Live Webcast From Moscow Protest Against Putin

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Time to add another focal point to the ever larger matrix of geopolitical chokepoints. As this live webcast from Moscow shows, where several hundred protestors are shouting "Russia Without Putin" things in Russia, in the aftermath of the recently completed parliamentary elections which saw Putin's party lose substantial popular support, are heating up. Will the government respond, as it sometimes tends to do, with a crack down on protesters? Stay tune and find out.


And some more from BBC:

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has played down his party's losses at Sunday's parliamentary election as inevitable for a party in power.


Thousands of police and interior troops are on alert in Moscow, after one of the biggest opposition rallies in the city centre for years.


Police made 300 arrests as protesters chanted "Russia without Putin".


Among those held was Alexei Navalny, a top anti-corruption campaigner and fierce critic of Mr Putin.


A counter-demonstration by Putin supporters was held beside Red Square on Tuesday amid reports that opposition supporters were planning a new protest.


Observers from the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) say Sunday's election was slanted in favour of Mr Putin's party, United Russia.


United Russia won the election with just under 50% of the vote, a sharp drop in its support.


Correspondents say the result reflects Mr Putin's declining popularity ahead of his bid for the Russian presidency in March.

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Hard1's picture

Russian bitchez!!! hmmmm

nope-1004's picture

Coming soon to USA, Osama to lose next election IMO.  People are quietly fed up with TOTUS talk and BS.


SheepDog-One's picture

Yep thats what I see as well from Obamanoids that I private theyre fed the hell up.

Spastica Rex's picture

I was never an Obamanoid, but I too am looking forward to being fed up by new POTUS.

spiral_eyes's picture

The CIA will be stoked for this. 

America's endgame involves taking the Arab Spring to Tehran, Islamadbad, Moscow and Beijing, and having the new middle classes of consumerist Americanised zombies take out anti-American regimes (that happen to be owed a lot of benjamins) like Putin, the CPC, etc — and replace them with Facebook-friendly CFR-endorsed placemen who will be happier taking inflated Benny dollars for their debt, and adhering more closely to edicts out of Washington.

That way, Americas free lunch can go on forever.

The sad truth, though, is that Putin, the CPC and Ahmadinejad enjoy deep underlying support, precisely because they oppose America's free lunch economics, and American imperial foreign policy.

Enjoy your fail, Kissinger, Panetta, Gates, Cheney, etc.

john39's picture

yeah, these protests start popping just after Putin takes a hard line stance against ZATO aggression in Syria and Iran.  what a surprise.

spiral_eyes's picture

American foreign policy will do everything to keep its free lunch— taking resources and productivity from the rest of the world for paper/digital Benny dollars and junk AAAA treasury bonds.

They will start as many wars and conflicts as it takes, destroy as much as it takes, and trample over as many nations as it takes.

For all Putin's flaws (there are a lot) he stands against American imperial looting. 

john39's picture

major war shapping up in the ME, and Putin seems ready to defy ZATO...  Parts of the Russian fleet are already anchored off Syria, and Russia recently delivered anti ship missiles to Syria.  when this fuse detonates, it will consume much of the ME... and for the first time, ZATO will face real military opposition.  in a word, ugly.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Oh nonsesne. I am the anti-christos.

The Shadow :-)

Das Putin!



john39's picture

the zionist system itself, including the United States government, is the antichrist.  people take metaphors far too literally.

Spirit Of Truth's picture


Rasputin means "lawlessness" in Russian.  Hence, Putin may be the equivalent of the prophetic "lawless one" from 2 Thessalonians 2. 

LFMayor's picture

Rah Rah, Rasputin
Russia's greatest love machine!

h/t to Boney M.

The Big Ching-aso's picture



From Russia With Putin Love

"Sometimes love hurts..............."  

FlyPaper's picture

I don't think you have to worry as much about Putin as the "lawless ones" presently in power in the United States.   


Ras means 1 (one) when counting number of times for example.

So, it's not RAS- Putin, but:



DVA = 2nd.

Spastica Rex's picture

The King is Dead! Long live the King!

Oh regional Indian's picture

But ze Quin, she lifs on and on and on and on and on.....


MarketTruth's picture

But Obama demanded one of the Awakening countries to turn back on their Internet, as that is what was being used for protestors to organize. Meanwhile in the USSA the Kalifornia transporation dept has just authorized the turning off Internet/cell phone network in case of such protests breaking out... and Obama has made ZERO comments about the Republik Of Kalifornia now being able to do such things.

Obama, do as i say not as i do. Welcome to Amerika!


francis_sawyer's picture

As soon as he holes out on 18 at Kapalua & his wife wiggles her 600 pound ass out of the hula skirt, he'll be right up to read a comment off the teleprompter...

Freddie's picture

Putin is far less corrupt than our muslim and the chicago machine.  Hilarious seeing slimy O supporters here junking people.

Raymond Reason's picture

I agree.  There is corruption at the core of any power structure.  But here in America, the corruption is more insidious, more deceptive, more a word, it is more developed.   And therefore, more dangerous. 

The average Russian is highly aware of corruption and deception, and so the politicos have dropped pretenses, to a certain extent.  The average American is still living in the Truman Show without a clue. 

The first step is admitting we have a problem. 

redpill's picture

Putin will make Mubarak and Assad look like Mr. Rogers.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Clicking green just wouldn't be enough.


The Big Ching-aso's picture



Putin On The Ritz

"A Russian modern musical starring our very own man about town, Vlad 'The Impaler' Putin."

DaveyJones's picture

so will our boys. wait, they already have

4horse's picture

coloring revolutions: and, paint-by-the-numbers, warholling,warwhoring or warhorsing-around everywhere . . . funny. its-eyes-seem-to-folow-you-wherever-you-go, La GeoConduh

And now Russia itself has just rooted out a plot by these very same NGOs creeping in and around the nation’s political institutions, in an attempt to subvert and replace them.

CvlDobd's picture

I guess this explains RSX today. I was wondering what was up over there.

RSX down 5% on the day so far.

Wheres the global recovery?

I Eat Your Dingos's picture

Yay oppression for everyone!! Xmas came early

CPL's picture

The gift that keeps on giving...the boot to the head.

Courtesy of the Frantics, Canuck comedy troupe.


If you find it, look for blueberry pie.

Clampit's picture

Here's the original recording:

I used to listen to this on Dr. Demento...ah, as Ren would say, meemories.

AngryGerman's picture

is this footage from russia or the usa?

russia, no peperspray...

AngryGerman's picture

the kgb could use bear piss instead, like they used to do

francis_sawyer's picture

It's re-engineered footage from Black Friday at Walmart...

goldfreak's picture

is RT covering this?

marcusfenix's picture

yes, they started covering it yesterday...

RobotTrader's picture

BAC has gone straight up since the open.

Opening up branches in Moscow?

CPL's picture

Nope, closing 40% of them in the US.


Finished your site yet Greg?  You haven't been fobbing it on us in at least two days.

Schmuck Raker's picture

"Will the government respond, as it sometimes tends to do, with a crack down on protesters? Stay tune and find out."

Ooooh...the drama! I'm on the edge of my seat.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

I know.  It's like asking if the sun will set this evening.  I can't wait to see.

marcusfenix's picture

300 arrests? that's it? damn, the Kremlin must be going soft...

Putin needs to send some of his own "homeland security" guys to Oakland or NYC.

show them how a police state is done...

EscapeKey's picture

Crackdowns on protestors? No, that only happens in "free" countries.

AngryGerman's picture

in russia, no one is arrested. they volunatrily relocate to siberia.

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stress test : fail



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