On March 17, Here Are 17 Charts Summarizing The US Energy Situation, And Open Thread

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Since at this late hour on March 17th, better known as St. Patrick's day, the only type of Oxidation-Reduction reactions our readers are interested in are those involving the conversion of ethanol into carbon dioxide, and any extensive verbalizing would be largely lost, we have decided to commemorate this day with 17 charts pertaining to those other far more valuable combustible products, namely crude, gas, and everything else that powers modern society. Luckily, since the charts are self-explanatory, they will not interfere with whatever other activities are customary for this time of day. Also, please use this post as an open thread for AA rejects.


And the most important chart:

source: Goldman sachs

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I'm pretty sure this article is implying a strong buy on huffing gas.

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Not an energy chart,

but this chart,

seems it'll take alot more energy to boost this into positive territory!

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Police Intervene, Arrest Ron Paul Backers at Missouri Caucus


(ABC News)

Police and organizers shut down proceedings at one of Missouri's largest caucuses today, as Ron Paul supporters feuded with local GOP leaders.

"It's like the Hatfields and the McCoys around here," St. Charles County's former GOP chairman told ABC News, after police arrived on-scene with a helicopter and removed Paul backers.




Here's some video:




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If you get mad because the system is jacked and do something about it--well, the system arrests you.

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Therefore, BigK, the real key is to not do just about anything. Slow down, lie back, breathe.

Imagine if 50,000,000 people decided to stay home for a week. Drop in the bucket or butterfly that flapped it's wings?

I think energy-shocks can be "Driven" the other way too.



CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

Yeah, let's just sit back and enjoy the sunset while apparatchiks break party rules in order to either make the delegate count come out their way or shut down the entire process without any delegate selection at all.


Here's the story straight from the man who was the popular choice for caucus chairman and who was one of the two men arrested:


He ain't sitting on his ass.


This video shows the temporary chairman ignoring the nomination of Brent Stafford and selecting his own candidate against the will of the majority and without the voting required under Robert's Rules of Order by the calls for division. Then he threatens the crowd with action by the police.


Subsequently he closed the caucus with no delegates having been selected.

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Crockett, the political process is completely broken, a farce, a joke.... who does not see that yet? 

Step back, and if you step back far enough away, it changes a lot of things, perspectives especially.

I'll stand by what I said, slow down, back up, sit... the system wants us running.


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US citizenism is based on elitism. Chosen aristocracy.

The political process is conform to US citizenism.

i-dog's picture

Well said, ORI.

[Edit] Ooooh! ... I see Crockett is still cruising down de Nile (furiously bailing his barbed-wire canoe).

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

Coward. First you fight them on their terms. Your allies become radicalized by the process. Then you fight them on your terms. Grow a pair.

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Shale gas is underestimated - lots of Shale nat gas still to be discovered:



Information on the Marcellus Shale Gas Deposit:



Watch Westport Innoviations - WPRT-Nasdaq - game changing technology for heavy trucks, buses, medium duty trucks, locomotives and now F-250 and F-350 pickup trucks.  Refilling with liquid nat gas at retail automotive stations costs $2.80 per gasoline equivalent gallon.


Honda also makes a nat gas car and it can be refueled in your personal garage with household natural gas for $1.50 per gasoline gallon equivalent with a Phill refueler: http://www.autoobserver.com/2011/03/brc-fuelmaker-again-selling-phill-home-cng-fuel-station.html

Flakmeister's picture

You might want to google

EIA Marcellus estimate

It got ramped down recently...

You will find that it is not the panacea that it is made out to be...

You will also find that when you factor in the CAPEX for the CNG that you may very well never break even...

Do not think for a minute that NG will remain at these prices for more than 1-2 years...

Pinto Currency's picture


Be patient on Marcellus - I would be skeptical of the EIA as they are a captive gov agency.  Await industry confirmation on all of the shale nat gas estimates and treat gov stats on nat gas the way you do their CPI numbers.

There is a whole lot more nat gas that will come on line with higher gasoline prices driving the demand up.  Don't expect nat gas prices to spike the way oil prices are as we are swimming in available nat gas from the shale deposits. 

Right now you can buy LNG from retail natural gas filling stations for $2.45 per gasoline gallon equivalent.  No capex there.

The Phill residential LNG station costs $5,000.  If you travel 20,000 miles per year at 30 mpg, that's 667 gallons per year.  At $1.50 per LNG gasoline gallon equivalent for residentially sourced nat gas, you are saving $2.37 per gallon (vs. the current $3.87 per gasoline gallon).  So that is about $1,580 per year in savings vs. gas.  The Phill unit pays for itself in about 3 years.  If you drive an SUV getting 15 mpg, the unit pays for itself in 1.5 years.

If you have a nearby nat gas filling station at $2.45 per gasoline gallon equivalent of nat gas, in comparison it will take quite a bit longer to recover the capex for the home nat gas filling station (but some consumers have been known to spend federal reserve notes for convenience).


Flakmeister's picture

You might want to temper your enthusiam by reading this industry insider:


NG prices will stabilize at around $7 per mcf....

You do also realize that the US is currently a net NG importer?

Let me put it this way, I would not be rushing out to convert my vehicle to CNG or to purchase a CNG vehicle...

They could well be a number of people for whom this makes sense, and to them, I say, go for it...

Also, in your computation you need to take into account the Utility delivery charges for the NG....

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This is a developing situation with oil prices heading much higher.  As the oil price trend continues upward with Fed Reserve paper printing and Middle East agitation, the dollars will flow into proving up the gas reserves counter to the Oil Drum article fears.

There are huge fields still to be proved-up in the US, Mexico, and Canada and they will be brought on-stream with higher prices - and yes a favorable differential to gasoline (oil) can still be maintained - the difference being the cost of imported oil vs. domestically produced nat gas.

On the residential nat gas system, allowance for utility delivery charges and electricity to operate the nat gas compressor are included.


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You ORI are a terrorist for even thinking something so.... perfect!

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

Yeah, riding the train into Auschwitz and willingly walking into the gas chamber is a wonderful idea. How will they ever stop you from doing such a radical thing?

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Does ANYONE there know how to turn the gain down with that litle knob on the side!!!!!!!!!!!




really... ugh!

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Yeah, I've read reports from two people who were at the caucus. From their accounts, it was a complete railraod job by the Santorum faction. Not just Paul people involved in the protest; the Romney supporters went absolutely ballistic. Not surprised at the way the media singled out Paul folks to blame, though.

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imagine my surprise when grandson from college shared photos of his girlfriend that he posted on this site


XXX viewers beware she's pretty hot at least to a geezer like me  XXX



kids these days...

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Rick Sanctimonious is going to be very, very angry with you...

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just shut up and pour me another Jameson's already....................

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Just got home from the cemetery; I had to dig up a date. Doing shots of morphine and Red Bull now. Anyone holding Swishers, I got the Critical Mass...let's make it happen.


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Be my pleasure to Tecumseh sumn with ya one day slewie. Nothing lite, 3.14 minimum of the black death. And not that norvegicus, lest it be of the Brennivin genus.

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So will Rick crack down on the porn addicts at the SEC or just those in the private sector?

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any asset you hold that has no tangable worth will cease to have value within three decades. Sounds impossibe, but that is the math, given the best case scenario.

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Hey now let's get this party started!!!


Referencing above


Obama Takes Control of ALL of the US in Prep For WWIII (done late on a Friday afternoon, of course!)

As dry and obfuscated as this is, you probably need to read it all the way through. Much of this is a rehash of claims to authorities made by previous Presidents under a series of Executive Orders collectively called the FEMO E.O.s.

So, has the President taken over the country? Technically, no. What this order states is that the President will be prepared to take over the nation in the event of a National Emergency, but again, this is not a new concept as it already occurs in prior E.O.s.

Part II assigns direct control over the nation's assets to various cabinet positions under that national emergency, but again this is merely a clarification of earlier power-grabs.

So, why now, and for what reason?

Although couched in terms of National Defense, I take special note of Part III, which sets forth several fiscal authorities not previously mentioned in the earlier Presidential E.O.s. The authorities set forth include direct purchase by the government of assets, loans and loan guarantees, subsidy payments, and so forth. These are normally authorities which would originate in legislation in the House, as they involve spending. The end result of this E.O. is that Obama is usurping the spending authority of the U.S. House of Representatives. So, while presented as a proactive plan to deal with the coming invasion of Iran, Part III suggests that the real purpose of this E.O. is to prepare for the coming collapse of Greece and the E.U. by exerting White House control over Federal Spending ahead of the collapse of the dollar.

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Question, If the EU and the EURO collaspe, doesnt the DOLLAR win? or would the dollar still collaspe?


Is it the petrodollar that will collaspe or the dollar from too much printing?





Gully Foyle's picture

dick cheneys ghost

Automatic Earth has said that the dollar will be relatively strong due to flight from the Euro.

Of course that won't last forever, but does make sense.

Arkadaba's picture

She also said  (a few years ago) that Canadian housing would fall 80 percent (which I didn't agree with). I actually think her posts are worth reading but she is a little too wedded to a certain viewpoint (deflationista)

tickhound's picture

The Mounties have no problem with inflation either...

oh cAN-NA-da.... la, la, la, la, la, la, la....

I kid, I kid

I love our jonahs from the north.

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There is no difference in Dollar and Euro ...it is the same currency since it is “produced” by the same photocopying “machines” and it covers the needs of the same economy in the same area ...it is the same currency, since it belongs to the same people. It just has a different name depending on which side of the Atlantic it is circulated ...it is a mirage. The so-called parity between Euro and Dollar has been “locked” right from the beginning since the German reunification. It has been “locked” there, since an important part of Euro, due to the German implication, is a direct expression of dollar. It has been “locked" like the Drachma parity to Euro is "locked". Today, this “locked” parity appears like a “variable” so that they “fool” Europeans and ask them to make "sacrifices” in a game where the foxies always win –they got both ways- and people always lose.

Global Debt Crisis


i-dog's picture

It is the whole ponzi "currency" system that is collapsing, not just one manifestation of it.

The rush by the central authorities to "legally" acquire all assets (ie. by printing "money" out of thin air to acquire all debts) will mean that they will claim to "own" you and everything around you.

The Euro is just one domino ... though "they" would prefer that it is the last to fall, not the first.

Europe is not a homogeneous entity (no matter how hard they are trying to convince Europeans otherwise) and is still quite a long way from being under control (indeed, it is close to falling apart at the seams!) ... whereas the US, under total control from DC, is in the endgame already.

Do not expect to be able to vote for Ron Paul -- or anyone else -- in November.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Iindeed i-dog. Much yet to trranspire betwixt now and then, elections will be far from people's minds in November.


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Well the fleet should be ready to go from next week, so I guess it will be another interesting Arab spring. The Jews are ready to go already.

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On Zion and the IranWar, enlightening new post at James Petras' Left-Populist site:  http://petras.lahaine.org/?p=1892.

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Happy Saint Paddy Wagon Day, Bitchez!

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I saw a while ago MacGowan got new teeth.





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(Shane MacGowan)

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Gidas19's picture

China- the ultimate Doomsday Prepper when it comes to supplies...

Mercury's picture

Overall it looks like the USA is in a relatively enviable position (vis-a-vis oil/gas) to me.

These data aren't exactly screaming: 'Windmill and solar opportunity of a lifetime" either.

Chart 18 should be:

How Much More Broke Our Shit-For-Brains Federal Government Would Be Without US Energy Industry Tax Revenues

bank guy in Brussels's picture

« I believe a crucial facet of what’s unfolding is that employees throughout Wall Street, and global finance more generally, are working diligently to extract as much “money” as quickly as possible before the whole thing blows up. »

- Doug Noland, Credit Bubble Bulletin, 16 March 2012

Seer's picture

OK, folks, let's be honest here, who ISN'T looking to save whatever they before this entire thing blows up?

The future will be one in which we have drastically different values than we have today.  I don't really think that it's that hard to figure out what these will be (hint: they HAVE to be based on sustainable practices).

CharlieSDT's picture

It's not about saving for the inevitable winter, it's that they are looting the store before they burn the shit to the ground. 

RockyRacoon's picture

"Also, please use this post as an open thread for AA rejects."

What's that supposed to mean?