Map Of The Dead: How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

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On a long enough timeline... the zombies will arise, and exhibit a sudden craving for brain stew. So what is a person who will have survived the great central bank collapse to do? Full interactive map for any specific location in the US can be found at

US Danger Zones...

And for our friends at the New York Fed...

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Hmmmm the shit is getting serious when Tyler is giving us danger zones.

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The places to be will not be found on either of the above maps!

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Double-tap bitches!




All togeather now...

~From sea to shining sea~



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So the mid-west is loaded with NuKular plants and flood zones and fault-lines.... and the cities are set to be gangland....

I think the Southwest/SoCal is the best, because Mexico is near by and it's not Texas. Lots' of remoteness still to be had in the US of A. 

Mountain Caves, Anasazi style, FTW.



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you better be Shoshone or Tatana Odum Indian then, if you expect to live there grid down without electricity to pump the water. 

Oh regional Indian's picture

When I went there, I was still the same Oh regional Indian, and I was welcomed with open arms. Perhaps the brown skin or my natural sense with horses helped.

It's about who you ARE, not who you think you are that really counts. 


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First avoid high black concentrations.  12.4 times more likely to be murdered.

Second, avoid high Hispanic concentrations, 8.4 times more likely to be murdered.

Third, you are not allowed to die.

Fourth, when the SHTF fuck political correctness. 


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ALWAYS fuck political correctness!

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If anyone is interested here is a private study of crime.   If you hang around 85 and 93 IQ people you will end up dead.

wee-weed up's picture

Junked by a stealth MSM member of ZH no doubt.

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very powerful writing DaveyJones, ripping the myths apart and exposing them to the light of truth, hoping for awareness,

This is the reality of our age. What Americans and Britons once refused to do to Adolf Hitler's minions -- torture, abuse, and deprive them of legal rights -- they now do routinely, continually and without shame to people whom they know to be either completely innocent or -- even in the torturers' own estimation -- to be peripheral, unimportant and unthreatening. They are torturing people because they want to do it, because they like to do it.

I recommend everyone here read this link, because until we let the reality of what is actually happening in the world, "in your name," fully sink in, you'll not be free of the stink - this is one of the most important steps we can take, to be free of the fiction that holds a mind captive with flag-waving patriotism, and all that it destroys in the world.  the denial of how things really are at this point of time is so destructive. . .

DaveyJones's picture

there is only one universal truth - all humans are the same, we are capable of unspeakable evil in anything and anyone's name and we are capable of infinite good. The greatest tragedy is remaining an observer 

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Omg you're so racist! Didn't you hear about Trayvon Martin and how blacks are still supressed and killed for no reason every day in the US and how racist the country is?! It's all the white man's fault you know.



Lednbrass's picture

40 lashes for doubting the canonization of St. Skittles.

You are a bad bad man.

prains's picture


just become a zombie to survive the zombie apocolypse

Ag Star's picture

To: economics 9698 (above)

All I can say is WTF:

1) White people have about 99.99% of all the fire arms in the US.

2) White people are never in areas with high concentration of "Blacks" unless they are quickly passing through.

3) If Blacks had some long held vendetta against Whites, I think we would have seen actual evidence of this.  Remember, it was a Black man that rescuced that White trucker who was being beaten (after Rodney King verdict) when  L.A.P.D. abandonded their post.

4)There is actual evidence that people who do not normally associate--pull together during a crisis.   

5)  White people have caused more death and destruction to this planet and to people who were just trying to live in their own country.  No White country has ever been invaded by a Black military or assassinated a White president, or caused a coup de ta in a White country.

6) White people let their children be raped by "preists" and continue to support the catholic church. Truely amazing!!!

7) Oh yeah, and it was also White people who held Blacks in bondage for over 500 years.

Do you think maybe those slaveowners ever had sex with the little Black girls and boys?  Who was going to protect them? nobody did--think about that the next time you post some racist shit.

8) Good news--there will be one less "Black" for you to worry about, as I this one is getting out of this shit-hole of a country while the getting is still good.  Keep your NDAA,  SOPA, Patriot Act, FEMA camps, 100% corrupt puppets.

9) The bad news--while you were worrying about "Black" folks causing some type of harm to your superior existance,  your White brothers stole your future as well as that of your children and grandchildren.

10) The really bad news--Americans are too pussified to overthrow their fascist politicians who are as you read this sending your White kids to Africa to secure more resources so your over-educated, unemployed ass can continue to buy cheap gas.  Dust of your selective service card--cause you're about to get a free trip to the dark continent.  Watch out for those "high concentrations of Black people", I understand that Africa is overrun with them.

Random_Robert's picture

That was a good retort... And I agree- Americans are, as a whole, completely pussified.



Cathartes Aura's picture

aw no dude, they're cockified, completely and utterly enthralled by their cocks.

pussy is what you punish with your cock, yes?

economics9698's picture

Propaganda.  If you want to hang around a group of people with a average IQ of 84 please do so.

Cathartes Aura's picture

cheers for making my point more emphatically.

comprehension may not be your strong suit, but you certainly have the desire to punish down pat.

Crooks's picture

Total BS propaganda!! Go read some real history, it was Jews that brought slavery to Amerika because the Talmud makes goyim slavery a normal thing and then it was the Whites who liberated the Blacks!!!

 White people didnt cause more death and destruction on the planet than any other race, it is in fact Jews that organized almost every genocide and remember they control your congress so why do you think the USA bombed Hiroshima and created false flags like 911? To obey zionists of course!

Jews organized the russian bolchevik genocides and Armenian genocides.

Blacks are still cannibals and genocidal of their slim white population in Africa not to account for their own people genocides while Whites are not guilty of any of these!!!

Go read the Almanacs and find out that the Jewish population census never shrinked during Hitler's rule and they now talk about 74 000 jews that died probably all of Lyce because Allied bombing helped the virus spread and medical supplies was impossible to get!

Lednbrass's picture

So much whining silliness here it would take more time then its worth to shoot it down point by point, but exactly what do you think the Moors were doing in Spain- buying cheap vacation real estate in the aftermath of an economic meltdown?

If you want to reduce it to a victimization contest and it seems you do, can we then say that everything that happened to blacks since then was payback for their invasion of Europe and slaughter of its indigenous inhabitants? That the heavy Spanish and Portugese involvement in the slave trade was just a payback for the costs of the Reconquista? Can we say that their rape of little children just as you imply was the case here was the reason that their blood became intermixed with the Spanish?

reTARD's picture

And inversely, follow where the Jews are concentrated?

And avoid the FEMA (concentration) camps.

LFMayor's picture

I was referring to geographically based skill sets.   Once the electricity stops moving the water, the land will revert.  Those people had the skillsets and knowledge to live there.  Like Inuits got pretty damn good at living way up north.

So in a way, we agree.

The happy thoughts theory might work  in most places, for now, when no one is hungry.  You could litmus it in Gary Indiana or certain neighborhoods in Kansas City or Peoria, Illinois to get a truer baseline.

If it's all you bring, your charming personality and dashing smile are going to leave your ass flapping in the wind.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Well, first off, horses should give you a hint. Anyone that has ridden has swept stables, mended fences. So, no, I was not talking charm, I was talking of being Real, which most people are not.

Second, I've been up and down the US, a lot of it by road. Driven through Alabama, South Carolina, Indianapolis (actually right through the heart of the heart, Monsanto Corn Country)..... awesome everywhere. Ohio, Kentucky (helps that I play guitar).... just being real.

Also, house painted for a few months after my high six figure got dot-commed. My crew chief was a one eyed, pot smoking ex-marince Datsun 280Z racer and his 2 IC was a chubby hispanic guy. We all got along great. 

Only place I felt odd and that was a rude NY socialite telling me that I dodn't like NY because I was not rich enough. She had a point, but she was really rude. And one time in Schenecdaty when a bunch of Trailer park guys chased me (car chase style, I was 2 months in the country, so just floored it and ran. I'd watched too much American TV in India).

There you go, fwiww.


Greyhat's picture

"So the mid-west is loaded with NuKular plants and flood zones and fault-lines..."


Get a doomsday shelter there in an old missle bunker! :-)

Oh regional Indian's picture

My Home is a Silo.

it does not rhyme with Kilo.

Such is the language.

The reason for our collective



DCFusor's picture

SW Virginia mountains are clear and where I already live.  I bugged out early.

smiler03's picture

He's the one in SW Virginia who bought the Volt. There was only one sold.

Apologies DCF.

sof_hannibal's picture

"The preacher man says it's the end of time And the Mississippi River she's a goin' dry

The interest is up and the stock market's down And you only get mugged if you go downtown

I live back in the woods you see..." haha least the country folk will survive, which is not me...and it's probably why we keep the south including texas in the union. Should zombies or china "invade" they wouldn't take anything south of the mason dixon... and then we can rebuild with Ron Paul's genetic clone as leader... ha

Imminent Collapse's picture

A Country Boy Will Survive.  Thanks Hank, Jr. - Williams boys raised on shotguns.  Heard this on Outlaw Country this morning coming to work.

Lednbrass's picture

Its a good song, but I like Hank III more then Jr.

Another great one that spells out that same style and view of life from Charlie Daniels way back in the 70's-

I aint askin nobody for nothin, if I cant get it on my own...


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Are you really ready for the Zombie Apocolypse?

The Bug Out Drill covers 15 miles and 30 challenges across rough, wooded terrain. Arrive with a long gun, pistol, pack, and gear to survive a real-life bug out event. Water will be available at multiple points, but no other equipment guidelines will be provided. Participants compete on an individual basis and the event must be covered on foot, carrying all gear, with no bikes, 4-wheelers, donkeys, or hot air balloons allowed.

In last year's event, participants had to climb walls, cut wood, take apart bolts, bandage Tactical Ted, shoot, and purify water just to name a few of the challenges. If you want a true test of you and your equipment with a chance to win great prizes, come and join the competition.

A great meal will be provided after the event.

Participants who pre-register two weeks prior to the event will receive a Bug Out Drill t-shirt.


SilverTree's picture

Just get a house boat or squat on a yacht.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



I do not believe there are were enough yachts lifeboats on Manhattan the Titanic for everyone.

a growing concern's picture

There are if you get to the docks first.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



This is probably why Orlov lives on a boat.

aphlaque_duck's picture

The trouble with boats is that they seem to be a terrible place to keep your silver.

Catch-22's picture's the second mouse that gets the cheese... Timing is everything.

francis_sawyer's picture

You'd still have to worry about Max Cady...

LFMayor's picture

TY for that link HH.  I just pinged the group with it and we're already thinking of setting up something similar,  probably start with the spouses and kids first even.  Should be fun!

DosZap's picture

Are you really ready for the Zombie Apocolypse?

Another Texican.....................

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(for zombiesquad) for more fun like this

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Sory bitchezz, Rule #1 is Cardio


The Double Tap is #2

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I've never seen a lion limber up before taking down a gazelle.....