Marc Faber: "Ron Paul Would Be A Very Good President"

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While Marc Faber shares the usual stock of insightful market commentary, together with timing inflection points, and extended thoughts in the attached Bloomberg TV clip, it is the fact that he has officially joined Bill Gross, and so many others, in supporting the candidacy of Ron Paul as president. It is rather sad that only those who see beyond the surface of the current pyramid scheme facade, are bold enough to endorse the only man who is right for the White House. Fast forward to 15 minutes into the video to hear Marc Faber: "Ron Paul would be a very good president."

Other recent Ron Paul endorsements:

and of course,

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RichyRoo's picture

Nobody believes you are actually a psychiatrist or actually have students, unless you teach douchbaggery. A real psychiatrist wouldnt attempt to make a soft diagnosis based on what they saw on TV, nor is 'libertarian views' mentioned in the DSM V, you pathetic waste of oxygen.

Rogue Trooper's picture

Mr Wanger, I realize that you are very busy commenting and replying in your selfless way to help those in the ZH community see the light.

However, would you mind providing some feedback on a decision I’ve been putting off.

I’m currently studying towards a BA double major in Community Psychology & Social Work at UCAL.  As I enter my forth year I have the opportunity to earn a triple major by adding 'Empathetic Reasoning'.  This is a new and exciting course of study that could transform the lives of those dispossessed by the ravages of capitalism. My goal is to follow the President and dedicate my life to Community Organizing and enacting social change at a grass roots level.

I am worried if I should take on the new debt which will add an additional $23,697 to my existing student debt of $176,898.89.  I am just starting to have doubts about this due to all the bad things people say on this board.



HamyWanger's picture

My advice is simple: go for it. Don't hesitate for a second. 

There is a warm future for mental health and community work in the US, especially when you consider that the said US are becoming increasingly "socialist" (which is a welcome evolution, in my mind). And I don't see this secular trend stopping anytime soon. 

In 2020 or 2025 max., every radical extremist in America will have been locked up and treated for his own good, and we'll need all the hands we can get in order to fill the brand new hospitals that are being built.

You could also explore the field of "Gender And Minority Studies", which attempts to scientifically deconstruct white racism and privilege. I had two of my brightest students who went that way and as far as I know they're very satisified. Practical applications include working as mediators or therapists in underprivileged areas of the US. 

caerus's picture

you walk the fine line between satire and idiocy...i don't understand you yet...either way, carry on

Rogue Trooper's picture

LOL.. who knows but Dr Hamy sure cracks me up.  Then again he could be a thetan level 7 scientologist!

Reminds me of this guy:

j0nx's picture

I don't know, I think MDB is the master satirical troll and HW is a distant second. Second none the less but still a distant second.

JOYFUL's picture



Like most of the general consensus here, I had assumed you to be no more than an endearable parodist, basking in the glow of the attention your provocations garnered you.

However, tonight we see a much more noxious truth, revealed by the compulsions of your narcissistic aggrandizement complex; as always, the criminal must find a venue in which to bare his troubled soul!

Not wholly discounting the element of sardonic parody one sees in your spiels, this new dimension of disclosure allows us, however, to peek behind the curtain, and see newly revealed the fruits of 3rd generation CIA MK programming...and you as inheritor of MK ULTRA, BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, CHATTER,CASTIGATE, MKDELTA, MKNAOMI, THIRD CHANCE, MKSEARCH, MKOFTEN[all covert CIA projects involving many prominent members and institutions of the medical and scientific communities to investigate and experiment with various forms of behavior modification and control using, in many cases, unwitting human subjects.]

Whilst realizing that this public exposure of your 'real' identity will provide you with some form of bizarre gratification, that is not my purpose here; rather, it is to bring to the attention of the assembly that this confession of yours reveals the absolute truth of an unbroken continuum of facsistic zio-nazi cabbalist black magic pseudo-scientific outrages upon innocent humanity stretching back at least as far as 1810,(the strange case of tea broker James Tilley Matthews and the so-called Influencing Machine!!!!), which involves not only outright monsters of the GOLEM such as Mengele,(imported by the Dulles brothers to wreak havoc upon the new world), but more apparently benign figures such as "Dr." Ewen Cameron, and those who forced the original whistle-blower, James Forrestal, to plunge to his death from the windows of his State hospital confinement!

An end to which I believe poetic justice has every chance of consigning YOU Hamy. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

LongBallsShortBrains's picture

In 2020 or 2025 max., every radical extremist in America will have been locked up and treated for his own good, and we'll need all the hands we can get in order to fill the brand new hospitals that are being built.....

With all the crazies locked up, who would build these new hospitals? Hard to believe, but the construction industry is full of crazies too.

Maybe just kill all the shrinks? It might seem crazy, but with all of the shrinks dead ( for their own good), then nobody could be diagnosed as crazy.

Problem solved.

Sane. The new crazy

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Althogh a strong RP supporter, I sense than many have morphed into the kind of voter I encountered in '08.  I was told (repeatedly) that they'd rather lose with McCain than win with Paul.  They got their wish.   Many Paul supporters would as soon BO win since there "isn't any difference" between them.  But there is a difference if ony in their view of our society as either aspirational or zombie.

Would I rather have Ron?  Of course. but it's not going to happen. An outsider hears many voices including crazies and conspiracy nuts.  This affects their attitude.  When I tell folks about RP I repeat what he said when he came to Nashville.

"We don't want to run your life; we dont want to run the economy; we don't want to tell other countries what to do."  That is the essence of the Paul message.


Freddie's picture

Dr. Hamy works at a high security metal health facilty. Sounds like a prison.  

He is another piece of shit feeding at the govt trough like Democreep union govt scum, UAW Dem scum and other govt "worker"  sh*t.

Hamy debated between Newt and Mitt.  Romney sucks but debating between he in Gingrich is a joke.  We know Romney is a RINO but Gingrich is a RINO pretending to be a conservative.  Newt is a text book narcissist like Bill Clinton and the Chicago Muslim.  

Santorum is better than Mitt and Newt.

God - I wish Rand Paul was running and that we had a semi-literate country.  Ron Paul is great but his son is even better.  

deeznutz's picture

I don't know... your troll act is not workin' for me.

GMadScientist's picture

We'll send some of his wards your way...since you're so infatuated with batshit crazy.

disabledvet's picture

well you know what they say: "practice makes perfect." Here he comes now! Look out!

Cast Iron Skillet's picture

you need an electroshock up the ass.

blu's picture

Ron Paul would throw this country into an economic and social meat-grinder that would rival the US Civil War for both cost and destructive outcome. And might even rival it for deaths, once the riots really take off and 15 or 20 major cities are reduced to ruins.

Christ, I am so ready for that. Finally we'd be able to start over with a new Constitution and direct elections and put all this Citizens United and DHS bull-fucking-shyte behind us. Hell I'd encourage the entire South and Texas to cede from the Union in the process. Everybody happy.

SilverIsKing's picture

If they let it all collapse 3+ years ago, we'd be 3+ years into the recovery.  Instead, we wait.

Marco's picture

The recovery requires a reset ... 4 decades of thievery can't be reversed by a free market. Any attempt at significant deleveraging with the current wealth inequality would result in social chaos, almost certainly resulting in TPTB trying to force the country into more fascism and more expansionist resource wars (and if RP is president he won't be for long in that case).

Like Jesse from Cafe American said (a gold bug who doesn't think FDR is the devil incarnate, how refreshing) there are three options :

1.  Go along grudgingly with reform and accept a smaller percentage of the overall economy (Roosevelt), 2. Fund an oligarchic takeover of the government and seek to control it (Hitler), 3.  Sew your wealth into the dresses of your children, and die with them in a basement (Russia).

The US is already well on it's way on path 2 ... but it will need a lot more war to keep the momentum going. So lets pray for 1 or 3 instead.

baby_BLYTHE's picture

A new Constitution? You think it would resemble anything like the One congress has busily been desmantling?

Yes_Questions's picture



Tear it all down, we'll put it up again. Another EMPIRE?..


LongBallsShortBrains's picture

Blythe, you reminded me of a F Lee Bailey quote.

Can any of you seriously say the Bill of Rights could get through Congress today? It wouldn't even get out of committee.

HamyWanger's picture

Precisely, and that is why he tends to attract as supporters people with known psychiatric disorders: goldbug doomers, nerdy conspiracy theorists, etc. 

The very same people who, after being exposed for what they are and placed into a public facility, still deny that there is something wrong with them, and keep shouting that they are victim of some sort of "government plot" when the nurses come for their treatment or their shower. 

It is probably the biggest scandal in modern U.S. politics that a known crackpot like Paul managed to reach the Caucuses. 

akak's picture


Precisely, and that is why he tends to attract as supporters people with known psychiatric disorders: goldbug doomers, nerdy conspiracy theorists, etc.

Funny how those with a supposed "psychic disorder" (really slipped up there, you lying asswipe) have made better than 400% profit over the past ten years, and how often your supposed "conspiracy theories" of today become tomorrow's accepted history.

Your utterly hysterical desperation in trying to attack a man of impeccable honesty, integrity and wisdom, and who is the only candidate NOT pandering to big-spending special interests and kneejerk warvangelist no-nothings, is both amusing and pathetic.

Eat shit and die, you malicious and malignant troll.

nmewn's picture

He "favours" Mitt.

So, of course he would agree with another "good ole boy"

Al Gorerhythm's picture

He's a professional. We need more experts..... and cowbells.

francis_sawyer's picture

Hopefully Nurse Ratched will be along soon to collect up Hamy...

nmewn's picture

Always trust the experts, they've done such a marvelous job so

More cowbell, I'm in a music mood ;-)

Marco's picture

It's perfectly possible to be a goldbug without being a libertarian and social Darwinist applauding the downfall of society so it can be closer to your ideal.

It's like the difference between a climate sceptic (sceptical about anthropogenic causes) and a climate denier (those which say there is a global conspiracy to massage temperature records).

Tyranny is Love's picture

OK,... Despite knowing that you should never feed trolls, here goes...


1 HamyWanger is quite possibly, in this election year, a paid political troll working indirectly on behalf of a rival candidate.

2. Investing in a commodity is not a psychiatric disorder. Nor a symptom of one.

3. It is probably the biggest scandal in modern U.S. politics that a known crackpot like Paul managed to reach the Caucuses. "Biggest scandal in modern U.S. politics"??? That's a bold call. There's some pretty tough competition for that title. (Off the top of my head; Operation Fast and Furious, Congressional insider trading).

4. Crackpot or no Crackpot its a person right to run for Office. Its the peoples responsibility to decide weather they will support them of not.

5. I was unaware that being a crackpot disqualified a person for holding office.

blunderdog's picture

(/kayfabe, right?)

Doesn't anyone remember HarryWanger?  The inspiration for the Hamy parody?

You can probably still look up his real life name if you spend the time looking.

smb12321's picture

You're more delusional than an RP fan.  There are conspiracy nuts and crazies in every party but please note that Paul's ideas were once universally accepted.  We don't spend more than we make, we don't debase the currency, we don't interfere with private lives or have endless undeclared wars with nations that are no threat. Which of these do you disagree with?

Freddie's picture

Ron Paul sounds just like Eisenhower talking about wars and the military industrial complex.  Reagan did not get us into endless wars. 

This need to go to war over anything sh*t was the Bushes, Clinton and the muslim.

GMadScientist's picture

So what were all those trillions for then? Couldn't sell enough crack to keep the death squads plush?

Hilarious how you complain about the national debt while defending one of the biggest asshole contributors to same.

nmewn's picture

"Hell I'd encourage the entire South and Texas to cede from the Union in the process."

Promise?...cross your heart, stick a needle in your eye type promise?

Evil little worm...

deeznutz's picture

Now THIS is the kind of Troll act I can dig! Good Work!

Rainman's picture

I agree. Loopy libs won't be able to find any hot babes he was getting on the sneak either. Paul '12

perelmanfan's picture

I have mixed feelings about a Ron Paul presidency. The problem is that whoever holds the office for the next four years will preside over a massive shitstorm, and the sheeple will blame it on whoever is in charge. Wish Paul was not so old, he could step in in 2016 and get the hero's reception he deserves.

steelhead23's picture

I wouldn't be so sure.  Yes, a shitstorm is here and will not quickly abate - but, in 1932 the nation was in the Great Depression, FDR took the helm - pulled a Keynesian rabbit out of his hat and was re-elected twice.  I don't wish to get into an argument about whether FDR actually accomplished the things he is generally credited with, or any ridiculous comparisons of FDR's platform and RP's.  I merely wish to state that an aggressive and charismatic president did get elected into a shitstorm and prospered.  My personal ideology is way to the left of RP's, yet I consider him the best option running today - primarily because he is not wedded to the status quo.

HD's picture

Maybe. But that's not what the GOP wants. For reasons all too clear, they want Mitt "I make $56,000 a day but don't have a job" Romney. Republicans have been pissing and moaning for four years and the best they can do is Romney.

Maybe they know whats coming and are trying to lose...



Ranger4564's picture

Or, maybe the Gov was given a list of people from which the electoral college could appoint the next pres. Before you ask who created this list, i'll answer... the ultra wealthy financiers who fund the bank(er)s... endearingly referred to alternatingly as the Elite, the Zionists, the Oligarchs, the Round Table... but never the People. 

Why waste your time talking about who you would like to have for president when the candidates are plants and the eventual outcome already well established?

Prediction... RP is cast out... NG TOO... MR becomes pres, nothing changes except things accelerate at getting worse.  BO was too slow in his devastation, so he will not be invited back.  MR doesn't care about the poor, so he will be installed.

Me, i don't give a crap who's pres, i know given the choices, i'll oppose their agenda.  Do you guys really think anything will really change? You have any idea how much effort and planning was employed (oh the irony) to bring the world to this stage?  You really think they will suddenly retreat and give RP the presidency? To what end?  Maybe to accelerate removal of the remainders of any social safety nets.  I hope you guys are caught unprepared for what is about to happen... so you can experience the joy of being dismissed / reduced to subhuman status, or worse, entirely disregarded.

Cole Younger's picture

I think Ron Paul would have been the right president 12 years ago. Now I don't think even he could fix the damage done. Governments lie and that is a fact. Who really knows the truth about what is going on?

Al Gorerhythm's picture

What a dumb fucking statement. So, we either stick with the death by a trillion cuts strategy, then shrug our shoulders and muddle through after the post mortem? Who has offered any other alternative than the statos quo? Go third party Ron, if they continue to shut you down (as is their MO so far).

Ranger4564's picture

psst... civil disobedience... fuck their election rigging.

seek's picture

He can't fix the damage, but he can determine what rises from the ashes.

Marco's picture

If he tries to keep all the fence posts standing it won't be able to burn good and proper.

Dr. Gonzo's picture

Yeah but Mitt got Donald Trump's endorsement. Game over. (sarc off)

LivermoreJim's picture

Ron Paul is a State Rightists, not a Libertarian.  His is a hands off position as far as states are concern.  In the Aug 11th debate he said, "the Federal Government can't go in and prohbit states from doing bad things."  That was said in the context of State mandatory heathcare.

So it's wrong for the Fed Govt to violate your rights -- but not the state you live in.  In that same debate Bachmann and Santorum argued that wrong was wrong, whether by Fed or individual State.  Paul is so blinded by this that he even advocated the right of the South to leave the Union with Slavery intact.

Paul's position is closer to anarchy than Libertarianism.  Support him, but the defacto tyrant you see in the Federal govt may surface in your own State.

HamyWanger's picture

Exactly. And that is partly why I believe Ron Paul is incoherent. There's nothing wrong in believing in anarchy (well, in fact, there is something wrong, as it is often associated with serious psychic disorders, but that's another debate) but your position should be consistent in every aspect. This is not the case with Paul. 

akak's picture

You are a transparent farce and total waste of space.  Fuck off asswipe.

disabledvet's picture

i thought it was "wipeoff phuckass"? or is that do the linquists put it...the affirmative gerund netural variant?

saints51's picture

I am very angry because of people like you. I don't need your false expert opinion or the meds. I am angry because of assholes like you who are so fucking dumb and ruining the country. Just shut your fucking cock holster.