore!

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Imprimerais! Imprimerais!


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Normall when you talk to the press you occasionally look at them while you read. Just sayin.

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I heard "bouyant" and......"soft data"......this guy is clearly full of sh!t.


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Never fear, this market has an almost otherworldly ability to ignore the bad and focus on the hope (now Spain banks will be fixed, yields will come down and all will be good until September when US problems such as Bush cuts, debt ceiling, unsure election and auto cuts are heaped on world issues)...

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He's under orders from Goddam Sucks

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This calls for a 3 martini lunch

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They left all the pressure on Ben. Hence, Lockhart had to give away the leak that there may be an extension of op. twist. I have the hunch there will be big disappointment on Jun 20.

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Vinnie: Mr. Woodman, why don't you take a couple days off and go hang gliding? It's good weather for it: no wind.

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They should have the response from Nigel Farage to follow immediately

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It's the " We are broke  conferece "

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Conferance Begins:

"Hello My name is Mario"

Conferance Ends...




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He looks more like Mario the Zombie

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I thought he looked like a corpse since the day they dragged him out and placed him in the spotlight, my thought was that he was the best deviant they could find (ie get the banker with enough deviant behaviours and addictions who will say anything asked of him in order to get the things he wants in his free time such as blow and boys).

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Draghi the Merciless always takes a power pill before making love.

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The more he talks the less he says.

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Blue Pill,

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if nothing else

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They are just waiting for the Europeans to start "summerin" and take their 3 months off before they start to make moves.....many will come back to closed banks....

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now it is different because its much worse mr mario brothers


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Hey he's just like Ben.

The more he talks, the higher gold goes!

Speak Mario Speak!!!

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Gold Silver are never OT


GOLD+ $20.20 @ 9:20 $1638.10

SILVER +$1.16   $29.79


Nice trend

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I'd rather listen to Hillary read the phone book ! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !       Monedas      1929      Comedy Jihad Entertain Me

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Dow green for the year.


"Like it never even happened"


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Draghi: "There is no silver bullet".

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Draghi: "There is no silver bullet".

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SPX rally warning & USDX retracement warning now confirmed & good (counter trend) equity upside expected.