Man Arrested In Sting Operation For Intending To Blow Up Pentagon, Capitol

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Diversion time. According to The Hill, in an elaborate sting/entrapment operation, the FBI arrested Rezwan Ferdaus for plotting to use drone airplanes loaded with C4 explosives and fly them into the Pentagon and Capitol. Ferdaus was made to believe he was working with members of al Qaeda, who were
actually undercover agents. From The Hill: "According to the DOJ, Ferdaus aimed to create a devastating psychological impact with the attacks, saying at one point, “I just can't stop; there is no other choice for me." "Although Ferdaus was presented with multiple opportunities to back out of his plan, including, being told that his attack would likely kill women and children, the affidavit alleges that Ferdaus never wavered in his desire to carry out the attacks,” reads a DOJ press release." It is ironic how every time there is a major drop in the market or the president's rating reaches new lows we are reminded just how profoundly everyone overestimates their security, and supposedly liberty, in this (once) greatest country on earth.


Ferdaus allegedly gave the undercover FBI agents a detailed set of
attack plans “with step-by-step instructions as to how he planned to
attack the Pentagon and Capitol,” according to the Department of


Ferdaus, a Northeastern University graduate with a degree in physics,
allegedly visited Washington, D.C., in May, taking pictures of his
intended targets and proposed launch-sites for the remote-controlled
aircraft, according to the DOJ.


Ferdaus’s plan allegedly evolved
to include a “ground assault” as well, in which six people would
coordinate an automatic weapons attack with the aerial assault and
massacre whoever came into their path, according to the DOJ.


the past five months, Ferdaus has allegedly been stockpiling the
equipment he needed for his proposed attack, including a remote
controlled aircraft, 25 pounds of fake C-4 explosives, six automatic
AK-47 assault rifles and three grenades, according to the DOJ. He
allegedly kept all of it in a storage facility in Massachusetts, where
he was arrested.

Next steps: discover your inner patriotic E-Trade baby and buy, buy, buy stocks. That. And stay away from D.C.