Marc Faber: "Ron Paul Would Be A Very Good President"

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While Marc Faber shares the usual stock of insightful market commentary, together with timing inflection points, and extended thoughts in the attached Bloomberg TV clip, it is the fact that he has officially joined Bill Gross, and so many others, in supporting the candidacy of Ron Paul as president. It is rather sad that only those who see beyond the surface of the current pyramid scheme facade, are bold enough to endorse the only man who is right for the White House. Fast forward to 15 minutes into the video to hear Marc Faber: "Ron Paul would be a very good president."

Other recent Ron Paul endorsements:

and of course,

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I think he would be an even better Fed Chairman.

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nah...he'd just abolish it


I was talking about this the other day.  IF Romney gets the nomination he will need paul's voters.  The only way I can see that happening is Paul to accept a major position in Romney's cabinet.  Treasury Secretary?  I like Fed chairman the best - which is appointed by the president.  I do not see long time Paul supporters like myself ever voting for Romney UNLESS Paul is offered & accepts a major role.

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Ron Paul as FED chairman? I'll have some of what your smoking! 

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The old BEAR Marc Faber is endorsing Ron Paul only because in the ensuing market turmoil (after a hypothecial election of PAul) and subsequent collapse of global markets, Faber would make many zillions.....  *lol*
What a nonsense!

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Your name should read "he who carried water"

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"He who carried safety goggles"

He_Who Carried The Sun's picture

... and yours should be "I carry water for He_Who Carried Water"...

Come by and I show you were the money is... :-D


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Judging by your avatar you must be married to she_who_carried_milk. I'm suddenly in the mood for cereal.

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People who are so desperately clinging to the status quo no matter what have to realize that it is crumbling and even they cannot hold onto anything beyond a certain breaking point. Years of propaganda and lies implode regardless of what the establishment and media are trying so very hard to hold together. Too many people have raked false profits undertaking such an endeavor for generations and have difficulty letting it go. Fed and the banks, Politicians and Wall Street, Wall Street and the Defense Industries, Politicians and the defense establishment, etc etc.

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yes. nuke power, oil, coal and all that is going away, but the change over will be long and brutal.

He_Who Carried The Sun's picture


People who are so desperately clinging to the status quo no matter what have to realize that it is crumbling and even they cannot hold onto anything beyond a certain breaking point. Years of propaganda and lies implode regardless of what the establishment and media are trying so very hard to hold together. Too many people have raked false profits undertaking such an endeavor for generations and have difficulty letting it go. Fed and the banks, Politicians and Wall Street, Wall Street and the Defense Industries, Politicians and the defense establishment, etc etc.


Ideologists like you will be broke and dead before any of this happens...

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WTF do you smoke?  Whatever it is get off it.  It's turning ya brain to mush.

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Agreed, but Ron probably would not want to be part of it.

Ron Paul has started waking up the younger generation and when all the pensioners are gone, he would win. But until all the people that like the status quo (or the memory of it) are gone, he has no chance. Unfortunately.

My bets are on Rand Paul in a decade or so. Problem is that it might be too late by then...


You're probably right he wouldn't accept.  BUT if it was the position of Fed Chairman, Paul might, might accept.  With the understanding that he - Paul will act unilaterally using the Fed Chairman's existing powers to reign in the printing presses, and implement competing currencies of gold & silver.  Under those conditions I'd vote for Romney.

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Although you've laid out a great strategic argument... You've also just illustrated why BHO will be re-elected...

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If such a fantastic contingency were to occur and Mr. Paul undertook to create a "competing" currency, this is what he could expect:

He_Who Carried The Sun's picture

Once the "pesioners" are gone, RP will be gone too? 

Of course not....

RP is one of them Dunedain Rangers, blessed with long life...

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I noticed Mittens keeps mentioning the constitution all of a sudden. This is no coincidence, he is courting Paul's supporters. I suspect Mittens has never read it

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Mittens is courting the Tea Party movement.  So is Barry.  The MSM makes believe the TP never happened.  The 2010 elections put the  Repubs (establishment and all) back in the game,  what was the alternative? 3rd party? Civil War? 

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I doubt he would accept any position from any of the Republicans running.

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Ron Paul cannot be FED Chairman. The President is given a list of who he can appoint. The President cannot just pick who he wants as the FED Chairman is not a political position and it is independent from the government. It may suck, but it is what it is.

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"The President is given a list of who he can appoint." Really?, The Czars were appointed?  American Presidents can now do WTF they want.  Republic my ass, long live the new King and his empire of dirt.

the PTB's picture

Who "gives" him this list?



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I don't think any of us are privy to how that whole thing works out.  Probably a Rockefeller or Rothschild, maybe through one of their Goldman mouthpieces.

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No one knows for sure what might happen, you can only use history as a guide.  Even the puppet masters have strings that break, so let them try to control events as best they can.

History is full of examples where food is used to control the masses.  Stock up on food and preferably have the ability to produce some.  When tyrants feel they can, they will disarm the public, this is a time tested way to weaken the citizenry.  They won't get all the guns, but they will get most of them (just look at Katrina videos of gun confiscation in the name of "public order").  The last true bastion of free speech, the internet, is another target that they will have to take out.  There is no way a free internet can survive in a collapse, maybe they pull the plug, blame hackers from a far, etc.....??? 

As far as Ron Paul is concerned, this whole campaign is to pave the way for his son, Rand.  He will pass the torch to him after he retires from politics in January 2013.  The Campaign for Liberty will get behind Rand for his assent to run for POTUS perhaps as early at 2016?  Look for other young guns, like Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, etc... to rise for the 2016 election.  We will be lucky to make it till then without WW3 or complete economic collapse first.  We live in interesting times.

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It is my understanding that the FED makes the list.  And the president is supposed to choose the chairman from it.  But if there is only one person on the list ...  The FED is not a government agency anyway.  The whole thing is probably designed to make it appear the FED is under some kind of government control, which it is not, given the fact it has not even been audited.

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"It is my understanding that the FED makes the list."  Obama agrees...The Senate only gets in the way anyhow.  Public School?

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Who "gives" him this list?



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first of all fed chairman is not a cabinet position.

second of all the federal reserve is a private bank.

third the president does... get to pick the chairman ..... out of the nominees selected by the federal reserve itself.

therefor the president cannot appoint anyone he likes to the postion..

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100% agree, Ron Paul 2012. The only decent man running.

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Come on, who are you trying to kid?  The revolutionaries and radicals would know you were poseurs instantly and point out the infiltrators.  Nice try though.

disabledvet's picture

revolutionaries? radicals? hahahaha. "we havn't had that spirit here since 1969." i'm a ROVERlutionary brother. A ROVERlutionary!

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Just how does being an anti-Semite racist make him "decent"? 

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Imagine being the Pilot of an Aeroplane that is slowly falling apart.

Engine failure of the left Engine, then the right Engine.

then the fucking flight computer gives you bullshit BLS data 

then the fucking left wing starts to come off...

Even the most brilliant Pilot in the World will only be able to do so much

to manage such a catastrophic, structural and total system failure,

before going into full critical failure crisis management and fatal damage control :

which is: assume the fetus position,

put your head between your knees and kiss your Arse goodbye,

while uttering this famous last Word:

shit !

I am afraid, even the best President,

even Ron Paul could do do no more...

you see, the problem is not the Pilot or the President,

the problem is a catastrophic, structural and total Systems Failure.

the Shit will hit the Fan (SHTF),

no matter who the Pilot is.


Goatboy's picture

no no no thats not proper way to do it..

you must yell Ron Paul.. and within your libertarian, naive heart believe that things could be better without changing anything but one man. 

Still dont get it? The key is to be part of the official framing (money, free markets, capitalism, competition and all that crap) but still simulating an outsider by cheering for Ron Paul. It makes you feel good, while "being on the edge" but still within safe perimeter of backward values imposed by owners of the system.

And of course, Jebus will come to save us all.. thats important when motivating wage slaves to stay stupid and working determinedly on a plantation.

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STOP It...  you're scaring me. ;^)

7:10 for those with ADD

francis_sawyer's picture

I agree... Because as Fed Chairman... All he would have to do is show up on the first day of work and say...

"Look boys & Girls, we had a nice run, but we're closing up shop"... (& hand everyone pink slips)...

caerus's picture

unfortunately i believe it would take congressional action to abolish the fed...legislation such as the federal reserve board abolition act h.r. 833


ron paul - end the fed

francis_sawyer's picture

Well then he'd just have to tell the Congress that he wasn't going to print them (or their campaigns any more money out of thin air)...

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Even if he could become FED chairman (which he cannot) he would be unable to close the FED down. Congress created the FED...only a act of Congress can get rid of it...

pacu44's picture

Actually, the President could shut the fed down in a day.


Being unconstitutional as Article 1 section 8 & 10 have never been legally ammended (congressional acts cannot alter the Constitution) there is no lawful existence.


Now Paul will never be on a list created by the major shareholders of the Federal Reserve to lead the Federal Reserve System (NY FED) so you can forget that...

But, if he is Treasury Sec, he can gum up the works, but Mittens is not going to allow that either as Mittens shareholders and the Fed shareholders are one in the same...


Now Paul needs to win the election (cough, cough- fixed)...

Paul has my vote, and I actively promote him, but I fear his chances are slipping away with each primary...

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Biggest problem I see for bitchez male or female is when a MAN asks "Who are You?"

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How many jobs would be created during 2012 if the USA deficit was $750 billion?  $500 billion?  $250 billion?   Based on the FED statement and frantic push to eliminate the payroll tax, I think the economy would lose 1 million jobs if the USA didn't run a trillion dollar deficit.  How long will this continue?   Does the youth understand that jobs are only being created if the USA spends 40% more than it collects in taxes?

Ranger4564's picture

And what is the proposed solution, pray tell?  Stop paying taxes and take your money home?  There is plenty of money floating around, so creating jobs?  Doing what?  At slave wages?  Why isn't there a boatload of innovation and entrepreneuralism given the mother of all necessities? Because that's all lies, BS.

Why bother solving the equation this way?  Are there other solutions to the same equation?  Answer is YES by the way.