Luxury Yacht Down: What Happens When Central-Craning Goes Horribly Wrong

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As Bernanke and Draghi carefully try to centrally-plan navigate us mere mortals through this dismal period of market and economic reality, we thought this clip was a perfect analogy for the 'heavy-lifting' job they are doing... and the likely outcome.

Note the rather entertaining gentleman running for cover on the left - the long-only talking-heads?

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Upside down... Bitchez

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Americans didn't do this.


The Kenyan's black ass did it for them.....


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1/1000 chance there's no more dollar on 9/13. If Germany adamantly nixes the ESM, that should be it for Spain and Italy. Then it's just a matter of how fast the dominoes fall and Spain and Italy take out the Euro and the Euro collapse takes out the dollar.

However, the centrally plannners don't yet want to give up their power, so they do the ESM and the Euro should SOAR. Then it's the dollar's turn to plummet, probably to zero.

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1 Boat for sale. Slight water damage. Great fixer upper

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It would be more accurate if there was a large team of crane directors assuring everyone that things were going according to plan, and all is well right up until the moment the boat hit the water.

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You didn't buy insurance for that.

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"Benny Hill music would have been a better choice"

It should be the new national anthem of the United States.

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Damn shame about those silver and gold coins he had aboard.

Michael's picture

They just want to take all the power for themselves so they can give themselves and their friends all the taxpayer money. Fucking disgusting RNC and DNC.

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The Fed will take it as Collateral at Book Value for TALF assets.

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....I lost it all in a bizarre boating accident....

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Certainly adds new meaning to "Under water".

slewie the pi-rat's picture

people starting to wake up wake up, don't they?

[not that you would know...]

go ask ORI what to do now?

...and "geneM"?

drEngali will not be happy with you for hanging outa yer picture frame this far, toy-boy!  you are gonna get spanked by everybody, but at least you will cum on yerself for a change!

slewie the pi-rat's picture

oh my! 

hornets!  what happened? 

and they are such toy-boy hornets when you push the nest with a sick, they come out and pretend they can sting you, too!


silverUrinal's odds were noted by yers trooly;  slim, not none;  i don't object to that;  i actually thought that was well-written

but to do directly from that to "domino-theory"?  c'MON! 

and for me to applaud that people aren't goin for that from him today is bad?

fear mongering is fear mongering

if he is scared, he is scared;  but maybe the "reasons" are not "out there" like they are for the other crackpots i mentioned

if you like drE, that is your preference;  i don't really care;  but i WAS here when showed up and i DID see what he was up to and with whom

so fuk you if you don't like it!

the guy is "dubious at best" in my book

i'm not gonna lie here about this guy;  do your own research!  i'm not always right;  nobody is

but i kinda see him as getting "re-tooled to be more popular" after i forced ORI to back off with two death-match challenges

that last sentence:  people either know wtf i am talking about there, or they don't

tyler does and mikey does also, i would think;  who knows about the other clowns;  but ORI was just a cowarly lion and backed off v/c he was thoroughtly ass-kicked, and by me

ONE of the reason there is so much confusion and fear here is that the site is 'dangerous' in some respects and trolls and "bloggers" are PAID to come and spread confusion and fear

when the search for truth takes a back seat to mythological doom, partisanship, or disinfo about the FED's job and how they are doing and why (at least ostensibly) and a wwweb-game of "ain't it awful" among people who can't think straight... might hear something from me about that bullshit...

...ya fuking monoric shitheaded asswipe fuktards!


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Shaddap and send me another blog-check...

The last one bounced.

Fuckin' Soros.

Koch Bros. are late again too.

Buncha assholes are messin with my choom money.


You get no doom without the choom.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

a biker BINGO, BiCheZ!

some understand that if one's idea of fun is tooling around on two wheels feeling the solar power and the balance... either learns to pay attention, or one becomes road kill

we do take some solace that at least the taco truck will try to get us before the buzzards up there (which can actually see the taco truck, btw {unless it is garaged})

those checks you mention may not be as "futuristically wonderful" as the seemed just last week, huh?  and if ya learned that here, thank you for your attention

i talk about the FED wanting to keep the checks in the mail, but those are different checks

they say "treasury" on them, not "asswipe's PAC" or:>  "dCasey's & bMauldin'sMarketingDept"

if those T-checks start bouncing, gonna be tough to get out and feel free, even on one of my mythical schwinns, bro

i don't really care for the FED as an instituion ya know, but if it IS keeping the "system" somewhat stable and the checks in the mail...

...why the FUK would any sane person think it was a good idea to rush out and just bulldoze it into the nearest body of water?

probably just a buncha brain-dead nannies talking on their cell phones about tyler's abs while they're out driving to soccer in their armored tanks and eating broccoli...

Michael's picture

And that video of the boat epic fail just about says it all.

Over 6k reads on that Cashin thread, must be a new record.

We have no large amounts of food stored in reserves in the US.

It's that whole Joseph of the Old Testament Bible economic strangulation of the sheeple plan re-played on us again.

This cycle is almost complete. De industrialized, no food stores, no money or gold, stupid sheeple.

They should have killed that Joseph when they had the chance.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

give it a break, "michael"!

you are making an arch-angelic fool of yourself;  again

and while i'm here, please try using the box at the BOTTOM of the page once or twice

ORI-trained "bloggers" are soooo hard to spot, aren't they, BiCheZ? 


Michael's picture

I'm planning on going away for good soon, just had to tip the balance of the left right paradigm over, job almost done.

Paul Delegates should Dance out of RNC to Romney version of America the Beautiful


FEDbuster's picture

Michael what is going to happen to the 50 million Mr. EBTs, if they can't be swipping for their food?

Michael's picture

That weapon will be used on the sheeple. Poor sheeple.

FEDbuster's picture

Food the original WMD. 

Michael's picture

His name shall be forever known from here on out as Reince Precum.

RNC teleprompter had the results of the vote before the vote was taken. Republican Party Cheaters!

Note at the 2 minute mark;

The Republicans' 2012 Teleprompted Convention Part 2!

Every Paul delegate should have their cell phone tuned to the same song while marching out.

David Bowie/Pat Metheny - This Is Not America

slewie the pi-rat's picture

great, "michael"!

but whatever ya do, don't dump one of yer mindless "tipping point" and "cycle" turds in the box at the BOTTOM of the page, evah!

your trolling record and disrespect for the site would be sooo diminished

cause ORI would hafta re-train yer ass-fuked "machinist" "body of knowledge" if ya da did!  and you KNOW it too, son!

you were correct on the election analysis;  i came to same conslusion;  at just abt the same time too

rPaul has some decent ideas;  however, he is a party hack;  even if they "walk out now and go 3rd party" it would be for mittens to beat prez0, as i recently developed here fully

the FACT that you can't see rPaul clearly doesn't surprize slewiethe ORI-esque "cosmic drama" you keep insisting others MUST see here may be keeping you from actually thinking.  clearly.  either

you are so interested in predicting things based on you fragmentary sophomoric knowledge of "myths" that only people with the same problem, like ORI, and his ilk


  1. rPaul ran for the party leadership
  2. he lost
  3. rPaul doesn't like mittens either;  he is not insane ir a total fool.  he is SIMPLY the archetypal party hack. but he should just go home, not continue;  his "delegates" are relevant?  did shiva whisper in yer little ear?  unhhh... duh?
  4. he probably feels like a damned fool now that he has finally 'figured out'  what 1/2 our site was trying to tell him months ago;  bc he may not be a fascist neoCon, just an "innocent" hack FOR THEM
  5. clearly the man is incapable of any independent thought or action; much like y.o.u. and almost all of his "support"
  6. i "liked his message" too, mikey
  7. but you may have noticed:  i never trusted the fuking SOB, did i?

good riddance to ya!  don't evah! use the box on the bottom of the page?  it would indicate that you haven't just been another asswipe here to troll for doctrinaire purposes and to confuse and WEAKEN america

which. btw, just isn't true, is it?  the FACT that you are still unaware of what you are ACTUALLY doing here will make yer handlers and friends especially proud of what they have done with you now that you are "almost done" here

maybe they will reward you with a new screw machine!

joseph, whom a man of your or ORI's stature would not recognize as bearing the traditions of WISDOM and the keenest faculties of insight and symbolic understanding "should have been killed"

yeah, douchebag,  what you and your pathetic ilk were up to here was noted quite long ago, but you didn't listen, couldn't get it, just wanting that ORI-esque blood to flow was clearly recognized and addressed

to you and those around you

by slewie

no one ever expected you to hear, btw...;  the idea that you are rational is absurd

and don't let the door hit YOU in your punk disinfo "food stamp issue" ass on the way out, either!

see ya, BiCh!

Michael's picture

see ya, BiCh!

It only takes a few words out of a persons mouth to read who they really are.

See the 300 comment count and low view count on that 16 trill thread when I got incensed and stopped posting on it? Does capitalism mean anything to you??

See what happened on the Cashin thread when I chimed in. And for your information I do restrain myself from posting on every thread.



slewie the pi-rat's picture

i didn't mean to say you posted on every thread;  i din't expect a man of you psychological narrowness to recognize his own behavior of jumping every single thread you have ever posted on (within a few dozen, since you are prolific as am i) JUST EXACTLY LIKE YER TOY-BOY FRIEND, the cowardlyLion :>  ORI

i actually witnessed him advising falak_p to do the same a few months ago on p 3 of a string!  ORI thought f_p's posts were important (myth content, which does not mean 'BAD' to me btw?) and advised him to POST ONLY AT THE TOP

so you keep pretending, asswipe

people aren't that dumb

the reason you are myBiCh?  :>  mike!  you don't NEED the "out there" gotta happen future certainties;  no one can prove it won't happen

but that doesn't mean it is TRUE!

dude!  you are a man!  you have a craft and you can make delicate and groovy things with your hands and brains and calipers and ability to read the abstact instructions

you know how to learn from mistakes i'd wager too!

free your mind from ORI-ism!

you do not need the world coming to an end to see things and express them and know why they are important;  but you are just as lazy-assed as i am!

so get rid of the fuking crutch and stop pretending you are a freaking cripple, ok?


  1. less attention;  ditto "authority" (i don't think you're addicted;  and it is ok w. slewie that you care)
  2. not knowing shit for a while while you adjust to the new emergent paradign of y.o.u. (generally the stopper to anybody's 'mind')
  3. you're gonna hafta pay more attn to current events and history to make effective points without performing "magic" with your superior knowledge

look at this string!  you have narrowed hundreds of them with your incessant string-jumping;  don't you have a damned BRAIN?  people wanna read 4-charter-wide string b/c YOU are FEATURED on the damned things?

you are certainly smart enuf to understand me and also defend yerself

but you are not smart enuf to put down the magic wand and grow up and begin understanding YOURSELF better


and don't answer me!  this is tiny-guage already!  some machinist!   thanks a lot for doing this  to hundreds of our articles and strings for the archives while you bessed us with yer asinine myhtological D&D bullshit;  and jumped every string cause ORI told ya to!

if you are not willing to LIE to deny it, maybe ya better just STFU?

see ya, BiCh!

Michael's picture

ORI is a legend on this site with deep insight.

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

slewie, i feel pity for you.... really....


you just showed how troll you are

goldfish1's picture

What are you going on about? If your point is people don't need no stinkin gubmint, say it. Stupid racist shittalk makes you look stupider than you are.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

i can't speak for kaiserhoff's motives, but did you see his link?

does this not indicate at least the possibility of a deTocquevillian?  if so:  YAY!

and pointing out that the Kenyan does have black ass is ok with me b/c it is [perhaps] simply true 

but maybe he is playing a "raceCard";  it is possible and again, he can speak for himself if he thinks dialogue might be possible with y.o.u.

calling him names?  you have some cred here, go_Fish1.  and like tyler, if you develop a psychosis, people might notice...

deTocqueville dodn't think people didn't need no stinking goobermint:  he was educated AND intelligent; also titled; he visited america and published 2 vols on 'democracyInAmerica' in the 1830's-40's

i'm pretty sure you can understand what i am saying, and i hope you see that you MAY not have understood what he is trying to say

and i may not have either, btw;  but poor slewie thinks both you turkeys are ok;  sp please try to recognize that you may have the same concerns about the nation

partisanship is normal, yet when the "luxury yacht" is going D.O.W.N. (ty, tyler!)  we prob'ly should not lose our capacities to rise above it;  shipwrecks are not fun;  the survivors don't reach shore with much more than their bodies and the elasmobranchii chondrichthyes may be digesting parts of those too, even if one makes it

if you think partisanship/nannyism is an asset in a shipwreck, please get the fuk offa slewie's vessel immediately;  you will not survive and you might try to save ME too!

smiler03's picture

I tried putting your post into Google translate but it came back with "language not detected".

slewie the pi-rat's picture

which is perhaps why? i have done this? 

if you wanna play "google" try this, ok, pinnochio?

  • 1:> type smiler03 into google search and see what happens
  • 2:> type slewie the pi-rat into google and see what happens
  • 3:> hit include all or whatever it is and see what happens
  • 4:> read from the beginning and hurry back when you are done

you are a TROLL;  you have dogged me a LOT;  i have cleaned yer clock before and i don't want you around me ever again or i will sic lizzy on ya when she has the "pre" dammit, son!

now STFU and go away.  PLEASE!

smiler03's picture

I've dogged you a lot??


Hardly, I always enjoy your posts, when I can understand them, which isn't always.

Please don't be offended oh big eared one. BUT I will


4 now

J 457's picture

Ah Slewie, I see yetr another afternoon binge drinking episode, ehh?  Keep the laughs coming, in typical boomer fashion.  Yes, I'm old enough to know the truth...

slewie the pi-rat's picture

old enuf to know the truth about what?

what are you talking about?

the truth about yourself?

  • what is the purpose of life on earth in general and your pupose on this great planet as an individual?

do you actually consider slewie a "typical boomer?  how long have you had these problems? 

i do try to bring humor and insight together;  don't forget about the insight.  if you knew what that particular word meant it might help... 

you might want to see someone about not being able to see straight and think straight; about me?  why an i important to an asswipe like you?

i don't use alcohol, btw

hurry back when you sober up and calm down.  or not...  go fuk yerself in the face for all i care... 

why is it important for you to spread disinfo about me?

it it yer... job?

if not, why do this?   the reason will not appear to you;  that is how low you are on the scale of self-understanding.  did mikey or ori send you?  the latter had done it to me dozens of times thru his networks and web-site

ignorance is readily perceptible by many here;  which is why you belong elsewhere...

again:>  just.go.away.

Jena's picture

slewie:  You do bring insight.  More all the time (but that's a function on this end, not yours).  I figure if I keep reading and thinking...

Thanks for that.

goldfish1's picture

Yes saw the link. good story. one that demonstrates the ability of people survive without big nanny's butting in.

I don't see a need for the "kenyan black ass comment"nor do I understand why the comment was made. To me it makes kaiserhoff look  dull witted and racist. I think it's tiresome and I don't want to read shittalk when I come looking for intellectually stimulating comments. That's all.

myshadow's picture

'Americans didn't do this.


The Kenyan's black ass did it for them.....'





Apparently your point is to let everyone here know what a fucking bigot you are.

StychoKiller's picture

You didn't write that comment.  (Get it?)

Jake88's picture

I am not an Obama fan and I will thank you to take your pea brained racist slurs somewhere else.

ElvisDog's picture

Yachts are like toast with jelly -  always land face down if you drop them.......

Daily Bail's picture

Rolling Stone: The Secret Bailout That Saved Mitt Romney

I will warn you, the details of this story, which was just published yesterday by Rolling Stone, are fucking outrageous.

"Did someone say secret FDIC bailout for Mitt Romney..."

Breezy47's picture

Rolling Stone has as much credibilty as MSNBC...

Dr Benway's picture

Did you actually read the article?


Is this how you approach life? You have chosen what to believe, then you studiously filter information to conform to your preconceptions. Any information that conflicts with your worldview is dismissed without consideration.



zerozulu's picture

The reason for this clip on ZH is to make ZHers realize how super powers go bally up. A slight slip of holding power will bring whole system up side down. No one will be able to help.